219th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


# Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [9/3/18]



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN :  Today's (Friday 9-3-2018) report from situation and our peaceful demonstration in Balikpapan detention center . Watch us in this short video 



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [9/3/18]:  52 days of our peaceful demonstration in Balikpapan detention center for #freedom .it's 52 days we yelling and ask for helping to be release from detention but still here is no good news about our freedom.  



@RefugeesB [8/3/18]:  Candlelight vigil held by #AsylumSeekers in #Balikpapan detention center for Hayatullah a Hazara #refugee who committed suicide ... in Medan. ...



Afghan man who helped refugees reach Australia by boat between 2009 and 2011 jailed under fascist people smuggling laws [WA Today - 9/3/18]:


... Abbas, who was imprisoned in Indonesia before being extradited to WA, sent a letter to the District Court describing his desperate life in his war-torn country, which was read out on Friday.

Having had no education, he cannot read or write, so he had another inmate write the letter for him.

Abbas said he had no employment prospects in Afghanistan and wanted to provide for his mother and sister but had to flee the Taliban. ...



... Abbas was taken from Indonesian custody at 4am (local time) on August 6 and extradited to Australia after a High Court appeal in Indonesia.

Mr Mahdi said it was tantamount to kidnapping because he and Abbas were not formally notified of the High Court application and were not given any warning that Abbas would be extradited. ... Australian government accused of kidnapping alleged people smuggler Sayed Abbas [ABC - 15/8/15]



A suicide bomber targeting Afghanistan’s minority Hazaras blew himself up at a police checkpoint in western Kabul on Friday, killing nine people and wounding 18, officials said. ... [An Nahar - 9/3/18]



UN Under-Secretary-General for Political Affairs Jeffrey Feltman makes interestingly timed 3 day visit to Sri Lanka [Daily Mirror - 9/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [9/3/18]:  People who worked for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq are not peacemakers.


... Feltman has extensive experience in the Middle East, having served as U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon, as head of the Coalition Provisional Authority’s office in the Irbil province of Iraq and as a senior official at the U.S. consulate general in Jerusalem. ...



This documentary outlines the Coalition Provisional Authority's achievements in Iraq --> No End in Sight [2007]



The top United Nations human rights official called on Friday for alleged atrocities committed against the Muslim Rohingya minority in Myanmar to be referred to the International Criminal Court (ICC) for prosecution. ... [Reuters - 9/3/18]



Myanmar police searched Reuters reporter’s home ‘for news’ [Interaksyon - 8/3/18]



A suspected gang member has been killed during a gunfight between two Rohingya groups at Noyapara refugee camp in Teknaf upazila of Cox’s Bazar on Thursday morning.

The deceased was identified as Hossain Ali alias Bailla, 32, son of camp resident Bachha Ali.

According to police sources, the gunfight ensued as the two Rohingya gangs attempted to establish dominance at the camp at around 6am. ... [Dhaka Tribune - 8/3/18]



A man accused of murdering a mother-of-two in far north Queensland has been allegedly attacked by prisoners on his first day in jail.

Matthew Ross White, 25, is in a stable condition at the Mareeba Hospital after he was allegedly set upon by several men at the Lotus Glen Correctional Facility, west of Cairns, yesterday afternoon. ... [ABC - 7/3/18]



Days out from their pivotal court hearing, Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners opposed to the Adani coal mine have called on the Queensland government not to extinguish their native title before their legal challenge is resolved. ... [NITV - 8/3/18]



@empathiser [5/3/18]:  Three groups of "local traditional owners" have signed with Adani over the port and rail components. Traditional Owners of Abbot Point will be in court soon to determine who should get the million + $$$ from Adani for the port ... 



@GraffitiExpert [5/3/18]:  If you love hypocrisy and fake activism, vote Labor. ...



No secret Shorten speaks with a forked tongue. Also unsurprising that Australia's suckhole activist industrial complex is still able to dupe supporters into channelling their efforts, energy and funds into the dead two party political system. [SBS - 28/2/18]:


... The opposition leader updated his register of interests on Wednesday to reveal the Australian Conservation Foundation paid for his flight to the proposed mine site and a tour of the reef.

