@MSF_Sea [6/9/16]: 


Mohammad Asif is a designer & artist. He's been living in #Ellinko since the #Idomeni border closed to #Afghans 1/2



He teaches art classes for kids/young people. Here he is proudly showing their work from a recent exhibition 2/2



@MSF_Sea  [6/9/16]: Today & everyday life goes on for the 60,000 stuck in #Greece. There's food to cook, clothes to wash, kids to raise.




@Marodriguez1971 [6/9/16]:  2.600 refugiados rescatados ayer. Mediterráneo @ItalianNavy @guardiacostiera @moas_eu @PROACTIVA_SERV @crocerossa




Greek volunteers win Nansen Refugee Award [Norwegian Refugee Council - 6/9/16]




Aceh fishermen are nominated to receive the 2016 Nansen Refugee Award from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNCHR) for rescuing hundreds of migrants from Myanmar and Bangladesh in Indonesian waters.

Geutanyoe Foundation international director Lilianne Fan said the organization had submitted the fishermen as candidates to receive the award in recognition of their services to save many lives of those who were stranded at sea.

"If they hadn’t been rescued by the Aceh fishermen, the lives of the children and the Rohingya people and Bangladeshis may not have been saved," Fan said on Wednesday as quoted by news agency Antara. ... [Jakarta Post - 10/2/16]




Day 171 refugee protests, Nauru



19 of July 2013

3 years and 1 month and 17 days

37 months

163 weeks

1158 days

27840 hours

1670410 minutes

100224640 seconds ...






Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [6/9/16]




Posing the unthinkable: Resettling refugees in Australia, Binoy Kampmark [Scoop.co.nz - 6/9/16]:


Unthinkable, that is, in Australia.

Unthinkable to finally accept that the international pathways of asylum seekers and refugees can know no discrimination, and that each country duly receiving them should do all within their powers to facilitate their rapid process and exit into the community.

Unthinkable to not shift the burden of processing and settlement to impoverished, or poorer countries. ...



Your policy Paris "this was not what I had in mind" Aristotle - currently working on "durable solutions" in Malaysia ---> Refugee advocates say information sheets that have been distributed to detainees on Nauru are being used to bully asylum seekers into abandoning their claims.

The sheets, which have been obtained by PM, make it clear that the process could take years and say that even if asylum seekers are granted refugee status, they may not be resettled in Australia.

"It is not possible to say precisely how long you may need to remain on Nauru. Remember that you can decide to leave Nauru voluntarily at any time," the document says.

"If you are found to be a refugee, your individual circumstances will need to be considered as part of any resettlement option."

And that resettlement option might not be in Australia; the document says it is possible the resettlement would be in a third country as part of broader regional arrangements.

Either way, it is likely to be a slow process. ... [ABC - 23/11/12]



Durable Solutions:  Australia and the UNHCR's exclusionary and exceptionalist "no resettlement" policy = exile, deportation, detention and death.



The impact of Australian policies:  What "stopping the boats" means for people seeking asylum in our region [Academy of Social Sciences in Australia - 2016]:


... While it is widely reported in the media that the number of boats leaving Indonesia for Australia has significantly dropped since the commencement of OSB, NGOs in Indonesia highlight that people seeking asylum have continued to arrive to the country.

While some live in supported shelters or independently in the community, others are locked up in immigration detention centres.

By 2015 there were 33 sites of immigration detention throughout Indonesia.

Australian funding through the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) has expanded the capacity of this detention network since 2011. ...



Indonesia seeks funding from Australia to build more IOM concentration camps, and support "durable solutions" as refugee bottleneck intensifies [Jakarta Post - 10/8/16]



Wilkie visit now officially denied by Nauru Government [6/9/16]:


The Independent Member for Denison, Andrew Wilkie, discussed the Nauru Government’s refusal today to issue him a visa to make an official visit to the Nauru detention centre.

“The Nauru Government’s official refusal of my request for a visa to visit the Nauru detention centre confirms that the Australian Government has much to hide,” Mr Wilkie said.

“The only conclusion that can be drawn from not allowing a sitting Member of the Federal Parliament to visit is that the Australian Government doesn’t want the truth coming out.”

“Last week Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull advised me that visiting Nauru is entirely a matter for the Nauru Government. But let’s be clear – this is entirely down to the Australian Government because we all know that Nauru does exactly what Australia tells it to. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull could facilitate an official visit tomorrow if he wanted to. To claim otherwise is misleading and fanciful.

