Australia jails, tortures and threatens refugees because we are ruled by fascists.



ABC [7/8/15]:

Iranian asylum seekers say the Government is putting them back into detention because it cannot force them to leave the country.

Over recent months, an undisclosed number of Iranians have been taken from their communities and put in detention.

Australia is still negotiating with Iran to accept the return of its citizens who have not been found to be refugees.

Brisbane high school student Mojgan Shamsalipoor was put back in detention for eight months, after spending more than two years in the community and marrying an Australian resident.

"It's very upsetting and hurtful because we're just young and love each other and all our dream was to live together and make our life and be happy," she said.

Ms Shamsalipoor was moved from the Brisbane Immigration Transit Accommodation centre to detention in Darwin on Friday, after speaking to the ABC.

Her husband, Milad Jafari, said he did not understand why his wife was moved when she had family support and was attending school in Brisbane.

I felt like a dead body. Why can't I even talk to the person who I love?

"They were dragging her on the ground and taking her to the interview room, telling her she's going to be deported and separated from the husband and she's not going to be able to study anymore," he said.

Mr Jafari said he was not allowed to say goodbye to his wife, who he has been visiting every day since she was re-detained.

"I felt like a dead body," he said.

"Why can't I even talk to the person who I love? I just want to calm her down. I don't want her to get [panicked]."

The Immigration Department said Ms Shamsalipoor was moved to Darwin for operational reasons, not because she spoke to the ABC.






Iran denies forced return of refugees in Australia [MEHR - 20/6/15]




... Back in 2000 and 2001, then Immigration Minister, Philip Ruddock similarly travelled to Iran to forge closer cooperation on ways to ‘counter illegal people movements’ and to ‘provide information on Australia’s tough new stance to curb the flow of people arriving illegally’. In March 2003 then Minister Ruddock signed an MOU on Consular Matters with the Government of Iran, representing the culmination of three years of extensive discussions by Minister Ruddock and senior departmental officials.

However, despite assertions that the MOU included provision for the involuntary removal of Iranians in immigration detention who did not volunteer to return with the assistance of the reintegration package (at the time this included $2,000 per person and up to $10,000 per family plus plane tickets home), media reports suggested the Iranian Embassy was denying that Iran had agreed to accept involuntary repatriation. Further, the Australian Financial Review reported that a leaked memo indicated the Department’s internal strategy was simply to create a 'credible threat' of involuntary removals to induce returns. Notwithstanding concerted efforts to have the 2003 MOU tabled in Parliament, its contents have not been made public. ... [Parliamentary Library - 30/4/15]



Community rallies around Ethiopian woman facing deportation [Sydney Morning Herald – 5/8/15]



Siege outside Caboolture State High School


Brisbane Times [7/8/15]:

An extended siege near a school north of Brisbane is over after a man surrendered to police.

Photos from the scene showed the 56-year-old man leaving the apartment, near Caboolture State High School, late Friday afternoon.

Police said he was taken into custody after surrendering.

An exclusion zone set up about 1pm on Friday bordered the school and took in other nearby streets but students were earlier able to leave safely after finishing for the day.

It was lifted after the man surrendered.

Caboolture police Inspector Patrick O'Laughlin said police were called to the unit for a welfare check on Friday morning, where they found the man in an agitated state.

He said the man refused to engage with police and barricaded himself inside.

News Corp reported the man had written IED, short for improvised explosive device, on a piece of pipe in a front window.

But Inspector O'Laughlin said the man hadn't made any specific threat to police or the public.

"He just will not engage with us so therefore in terms of policing we consider him an unknown risk, so given the very fact that he's not communicating with us is an issue," he said before the siege ended.

"There's no direct threat to the public.

"Obviously with it being next to the school we've got the safety concerns for the children and I'm pleased to say that we've been working with the education department and we got the students away safely without any risk."

The dog squad was called in case of an incident as about 15 police officers surrounded the area but the Special Emergency Response Team was not called for, he said.

The 45-year-old man made a call to at least one TV station during the standoff.