Former ACF president and anti-Adani campaigner Geoff Cousins told the ABC on Tuesday that Mr Shorten told him he would revoke the licence for the Adani coal mine if the environmental evidence didn't stack up. ...



Queensland Government and gold miner lose bid to bypass Traditional owners [NITV - 7/3/18]



 ... He [Mirani MP Stephen Andrew] has asked about whether rural fire fighters had adequate insurance cover while volunteering, the environmental hold up to the Mount Morgan tailing project, and on Tuesday he put a question to the Minister for Police Mark Ryan to get assurances that powers given to police to stop, detain and search Queenslanders within prescribed 'protective security zones' during the Commonwealth Games would be revoked at the end of the event.

"The words 'public safety' are used a lot, from policing to gun ownership,” he said.

"It's the two words that have been flogged to death.”

 He said they were used to curb people's civil rights.

"I want to make sure it is introduced for the right reasons,” he said.

Mr Andrews said it was an issue that one of his constituents brought up, so he wanted to ask the question. ... [Daily Mercury - 7/3/18]



Ed Sheeran busts out Aboriginal flag t-shirt at Adelaide concert [Welcome to Country - 7/3/18]:


... Back in 2015 when Sheeran first wore an Aboriginal flag for his entire Sydney concert, the Australian media completely ignored the fact he had made such a statement. ...



Israel imprisons Eritrean asylum seekers who refuse deportation orders [WSWS - 9/3/18]:


... According to Israel’s Population, Immigration and Border Authority, there are 92,000 foreigners, mainly from the former Soviet Union, living illegally in Israel, without threats of deportation or imprisonment.

They are referred to as “tourists” not “infiltrators.”

The government even amended the Law of Return in 1970 to widen the definition of a Jew to enable Russian immigration to Israel.

However, it took until 1975 before Israel recognised the right of Jews from Ethiopia to immigrate to Israel, many of whom to this day experience racist discrimination and poverty.


None of the major parties, except Meretz, have opposed the deportations.

Many legislators of the Zionist Union, of which the Labour Party is a member, supported the new law.

Most politicians, if not actively supporting the measures, have remained largely silent, demonstrating the depth of support within the ruling class for anti-democratic forms of rule.

The authorisation of a regime of mass indefinite detention, as is now being carried out in both Israel and its chief ally, the US, is an existential threat to workers of all national origins, regardless of immigration status, and will inevitably be used against Israeli workers as well.



@davidsheen [8/3/18]: ... State prosecutor offers community service, no jail time to Israelis filmed stomping an African refugee to death. Most of the murderers smugly reject even that ridiculously light punishment.



Refugees in Israel - International Solidarity [8/3/18]:


 Two days ago, I got a call from a friend: "I'm on my way to Eilat, I was released from Holot".

"Do you have money? What will you do? Do you have a place to stay?", were some of the questions that immediately crossed my mind, worried about this young 24 year old man that entered the country alone at age 14 being once more devoured by the uncertainty of wondering around on a land that, against all law and moral, insists on seeing him as an "infiltrator".

His reality is extended by undefined periods, and not by his choice: his day to day and the possibilities offered to him depend directly on what the Immigration and Absorption Authority decides. Sometimes they grant him a visa for a month, sometimes two, sometimes four.

There is no real criteria to be considered nor serious interviews to determine the needs of a person in his situation; on the contrary, it is all part of a system designed to create doubts and confusion, to deceive and to break down a whole community which is vulnerable and needs protection, through psychological manipulation. ...



I do not know where all those who were temporary released today from Holot have gone, and I hope that everyone has found a place to lay their heads. ... Refugees in Israel - International Solidarity [8/3/18]



@EricSchwartzRI [7/3/18]:  On Monday, we traveled to the Holot detention facility in southern Israel - had the chance to speak outside the facility with asylum-seekers from Africa. Stories were heart wrenching, and underscored to us the critical importance of working to change Israeli policy on this issue.