“The recent leaking of thousands of accounts of incidents has reenergised public concern with offshore processing and the Government is desperately scrambling to avoid any further scrutiny.

“The public has a right to know what goes on this detention centre. I’ll continue to do what I can to shine a light on Australia’s cruel and illegal approach to asylum seekers.”


The Nauru Supreme Court will hold a hearing tomorrow to decide whether an election petition filed against the country's president was correctly served.

Baron Waqa won back his seat in the Boe constituency with 246 votes but Dale Cecil, who won 144, accused him of bribery, treating and breaking advertising laws on election day.

Since filing the petition Mr Cecil has had his pension cancelled by the government. ... [RNZI - 6/9/16]



Court finds PNG Police Commissioner not guilty [RNZI - 6/9/16]


A senior Madang police officer allegedly shot and killed a man in Bogia last Friday. ... [The National - 5/9/16]



Police officer in ‘condom case’ threatens TV crew [PNG Loop – 5/9/16]



Lae police receive copies of criminal law, practice from AFP [The National - 5/9/16]



Following up on the ethnic clash at Sialum compound in Lae yesterday, another fight erupted again this morning with police being deployed into the area. ... [PNG Loop - 6/9/16]



Ethnic clash leaves one dead and houses burnt down in Lae [PNG Loop - 6/9/16]



Three Unitech students accused of the murder of fellow student Graham Romanong were refused bail again by the Lae Committal Court last Friday. ... [The National - 5/9/16]



West Papua petition tabled in NZ parliament [RNZI - 6/9/16]



UN High Commissioner rails against populists and demagogues, as respectable extremists use weasel words to actually enact policies of war, genocide and racism [5/9/16]



Geert Wilders inspired by Australia's bipartisan fascism [5/10/15]



And when the maddened king stamps his foot ... ---> President Barack Obama said on Tuesday his push to rebalance U.S. foreign policy to focus more on Asia was not "a passing fad" of his presidency and, in a clear reference to China, said bigger countries should not dictate to smaller ones.

"I've worked to rebalance our foreign policy to make sure America is a key player in the region," Obama said in a speech on the sidelines of a summit in Vientiane, Laos.

He also said that a failure to move ahead with the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact would "call into question America's leadership".

"I think it is important for the entire region and it is important for the United States," he said.  [Reuters - 6/9/16]



‏@wikileaks [5/9/16]:  Clinton & Trump maintain their silence on #TPP's big brother #TiSA which covers 52 countries ...



And how much did one day's bombing cost Uncle Sam? ---> US gives Laos $90 million funds boost to help clear unexploded ordnance [Reuters – 6/9/16]



President Barack Obama canceled what would have been his first meeting with Filipino President Rodrigo Duterte, after Duterte described Obama in vulgar terms, a White House spokesman said on Tuesday.

Duterte, a plain-spoken populist known for his colorful remarks and his campaign against illegal drugs in which thousands of people have died, described Obama as a “son of a bitch” to reporters on Monday, a day ahead of the planned meeting in Laos, where South Asian leaders are meeting for annual summits. ... [Reuters - 5/9/16]



The Philippine Coast Guard will receive the first two of the four Short C-23 Sherpa transport aircraft to be turned over by the United States in December.

This was confirmed by PCG spokesperson Commander Armand Balilo in a chance interview at Camp Aguinaldo on Tuesday.  ... [Inquirer - 6/9/16]



A motorcycle bomb killed a father and daughter in front of a Thai elementary school as parents were dropping off their children on Tuesday, officials said, the latest in a series of attacks in the troubled south.  ... [Reuters - 6/9/16]



Flooding following heavy rain has killed 60 people and left over 44,000 homeless in North Korea, the United Nations said Tuesday, after the country reported that a northeastern river suffered its worst-ever flood. ... [Yahoo - 6/9/16]



South Carolina police officer fired 13 months after killing unarmed teen [10 TV - 5/9/16]




South Carolina school police officer will not face charges for hurling student across classroom [NY Daily News - 3/9/16]:


... To many people’s outrage, the girl who recorded the stunning video, Niya Kenny, was arrested after questioning Fields' conduct.

Both Kenny and the student Fields threw across the classroom have faced “disturbing schools” charges for nearly a year.

But on Friday, Johnson said those would be dismissed as well. ...



