Anarchists enter US Consulate, throw flyers protesting Obama’s visit to Greece [Keep Talking Greece - 8/11/16]



United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [CENTCOM - 8/11/16]



Almost 700 migrants arrived at the Italian port town of Augusta on Monday after being rescued from their perilous boat journey across the Mediterranean Sea.

The migrants, rescued by Italian and Spanish ships, crowded on the deck of the vessel as it approached the Sicilian port, where Red Cross personnel waited to assist them.

Italy's coast guard said on Saturday more than 2,200 migrants were rescued at sea that day as they tried to reach Europe and 10 bodies were recovered. ... [Reuters - 7/11/16]



Abbas Alaboudi is a wonderful artist, and one of Australia’s political prisoners, detained for three years on Nauru.

Abbas’s paintings powerfully convey the loneliness and hardship of indefinite internment on an island far from home, and far from Australia, where he dreamed he would find protection and freedom.

He says of his painting "this is about my situation on Nauru" [Sister Jane - 8/6/16]




Two  hours allocated for November 11 Canberra hearing in latest Senate affirmation of Australia's anti-refugee torture, exile, turnback policy ---> Serious allegations of abuse, self-harm and neglect of asylum seekers in relation to the Nauru Regional Processing Centre, and any like allegations in relation to the Manus Regional Processing Centre



Submission 14:


... They see little point in reporting abuse as they believe that the purpose of the regime they are living under is to expose them to such abuse in order to force them to leave.

They constantly weigh up their suffering on Manus with the fear of what could happen to them if they had to return to their home countries.

That in itself is a terrible burden for any human being.

A good number of them are stateless.

Many have never felt safe in their lives, and they do not feel safe, nor are they safe on Manus, or being placed in PNG society. ...



The Australian media are censoring the progress of the PNG Supreme Court Manus prison case, and denying us the truth [RNZI - 8/11/16]:


The lawyer representing refugees detained on Papua New Guinea's Manus Island says he's re-filed a Supreme Court application for their resettlement and compensation.

Over 700 have signed an application fore resettlement from Manus Island.

The court ruled in April that the detention of refugees is illegal, but it dismissed a similar application last month as the lawyer, Ben Lomai, had singed it on behalf of his clients.

Mr Lomai said he was unable to obtain the signatures in the first instance as his clients were held in detention but 731 refugees out of about 900 marooned on Manus Island have signed the new application.

"We name Behrouz Boochani as the principle applicant in that matter and 730 others. We were able to secure 731 signatures," he said.

"A few other guys will come in as and when they submit their forms in and that includes those living oversees."

Mr Lomai said the PNG government has indicated it will settle his clients' claims for compensation and some refugees could be awarded about US$90 (K300) for each day of their detention but he will ask the court to increase that amount.

He said the PNG government will be expecting Australia to finance the compensation.

"That will be a matter for the Australian government and Papua New Guinea government to talk about those issues under the terms of the 2013 MOU (memorandum of understanding) because as agreed between these two governments that Australian government should be responsible for all cost associated with offshore processing." ...



Alleged "people smuggler" detained in PNG after recovering from police beating in May - Australia bound Pakistanis also detained [The National - 8/11/16]



How exciting Sean Berry - but who's the enemy? [MSN - 8/11/16]



You can fix our planes - which will then be used to bomb you, or your regional neighbours [Defense News - 7/11/16]:


... The Pentagon has chosen its first F-35 global repair hubs, and the United Kingdom, Netherlands and Australia are the big winners. ...



Toxins detected at 300 times the safe level in Australian Defence sites [Brisbane Times - 8/11/16]



‏@DeptDefence [8/11/16]:  .@Australian_Navy divers and @USNavy divers start training activities today to improve skills and inter-operability ...  <--- We do whatever they tell us to do. 



"THEY SAY THE NEXT ONES WILL BE SENT BY A WOMAN!" ...  @3arabawy [7/11/16]



Clinton sent classified info to Chelsea after UN Climate Talks [Daily Caller - 7/11/16]



‏@wikileaks [7/11/16]:  Trump debate moderator, CNBC's John Harwood, colluded with Clinton campaign on questions for interview



‏@wikileaks [7/11/16]:  Arianna Huffington, co-founder of Huffinton Post, prefers covert influence ...