Grievous bodily harm charge, Beenleigh [QPS Media - 7/8/15]

Man rushed to hospital after stabbing outside Bankstown gym [Nine MSN – 7/8/15]

Two men found guilty of brutal axe murder of Victorian autistic boy [Nine MSN – 7/8/15]



Families SA carer jailed for sexually abusing children [ABC – 7/8/15]






Six-year-old girl found unconscious, hanging by scarf at Sydney before school care facility [ABC - 7/8/15]








Another fault in the Queensland Education Department's reporting of suspected abuse is a blow to public confidence in the child protection system, the Queensland Family and Child Commission (QFCC) says. ... [ABC - 7/8/15]








US tourist jailed over head-on Perth crash which killed his wife, 2yo girl [ABC – 7/8/15]



Inquest set for WA death in custody

Nine MSN [7/8/15]:

The family of an Aboriginal woman who died in West Australian police custody may finally get the answers they seek about her final days.

Julieka Dhu, 22, died on August 4 last year after being held at the South Hedland Police Station because she reportedly owed about $1000 in unpaid fines.

Police said at the time that after complaining of feeling ill, Ms Dhu was taken to hospital three times and died on the final visit.

A two-week inquest into her death will be heard by State Coroner Ros Fogliani from November 23 to December 4 in South Hedland.

Ms Dhu's family have put the WA government under constant pressure to investigate what happened to her, holding rallies across Australia, including this week, to mark the anniversary of her death.

Premier Colin Barnett promised at a rally in October to do more about Aboriginal deaths in custody shortly after being mobbed by protesters on the steps of the parliament.

"I will do that. You then judge me on whether I succeed or not, but I give you that commitment today," Mr Barnett said.

The Liberal leader recently met with Ms Dhu's family in South Hedland, where they visited the cell where she was held before she died, and he promised to make the findings of any inquest public.





Australian children exposed to horrendous family violence

Nine MSN [7/8/15]:

Family violence exposes children to appalling incidents with one mother's kids having to help to hold her organs in her body, an inquiry was told.

Children's court lawyer Andrew McGregor told the Royal Commission into Family Violence on Friday that violence at home exposes youngsters to "horrendous" scenes.

In one case a mother needed first aid from her children to "keep the organs of her body within the wound site", Mr McGregor said on Friday.

Another witness, who cannot be named, called a Melbourne courthouse to ask how to get an intervention order and instead was made to feel like a "difficult ex-wife".

The woman's former partner had made threats to kill her and their child, but court staff were unsympathetic, she said.

"Her response was 'did your lawyer put you up to this?' and I remember nearly hanging up," she said.

"The implication was there that I was being a difficult ex-wife."

The woman remains in a court battle with her interstate ex-husband over access to their child.

Ineligible for Legal Aid, lawyers' fees have wiped out her savings and she fears he could still carry out the threats.

"When people make a threat to kill a child, that doesn't go away. It doesn't go away because someone has done a six-week anger management course," the woman said.

Another witness said means tests for Legal Aid were too low, and 30 per cent of family court cases involved people without a lawyer.

"You can be poor and not be eligible for Legal Aid," said Nicole Rich, Family, Youth & Children's Law Director at Victoria Legal Aid.

The commission is continuing, with domestic violence campaigner Rosie Batty to appear on Monday.




Mother suspected Mt Isa explosion was murder

Yahoo [7/8/15]:

The mother of two young children killed in a Queensland caravan explosion is "resigned to the fact" their father murdered the children and took his own life.

Police are treating the deaths of Nyobi, 7, and River, 4, as suspicious, 11 days after the explosion in front of a Mount Isa home.

But the death of the children's 38-year-old father, Charlie Hinder, is not suspicious and no one else was involved in the tragedy.

Police say news of a double murder-suicide investigation confirmed the suspicions of the children's mother.

"She was resigned to the fact," Mount Isa District Officer Superintendent Russell Miller told AAP on Friday.

"The lady's still quite grief-stricken and still struggling to come to grips with it all."

Bomb experts have determined explosives, and not gas bottles, were used in the powerful explosion that shattered windows 60 metres away and flung debris along suburban Deighton St.

They also believe the ignition came from inside the caravan and have found traces of explosives on evidence taken from the scene.

Mr Hinder's Facebook page has been investigated amid rumours a goodbye letter had been posted.

The mother was inside the house when the caravan exploded and made a lucky escape as the roof caught alight.

A neighbour told the ABC a woman was seen crying and saying "there's blood, there's blood" as the dwellings burned.

Mount Isa Mayor Tony McGrady says the latest development will shock a town already dealing with trauma.