‏@KimDotcom [6/9/16]:  The lowest point in my entire case was the military style raid against my family.  



Professor Lessig from Harvard Law School expert opinion in Kim Dotcom extradition case [Rothken Law Firm]



Warner Brothers reports own site as illegal [BBC - 5/9/16]



Islamist preacher Sven Lau is being presented in front of the regional court in Düsseldorf for supporting a terror organization in Syria.

The court will also debate on whether Lau himself can be branded a terrorist.


Widely regarded as a leading figure in the German salafist scene, Lau is reported to have initiated the "Sharia police" in Wuppertal in Germany's western industrial Ruhr region.

Together with his accomplices, all aged between 24 and 35, he patrolled the streets in September 2014 in an attempt to enforce a strict interpretation of Islam.

Wearing orange vests, emblazoned with the words "Shariah police," the defendants allegedly demanded people at nightclubs stop drinking alcohol and listening to music.

The bearded fundamentalists were also observed calling for an end to gambling as they carried notices, in English, declaring a "Sharia Controlled Zone." [Deutsche Welle - 6/9/16]



Street Pastors: From crime prevention to re-moralisation, Nick Johns, Greta Squire and Adrian Barton, University of Plymouth and University of Brighton [2009]:


... For some time religion has arguably been seen as tangential to the achievement of mainstream public policy goals.

This is now changing, and with a government driven by neoliberal values and a particular brand of Christian Socialism it is changing quite quickly.

There are a number of rationales for the involvement of faith-organisations modelled by Lowndes and Chapman (2005) that appear to have gained acceptance.

The case of the Street Pastors illustrates just how rapidly a voluntary organisation fuelled by faith can spread.

This transcends geography and they are now branching out into other areas of public policy, though community safety is still the dominant thread. ...



ChaplainWatch is an independent Brisbane based charity, focused on public safety in public spaces.

Since 2004, every Thusday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night from 11pm til early morning, the NightWatch Chaplains pro-actively patrol the CBD, Fortitude Valley and Caxton Street precincts, watching out for anyone in crisis, at risk or in need. ...



... It all started in 1997 when Red Frogs Australia Chaplaincy Network founder Andy Gourley (a youth pastor at Citipointe Church) hit Schoolies Week on the Gold Coast with his skateboarding mates and realised the need for a designated sober person at the massive drinking parties.

After approaching the hotel manager to see if they needed volunteers during Schoolies week, the manager jumped at the opportunity and recruited Andy and many of his friends to help.

And so Red Frogs Australia Chaplaincy Network was born. ...



The children's crusade [Sydney Morning Herald - 28/11/2002]



Pedophile at house after NSW 13 year old's death [Yahoo - 6/9/16]:


After 13-year-old Andrew Nash took his own life, a now-notorious pedophile Marist brother turned up to his house and asked his mother whether the boy had left a note.

More than four decades later, the Newcastle boy's 90-year-old mother believes the brother had been sexually abusing her son, a Royal Commission has heard.

Audrey Nash on Tuesday recalled pulling over a taxi driver and telling him to get an ambulance and a priest after finding her son hanging in his bedroom in October, 1974.

Three priests and three Marist brothers, including Andrew's class master Brother Romuald, turned up, she said.

Brother Romuald, whose real name is Francis Cable, asked whether Andrew had left a note or said anything.

"I said 'no'," Ms Nash told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse on Tuesday.

"Then they got in a little huddle.... and had a little chat, and then they left."

Both Ms Nash and one of her other sons, known as CQT, testified they believe the brothers came to their house to make sure no damning evidence was left after Andrew's death.

Ms Nash says she can remember Andrew being out of sorts when he came home late one evening around six months before his death.

 He said he'd been to Bar Beach, where it was later revealed Brother Romuald had abused other boys.

"I have been left feeling empty," said Ms Nash, who added she gave her whole life to the Church.

"I also feel so stupid that I used to fear and revere these people."

Ms Nash said she was never visited by the brothers after Andrew's funeral.

She said she went to speak to another priest about her suspicions of abuse in 2012.

"Look Aud, it's been going on forever," she recalled him saying.

"The Romans had their little boys, the Greeks had their little boys and the English aristocrats had their little boys."

The Royal Commission has heard children were raped and groped at Andrew's and CQT's high school, Marist Brothers at Hamilton.

CQT said many of the teachers could be described as "sadistic thugs" and that one brother kicked a kitten that walked on the school grounds so hard that its "guts" came out.

