Day 233 Australia's political prisoners protest, Nauru



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Guardian [7/11/16]:


I am Mina Taherkhani. I’m 35 years old. I escaped from violence to seek peace and freedom.

I’ve been in the detention centre in Nauru for over three years, where Australian people wouldn’t even keep their animals.

I was yearning for justice in a country which claims to uphold women’s rights but all I have experienced is terror and panic.

Systemic violence keeps us in Nauru and it seems our pain has become very good business.

We just asked for support and a safe place from the government but what they gave us was a hell called Nauru.

Do you know why UNHCR or even the Red Cross come to Nauru every time a tragedy happens?

Why do people set themselves on the fire front of UN? Because they remind us how human rights is a big business in this country and there is no real action.

I am survivor of rape. At the age of four I was raped by my step-sister’s son. Afterwards, despite being a little girl, my family put the blame on me and I was abused physically. I was forced to marry and the abuse from my father changed to abuse from my addicted husband. I couldn’t accept all the torture and humiliation and I fled Iran.

For a long time, I couldn’t sleep properly. I live in a tent which is only secured with a door of plastic.

All night I feel guards walking around my head.

Security guards are supposed to protect us, however they torture us and behave like we are their slaves.

One of them stared at me and held his penis and pretended he was having sex with me. I asked the other officers to look at the footage and see how the guard had harassed me, but they claimed they don’t keep camera recordings.

The government has enough tools to suffocate us. If you would like to support us, please, please take off your hands from our mouth.

If Australia would like to support us, please make an opportunity for us to talk to the community.


This is an edited transcript of a speech given at the Diaspora Symposium: Refugees and Asylum Seekers’ Discourse at NSW Parliament House on 11 October.  <--- Oh, the irony.



AFP run workshop in Fiji aiming to improve violence against women in the Pacific [RNZI - 7/11/16]



AFP pursue whistleblowers (rather than those who allegedly raped and assaulted refugees on Nauru) [Sydney Morning Herald - 30/9/15]



Reminder: UNHCR's Thomas Albrecht has NEVER called on Australia to END its anti-refugee torture/exile/boat turnback policy, or to RELEASE and RESETTLE the men, women and children imprisoned on Manus Island and Nauru.  The UNHCR have participated in the enforcement of Australia's anti-refugee policy.

Albrecht should be held to account, not feted. [ABC - 2/5/16]:


... UN agents came to the accommodation and told them that we are not here to help you guys get out of this island.

We are here to make you guys ready for the next ten years living in this island.

He was completely angry, deeply depressed.

After that, Omid he set fire on himself.  ...



Only an intellectually dishonest partisan turd would continue propagating the myth that European leaders are "taking cues from Australia".

Our anti-refugee policy has been imported from - and imposed by - the United States. ----> Australia's offshore refugee concentration camps were reopened by the ALP under the watchful guidance of the United States [Buzzfeed - 4/6/16]



The Legacy of Guantánamo, Lizzy Ratner [The Nation - 14/7/13]:


... But the INS [Immigration and Naturalization Service] ignored these warnings and refused to close the camp or to airlift the sickest refugees, like Joel Saintil, to hospitals in the United States.

When asked by reporters why it ignored the refugees’ medical plight, an INS spokesman, Duane “Duke” Austin, responded with unrepentant candor:

“They’re going to die anyway, aren’t they?” ...



Building a wall along the U.S.- Mexico border has been a contentious subject in this year’s U.S. presidential election.

In parts of California and Arizona, a wall already exists.

It runs across rocky deserts, flowing sand dunes and miles of agricultural land.

The wall splits towns and families, marking a boundary between two countries that used to be one.

Busy land ports of entry and signs written in both Spanish and English attest to an interdependence that still exists in the bifurcated cities, faded mining towns and eccentric art outposts that punctuate the arid landscape.

The border between Mexico and the United States spans some 2,000 miles between San Diego, California and Brownsville, Texas.