Corner store owner Kev Spanner, who knew the children's mother as a teenager living behind his shop, used to chat to Mr Hinder when he bought milk.

"He wasn't massively down but he was down all right," Mr Spanner told AAP.

"He said, 'I'm having it rough at home.'"

Supt Miller said the coroner would have to release remains before family could bury their loved ones.

He confirmed the investigation could take months and said investigators had not identified a reason for Mr Hinder to kill the children.

"Who could come up with a reason for those sort of actions?" he said.


•For support and information about suicide prevention, call Lifeline on 13 11 14.





... An inmate at Brisbane's Wolston Correctional Centre, Baden-Clay wasn't in court for Friday's two-hour hearing in front of 200 onlookers.

His father Nigel and sister Olivia Walton sat at one end of the room, separated from more than two dozen of Allison's family and supporters and many more law students who packed out the large Banco Court.

Many of Allison's supporters, including her mother Priscilla Dickie, wore yellow clothes or ribbons in memory of the mother-of-three and her favourite colour.

 Court of Appeal Justices Catherine Holmes, Hugh Fraser and Robert Gotterson have reserved their judgment, which is expected within three months. [Nine MSN - 7/8/15]









Why do fathers kill their families? New ‘family annihilator’ study reveals new clues [International Business Times - 14/8/13]





Dangerous driving charges, Edmonton




QPS Media [7/8/15]:

Police have charged a 33-year-old man following an incident involving a two-year-old child in Edmonton yesterday afternoon.

It will be alleged at around 2:05pm the man stole a vehicle with the child inside from a Wiseman Road address. As the vehicle left the scene it allegedly struck a 63-year-old woman, who was treated for minor injuries.

During the afternoon and evening it will be alleged the vehicle was driven dangerously between Cairns and Ingham.

The man was located in Bungalow at around 4:30am this morning and taken into custody by police.

Officers located the child, who was known to the man, safe and well at a Westcourt address at around 4:45am.

A 33-year-old Edmonton man has been charged with two counts of stealing and one count each of assault, unlawful use of a motor vehicle, dangerous operation of a motor vehicle and possession of a knife in a public place.

He is due to appear in Cairns Magistrates Court today, August 7.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.






Workers injured after crane collapses at Melbourne building site [The Age – 7/8/15]




Man jailed for eight months over fake name air tickets [Sydney Morning Herald – 6/8/15]



“Beware that, when fighting monsters, you yourself do not become a monster... for when you gaze long into the abyss. The abyss gazes also into you.”


― Friedrich Nietzsche


Yahoo [7/8/15]:

The overturning of approvals for Australia's largest coalmine lays bare the wrecking tactics of US-funded anti-mining activists, the Queensland Resources Council claims.

Indian giant Adani's plans for the $16.5 Carmichael mine hit a roadblock this week after the Federal Court ordered approvals be set aside when a legal loophole in Environment Minister Greg Hunt's decision was discovered.

"(Activists) are using local conservations groups as fronts for fronting the courts, but the funding is coming from US-based philanthropists such as Pew Charitable Trust, the Rockefeller Family Fund and Bloomberg, as well as locals such as the Graeme Wood Foundation," Queensland Resources Council chief executive Michael Roche said on Friday.




Industry professionals from Anglo American were on hand to mentor the students and educate about their professional experiences to date. ... [Queensland Resources Council - 7/8/15]




Bikini Islanders flee rising sea


 RNZI [7/8/15]:


Nuclear test refugees from Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands are now fleeing the effects of climate change on their second home, Kili Island.

The Bikini Island Council is appealing to the US for financial help with relocation after repeated king tide flooding and storm surges over the past four years on Kili.

The liaison officer for the people of Bikini, Jack Niedenthal, said the Marshalls' Compact of Free Association, the US military airbase and historical ties, meant the US had a moral obligation to help the community of 700 people, who are facing homelessness.

"There's a promise that they made to Bikinians, that the older people that I've known over the years recite like it's right out of the Bible," he said.

 "This American stood up to them, Commodore Wyatt in 1946, and said 'Don't you worry. It doesn't matter if you're adrift on a raft at sea or on a sand bar, you will be like the children of America. We are going to take care of you.'"

Mr Niedenthal said a third of the homes on Kili were now empty as people escaped the island.