 He said numerous suicides by students over the years had affected the community.

"It feels like wave after wave of the kids dying from the 1970s until now," he said. ...



Christchurch library blasts "fighting youths" with high-pitched sound [Stuff.co.nz - 30/8/16]



The Taylor St Community Legal Service has intervened to end use of the ‘Mosquito device’ at a local shopping centre.

The Mosquito device emits a high frequency tone that is able to be heard generally by people up to the age of about 25 years and disrupts equilibrium.

They are marketed as an ‘anti-loitering’ device.

Reactions to the device vary from person to person and can include mild to extreme discomfort, migraines, tinnitus, temporary deafness, dizziness, bodily pain, nausea, headaches and impairment.

The long-term effect on hearing and general health is not known. ... [Community Legal Centres Queensland - July 2016]



'Anti-loitering' device used at shopping centre banned [Fraser Coast Chronicle - 2/7/16]:


... When Ms Seymour-Dearness asked the centre why they had installed the device, they told her police had recommended they install the tool to stop loitering and unwelcome behaviour.

"They didn't talk to me about criminal charges or criminal convictions against young people," she said.

"They didn't elaborate on what unwelcome behaviour meant." ...



I refuse to co-operate while the Australian government takes us to war, runs concentration camps, tortures children, passes Kafkaesque laws, and collaborates with foreign powers engaging in mass surveillance.



… Into this neutral air

Where blind skyscrapers use

Their full height to proclaim

The strength of Collective Man,

Each language pours its vain

Competitive excuse:

But who can live for long

In an euphoric dream;

Out of the mirror they stare,

Imperialism’s face

And the international wrong. …



September 1, 1939,  W. H. Auden




But who will stop them knocking on my door Senator Ludlam?  I've had 5 visits now! --->  The Australian Greens have drafted a motion to secure a commitment from the government that the Australia Bureau of Statistics will not fine anyone who does not complete the census.

Independent senator Jacqui Lambie and Senator Nick Xenophon have also backed the motion. ... [IT Wire - 2/9/16]




"To seek refuge from war and destruction is the most active contribution a person can make towards peace."



ARTillery Brisbane:


On September 3rd, arts activism group ARTillery launched an exhibition at Jugglers Art Space in Fortitude Valley, showcasing artwork from Indigenous Australians and allies whose work touches on the effects of the justice system on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Artworks speak not only of struggles past and present, but of hope for the future. We were joined by guest speakers and performancers.

The downstairs gallery hosted an exhibition of refugee artists, with artworks demonstrating the hardships they have faced.

The Injustice Exhibition also served as a launch event for Amnesty International's report into Queensland's youth justice system. ...



Indigenous organisations have said they are not properly resourced to participate in the Northern Territory youth detention Royal Commission and the timeline is too tight.

The Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the NT is holding its first public sitting in Darwin today, where commissioners Margaret White and Mick Gooda will outline the process and scope of their work.

Public hearings are expected to begin by mid-October, continuing through November and December, with a final report due at the end of March 2017.

However, there are "major concerns" about resourcing for Indigenous organisations and the commission's tight timeline, according to the peak body for Aboriginal health services in the Northern Territory, Aboriginal Medical Services Alliance NT (AMSANT). ... [ABC - 6/9/16]



‏@AmnestyRefNet [4/9/16]:  "We are asking the world to take us from the hell" Refugee Children protest on Nauru ...




"STOP THE POLITICAL GAME.  WE ARE DYING HERE"  @racvictoria [5/9/16]:  Day 116 of peaceful protests on #Manus. ...




Another day for Australia's political prisoners on Manus: Goaded by guards, sedated, subjected to unethical medical treatment [SBS - 6/9/16]:


A Manus detainee [man illegally imprisoned by the Australian government on Manus] has alleged the hundreds of inmates [refugees] are regularly given drugs to 'calm them down' on the island.

Abbas, who only provided his first name out of fear of reprisals, accused security personnel at the Manus asylum seeker processing centre of deliberately provoking detainees before sending them to the centre's hospital where he claims they're given medication that: "calms them down to the point they're not able to walk."

"[Security officials] make us upset. They treat us like they want to provoke us into problems, to hit a security guard, for example, or to swear at him, until a car comes and takes us to HMS, the medical centre,” he told SBS.

