Elephant in room looms large as lone Australian politician welcomes Syrian refugees AND calls for Nauru and Manus refugees to be brought to mainland


Jeanie M Walker [7/9/15]:

Australian Democrats SA President Jeanie Walker is pleased that Premier Jay Weatherill has finally heeded the call to bring refugees to South Australia.

“In February this year, the Australian Democrats called on Premier Weatherill to consider asylum seekers as a compassionate solution to many of SA’s economic problems and we are delighted that he is now saying that refugees from the Syrian crisis would be welcome in our state” says Ms Walker,

“However the Australian Democrats were calling on the government to accept the current detainees on Manus Island and that will continue to be a focus”.

“The Dems agree that we need to start bringing asylum seekers to SA immediately but we would urge the State Government to also request that the asylum seekers stranded on Manus Island in Papua New Guinea and those on Nauru are also brought to the Mainland as soon as humanly possible”.

“With widespread violence being reported against asylum seekers and refugees, both inside and outside the Manus Island Detention Centre and Nauru, the Australian Government has a duty of care to protect the world’s most vulnerable” says Ms Walker.

“This is impossible in the PNG and Nauru offshore processing facilities”.

“These offshore facilities are no place to either house or resettle genuine refugees and Australia can no longer pretend that this is an option – we also cannot afford it economically”.

“Not only is it unsafe for refugees but the pressure on the local community caused by friction between locals and Australian operators is now at boiling point in both countries”. says Ms Walker.

“There has been a steady stream of stories documenting beatings, sexual abuse and mistreatment of asylum seekers within the Manus Island and Nauru Detention Centres and this is the perfect storm to end these human rights abuses once and for all”.

“These incidents are becoming more extreme and seemingly more prevalent”.

“With detainees now being used as witnesses in court cases which challenge the legality of detaining people with no crime in a foreign country, the asylum seekers are facing a new round of threats and violent retaliation”.

“No sane government can possibly allow this to continue. It is time for the government to bring these men to an Australian facility for processing as the Abbott government has completely lost control of what is happening on Manus and Nauru”.

“Detainees beaten and threatened by staff, severe mental health issues from 2 years of incarceration for daring to ask Australia for help. Let’s end it now” says Ms Walker.

“We challenge the government to do the right thing, the humane thing and stop punishing these individuals whose only crime is to arrive in Australia after Tony Abbott came into power, and be used as political pawns in a game that no one can ever win,” concluded Ms Walker.


Refugee Rights Action Network WA:


Join us 12pm This Saturday (Murray St Mall).

Perth, Melbourne and Sydney will join in solidarity with actions across Europe and UK in an international day of action calling for an end to policies of deterrence which turn refugees away at the border.

In Australia this means:


- closing down Nauru & Manus Island detention centres,

- ending detention completely,

- ending the forced tow-back of boats at sea and

- reinstating permanent protection visas for refugees.


Increasing the allocation of resettlement numbers for Syrian refugees is welcome but it will not address the dangers facing people forced to flee persecution if fences, walls and deterrence policies remain intact at the borders.








With our sudden faux compassion, remember the ALP helped Abbott lock in offshore detention two months ago. [ABC - 24/6/15]






A suffocating sandstorm hit Lebanon for the second day running, leading to five deaths and 750 cases of asphyxiation or shortness of breath in the northern and eastern parts of the country, medical and ministry sources said Tuesday.

The Health Ministry said Joumana A.L. passed away at the Baalbek Public Hospital and Hadla A.A. died at Tamnine Hospital in the Bekaa Valley.  ... [Daily Star - 8/9/15]





Japan:  73,000 Hamamatsu residents urged to evacuate as typhoon nears [Japan Today - 8/9/15]







Authorities in northeast India have been struggling to respond to massive floods which have affected more than 1.5 million people and forced more than 200,000 people to seek refuge in relief camps, senior government officials said.

Heavy monsoon rains in the state of Assam have caused rivers, including the Brahmaputra, to burst their banks, killing more than 50 people this year, including 15 people in the past week. ... [Al Jazeera - 8/9/15]






French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve condemned on Tuesday mayors in France who have said they are only prepared to allow Christian refugees to settle in their towns.

"I really don't understand this distinction. I condemn it and I think it's dreadful," Cazeneuve told France 2 television.

"A whole series of minorities are being persecuted in the situation in Syria," he said.

