The day 218th of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


# Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [8/3/18]



@sunosi3 [7/3/18: 217 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center. # Manus SOS



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [8/3/18]:  Day 51 our peaceful demonstration in #Balikpapan detention center for #freedom .every day we gathered and ask helping from IOM , UNHCR and DGI but still here is no any good news.we expect from the world to hear our voice and help us.  



@MahdiAlizada18 [8/3/18]:  #Balikpapan-Indonesia, 51 days of our peaceful protest in Balikpapan detention center for #Freedom. Watch us today's #report in this video.  



@innercitypress [7/3/18]:  Press question for @MrKRudd: can you give any read-out of your scheduled 5 pm meeting with UNSG @AntonioGuterres?



@Aussie4Refugees [8/3/18]:  If Rudd is being considered by Guterres as replacement UN envoy to Lok Dessallien, he should explain what his Minister for Foreign Affairs Stephen Smith meant when he told US officials that Australia would "deal with the Rohingya" 



Former head of the United Nations in Myanmar, Canadian Renata Lok-Dessalien, had allegedly tried to stop human rights advocates from visiting sensitive Rohingya areas in Rakhine state, reported the BBC.

Renata, during an earlier posting in Bangladesh as the Resident Coordinator, had been accused of engineering the January 11, 2007, political changeover, when an army-backed caretaker government took over power and declared a state of emergency. ... [Dhaka Tribune - 29/9/17]



Inside the glaringly dysfunctional UN mission in Myanmar [IRIN - 17/7/17]:


... Lok-Dessallien, until early this year, had a strong ally in her boss Helen Clark, the former head of the United Nations Development Programme. ...




UNHCR plays a crucial role helping Australia airbrush its atrocities, and perpetuate the "deterrence" lie ---> Good discussions on humanitarian issues with [UN] High Commissioner [for refugees] Antonio Guterres #UNHCR Geneva. @JulieBishopMP - One month after the murder of Reza Berati on Manus Island [26/3/14]



... While the humanitarian situation in Rakhine State did not directly impact our offshore drilling activities during the year, it did delay some consultation activities with local communities, which have since been completed.

Woodside remains concerned about the ongoing situation in Rakhine State and continues to closely monitor developments.

In late 2017, Woodside donated A$100,000 to support humanitarian relief activities in Bangladesh and Myanmar.

This donation will be used to provide shelter, food, clean water and health services for displaced people.

This donation is in addition to social investment support Woodside provides in Myanmar.

We continue to engage openly and transparently in relation to the human rights challenges in Myanmar with a range of stakeholders including local communities, non-government organisations, and the Australian Government and its representatives in Yangon. ... Woodside Sustainable Development Report [2017]




Foreign Minister Julie Bishop presents Daw Aung San Suu Kyi with a photograph of their meeting in 1995 [28 November 2013]



@drzarni [7/3/18]:  Arrest #AungSanSuuKyi in Sydney: #Rohingyas & Aussie human rights activists can find a court that can apply Universal Jurisdiction to arrest #Myanmar State Counsellor for Crimes against Humanity and even Genocide.  



@nslwin : 26 #Rohingya families from #Buthidaung and #Rathedaung arrived in Teknaf, #Bangladesh today (March 8).  



More than 43,000 Rohingya parents may be missing [TIME - 7/3/18]



Myanmar accused of using starvation against Rohingya [Al Jazeera - 7/3/18]



... Who cares for the little children?

You may slice with no conviction

Blind revenge on a blameless victim ...


'Being Boiled', Human League [1978]



March 2013: Prime Minister Julia Gillard announces Australian military aid for Myanmar during visit by President Thein Sein @Aussie4Refugees



Sinhala Buddhist mobs have continued a wave of anti-Muslim violence in Sri Lanka, despite a massive security presence, a state of emergency and curfew imposed by the state, reports the Associated Press.

Mobs were still running through Muslim neighbourhoods in Kandy on Wednesday evening, according to reports.

One Muslim man described a gang of 50 people breaking into his small restaurant in Pilimathalawa and destroying the property.

Similar attacks have reportedly taken place. ... [Tamil Guardian - 8/3/18]



@Aussies4Refugees [8/3/18]:  ... One day we'll dance on their graves One day we'll sing our freedom One day we'll laugh in our joy And we'll dance ...


Australia's Prime Minister Julia Gillard says asylum seekers going on hunger strike won't succeed in pressuring the government to change its policies.

Gillard was commenting on a group of 27 asylum seekers on hunger strike at a Melbourne detention centre.