The local population has lived in exile since the start of US nuclear testing at Bikini in 1946.

The US tested 24 nuclear weapons at Bikini, including its largest hydrogen bomb, Bravo, at 15 megatons in 1954.

The Resettlement Trust Fund for the People of Bikini was established in 1982 by US public law, to be used for relocation within the Marshall Islands.






U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry expressed the need to forge ahead to "finish the job" on an ambitious Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) during a meeting with Vietnam's president on Friday, a week after lengthy talks in Hawaii ended with no deal. ... [Channel News Asia - 7/8/15]




Pfizer and Flynn overcharged NHS by millions, says watchdog [Telegraph – 6/8/15]







@JamUCWA [77/8/15]:   Immigration detention is killing our friends. Remembering Nasim who died in Yongah Hill IDC #endmandatorydetention






@NewbyNewbys [7/8/15]:  ... In Perth now ...







@kikei [7/8/15]:   Vigil for Mohammad Nasim Najafi #NoMoreDyingForFreedom #freetherefugees








@MSF_Sea [7/8/15]:   One of the smallest people rescued from yesterday's boat was this eight month old baby from #Nigeria






Bangladesh blogger Niloy Chowdhury hacked to death in Dhaka [Hindustan Times  7/8/15]





Charity cyclists thanked Chesterfielders for their warm welcome today as they passed through the town centre on their national tour.

A team of around 100 people has joined ‘The Big Ride’ from Edinburgh to London to raise awareness for the plight of people in Palestine and collect donations to important children’s projects in the Israeli-occupied territories.  ... [Derbyshire Times - 6/8/15]



8 killed, nearly 400 others wounded as heavy blast rocks Kabul [Khaama - 7/8/15]






12 mosques torched in past 10 days in Baghlan [Pajhwok - 6/8/15]




Pakistan: US drone strike kills four in North Waziristan [Anadolu Agency – 6/8/15]




Boko Haram Islamists shot dead at least nine people and set homes on fire in a raid on two villages in conflict-hit northeastern Nigeria, fleeing residents told AFP on Thursday. ... [Ahram - 6/8/15]




Saudi Arabia has continued bombarding several areas in Yemen, killing at least three people in the Yemeni province of Sa’ada.

According to local media outlets, Saudi forces fired hundreds of shells at the districts of Shada’a and Dhaher in the northwestern province, killing two children and injuring seven civilians.

The Saudi shells also demolished two houses and destroyed several gardens in the province.

A Yemeni source said Saudi forces also fired over 70 rockets at the district of Kitaf in Sa'ada.  ... [Press TV - 6/8/15]









ISIL claims deadly attack on Saudi forces at mosque [Al Jazeera - 7/8/15]








Turkish Kurd leader urges world to denounce unjust war [Ahram - 6/8/15]








More than 240,000 killed in war on Syria [Naharnet - 6/8/15]





An 11-year-old boy has been charged with the deadly shooting of a 3-year-old on Detroit's east side.  ... [Huffington Post - 5/8/15]




United States, "allies" continue bombing Iraq and Syria




US Department of Defense [6/8/15]:

U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Syria and Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Airstrikes in Syria

Fighter, fighter-attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 11 airstrikes in Syria:

-- Near Hasakah, seven airstrikes struck five ISIL tactical units and destroyed 11 ISIL fighting positons, three ISIL motorcycles and two ISIL bunkers.

-- Near Aleppo, two airstrikes struck two ISIL tactical units and destroyed three ISIL fighting positons and an ISIL building.

-- Near Raqqah, an airstrike struck an ISIL large tactical unit and destroyed four ISIL buildings and an ISIL checkpoint.

-- Near Kobani, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

Airstrikes in Iraq

Attack, fighter-attack, bomber and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 16 airstrikes in Iraq, coordinated with Iraqi government:

-- Near Huwayjah, two airstrikes struck two ISIL tactical units and destroyed an ISIL checkpoint.

-- Near Beiji, four airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and three ISIL staging areas and destroyed an ISIL vehicle.

-- Near Habbaniyah, three airstrikes struck two ISIL tactical units and destroyed two ISIL armored personnel carriers, two ISIL structures, an ISIL roadside bomb and an ISIL vehicle.

-- Near Hit, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL light machine gun and an ISIL fighting positon.

