190 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. [Manus Island]



Human beings need freedom and peace democracy not torturing or punishment without guilty. @sunosi3 [8/2/18]



1. The humanitarian crisis is NOW.

2. The ALP and LNP agree that boat people won't be settled in Australia.

3. That is the policy, hence the accumulation of decades-long human rights violations.

4. Partisan NGOs like the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, who won't demand the END of this policy, are key to its continuation, and therefore complicit in ongoing atrocities against those they pretend to care about.



... People coming to Australia by boat will not - should not expect to be accepted into our refugee and humanitarian intake. ...


Tanya Plibersek




But Senator McKim is more interested in using Question Time to take partisan pot shots that protect the policy and Bill Shorten ---> ... The initial order was sent to the two tribunals by former Labor immigration minister Brendan O'Connor months earlier. ... [ABC- 30/1/18]



... The plight of the 30,000 “legacy” refugees is the direct responsibility of the previous Labor government, which was kept in office by the Greens from 2010 to 2013, as well as of the current Coalition government.

These asylum seekers were the last to land in Australia before the Labor government reopened the refugee prison camps on Nauru and Manus Island, Papua New Guinea in 2012, and declared that all future arrivals would be sent there. ... [WSWS - 31/3/17]



... Labor introduced a controversial "no advantage test" on 13 August last year in an unsuccessful attempt to stop asylum boats from coming by insisting that those applying for refugee status in that way received no benefit compared with those who stayed in refugee camps in the region.

The test has meant that there has been virtually no processing of the claims made by the more than 20,000 refugees who have arrived since that time, no information about how long processing could take, and that those who have been released into the community are not allowed to work and receive just 89% of unemployment benefits. ... [Guardian - 28/6/13]



@Miladkhan01 [7/2/18]: #BALIKPAPAN #AsylumSeekers Day 23 of Afghan migrants peaceful protest for freedom ...




Freedom Balikpapan @ATawasoli [8/2/18]



‏@MahdiAlizada18 [8/2/18]:  23 days of #Refugees protest in #Balikpapan prison 4 freedom.  Because of the head of #international oganization 4 migrants we had silent protest



Murder victim's father exploited in sickening propaganda theatrics for Australia's unopposed, US-style medieval exile and imprisonment after you've served your time, laws [9 News - 8/2/18]



The U.S. government’s prospects for deporting 92 people it unsuccessfully tried to fly to Somalia in December are getting murkier.

What’s more, a legal fight over the passengers’ fates — many of whom are from Minnesota — joins a string of recent cases that could stake out a more muscular role for Federal Courts in blocking deportations.

The government has countered that Congress stripped the courts of any say in deportation challenges.

But a Miami Federal Judge ruled he has the power to keep the 92 Somalis in the United States, and he appears poised to give them time to fight their removals.

That’s the latest example of judges reasserting an authority to stay removals, particularly in cases where authorities come for immigrants long slated for deportation but allowed to stay because of conditions in their home country.

Just last week, a judge in California blocked the deportations of Cambodians, including at least one from Minnesota, ordered back when that country refused to take deportees. ... [Star Tribune - 7/2/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [8/2/18]: The forgotten Asian refugees fed into the US prison system



Committee to Protect Journalists calls on the US to release Mexican journalist [teleSUR - 7/2/18]



@immcouncil [7/2/18]: U.S. citizen children may end up in the child welfare system following the detention or deportation of their parent



In a surprise move, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis on Monday fired the top official overseeing the trials of the five men accused of plotting the 9/11 attacks and other alleged war criminals held at Guantánamo.

It was not immediately known what caused Mattis to dismiss Harvey Rishikof, an attorney with experience in national security law who, unlike earlier war court overseers, had no U.S. military experience.

Mattis named Rishikof convening authority for military commissions on April 3. ... [Miami Herald - 5/2/18]



Kenya deports opposition lawyer charged with treason [Reuters - 7/2/18]



@CCC_QLD [5/2/18]:  We’re proud to be hosting a Kenyan delegation from the @AustraliaAwards They’re part of a programme working to strengthen leaders to promote integrity while combatting corruption. ...




The Guardian helps fake activist group GetUp! - which was set up by Bill Shorten - reassert what they believe is their right to suffocate (and co-opt) genuine protest movements and resistance throughout Australia.



@wikileaks [7/2/18]:  Email reveals that Michael Isikoff, whose Yahoo News article based on the "Steele dossier" was used to obtain the FISA interception warrant against the Trump campaign's Carter Page, was secretly "working with" the DNC's Alexandra Chalupa.  



Free James Ricketson but not Mahmoud Hussein, Julian Assange or any of the journalists trafficked, exiled and indefinitely detained on Manus Island and Nauru for being refugees?


What a strange, upside-down world we live in.