‏@wikileaks [6/11/16]: DNC prepared questions for the Wolf Blitzers' CNN interview of Donald Trump ...



A leaked photo of a police officer in St. Louis County posing and giving a thumbs-up with the dead body of a man who had recently overdosed has the man’s mother calling for the police department to answer questions.

The North St. Louis County Police Cooperative refuses to say anything and is threatening the publication that obtained the picture, KMOV, with legal action. ... [Fusion - 6/11/16]



The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff arrived here today for meetings with national security and military officials.

Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford is scheduled to meet with Saudi King Salman bin Abdulaziz al-Saud and Crown Prince Muhammad bin Nayef.

The general and his counterpart, Saudi Army Gen. Abdulrahman bin Salah Al-Banyan, will meet with Defense Ministry and Interior Ministry officials.

Before this, the general will meet with U.S. Ambassador Joseph Westphal and his country team at the American Embassy.

Dunford will discuss issues of mutual concern and listen to the Saudis’ take on operations in the region, officials said, and is also expected to discuss Iran’s malign influence in the region  ... [US Department of Defense - 7/11/16]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 7/11/16]


@guardiacostiera [7/11/16]:  #SAR #GuardiaCostiera #Palermo soccorre gommone 12 miglia ovest Marettimo: salvi 17 #migranti. Intervenuti motovedetta CP303 e aereo ATR 42


@MSF_Sea [7/11/16]: ... Yesterday the #Dignity1 rescued 136 #people from this boat. All have been transferred to another boat for the trip to #Italy.



And still NOT ONE human rights organisation has demanded that the Australian government AND opposition start respecting international law.




No opposition. No journalism.  And certainly NO "victory":  ALP capitulates to Turnbull wedge as Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee policy continues destroying human beings. [WA Today - 8/11/16]:


... We are on a unity ticket with the government to stop the people smugglers, not on a unity ticket to stop the tourists, Mr Shorten says. ... [i.e.  TORTURE, TURNBACKS AND EXILE ARE "OUR POLICY"]






... DIRTY POLICY!...  



Day 51 Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru [Image:  ‏@Mums4Refugees - 9/5/16]



Another timely gabfest as the human rights establishment play along with Australia's anti-refugee torture, turnback and exile policy ---> The UNSW Grand Challenge on Refugees and Migrants Inaugural Address will be held at 6.00 - 7.30pm in the Law Theatre.  

The presentation 'The New Global Compact on Refugees' will be presented by UNHCR's Assistant High Commissioner for Protection, Volker Türk. 

Visiting from Geneva, Dr Türk will share his insights on the global refugee situation following the adoption of the New York Declaration for Refugees and Migrants at last month’s unprecedented UN Summit.

His address will officially launch the UNSW Grand Challenge on Refugees and Migrants, which is led by Kaldor Centre Director, Professor Jane McAdam.  ... From refugee emergency to protracted exile:  The role of 'time' in international protection [Kaldor Centre Annual Conference - UNSW - 18 November]



UNHCR's Volker Turk helps Australia shirk international responsibilities following sham Bali Process meeting [23/3/16]



UNHCR's Volker Turk calls on Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia to do something about flow-on impact of Australia's anti-refugee atrocities [23/3/16]



Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.



Myanmar court delays sentencing of Rohingya who attempted to flee ongoing military purge i.e. for the crime of being REFUGEES [Anadolu Agency - 7/11/16]


Guardian [3/6/15]:


... Goledzinowski [Australia’s ambassador for people smuggling issues, Andrew Goledzinowski] said resettlement was raised during the Bangkok meeting on 29 May.

“All who spoke on resettlement said that this was not a durable solution for the Rohingya problem and that it would constitute a pull factor,” he told a Senate estimates committee on Wednesday.

“The UNHCR was the most articulate on this point.”