-- Near Makhmur, three airstrikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed 17 ISIL fighting positions and an ISIL weapons cache.

-- Near Ramadi, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit.

-- Near Sinjar, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions and an ISIL light machine gun.

-- Near Tal Afar, an airstrike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position and an ISIL light machine gun.





... They also flew in a KC-30 air-to-air refuelling tanker during a mission over the Persian Gulf. 


The representatives said the Australian Defence Force had three more staunch advocates in parliament at the end of their trip.

"Every day we thought it couldn't get any better in terms of experiences," Queensland Senator Barry O'Sullivan said.

"We live a very safe life because of you guys over here, I found the whole experience very rewarding."  [Navy Daily - 7/8/15]



Irish naval ship LÉ Niamh arrives in Italy with 367 rescued refugees [RTE – 7/8/15]



@MSF_Sea [6/8/15]:   Those rescued from #Syria, #Eritrea, #Bangladesh and many other countries were screaming in terror. All are now safe.






Refugee rescue off coast of Libya [Reuters -6/8/15]





Griffith University academics respond to the latest obscenity from Australia's Minister for Immigration [6/8/15]:


The Immigration Minister’s confirmation that a boat load of people has been returned to Vietnam leaves many questions unanswered.

Who was on board? All people have the right to due process to determine their protection needs – what if there were trafficked children or torture victims on that boat?

What was the process for determining whether any of the people on board were seeking asylum? Did any of them have a claim for refugee status? Did they have access to legal advice? Were they interviewed while still at sea?

Without a robust and fair process, Australia is at risk of returning asylum seekers to a place where their lives and freedoms may be threatened. This would violate international law and effectively render Australians accomplices to human rights violations elsewhere.

The policy of secrecy surrounding the interception of boats prompts the question: does the government have something to hide? Why do we as a country have to react this way, leaving so many questions about whether Australia’s response has been legal, fair and proportionate? And what about the example this sets for our ASEAN neighbours?

Statement issued by:

•Professor Penelope Mathew is the Dean of Griffith Law School

•Dr Susan Harris-Rimmer is an ARC Future Fellow and an Associate-Professor at Griffith Law School




Perhaps the real story is not so much Dutton's gloating about refoulement, but the sudden (and seemingly synchronised) lack of response from Australia's so called human rights advocates, and other politicians?


... I seem to be what I'm not, you see ...



'The Great Pretender', The Platters [1955]




Nevermind the taxpayer funded military propaganda - where's the journalism? ‘Fearless’ filming at Fleet Base East [Navy Daily - 13/7/14]



Democracy Now [6/8/15]:



Meanwhile, Australian officials have announced they have turned away more than 600 asylum seekers at sea under harsh border controls enacted under Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

In addition to turning away boats, Australia has also sent migrants who do reach Australian shores to long-term detention camps on the islands of Papua New Guinea and Nauru.

The United Nations has criticized the harsh border controls for potentially breaking international law.

On Thursday, Immigration Minister Peter Dutton hailed the results of the measures.

Australian Immigration Minister Peter Dutton: "The fact that today we celebrate that we have not had a successful people-smuggling venture in a year, and that over the course of the last 18 months or so we’ve turned back 20 boats and stopped 633 people from arriving in our country, is a significant achievement of the Abbott government."




Australia stopped accepting UNHCR refugees in October 2014.




... Through our consultations at the medical centre, Professor Isaacs diagnosed a baby with typhoid.

We were in the consultation room with the baby and the mother, and the dad was waiting down the end of the corridor, so I went to get him. I said, ‘You can come with me now. We’ll go and see your baby, he’s OK.’

The female security guard pushed the dad full flight in the back and he went flying.

The dad just looked absolutely hopeless.

He just took the abuse and looked at me with these dead, sad eyes.

He can’t fight back because that will impede on his asylum application. ...




“When you silence doctors and nurses you’re getting into dangerous territory”  Alanna Maycock  [Marie Claire - 6/8/15]


Save Mohammad Albederee [6/8/15]:

Mohammad spent nearly a week in IHMS after he agreed to have a tube put in his stomach as he cannot eat or drink and vomits constantly.

He left IHMS yesterday and returned to his room because attempts to get him eating and drinking have failed. He is vomiting constantly and has lost another 2 kilograms in weight.