After serving 5-year sentence, Palestinian prisoner re-arrested on day of release [Maan - 8/3/18] 



A group of Israeli settlers cut down dozens of olive trees and attacked Palestinian farmers on Thursday, preventing them from reaching their lands in the al-Sawiya village in the northern occupied West Bank district of Nablus. ... [Maan - 8/3/18]



Israelis disguised as journalists shoot, abduct Palestinian students [Electronic Intifada - 7/3/18]:


... Meanwhile, Israeli forces sentenced Palestinian teen prisoner Jalal Sharawna, 19, to three and a half years in prison and a $500 fine on 25 February.

Israeli occupation soldiers shot Sharawna in the leg before they arrested him in 2015, in Dura, his hometown near the West Bank city of Hebron.

“He was accused of attempting to infiltrate a settlement and carry out a stabbing,” according to prisoners solidarity group Samidoun.

Israeli forces then took Sharawna, a minor at the time, to the Israeli Assaf Harofeh hospital and amputated his leg without consulting his parents or his lawyer. ...



...  we meet ordinary Israelis, good people, they would volunteer anywhere. But when you start to talk with them about the occupation, after two minutes you want just tear your hairs. I mean you don’t know what to do.

You don’t know where to start. Brainwash is so deep and the denial is so deep. ...



‏@GraffitiExpert [9/3/18]: Really? What about Australia's bipartisan policies against first nations people and refugees - or did your handlers protect you from that when you visited last November?


... I don’t recall one example on earth in which an ideology is so totalitarian, is so saint, is so holy that you have no right to put any kind of doubts or question marks - nothing.

Not about the past, not about the future, not about the present - nothing.

It’s unbelievable when you live in a state in which, if you declare that you don’t accept this ideology, you are not part of the place. You are not part of society. You have no place there.


When it comes to the occupation which is part and parcel of Zionism, there is no meaningful difference between left and right in Israel.

What I mean left and right, I mean this so-called Zionistic left, labor and others, and the right-wingers. The difference is only by rhetoric.

So those of you - and I know some of my Israeli friends who bought already some champagne bottles - ready to open them the moment that Benjamin Netanyahu will be impeached or even go to jail and they will celebrate how Israel is coming from darkness to light, how freedom and peace is around the corner because we got rid of the tyrant, the right-winger, the fascist and after this the light is around the corner, it’s usually I have bad news for you.

Because by the end of the day, when you judge the real policy - not the rhetoric - yes, labor and left are having much more sympathetic rhetoric between other sins that I committed.


So when I speak about left, I mean labor; Yeshuati, the new promise of Israeli politics; maybe the next prime minister, Yair Lapid, and all the rest.

In many ways they’re worse than the right-wingers because they feel so good about themselves, because they are so sure that they are so human and universal and moral. While the right-wingers at least don’t cover up, they say, yes, we are fascists. So what’s wrong about it?

We are Jews and we have the right to be fascists. Because we are the chosen people, we have the right and nobody’s going to tell us what to do. When it comes to the central left as it’s called - I can hardly pronounce it, central left - what do those people have to do is left.

But when it comes to the central left, it a rare combination, you feel so good about yourself. You are not one of those fascists. You are not one of those nationalist racists, you are a liberal.

But the occupation must go on, and the child - Ahed Tamimi - must stay in jail forever, and the crimes must continue because we have no other choice, which brings me to the set of values which I see as the core of Israeli society nowadays, three or four sets of values which explain everything in my view. ... The Zionist Tango: Step left, step right by Gideon Levy [ICH - 7/3/18]



Israeli Labor sells out African refugees, as ‘infiltrators’ [Mondoweiss - 21/11/17]




Kindred spirits bond during visit to "multicultural" Israel [SBS - 19/12/16]



... I will be accompanied on this trip by Shadow Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, and my wife Chloe.”

The Australian delegation is being led by Trade Minister Steve Ciobo and opposition defence spokesman Richard Marles. ... Shorten heads for Jerusalem [J-Wire - 17/12/16]



EU to supply electricity to Israeli settlements [Electronic Intifada - 7/3/18]:


The European Union will within a few years be supplying electricity to Israel’s settlements in the occupied West Bank and Syria’s Golan Heights, all of which are illegal under international law.