"Christians from the Middle East must be welcomed but there are also Muslims and other minorities who are persecuted with the same degree of barbarity." ... [France 24 - 8/9/15]






Israeli forces cross Gaza border, level lands [Maan - 8/9/15]




Saudi-led warplanes pounded rebel positions in the Yemeni capital on Tuesday leaving at least 10 people dead, an Agence France Presse correspondent and medics said, as powerful explosions shook Sanaa.

Witnesses said targets included the police academy and the headquarters of the security services, both in the heart of the city which Shiite Huthi rebels have controlled since September last year.

Overnight strikes also targeted the Sanaa residences of Huthi leaders, witnesses said. ... [Naharnet - 8/9/15]





Yemen: Qatar deploys 1,000 troops [BBC - 7/9/15]






US-led drone kills two in NE Afghanistan [Press TV - 8/9/15]





Police vehicle targeted in Kabul blast [Khaama - 8/9/15]





A senior government official has confirmed that 17 counter-narcotics policemen were kill by NATO-coalition troops in an airstrike in Reg in Sangin district in Helmand province last night. ... [TOLO News - 7/9/15]




The War Room [1993]





... C. Wright Mills in “The Power Elite” warns of a military machine that not only holds the political and economic life of the nation hostage but also has the ability to form public opinion.

The Pentagon spends $4.7 billion a year and has some 27,000 employees who work on recruitment, advertising, psychological operations and public relations, according to a 2009 report by The Associated Press.

But millions of dollars more for propaganda are hidden within classified budgets.

The Pentagon places its commentators and pundits on the airwaves, produces “news” stories for the press, has ubiquitous advertising, runs junkets for Wall Street capitalists and elected officials and manages how Hollywood and television portray war and the military. ... The real enemy is within, Chris Hedges [Truthdig - 6/9/15]





@adamjohnsonNYC [6/9/15]:   wow. "bomb Syria" "for Aylan" (via @bitterarab)






Turkish warplanes hit PKK targets in northern Iraq [Today's Zaman - 8/9/15]





The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) fighters have captured the last major oilfield under Syrian government control during deadly clashes over a vast central desert zone, a monitoring group said. ... [Al Jazeera - 7/9/15]




UK drone strike kills "British ISIL fighters" in Syria  [Al Jazeera - 7/9/15]





Hungarian defense minister resigns as migrant inflow continues [Yahoo - 7/9/15]





Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has dismissed an urgent call from his opposition leader to "not be apathetic" in the face of desperate Syrian refugees.

The leader of the ruling right-wing Likud Party said Israel was "not indifferent" to the fates of families fleeing persecution from its northern neighbour - which it considers an enemy state - but that the country was not big enough to take them.

He has instead announced that a new 18-mile fence will be built along the frontier with Jordan, Reuters has reported.  ... [Independent - 7/9/15]





A monthly insight into the human rights crisis in Syria  [Amnesty - August 2015]:


... “On the evening of 6 August 2015 I took my family and headed to Balteem [a coastal resort town in Egypt], where we met the smugglers. We were a group of 96 refugees and migrants including Syrians, Sudanese and Eritreans. There were also Egyptians among us. All of us were supposed to be taken to a boat that would transport us to Italy. However, this was on the same day that the Egyptian authorities were celebrating the opening of a new extension of the Suez Canal with intense security presence all over Egyptian coastal borders. No insect could havecrossed the Mediterranean on that day; the police and army were everywhere.

“The smugglers took us to a highway from Balteem in cars and then dropped us near the shore in Borg El-Borolos at around 2am. We walked for around 30-45 minutes to reach the shore. Once we were close to the shore, around five military soldiers showed up from the right-hand side and shouted ‘stop or we will shoot you’. We stopped and lay down on the ground but the soldiers shot several times in the air and towards us. Some people ran away then and escaped.

“Once the shooting stopped, I heard my eight-year-old girl, Safaa, screaming ‘my heart, my heart’. I did not know what was happening. I removed the life jacket she was wearing. She had been shot through her stomach from the right side and [the bullet] came out her other side. I screamed and begged the soldiers to bring an ambulance to help my daughter. The soldiers did not call an ambulance and my daughter kept bleeding. They only called military officers on the radio to come to the scene. I begged the soldiers again and again but, instead of bringing an ambulance, one soldier kicked me.