He is very tired and frustrated. They have now told him that he may have a virus in his stomach which is stopping him from holding food down.

Bottom line they are not equipped on Manus Island or PNG to manage even this health issue, let alone the other multiple problems. He is not given results of any tests conducted on him despite constant requests.

It has now been 118 days since Mohammad started a hunger strike, and he has not eaten or been able to hold anything down in that time. He needs urgent evacuation to Australia for medical treatment after being assaulted by guards in July last year.

He has problems with his stomach, shoulder, hand, kidneys, liver, heart, can't walk and is again self harming. He cannot tolerate the chronic pain of the last year.

He is even more terrified and frustrated now and angry that he believed going to IHMS would help him, and says he will die. Please ring Immigration Minister Peter Dutton on (02) 62777860 or email to voice your concerns.

This has gone on for too long!




Rohingya refugees moved to new shelter in Indonesia [Anodolu Agency - 6/8/15]:

Lonzanabibi, an 8-year-old Rohingya girl who washed up on Indonesia’s coast amid Southeast Asia’s recent boat people crisis, jumped onto a playground immediately after arriving at a new shelter complex Thursday.

The burning sun did not deter her or other Rohingya children from exploring the play area – a new experience for them after their stay at refugee camps – as their laughter rang though the compound in Aceh province, where they will be accommodated in coming months.

Around 330 Rohingya were moved Thursday to the Integrated Community Shelter, built by Jakarta-based organization Aksi Cepat Tanggap (Fast Action Response) with Rp 6 billion ($420,000) in funding from various parties, both inside and outside of the country.

The complex -- which stands on an area of 5 hectares -- has 120 rooms, with each Rohingya family receiving their own while single refugees are placed into two barracks - one for men and one for women.

While settling in Thursday, the adults could be seen moving household items and bags of clothes, the mothers arranging the rooms shared by their families.

Surakhatu, a 28-year-old mother-of-three, told Anadolu Agency that after spending several months at sea before arriving in Aceh in early May, the shelter was like a new home.

"I am delighted to have a new home. My kids were also happy," she said, her face lighting up.

Surakhatu was forced to leave Myanmar like hundreds of thousands of Muslim Rohingya who have been fleeing the majority Buddhist country since 2012 in fear of violence that some human rights groups consider to be state-sponsored.

After arriving in Indonesia following months on a crammed boat, she and hundreds of others had been accommodated at a fishing complex in crowded and unsanitary conditions, before being moved to a job training center while the shelter was under construction.

Dicky Saputra, National Committee of Solidarity for the Rohingya coordinator, told Anadolu Agency on Thursday that the volunteers at the new complex “are very happy to see the faces of the refugees, especially the children who seem happy when entering our shelter fence.”

“They like having a new spirit. All look cheerful," he said.

He added that before the transfer, they had communicated with the refugees on how to maintain order and security at the shelter.

"We ask them to keep the clean environment. Including how they have to care for the garden and trees in the shelter," he said.

The complex – completed within a month and divided into 15 blocks -- is equipped with 46 bathrooms, two teaching rooms, a health clinic, a children's playground, a park and a mosque.

"The shelter is designed with a variety of facilities above [the quality of an] average refugee camp," he said.

Laila Khalidah, one of the volunteers, admitted that she was touched to see the enthusiasm among the refugees.

"It is like all of my tiring and hard work paid off, seeing the joy of the children and refugees once inside the shelter," she told Anadolu Agency.

Fast Action Response’s executive director, Sri Eddy Kuncuro, had earlier said that community development programs would be run inside the complex, including training in agriculture, keeping livestock and fishing.

In May, a crackdown on people smuggling in Thailand - to which many of the Rohingya had traveled by boat in an effort to get to Malaysia and beyond - scared traffickers into abandoning up to 4,500 migrants on boats in the Andaman Sea.

Around 1000 of the Rohingya ended up in Aceh. Many of the Rohingya have been staying in sports centers, warehouses, and fishing complexes since they first arrived.

Indonesia’s government - along with Malaysia - has offered to shelter the thousands of Rohingya, ascertain which are genuine refugees and which are migrants, and house them for one year.

After that, it has asked the international community to take the refugees in.