Monitored around the clock with ground sensors, cameras and hundreds of customs and border patrol officers, the wall is composed of a mash-up of materials: formidable cement slabs, steel mesh, rusty corrugated metal. ... [Reuters -  7/11/16]



18 Central American families fear deportation after Federal Court refuses review [American Immigration Council - 2/11/16]



US Coast Guard conducts 7 at-sea interdictions in South Florida Straits since 15 October, forcibly returns 109 Cuban migrants [Media Release- 4/11/16]


‏@nslwin [7/11/16]:  13 #Rohingya arrested from #KoeTanKauk village on Nov 6. Now #Myanmar Army is at #KoeTanKauk #Rohingya IDPs camp. No further info, phone off 



‏@Aungaungsittwe [7/11/16]:  #Myanmar army torched teachers' rest houses of Merula, Maungdaw around 7PM, as curfew active no #Rohingya can go&distinguish



‏@Aungaungsittwe [7/11/16]:  Huge explosion w heard fr army headquarter, Sittwe around 2PM. No1 knows reason, new explosive weapons might be testing by the army


The Rohingya villagers from Kyet Yoe Pyin village in Northern Maungdaw Township appeal for urgent humanitarian assistance as they are facing a critical food shortage.  ... [Rohingya Blogger - 6/11/16]



Three people were killed and five wounded on Monday in Indian shelling across the disputed border with Pakistan in the Himalayan region of Kashmir, Pakistani officials said, as tension simmers between the nuclear-armed neighbors. ... [Reuters - 7/11/16]



Dozens arrested for attacks on Hindus in Bangladesh [Al Jazeera – 6/11/16]



Singapore parliament debates changes to Elected Presidency [Channel News Asia – 7/11/16]



Police fired pepper spray in running battles with thousands of demonstrators on the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday as they tried to encircle China's representative office in protest against Beijing's attempts to stop independence activism. ... [Reuters - 6/11/16]


Prisoners take control of parts of Britain's Bedford prison [Reuters – 6/11/16]



UN peacekeeper, two civilians killed in attack on military convoy in Mali [France 24 - 7/11/16]


A week-old ceasefire between the forces of two semi-autonomous regions of Somalia broke down on Sunday as fighting over a disputed border area erupted again, killing at least 20 people, army officials on both sides said. ... [Reuters - 6/11/16]



The US Army Corps of Engineers authorized violence against Standing Rock water protectors [ - 7/11/16]:


The Standing Rock Water Protectors stood.

They stood waste deep in North Dakota water less than half a normal human’s body temperature, downhill from riot police indiscriminately spraying them all with pepper spray, bear mace, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

They stood in the face of racist comments.

They stood in the path of an oil pipeline, in the way of monied interest, and the weight of a country.

They stood to protect the water.

They stood and waited for the police to run out of mace so they could pray.

They stood in pain, shivering, and afraid.

They stood and faced the violence – the violence ordered on them by the Army Corps of Engineers. ...



The Walker [NITV - 2/11/16]



Clinton's walk for justice.



And as per usual, the voices of the people are ignored --->  Education Queensland says it's struggling to negotiate a new funding contract for Aurukun primary school that will ensure a "return on investment".

Since 2010, the primary school has been run in partnership between the Department of Education and Noel Pearson's Good to Great Schools Australia network under a Memorandum of Understanding. 

The Department of Education has provided around $9 million to the school over six years, but says the current funding arrangement doesn't ensure "a return on investment". 

"We’ve been trying to negotiate with Good to Great Schools for about 14 months," says Education Queensland Director-General Jim Watterston.  ... [NITV - 3/11/16]



Israeli forces open fire at Palestinian fishermen off Gaza coast [Maan  6/11/16] 



Israeli authorities postponed for the third time a planned temporary expansion of the besieged Gaza Strip’s fishing zone of Sunday, claiming that Palestinian officials had not fulfilled their commitments. ... [Maan - 6/11/16]



100 years and counting: Britain, the Balfour Declaratin, and the cultural repression of Palestinians [Maan - 6/11/16]



Campaigners denounce international chefs participating in ‘apartheid’ Round Tables tour in Tel Aviv [PNN - 7/11/16]



Extension of Israel's separation wall will soon cut Palestinians off from the valley's distinctive olive groves. ... [Al Jazeera - 4/11/16]



The demolition of Palestinian homes for Israeli settlements reached a ten-year high in 2016.

While this activity led by the fanatical settler movement is illegal under international law, it is completely aided and abetted by the Israeli government.

With hundreds on notice to be evicted and their homes destroyed, Abby Martin goes on-the-ground throughout the West Bank investigating this dire human rights situation.

She speaks to residents living under regular settler attacks from encroaching settlements and outposts illegal even under Israeli law, and sees first-hand how this crisis is worsening. [teleSUR - 31/10/16]



‏@wikileaks [6/11/16]:  RELEASE: 8263 new emails from the DNC ...



‏@wikileaks [6/11/16]:  RELEASE: The Podesta Emails Part 32 ...