“My wife stood up and shouted in the face of the soldiers for help and an ambulance. One soldier pointed a gun in her face and told her to sit on the floor and started to shoot in the air to scare us. My two-year-old daughter panicked and started crying and trembling from the sound of shooting. The soldiers kept cursing us, insulting the children and women with words like ‘whores’.

“I continued to scream for help while holding my child, and one soldier approached me and prodded her with his foot to see whether she was alive or dead.

My daughter was dying and yet he was prodding her with his foot!” ...





Australian Operation Sovereign Borders personnel told asylum seekers:  Fuck your mothers ... fuck your family ... [ABC, Law Report  - 22/7/14]



United States, "allies" continue bombing Iraq and Syria




US Department of Defense [7/9/15]:

U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Airstrikes in Syria

Fighter and remotely piloted aircraft conducted four airstrikes in Syria:

-- Near Raqqah, an airstrike struck an ISIL staging area.

-- Near Mar’a, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit.

-- Near Tamakh, two airstrikes destroyed five ISIL excavators.

Airstrikes in Iraq

Attack, bomber, fighter, fighter-attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 11 airstrikes in Iraq, coordinated with the Iraqi government:

-- Near Baghdadi, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two ISIL vehicles.

-- Near Rutbah, an airstrike struck an ISIL checkpoint.

-- Near Beiji, an airstrike destroyed an ISIL motorcycle.

-- Near Fallujah, an airstrike destroyed an ISIL vehicle and an ISIL artillery piece.

-- Near Habbaniyah, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit.

-- Near Kisik, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL heavy machine gun.

-- Near Ramadi, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL light machine gun and an ISIL recoilless rifle.

-- Near Sinjar, two airstrikes struck two ISIL tactical units and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions, two ISIL light machine guns and an ISIL heavy machine gun.

-- Near Tal Afar, an airstrike struck an ISIL heavy machine gun firing position.

-- Near Tuz, an airstrike destroyed 49 ISIL fighting positions, four ISIL tunnels and an ISIL weapons cache.





@MSF_Sea [7/9/15]:   "We first saw boats trying to cross the sea to Europe in 2003, since then boat numbers have increased a lot" - Yanes  [fisherman]







@MSF_Sea [7/9/15]:    60,000,000 people are displaced worldwide. The #refugeecrisis is much bigger than the 366,402 arrivals to #Europe






@MSF_Sea [7/9/15]:   Across the globe, one in every 122 #people is now either a #refugee, internally displaced, or seeking asylum







@MSF_Sea [7/9/15]:   In a Brussels park, an #MSF team has set up 50 tents to accommodate around 200 people waiting to register in Belgium





Libya's coastguard said it rescued more than 120 migrants Monday after the engine on their rubber dinghy broke down as they tried to reach Europe across the Mediterranean.

"We rescued 121 migrants on a rubber boat which broke down" off the town of Qarabulli, 60 kilometres (35 miles) east of Tripoli, Lieutenant Mohammed Dandi, a coastguard commander, told AFP.

It was the second such operation in a matter of days, after 104 migrants were rescued on Thursday in the same area under similar circumstances.

Dandi said the 121 migrants, from Arab and African countries and including 10 women, were taken ashore on two boats and transferred to a reception centre in the capital.  ... [Yahoo - 7/9/15]



Voyage of the Damned:  Fate of Rohingya refugee exiled by Australia and IOM from Nauru to Cambodia now in hands of Myanmar government


Phnom Penh Post [8/9/15]:

The fate of a Rohingya refugee who has chosen to return home rather than remain in Cambodia as part of a controversial resettlement deal with Australia is now in the hands of the Myanmar government, senior officials from both countries said yesterday.

Moe Htet Kyaw, second secretary at the Myanmar Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said the refugee had visited the Myanmar Embassy more than a month ago, on August 7, to make his request to return.

“We are now waiting for approval of our government,” he said, requesting the Post not use the word “Rohingya” to describe the refugee’s ethnicity.

“We don’t have any Rohingya in Myanmar; we call them Bengali.”

In a move touted by rights groups as proof of the hollowness of Cambodia’s commitment to resettling refugees, Cambodian officials said the refugee wanted to move back to Myanmar because he was “homesick” after living slightly over two months in Phnom Penh.

Ministry of Interior spokesman Khieu Sopheak said that Cambodia and Australia had been notified by the Myanmar Embassy in Phnom Penh of the refugee’s intention to move back to Myanmar, and that as long as the embassy issued the refugee appropriate travel documents, there were no issues with the move.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to the Myanmar Embassy [saying] that it depends on the recipient country [Myanmar],” he said.