Rohingyas who flocked to the Paktuli madrasa in Kyauktaw are passing their days in anxiety after receiving continuous threats from Rakhines.  ... [Burma Times - 7/8/15]



Residents of the IDP camp in Cilkhali are blockaded and confined within the boundaries despite most of the shelters being destroyed last week from cyclone and flood. ... [Burma Times - 7/8/15]





Myanmar's president has called for people to leave low-lying areas in the flood-hit country as the Irrawaddy river threatens to breach embankments. ... [BBC - 6/8/15]





... While some support has reached Rakhine areas, Rohingyas living even in the immediate vicinity has been totally ignored.

In Kyauktaw, Rohingyas were turned out of shelters while in Akyab they have been warned not to move out of their neighbourhoods even when they are submerged in flood water. ... [Burma Times - 5/8/15]





Tuvaluan doctors graduate in Cuba

RNZI [7/8/15]:

A group of eight women have become Tuvalu's first medical students to graduate from Cuba's University of Medical Science.

Tuvalu's Minister of Education, Sports and Youth, Fauao Maani, attended the graduation in Cuba and thanked the Cuban Government for providing the opportunities for the women to study.

The new doctors are expected to leave Cuba and return to Tuvalu next week.




No IMF decision on Greek bailout until autumn, Swedish representative tells paper

Reuters [6/8/15]:

There is strong support at the IMF for joining a new bailout package for Greece but the fund will not decide whether to participate until autumn, Sweden's representative to its executive board told a newspaper.

The International Monetary Fund has been part of Greece's first two financial rescues, but doubts have been raised about its commitment to a third package.

The European Commission said on Friday the Fund was participating fully in bailout talks between Greece and its international lenders that started in the last week of July.

A day earlier the Financial Times, citing a summary of an IMF board meeting, said the Fund could not officially join the talks until after Greece agreed comprehensive reforms.

Thomas Ostros, who is an alternate - or replacement - director on the fund's 24-member board, said there was "strong (IMF) support for being part of a new loan program, but it will take time," according to an interview in Thursday's edition of Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

"There is going to be a discussion during the summer and autumn and then the board will make a decision during the autumn," he said.

Athens is seeking up to 86 billion euros ($94.5 billion) in aid in what would be its third bailout since 2010.

Ostros, a former government minister, said there was a risk a new package would simply delay the day of reckoning unless Greece adopted painful reforms.

"It can not be something that is forced on them. Greece must own the problem. The Greek government is not there yet," he said.

"...They have an inefficient public sector, corruption is a relatively big problem and the pension system is more expensive than other countries."


Greece’s Health Minister to charge cancer patients with 50% of treatment cost if they refuse to comply with compulsory screening and tests  [Keep Talking Greece - 6/8/15]







... And then, I get this damned feeling that I live in another planet in a far away universe. And I want to stay there forever. In a bubble. Away from this Greece, where half of its population starves and is in dire need and the other half, the ‘clever Greeks’ keep cheating and evading taxes and enjoy a real life of fake registration and exorbitant per hour charge, away from austerity agreements, Troika’s demands and the hateful “Mnimonia” (memoranda) as they take advantage of the shortages of the public system. [Keep Talking Greece - 3/8/15]







Brisbane port workers sacked by text message [Brisbane Times - 7/8/15]








Port workers form picket line at Port Botany after almost 100 employees sacked by email [ABC - 7/8/15]




Queensland flood survivors exposed to raw sewage

Yahoo [6/8/15]:

Survivors of a devastating flood that claimed 12 lives were allowed back into their small Queensland town despite the risk of serious infection from raw sewage in the streets, an inquiry has heard.

Lockyer Valley Regional Mayor Steve Jones told the Grantham Floods Commission of Inquiry on Thursday he wanted to provide protective equipment and counsellors for residents before they were allowed to return to the town after the deadly flood on January 10, 2011.

But Mr Jones said police told residents they would be allowed back in before safety arrangements could be made, making it all but impossible to convince frustrated residents to wait longer to re-enter Grantham.

Mr Jones said although the residents wouldn't have thought to be aware of raw sewage in the streets, soldiers cleaning up in the weeks after the disaster had felt the effects.

"The infection and the issues that they had were quite extreme," Mr Jones told the inquiry.

"In some cases, I believe, they were only allowed to be in for a certain time because of the effect it had on them."