‏@wikileaks [6/11/16]:  Hillary Clinton, Saudi Arabia and John Podesta



The Podesta emails revelations: A collection [Last Update  - 6/11/16 - Shadow Proof]



‏@wikileaks [4/11/16]:  Sanders had non-aggression pact with Clinton who had "leverage" to enforce it Robby Mook ("re47") email reveals ...




‏@Miirwais [6/11/16]: #Kunduz: Protesters holding placards "death to America" & "America is int'l terrorist" at rally against US-airstrike that killd 36 civilians



Members of a joint team of Afghan civil societies said on Sunday at a press conference in Kabul that civilian causalities have increased unprecedentedly in 2016.

They urged the foreign troops to take more care during operations so as not to harm civilians and to protect them.

Referring to the statistics of United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), released a few weeks ago, civil society activists said in the first six months of this year, 1,601 civilians have been killed in the war and 3,565 others wounded. ... [TOLO News - 6/11/16]



5 border police killed in Kandahar attack [Pajhwok - 6/11/16]



Pakistan backtracks on decision to deport Sharbat Gula aka "The Afghan Girl" [TOLO News - 6/11/16]



An Australian woman was abducted from the center of Kabul city earlier this evening by unknown gunmen as a search operation is underway for her release.

Security sources said the woman was working for a non-governmental organization and was abducted from Qala-e-Fatullah area where numerous aid workers have been abducted in the past.

A source speaking on the condition of anonymity confirmed that the woman was working for Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief and Development and was kidnapped by unknown gunmen earlier this evening. ... [Khaama - 5/11/16]



Yemeni forces capture two Saudi military bases in Asir [Press TV - 6/11/16]:


... On Saturday, Saudi military aircraft carried out a fresh round of strikes against several areas across Yemen including the Razeh district in the northwestern province of Sa’ada as well as the Nihm and Hamdan districts in the western province of Sana’a. ...



Suicide bombers driving ambulances packed with explosives detonated their vehicles at a checkpoint and a car park for Shiite pilgrims in two Iraqi cities Sunday, killing at least 25 people and wounding dozens, officials said.

The twin attacks took place in Tikrit and Samarra, as Iraqi troops and security forces battled to retake the northern city of Mosul from Daesh (ISIS) militants who have controlled it for more than two years. ... [Daily Star - 7/11/16]



No Russian, Syrian airstrikes at Aleppo over last 19 days despite provocations [TASS - 5/11/16]



Erdogan blasts West as Turkey's Kurdish party boycotts parliament [Reuters – 6/11/16]



... “The coalition and Turkey will work together on the long-term plan for seizing, holding and governing Raqqa,” Dunford said following his meetings. ... United States and Turkey announce imminent full invasion and occupation of Syria [US Department of Defense - 6/11/16] 



US troops pictured near Raqqa [RT - 6/11/16]



Two citizens were killed and 7 others were injured in a terrorist rocket attack on the residential neighborhoods of Aleppo on Sunday.

A source at Aleppo Police Command told SANA reporter that terrorist organizations fired rocket shells on the neighborhoods of al-Hamadaniah, Halab al-Jadida and al-Ashrafiah in Aleppo city. ... [SANA - 6/11/16]



San Antonio Police Department—known for its strict measures against homeless people—announced that it has fired a five-year veteran police officer after he attempted to feed a homeless man a “fecal sandwich” in May.

According to the department's statement, Police officer Matthew Luckhurst bragged to a fellow officer about trying to feed the man human feces, but the unnamed police officer reported the incident to the internal affairs in July. ... [teleSUR - 6/11/16]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 6/11/16]



‏@lizziedearden [5/11/16]:  'Before the war we could get a visa for France in half an hour. Now, we have to do this.' ...



‏@giusi_nicolini [5/11/16]:  L'abbraccio. ...



Australia pushes them away, and "advocates" think it's OK ---> ‏@guardiacostiera [6/11/16]:  #SAR #CentraleOperativa #GuardiaCostiera coordina 2 operazioni di soccorso. Salvi circa 250 #migranti da unità @GuardiaCostiera e ONG



Myanmar government’s fascist tactics [Asian Tribune - 6/11/16] 



I want to speak tonight on the recent national elections across most of Myanmar, which I was privileged to witness as an election observer. ... [Senator Scott Ludlam - 2/12/15]



Professor Damien Kingsbury leads Australian observers to Myanmar elections [Deakin University Media Release - 3/11/15]



Rohingya Muslims will not be able to vote in Myanmar's referendum after President Thein Sein withdrew temporary voting rights following protests. ... [BBC - 11/2/15]



MRTV and ABC team up in new radio drama for Myanmar [Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union - January 2016]:


The drama ‘Ma Ma Oo’ will focus on maternal health and will be used as a platform for exploring issues such as pre and postnatal care, HIV and contraception.

