Indefinite house arrest, enforced rudeness, insulting and accusatory signage, relentless messaging that the people whose livelihoods have been deliberately shut down are "non essential", and the selective punishment of those who "breach" arbitrary and illogical "rules" and "restrictions",  is not a campaign to advance public health - and will not prevent the spread of a disease.


It is state violence and psychological abuse.



They don't care about you - it is a command: Don't get angry, don't question, don't resist.



Melbourne McDonalds outlet stays open after worker tests positive for coronavirus [7 News - 7 May 2020]



NSW Health allows McDonald's outlet to remain open after employee tests positive, other workers not informed [ABC - 30 March 2020]



McDonalds are closed in Ireland and the UK. In Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach, on Australia's Gold Coast, McDonalds and KFC are the only businesses doing any significant trade, as everyone else goes broke.



Gold Coast MSM trumpet the selective application of the Queensland Labor government's arbitrary and illogical coronavirus "rules" and "restrictions" as Burleigh hipsters party on while other localities are subjected to fines and police violence.



This does not protect the community from anything: On ANZAC Day, Gold Coast police ramp up their excessive power to selectively harass people [QPS Media Release - 1 May 2020]



WA police issue homeless Aboriginal people with move on notices; allow 10 minutes to pack belongings [SBS - 11 April 2020]



"Every time we witness an injustice and do not act, we train our character to be passive in its presence and thereby eventually lose all ability to defend ourselves and those we love"


 Julian Assange



“We will lessen the load on the planet”: Facebook post written by Radio Liberty's Tamara Lyalenkova [NEO - 20 March 2020]



Australia's Royal Commission into Aged Care told people would rather die than enter aged care facilities; government funded private providers say it's a PR problem [SBS - 20 February 2019]



There were more than 3,700 assaults in Australian nursing homes in the past financial year ... the Aged Care Royal Commission has heard [ABC - 18 February 2019]



Worker who assaulted elderly dementia patient at a BUPA aged care facility in Sydney will spend at least four months behind bars [9 News - 23 January 2019]



Former NSW nursing home employee Garry Steven Davis has been sentenced to 40 years in jail for murdering two residents and attempting to murder a third [ABC - 13 December 2016]



Nationwide study into deaths in aged care homes caused by physical restraints shows people are suffering accidental death from the devices [ABC - 6 January 2017]



Megan Haines jailed for 27 years for murdering patients at Ballina nursing home [Sydney Morning Herald - 16 December 2016]



"The public has much to fear from politicians who haven’t flinched before the sadism of their refugee policies" [Guardian - 19 January 2015]



Morrison is a liar.

He did not "stop the boats".  He and his Labor mates have tortured and killed 1,000s of refugees - with the consent of the pro "deterrence" Australian medical establishment -> "They’ve lied to us so often that nothing is believable to me anymore." [Guardian - 17 February 2017]



"IHMS is not working towards medical goals and ethics ... the main aim is to force refugees to return to their home countries." Testimony by Behrouz Bouchani re conditions on Manus Island for an event at the UNHRC [June 2017]



“They’re trying to kill me, if they kill me take care of my son” Sudanese refugee Faysal Ishak Ahmad, indefinitely imprisoned by the Australian Labor Party on Manus Island, uttered these words during his last visit to his friend [Guardian - 30 December 2016]



".. Sometimes I wake suddenly, because of too much pain. I feel scared of IHMS because they are using my pain to put me under pressure. I am sure that they will leave me with my pain. ..." [Saturday Paper - April 2016]



Dr Dudley said health professionals working in Australia's detention regime were "lending credibility to abuses", whether deliberately or inadvertently. [Brisbane Times - 16 February 2016]



8 May 2020