The mayor said it wasn't the only breakdown in communication, initially hitting out at how long it took for state agencies to request support from the defence force.

Mr Jones said he was shocked at the time to hear an official request for Black Hawk helicopter support from nearby Oakey wasn't made until the day after Grantham's 12 flood victims were swept to their deaths.

"When you deal with disasters the size of what we've had to deal with, it's very obvious the need (for defence support) and the process, whatever it be, needs to be quickly put in place," he said.

It wasn't until he gave evidence at the inquiry that Mr Jones realised support had been requested from Oakey about 4pm on the day of the flood, but fog prevented the helicopters from assisting until the next day.

Mr Jones said the communication breakdown arose because Australian Defence Force personnel weren't part of government-led disaster management groups at the time, but that had since changed.

Geotechnical engineer David Starr also told the inquiry the first evidence he could see of an embankment wall deliberately being built on a quarry on the outskirts of Grantham was in 2001.

One of the inquiry's key focus is investigating what role, if any, the embankment wall had on the flood's ferocity or the amount of time residents had to evacuate.

Residents, who believe the wall worsened flooding, campaigned for the inquiry after a broader probe in 2012 found the quarry didn't have an impact.







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Mount Isa explosion investigation




QPS Media [7/8/15]:




Detectives investigating an explosion in which three people died at Mount Isa on July 28 are continuing their inquiries into the incident.

Police have now formally identified the victims involved as 38-year-old Charlie Hinder, seven-year-old Nyobi Hinder and four-year-old River Hinder.

While the circumstances surrounding the matter remain under investigation, police are treating the deaths of the two children as suspicious and the man’s death as non-suspicious.

Following forensic examinations, investigators believe explosives were used as an ignition point for the blast rather than gas bottles located at the scene.

They also believe no one else was involved in the matter. Mount Isa District Officer Superintendent Russell Miller said the explosion had devastated the local community.

“This was a horrific event which has had a significant impact not only on the families, neighbours and friends of the victims but also the wider Mount Isa community,” Superintendent Miller said.

“At this time we appeal to the community to respect the privacy of the immediate and extended members of the Hinder families while they come to terms with this tragedy.”

Investigators will continue to work closely with the Northern Coroner on this matter.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.



Man charged with arson over house fire, Bongaree


Yahoo [6/8/15]:

A man has been charged with arson and attempted fraud over a house fire on Brisbane's bayside.

The house at Bongaree was significantly damaged in the blaze last month.

The 47-year-old will face the charges in the Caboolture Magistrates Court on August 24.






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Former real estate agent Gerard Baden-Clay is set to appeal his conviction for murdering his wife Allison.

Lawyers for the 44-year-old are due to take his case to Queensland's Court of Appeal on Friday. ... [Nine MSN - 7/8/15]






Women who move to Australia to be with their partners will be issued with information packs telling them that rape, violence and forced marriage are illegal, as part of a push to address domestic violence across different cultures.  ... [Canberra Times - 7/8/15]



Man critically hurt in hit and run, Adelaide

Nine MSN [6/8/15]:

A pedestrian has been critically injured in an apparent hit-and-run crash in Adelaide.

The man was struck as he crossed a road in Ingle Farm about 7.15pm on Thursday and is being treated by paramedics at the scene, police say.

The car driver failed to stop and witnesses have not provided a description of the car.





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Bendigo mosque to go ahead, VCAT rules

Bendigo Advertiser [5/8/15]:

The Australian Islamic Mission and the Muslim community of Bendigo has released a statement about VCAT’s decision to grant approval for the Bendigo mosque.

The statement says the groups welcome the decision, and look forward to progressing the project:

“The support from the Bendigo Mayor, councilors, members of parliament, multi-faith groups, the Bendigo Interfaith Council, religious leaders and the community has been overwhelming. We, the Australian Muslims of Bendigo cannot thank enough for their care and support.

The Bendigo Islamic Centre will be one of the significant community centres of Bendigo that will celebrate all events with the Bendigo community and set an example for multiculturalism, the true essence of Australia.

The Bendigo Islamic centre will integrate with all other Bendigo residents, communities and faiths and will promote tolerance, harmony and understanding, thereby positively contributing to the city of Bendigo.

The establishment of the Bendigo Islamic Centre will take some time, until then we as a community will continue to support each other to make it a success and live with peace harmony and respect.”






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