High profile foreign correspondent Peter Greste will help guide the future of journalism education after accepting an appointment at The University of Queensland.

Mr Greste will join the UQ School of Communication and Arts as the UNESCO Chair of Journalism and Communication early this year. ... [UQ News - 17/1/18]



December 2015:  Peter Greste returns to Australia's public speaking circuit one day after medieval exile laws pass in another Senate bipartisan stitchup



@Aussie4Refugees [8/2/18]: Foreign Minister Julie Bishop intercedes on behalf of imprisoned filmmaker James Ricketson as other hypocritical politicians from Australia - who pass draconian laws and traffick, indefinitely imprison and exile refugees - condemn Cambodia ...



In light of the latest developments, has any Australian politician, journalist association, civil liberties group, human rights organisation or law society grown a spine and actually spoken in DEFENCE of Julian Assange and WikiLeaks? ---> ...  Australian AG Porter is incorrect. US military admitted under oath that no one was killed. All docs were risk assessed and one in five Afghan docs held for further review. Manning, the alleged source, was granted presidential clemency. @JulianAssange [7/2/18]



Someone should tell your Australian Human Rights Watch colleagues. Why are they silent? --->  If US gov't has evidence that @Wikileaks Assange did anything more than receive and publish leaked information like any journalist, it should say so. Otherwise, the implication is it wants to criminalize journalism based on leaks.... @KenRoth [7/2/18]



@JulianAssange [7/2/18]:  It was an honour to receive today the Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, who was imprisoned in Argentina, Ecuador and Brazil. Adolfo is an inspiration to me and to many others ...



@JulianAssange [6/2/18]:  Statement on today's court hearing to dismiss my arrest warrant. Judgment next week on Tuesday Feb 13 (2pm).



Ecuador will maintain international protection for Julian Assange [Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility - 6/2/18]



@DLPublicLaw [6/2/18]: At a time when civil and political pressure is mounting against #indefinite #detention , this @DetentionAction report by @EiriOhtani and @JeromeGPhelps on alternatives to #immigration detention is worth revisiting.  



@DLPublicLaw [5/2/18]:  “This is just one of many things that are wrong with #detention, let alone the fact that we still have indefinite detention.” Our @nandi_puja on @RTUKnews speaking movingly about our clients' successful challenge to detention conditions. ...



More than £500m spent on UK immigration detention over four years [Independent - 5/2/18] 



@IRCEurope [6/2/18]:  More than 6,000 #refugees have been moved from the Greek islands since December. Positive progress - but more work is needed. This winter, hundreds of families remain in overcrowded camps, living in small, unheated tents and makeshift shelters. #OpenTheIslands



@ErikGerhardsson [6/2/18]:  This morning one refugee boat landed on the North coast of Lesvos carrying mostly children on-board. ... 



@ErikGerhardsson [2/2/18]:  Yesterday night the Turkish Coast Guard stopped two refugee boats carrying 105 men, women & children trying to reach the Greek islands. Source: TCG official report. ...



Why Justin Trudeau is not the leader many believe he is [The Conversation - 5/2/18]:


... Trudeau implemented his election campaign promise to allow 25,000 Syrian refugees expedited entry to Canada.

And when U.S. President Donald Trump moved in January 2017 to ban travellers from targeted Muslim-majority countries,

Trudeau sent a tweet depicting Canada as a tolerant haven, and emphasized its welcoming, open borders. Trudeau’s approach to the Syria crisis and to immigration generally is in stark contrast to the Harper government’s. His viral tweet last year was spun into a widespread media assertion that Canada would accept everyone who came.

Perhaps this was exactly what he wanted: To showcase his human rights credentials and Canada’s friendliness and compassionate attitude compared to Trump’s.

However, Trudeau’s tweet created a huge problem. When thousands of Haitian asylum-seekers, afraid Trump might end their temporary protected status that allows them to remain in the U.S., illegally crossed the border into Québec, the Trudeau government started singing a different tune.

In July and August 2017, 250 people a day crossed the border, many of them Haitians. Ministers rushed to explain there was no open invitation:

There are rules that must be adhered to, and claiming asylum is not a free ticket into Canada.

Tent camps for the initial refugee processing have been set up along the Canada-U.S. border. And more people may come.

Canadian officials are gearing up for an influx of migrants heading north in the coming months.

Cancellation of protected status for the 50,000 Haitians in the U.S. has been confirmed by the Trump administration, effective July 2019. It’s also announced that protected status for the nearly 200,000 Salvadorians living in the U.S. won’t be renewed either.

There’s little doubt those migrants are eyeing Canada. But Canada is not prepared to accept everyone, despite Trudeau’s tweet.

It ushered in the 25,000 Syrians shortly after his election, but after that it was back to business as usual, regardless that the scale of need was in the millions. ...




7 February 2018