In exchange for $40 million in aid, Cambodia agreed last September to host refugees collected by Australia in its detention camp on the tiny Pacific island of Nauru. However, only four out of 677 refugees – three Iranians and one Rohingya man from Myanmar – agreed to the transfer, arriving in Phnom Penh in June.

Interior Ministry spokesman Sopheak said the Rohingya man was not pressured to leave Cambodia.

“He was born in 1990; he is still young. He is alone, and loneliness makes him homesick,” he said.

If the refugee’s move is approved by Yangon, the fate that awaits him back in Myanmar remains unclear.

Thousands of Muslim Rohingyas in Buddhist-majority Myanmar have fled the country starting from last year in a bid to escape pervasive discrimination, many dying in the process.

Joe Lowry, a spokesman for the International Organization for Migration, which oversees the Phnom Penh villa where the four refugees have been living since June, declined to comment on the specific refugee, but said a case in which a refugee returned to his country of origin would be managed individually.

“We would evaluate it on a case-by-case basis, but yes, definitely it would be coordinated with the [IOM] mission in the country of return. And UNHCR of course,” he wrote via email. <---- BULLSHIT:  UN refugee agency wants no part of Cambodia "resettlement" - Sydney Morning Herald - 20/4/15]

Nevertheless, the refugee’s potential move back to Myanmar has sparked concern from human rights groups.

“Burma regularly denies the existence of the Rohingya, calling them ‘Bengali’ which Rohingya consider pejorative and few will accept -- and so in considering this application, one wonders whether the principle of humanitarian assistance or rights-abusing political terminology will win out,” said Phil Robertson, deputy director of Human Rights Watch's Asia division.

Ian Rintoul, spokesman for the Refugee Action Coalition, which has opposed the deal from the beginning, said that even though Myanmar “remains very dangerous for Rohingyans”, it was no surprise that the refugee wanted to move back.

“The promises made to the refugees when they were in Nauru have not been fulfilled. The possibilities of housing, jobs, education are simply not available.”

According to Rintoul, the refugees have been waiting for promised $10,000 payments to move to Cambodia, but the money has only trickled in.

“There is no genuine resettlement arrangement in Cambodia,” he said.

Cambodian officials yesterday brushed off concerns over Myanmar’s treatment of its Rohingya minority.

“The issue of the Rohingya does nothing to affect the MoU [with Australia] and it is not the issue of the government,” said Major General Kem Sarin, director of the Ministry of Interior's refugee office, while speaking with reporters at a conference yesterday.

“The MoU between the Cambodian and Australian governments is valid for four years -- if in this period there is any problem, each party can inform each other about changes or termination.”

The Australian Embassy did not reply to a request for comment.



Myanmar poll: Aung San Suu Kyi's NLD rejects Muslim candidates [BBC - 8/9/15]




Senator Hanson-Young asks Attorney-General George Brandis about the 8,000 stranded refugees in the Straits of Malacca.


His answer: "Thanks to this government, it isn't Australia's problem anymore". [VIDEO - May 2015]




Voyage of the St. Louis [United States Holocaust Memorial Museum]




Turner Classic Movies:


Based on a chilling real-life incident from the early days of World War II, Voyage of the Damned (1976) told the dramatic story of a shipload of European Jews expelled from Hitler's Germany who sailed across the Atlantic in 1939 in a quest to gain asylum in Havana, Cuba, and eventually the United States.

What they found when they arrived was a shocking and ultimately deadly slap-in-the-face that still reverberates today, nearly seventy years later.

The ship was the SS St. Louis, out of Hamburg, and the voyage was actually a Nazi-crafted ruse straight from the warped mind of propaganda chief Joseph Goebbels.

The Nazis knew that the U.S. would be reluctant to offer sanctuary to the passengers, therefore the Nazi policy of persecution would be validated and the world would accept their heinous treatment of Germany's Jewish citizens. ...




With the new figure, the UNHCR estimates that over 1,100 people (Bangladeshis and/or Rohingyas of Myanmar) died between January 2014 and June 2015.