He engaged in bilateral meetings with representatives from some of the other 16 countries in attendance, and is adamant that at least one will seek further briefings on adopting Australia’s key asylum seeker measures.

“We also were able to talk a little bit about our own experiences during operation sovereign borders where we’ve been very successful in disrupting people trafficking and smuggling networks,” Goledzinowski said.  <--- i.e. JUST STAY WHERE YOU ARE AND DIE.



A leading English-language newspaper in Myanmar has suspended its reporting on restive Rakhine state, according to an internal memo, as pressure mounts on media to curtail critical coverage of army operations in the area housing Rohingya Muslims. ... [ARY News - 7/11/16]



New evidence of crimes against humanity documented by Burma Human Rights Network [7/11/16]:


The Burma Human Rights Network (BHRN) has conducted several interviews with Rohingya who fled Maungdaw following the crackdown by Myanmar forces.

Those interviewed said they witnessed the Military shooting live ammunition into fleeing crowds – resulting in believed casualties, arson committed by the military against Rohingya properties, arbitrary arrests and looting by security forces of Rohingya possessions, including food and aid.

Human Rights organizations as well as international media have similarly uncovered several accounts of extrajudicial assassinations, gang rape, mass arrests, arbitrary detention and death under suspicious circumstances of Rohingya in custody. 

The BHRN also condemns recent news of Myanmar police preparing to arm and train local non-Muslims in northern Rakhine state, and remains incredibly concerned by reports of human rights violations by police and military in Maungdaw and Buthidaung townships following an attack by militants on Border Guard Police posts on October 9th. 


The international community has a responsibility to ensure assistance is given to facilitate all humanitarian needs, and must place appropriate pressure on the Myanmar Government and Military to ensure they follow international law. ...



Take a look in your own backyard Naomi Klein. ---> A group of immigration detainees at the Central East Correctional Centre (CECC) in Lindsay, Ontario, have been on a hunger strike for over two weeks to protest Canada’s immigration detention system, says a migrants’ rights advocacy group.

Eighteen immigration detainees at the maximum security provincial prison located about 125 km northeast of Toronto began refusing meals on Oct. 17 to demand legislative changes to federal immigration rules that allow Canadian authorities to detain certain immigrants for an indefinite period, said Macdonald Scott, an immigration consultant with the Toronto law firm Carranza LLP. ... [Radio Canada International - 2/11/16]



Calling bullshit on Naomi Klein and friends for their support of the so called "Festival of Dangerous Ideas" and its culture washing of Australia's anti-refugee policy via ‏@xBorderOps   [1/9/15]



"Everything [here] is illegal": Interview with Behrouz Boochani about his film 'Chauka', sham refugee processing at Manus prison, and Australia's loss of international reputation [Autonomous Action Radio - 7/11/16]



There is no "resettlement" and there never was ---> I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]:


... Ms Thompson is the first staff member to publicly resign from Manus Island following a recent outbreak of violence [attack on the refugees] which left one dead.

She was originally bought in to conduct refugee-assessment interviews and claims she was told to tell inmates their only option was resettlement in Papua New Guinea.

Ms Thompson said she knew their only option was indefinite detention, and so did they.

"I would not go back because there is no process, nothing for me to do, no process to assist people with - it's fake," she said.

"It's not designed as a processing facility, it's designed as an experiment in the active creation of horror to deter people from trying in the first place."

Ms Thompson told Dateline she was given a script to follow while conducting refugee assessments.

"We were informed that we were not to discuss resettlement, we were not to discuss third country options," she said.

"It was made very clear to us every day, sometimes even twice a day, under the threat of being removed from the island, we were not to talk about a third country, we were not to suggest there were any resettlement options, we were not to suggest they would be able to get off PNG," she said.

“We knew that this was ridiculous, but we were lying to people and we were told to keep that message going to keep it clear."

"What's not happening is any clarification on where they are going to end up."

“There is no process, the process doesn’t lead anywhere except indefinite detention." ...



Joint media release with Kevin Rudd - Prime Minister, Mark Dreyfus - Attorney General and The Hon Tony Burke MP - Australian Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship [19 July, 2013]



8 November2016