That is what will happen when a major EU-backed infrastructure project, the EuroAsia Interconnector, is completed.

This is a subsea cable system that will connect the Israeli electricity grid to Europe via Greece and Cyprus.


Human rights defenders have previously concluded that Israel’s ongoing maritime blockade of the Gaza Strip is motivated by its desire to prevent Palestinians exploiting the gas reserves off Gaza’s shores.

“Israel not only denies Palestinians access to gas reserves off the coast of Gaza but has also illegally exploited these resources for its exclusive benefit while depriving Palestinians of revenues,” the BNC states.

Meanwhile, Gaza continues to suffer acute, life-threatening electricity shortages, compounded by Israel’s “refusal to live up to its responsibilities as an occupying power.”

Palestinian efforts to develop the gas reserves off Gaza continue to falter.

This week, Royal Dutch Shell announced it was giving up its stake in the Gaza Marine gas field, leaving the Palestinian Authority with no international partner. Israel also recently threatened Lebanon over the Beirut government’s plans to develop its maritime gas fields. ...



@GraffitiExpert [8/3/18]:  PNG earthquakes: US medical ships, missionaries and disaster recovery units nowhere to be seen, Australia flies a helicopter over, Exxon makes a donation to the Salvation Army and Israel does PR for itself  ...


... “I have advised Prime Minister Netanyahu of the immediate needs at the impacted regions, including lack of electric power,” Prime Minister O’Neill said.

“The Israeli Government has responded immediately by delivering 40 generators to Papua New Guinea.

“These generators will provide immediate assistance to communities suffering from damage to critical infrastructure.

“The earthquake has left many locations with no electricity, and restoration of power is essential for these communities.

“The generators will assist in restoring many vital capabilities, such as the provision of water, medicine, communication and other essential services.”

The Prime Minister again thanked Israel for being a true friend of Papua New Guinea following the unprecedented earthquake disaster in the Highlands.

“Relations between Papua New Guinea and the State of Israel are strong, and our Government and the people of PNG appreciate the support and friendship of Israel during these challenging times.

“We look forward to further cooperation and the enhancement of the close ties between our countries and our peoples.” .... [PNG Prime Minister Media Release - 6/3/18]



Manifestations of lawlessness produced by the illegal July 2013 PNG-Australia indefinite detention, exile and refoulement policy continue on Manus Island.




@Aussie4Refugees [6/2/18]:  September 2017: UNHCR Canberra rep Thomas Albrecht pushes anti-refugee "people smuggling" propaganda at an academic forum [in Brisbane] as Australia bribes illegally imprisoned Rohingya to go home and die 



@Aussie4Refugees [4/12/17]:  While "experts" embraced the shadowy Canberra branch of the UNHCR and its dodgy, anti-refugee Global Compact/New York Declaration at the "Refugee Alternatives" gabfest in February, men were being refouled from Australia's illegal prison on #Manus



@Aussie4Refugees [21/11/17]:  Irrespective of the questionable legitimacy of so called refugee assessment in a concentration camp, the ILLEGAL Rudd-O'Neill July 2013 deal has itself PRODUCED refugees.  If UNHCR - and other NGOs,/"advocates"- were honest players, they'd be pointing that out ...



Cui bono?




This is the "deterrence" and anti-refugee mindset of those claiming to speak for the rights of men on Manus Island  ---> ... UNHCR Representative Thomas Albrecht [UNHCR Canberra representative since early 2014] told Ref Coord he had had to deliver a stern warning to the refugees: either shape up or he will ask the GOG [Government of Ghana] to post several military officers inside the camp.

To emphasize the seriousness of his message, he suspended all UNHCR services to Budumburam during the week of May 1-7. ...

Albrecht was dismayed that an "entitlement mentality" had gripped many of the refugees, some of whom have spent 15 years in camps. ... GHANA REFUGEE ROUNDUP [12/5/05]



8 March 2018