When they reach the medical centre, he said detainees were given pills, which Abbas believed were a type of tranquiliser.

"The person comes back unable to walk, he goes directly to sleep," he said.

"The situation repeats the next morning: emotional distress, can’t eat, can’t drink, screams, hits himself, and that happens in front of [security]. They walk by, laughing."


Abbas said many of the detainees in the centre had been given the medication.

Abbas has also alleged that two of his two friends – an Iraqi and Iranian – are being forced on to drips, one stopped eating more than a month ago and the other 20 days ago.

"They force them not to be on hunger strike," Abbas said.

“They give them a nutrient or something, so nothing happens to them like dehydration, or hunger-strike symptoms because they’re not eating or drinking."

He said the strikers kept to themselves: "Totally withdrawn, don't go out."

Abbas said the Iraqi man was in the same areas he was, but his Iranian friend had been placed in the "green zone", an area, he explained, was designated for the most vulnerable asylum seekers.

Doctor visits are not regular and detainees' conditions worsen if they're treated by psychologists, he claimed.

"If we see them, our emotional health worsens because after three years we can predict what they want to say.

"They say, 'this is up to you, if you want to suffer it is up to you, you want to kill yourself, there's no problem, we can't do much, we give you the medication, we give you the advice, then it is up to you'." ...



... Mr. Johnson [Homeland Security secretary] recently defended the practice of detaining families as necessary to screen for health problems and security risks.

 But the administration has no answer for why it lacks a more robust set of alternatives to detention, like monitoring in the community by local organizations that would ensure people return to court for their deportation or asylum cases.

More lawyers and more judicious enforcement are the answers.

There are ways to enforce the law without mistreating a population that fits no definition of a criminal threat.

The job of dismantling the prison network Mr. Obama built will pass on to Hillary Clinton, if she is elected.

If it’s Donald Trump, who wants to make immigration enforcement the federal government’s overriding priority, then private incarceration, industry profits and human suffering will go through the roof.  Prisons aren’t the answer on immigration [New York Times - 5/9/16]



Sri Lanka's annual military exercise launched in Tamil North East - this year with foreign observers [Tamil Guardian - 6/9/16]



A Muslim businessman who travelled to Trincomalee has been declared missing on Sunday evening, reports NewsFirst.

Police report that the man, identified as Mohammed Nazrin of Bandaragama, had travelled to the North-East for a gold auction.

Last month an abducted Muslim businessman was found murdered in the South. [Tamil Guardian - 5/9/16]



‏@Thestateless1 [5/9/16]:  A 26 yrs #Rohingya boy,Solim was attacked by #Rakhine extremists while working in his farm in Anauk Pyin #Rathedaung



ICC to visit Israel to assess alleged war crimes at request of Palestinians [Independent - 5/9/16]:


... “The Palestinian leadership has provided the ICC with documentation relating to apartheid, illegal settlements in [the] West Bank and East Jerusalem, and crimes associated with the settlement regime,” Palestinian human rights organisation Al-Haq said in a statement.

“There are 23 counts in all, including seven war crimes relating to last year’s Gaza war.”

The PA’s case is understood to centre around complaints about arson attacks on Palestinian homes and the shelling of a hospital, Gaza’s main power plant and a UN school being used as a shelter.  ...



Powerful blast follows twin bombings in Kabul [Pajhwok - 5/9/16]


At least 30 people were killed and over 90 others were wounded in twin explosions in capital Kabul this afternoon, the security officials said.

Officials in the Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) earlier said at least 24 people were killed and at least 91 others were wounded in the attack.

The incident took place near the Ministry of Defense (MoD) compound around 2:30 pm local time after a remote-controlled Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was detonated. ... [Khaama - 5/9/16]



Taliban attack on military base repulsed in Baghlan after 4 hours of clash [Khaama - 5/9/16]



At least 13 Daesh militants were killed in air strikes by the Afghan Air Force in Nangarhar province, security officials said Monday.

According to officials two other Daesh militants were wounded. ... [TOLO News - 5/9/16]



Russia, Saudi announce deal on oil [Press TV - 5/9/16]



Saudi Arabia has intensified its airstrikes on Yemen, using internationally-banned cluster bombs in its air assaults against the impoverished country.

The Yemeni news agency SABA said Saudi fighter jets dropped cluster bombs on several areas in the district of Baqem in the northern province of Sa’ada on Sunday. ... [Press TV - 5/9/16]




6 September 2016