The programme also encourages husbands to take part in planning for pregnancy, caring for and supporting their wives. 

The project is also designed to build capacity within MRTV, around the processes involved in developing, producing and recording drama for radio.

The majority of the characters cast in the series are MRTV staff who have never acted before. 

Production company Put It Out There Pictures is producing the radio drama for Myanmar in collaboration with ABC International Development and state broadcaster MRTV.

The drama, is an 8-episode, 20-minute radio serial written and produced for broadcast in Myanmar. 



Australian Embassy in Myanmar [24/7/15]:


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation is working in Myanmar to provide media training ahead of this year's general elections.

Australian Ambassador to Myanmar Mr Nicholas Coppel meets with Mr Mark Bowling from the ABC in Yangon to discuss training initiatives.

Find out more about the ABC's work in Myanmar at:



Australian government funds $6million anti-refugee propaganda film [Brisbane Times - 26/3/16]




 The CEO of Australian company Woodside, Mr Peter Coleman, and Australian Ambassador to Myanmar, HE Nicholas Coppel, met with Daw Aung San Suu Kyi to discuss Woodside's investment in Myanmar on 12 May 2015.  Australian Embassy in Myanmar



In a recent briefing regarding the development of an offshore supply base conducted by Asia Pacific Connex, there was much enthusiastic debate around the provision of this key infrastructure.

Particular emphasis was placed on the need to improve local content in the Myanmar offshore gas developments and to create a framework to harness offshore development to grow the emerging economy of the country.

The backdrop to this discussion was the developments currently taking shape. As an example, most of the seismic and 3D recording and analysis has now been completed.

The net result is that a number of companies have announced drilling campaigns for 2017.

One such company is Woodside, which has announced an aggressive, four well programme in the Shwe fields in the Bay of Bengal. ... [Splash 247 - 2/11/16]





In the glaring heat or driving rain - the resistance.





Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru



The ALP's red,

The LNP's blue.

Let's not forget,

Who re-opened Nauru.







Manus Friarbird or Chauka. Illustration: HMS Challenger Expedition, 1873-76 [The charismatic and elusive birds of Manus Island - The Nature Conservancy - 19/6/13]



What's news Behrouz? [6/11/16]:


Today i would like to share my happines with you.

We have just completed a feature length movie about Manus prison called `Chauka Please Tell Us The Time

Chauka is the name of a famous special bird in Manus Island that i love.

It is also the name of solitary confinement unit in Manus prison.

I worked with Arash Kamali Sarvestani , the director from the Netherlands for many months.

Sarvin productions company produced the movie.

I want to acknowledge my appreciation for all the people who helped us make this film.

Arash and i have sent the movie to some international festivals and we hope to show it in Australian cinemas soon.

We hope to put more information about the movie on our website as soon as the site is up and running. ...........Chauka, please tell us the time. ...



Lawyer for Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island files new application for return/compensation with PNG Supreme Court [PNG Loop - 4/11/16]



Australia's establishment media types are too cosy with the ruling class.  They actually think its clever to withhold information and prevent us from knowing what's going on.  They really need to move on.  [ABC - 14/8/2007]



Pretending Shorten disagrees with Turnbull is a LIE that keeps Australia's anti-refugee policy unchallenged.


"It's our policy"



 Shorten: Offshore regional processing is an important part of defeating the crime gangs. #auspol #asylumseekers  [Image:   ‏@ABCNews24 - 4/2/16]




@ABCNews24 [29/9/15]:   Plibersek: People coming to Australia by boat should not expect to be accepted into our refugee & humanitarian intake ...



Mr Tim WATTS (Gellibrand) (19:40) [House of Representatives Hansard - 25/11/15]:


... We also committed to practical, compassionate measures that will work in the short term—continuing the combination of offshore processing and regional resettlement together with the policy of turning back boats that has stopped the flow of vessels arriving on our shores. ...



Turnbull and the ABC LIE about stopping refugee boats and ALP wavering; treat listeners like fools.  No journalism.  No opposition. [ABC - 7/11/16]



The ABC won't followup on their story about the UNHCR's involvement in the torture of refugees because it's easier to LIE.




7 November 2016