Additionally, there were reports of drowning while disembarking, and many remained missing, the UNHCR said in a quarterly report of April and June.  ... [Jakarta Post - 28/8/15]




UNHCR urges region to establish search and rescue effort before next expected wave of refugees from Myanmar and Bangladesh  [Media Release - 28/8/15]




India's National Human Rights Council (NHRC) issues notice to Chief Secretary, Police Commissioner re mistreatment of Myanmar refugees [The Hindu - 8/9/15]:



Taking suo motu cognisance of media reports over alleged harassment of refugees from Myanmar, the NHRC has ordered issuing of notice to Chief Secretary of Tamil Nadu and Chennai Police Commissioner calling for reports over the issue within four weeks.

Observing that if the media reports were true, it was a serious issue of violation of human rights, an NHRC official quoted Commission member Justice D. Murugesan as observing: “It appears that the refugees have been asked to move from one place to another, looking for shelter.  They are made to wander on streets in utter disregard to their human rights. The State authorities have the duty to protect the human rights of the refugees and provide shelter to them.”

A section of the media reported that a total of 57 refugees, including women and children, suddenly arrived at Manali in Tamil Nadu on September 3 with their belongings to stay there. The residents of the area spoke to them and as they could not follow their language, they informed the local police.

The refugees had informed the Assistant Commissioner of Police (South) and the Revenue Divisional Officer that they were from Myanmar and that they had come to Chennai in 2012 and stayed at Kelampakkam.

After the owner of the land on which they stayed asked them to vacate, they were brought to Manali, where all of them were accommodated in one room. Following opposition from the local residents, the police asked them to vacate and they were later moved to Mannadi.




NHRC notices to Government of Tamil Nadu over death of a Sri Lankan refugee in police custody in Chennai [Media Release - 8/9/15]




Deaths Since 2000: 1,955 [Beyond Foreignness] -----> This page collects and publishes information on deaths (including those missing at sea and presumed dead) connected with Australian border controls, Australia’s migrant prisons, or irregular travel to Australia by asylum seekers and migrants. ...



British media asks:  Will Australian compassion for refugees in Europe stretch to those coming here [Guardian - 8/9/15]:


... If we think the Syrian refugees in Europe need certainty – even the certainty of an immediate safe haven visa, as several European nations are offering – why have we left in limbo the 30,000 asylum seekers who have been waiting here in Australia for up to three years (since the former Labor government changed the law in August 2012) with no work rights and a subsistence allowance? ... 


Complicity of Australian media and silence of faux opposition, Greens and human rights groups helps Abbott continue invisibilising and punishing refugees and asylum seekers incarcerated on Manus Island, Nauru and onshore detention centres



It is astonishing that there has among the calls to action over the European crisis, there has been no mention of the asylum seekers that are the victims of the government’s mandatory and offshore detention regime.






Asylum seekers incarcerated in Australia's Guantanamo on Manus Island appeal to Europe for help [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 8/9/15]:

An appeal for help from Europeans and European countries has been signed by over 100 asylum seekers in detention on Manus Island.


Among other things, the Manus Island appeal says,” We have fled war and persecution just like the asylum seekers in Europe. We need safety and resettlement,” and requests European countries to “…to urge the Australia government to cease the illegal detention of us…”

Almost 1000 refugees and asylum seekers are indefinitely detained on Manus Island.

A similar number, including families and children are on Nauru.

“It is astonishing that there has among the calls to action over the European crisis, there has been no mention of the asylum seekers that are the victims of the government’s mandatory and offshore detention regime,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“There are Syrian asylum seekers in Villawood, Manus and Nauru, who have been held in detention for over two years while their families were bombed in Syria.

“It will be darkly ironic if Australia agrees to bring asylum seekers from Syria while Syrian asylum seekers languish in Australian detention centres. The dead boy on the Turkish beach could just as easily have been the child of an asylum seeker in detention in Australia.

“It is shocking that the Prime Minister could play to anti-Muslim sentiments by suggesting that Christians would be the first to be selected from Syria. It is not just racist, and an explicit break from the pretence of a non-discriminatory humanitarian policy, it is hypocritical. There are plenty of Christians in Australian detention centres also being persecuted by this government.

“The callous indifference being shown by the Abbott government to the asylum seekers in Europe is a product of the brutal, anti-refugee policies it enforces in Australia.”

Appeal from asylum seekers on Manus Island:


This is a letter from Australia’s asylum seekers to Europeans and European governments:

While your countries have been faced with the critical and difficult crisis due to the constant flow of war-torn people, and all the world is witnessing that the Europe is endeavouring to exercise its humane and moral responsibilities through providing hundreds of thousands of refugees with protection, the Australian government has imprisoned us, 900 asylum seekers, for 26 months on Manus island in the heart of Pacific Ocean.