While the Immigration Department won't comment on why the detainees are on strike, it is believed they have been granted refugee status but have had their release into the community refused due to adverse Australian security assessments. ... [Daily Mirror - 16/4/13]



People in marginalized communities who are targets of persecution and violence—from the Rohingya in Burma to Native Americans in North Dakota—are using social media to tell their stories, but finding that their voices are being silenced online.

... The EFF/Visualizing Impact project exposes this pattern among Palestinians, aboriginal women in Australia, Native Americans, Dakota pipeline protestors, and black Americans.

We believe this is just the tip of the iceberg. We are already far down the slippery slope from judicious moderation of online content to outright censorship. With two billion Facebook users worldwide, there are likely more vulnerable communities being subject to online censorship. ... [Electronic Frontier Foundation - 6/3/18]



The reason I ask, is because of the remarkable change in tone and substance from his earlier writings and interviews.



... At the same time, in the past month some refugees from both Manus and Nauru have been transferred to America, creating some hope that those remaining will eventually have some positive news.  ... A letter from Behrouz Boochani – to the ASRC and the refugee movement [2/3/18]



20 asylum seekers deported from Manus refugee concentration camp [The National - 1/3/17]:


... “All of these men signed but the big problem is that all of them were under pressure and threatened by immigration for a long time.

“Nobody has done research about the people who went back to their countries during the past four years, so we don’t know what has happened to them.

“It’s hard to imagine the cruelty of this policy and how they have put so much pressure on people who had suffered incredibly for four years.”

[Behrouz] Boochani said that the Resettlement Support Centre, a company contracted to assist refugees seeking permanent resettlement in the United States, interviewed about 20 refugees per day.

The Resettlement Support Centre was contracted by the United States Department of Homeland Security.


“In Manus, there are no advisers for refugees to help them make decisions about their future,” he said.

“When refugees asked RSC (Resettlement Support Centre) company officers, they don’t give them any useful information.

“There is no assurance that they will reunite with their families and it’s very worrying .”



@Aussie4Refugees [3/3/18]:  2015-2016-2018: Compare and contrast. Note how a powerful message has been diminished by so called editors/"trauma counsellors" and translators



Behrouz Boochani [25/4/16]:



First I want to say thank you to all those advocates, journalists, academics, writers and friends who supported me and my way with their beautiful words yesterday.

Really I am happy that people understood perfectly that I went on top of that tall tree because of humanity and moral values.

I am proud that you could recognise that I did not do that because of any mental sickness and that it was a political action.

Yesterday i had some short loud talks when I was on that dangerous place with immigration, psychologists, and officers and I explained to them that this action is only for democratic values and is against modern slavery which we in Manus prison are subject to.

I could move to Oscar prison easily but I resisted and chose to fight on a tall tree with my body.

I know that you can understand deeply my situation as a man who has been imprisoned for about three years without any crime.

I am a political prisoner. I know that many of you know that I did not have any other way open to me to resist this. I had to climb on top of that tree because there was no longer any other way.

The action was political.

We are victims of political propaganda and should be understood as political prisoners.

Australia put up in a hell prison camp under a regime of systematic torture. I wanted to show that his policy is cruel, inhumane, unjust and a modern form of slavery.

We were forcibly transported from Australia to their black site on Manus Island and are subject to a regime of systematic torture.

I hope that this action will encourage people to think more about the Australian Guantanamo in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Lastly, I want to say that I will continue to fight in any way that I can, even with my body



@Aussie4Refugees [8/3/18]:  Resistance to immigration detention in the UK is empowered because there's a perceivable parliamentary opposition, as well as journalism challenging the policy's logic. Resistance in Australia is suffocated because there isn't  



Diane Abbott is the UK Shadow Home Secretary ---> @HackneyAbbott [7/3/18]: "I went on hunger strike in Yarl's Wood to show that detainment doesn't work for anyone" By Opelo Kgari currently detained at Yarls Wood  



@caragcoventry [7/3/18]:  Thanks to all who braved the rain and freezing temps to show solidarity today for @detainedvoices at #YarlsWood For the ongoing hunger strike. Few photos will be shared in coming few days-just so some identities have to be protected if need be. #hungerforfreedom #AllWomenCount



Taking the legal fight to G4S and the government over detention [ - 7/3/18]



@TheLawSociety [7/3/18]: "I ask myself are we really doing enough to stop immigration detention?" blogs @ahmed_aydeed director @DLPublicLaw #LawSocAwards 2017 winner @juniorlawyers of the Year ...  #HumanRights



@alibandegani [7/3/18]:  Just heard about another suicide in immigration detention (a Tamil from Sri Lanka). He's not the first Tamil to survive war or persecution, flee to safety in the UK, only to commit suicide in an immigration detention centre. What sort of protection policy is this?!



7 March 2018