The situation is utterly inhumane and difficult over this period.

We have been under very heavy mental pressure. We have lost two of our friends -Reza Barati and Hamid Khazaei- due to the locals attack on the prison and lack of health facilities.

The Australian government has done everything to persecute us.

We desperately request the Europeans and the European countries to urge the Australia government to cease the illegal detention of us in this hell-hole and to fulfill its international obligations in relation to the refugee crisis.

We have fled war and persecution just like the asylum seekers in Europe. We need safety and resettlement.

The Australian government has treated us like criminals and calls us boat criminals because we came by boat.

In order to obtain more information about our difficult situation in the prison on Manus island, please refer to the international organisations’ reports on this matter such as reports from Amnesty International, UNHCR, Australian Senate Inquiry, Human Rights Watch, the Convention against Torture and other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment and Punishment.




Syrian asylum seeker repatriated from Manus Island with Australian assistance [Guardian - 8/9/15]




Immigration head launches legal bid to keep boat turnback document secret [Guardian - 2/9/15]




The lengths to which the Australian immigration department has gone to facilitate the repatriation of traumatised Syrian asylum seekers detained in offshore detention centres has been extensively revealed in departmental emails obtained under freedom of information laws. ... [Guardian - 19/8/14]




Second reading of "License to Kill" bill slips from Senate debate again [8/9/15]





Refugees are rotting in Australia's billion dollar Guantanamos on Nauru and Manus Island.


Why aren't Australian human rights groups pushing back against the lies AND CALLING FOR THEIR RELEASE?





 Refugee kiddies locked up #Nauru while Abbott & Shorten scramble to out compassion each other 


Image:  ‏@KayeBernard [8/9/15]




Australian political and media establishment continue using Europe to invisibilise what is happening to refugees who try to reach Australia. [ABC - 7/9/15]:


... Mr Abbott is under pressure because of the strength of feeling among many Liberals about the need to lift the refugee intake.

They include backbencher Craig Laundy who said he would not stop arguing for it, and backbencher Ewen Jones who told 7.30 he wanted as many as 50,000 more people.

Labor frontbencher Chris Bowen argued that taking more Syrians without increasing the overall intake would mean other asylum seekers would miss out.

"That is saying we are going to take less refugees from South Sudan, Asia, Africa, anywhere else and these are people who are deserving as well," Mr Bowen said.

"We don't have pictures of their plight on our television, but they shouldn't be the ones who play a price because we are taking more refugees from Syria."




Senator Bernardi says what the entire Australian political and media establishment think.  [Senate Hansard - 7/9/15]:


... The facts remain that that terrible image was not brought about by recent events in Syria or Iraq.

That boy and his family had lived in Turkey for three years. The money for that boy's father to pay the people smugglers was sent from Canada.

The father sent them on that boat so the father could get dental treatment.

They were in no fear, they were in no persecution and they were in no danger in Turkey. It was a tragic circumstance, but it is a tragic circumstance that was brought about by very similar policy circumstances to what the Greens espoused when they were running the government with the Labor Party.

People were drowning at sea because of the incentives that were being provided by their cockamamie humanitarian ethos.

It is much more humane for people to go through an orderly migration program, to be put in a place where they are safe and where they do not have to take such tempting things. ...


Boys’ tragic deaths highlight the human costs of Canada’s inaction on Syrian refugees [Canadian Council for Refugees Media Release – 3/9/15]



Meet the tyrant day at the UNHCR


Signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to support internally displaced persons in Yemen [Media Release - 7/9/15]



@PeterDutton_MP [7/9/15]:   Meeting with the UN High Commissioner for Refugees to discuss the current Syrian refugee crisis


Why isn't what Guterres and Dutton spoke about being reported?  Hopefully the High Commissioner criticised Australia's ongoing torture of refugees.




BIGOTRY:  ABC News Radio Poll asks Australians if we should continue discriminating on religious grounds, as we select refugees like strawberry creams from a box of chocolates. [8/9/15]


Should Syria’s persecuted Christian minority be given priority as we select refugees to settle in Australia?




Three critically injured following dangerous, resource wasting class and race based police pursuit, Darwin [ABC – 7/9/15]




8 September