Australia's anti-refugee policy murders, tortures and revictimises as it remains unchallenged and unopposed ---> Another refugee in Manus has been arrested for sexually assaulting a 10-year-old girl (identity withheld due to age) at the Kohai Lodge, at Ward 2 in Lorengau Town.


In January, 31-year-old Asylum Seeker, Rajeev Rajendran was arrested and charged for the assault of a grade 9 student on January 17 at the Harbourside Hotel.

He is on bail of K2,000 and police are still working on producing a hand-up brief for his case in court. [PNG Loop - 6/3/17]



"If they find me, they should kill me. ..." Nepalese asylum seeker in hiding after refoulement from Australia's illegal refugee prison on Manus Island [ABC - 3/3/17]



Coercion of illegally held political prisoners on Manus Island continues as the Australian media, lawyers, "advocates" and human rights organisations say nothing [The National - 2/3/17]



PNG lawyer's application to stop deportations from Australia's illegal refugee concentration camp on Manus Island adjourned until 8 March [The National - 2/3/17]



Why did Obama deport 85 Muslim asylum seekers to Bangladesh, India and Nepal? [Democracy Now - 8/4/16]



United Nations takes a well earned break from its exhausting silence [PNG Loop - 6/3/17]:


Registration is underway for the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) National Forum on Sustainable Tourism for Development.

The Forum will be held on March 20 in Port Moresby, hosted and facilitated by the PNG Tourism Promotion Authority and UNWTO. ...



Loghman Sawari granted bail but still faces charges [Amnesty International USA - 24/2/17]



Loghman Sawari is now stateless thanks to the UNHCR [ABC- 23/2/17]






Ongoing silence of AMA and health unions re Nauru dengue outbreak indicates they don't care whether men, women, children live or die [Guardian - 25/2/17]



@BehrouzBoochani [3/3/17]: Manus Island medical clinic closed



Australian funded "health care" provider International SOS operating without registration in PNG [The National - 24/2/17]



Royal Commission: Panel did not interview victims of child abuse aspect of Australi's anti-refugee "deterrence" policy [Sydney Morning Herald - 6/3/17]:


An independent expert panel contracted by the Federal government to examine allegations of abuse, neglect and exploitation in immigration detention failed to interview any victims, a Royal Commission has heard.

The three member Child Protection Panel was convened in 2015 in the wake of two inquiries which raised serious allegations about abuse in detention in Australia and offshore.

Panellist Margaret Allison told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse none of the members had recent experience in interviewing children.

"We didn't talk to any children, except incidentally, as we walked through detention centres," said the former senior bureaucrat in Queensland's child protection department. ...



Child Abuse Royal Commission: Dutton delayed release of Making Children Safer report - because he can [ABC - 6/3/17]



‘You're a f---ing f----t in that uniform’:  Train tirade before alleged assault on sailor [Nine MSN - 6/3/17]:


Guy Abbott is accused of tarnishing a day of national pride.

Almost one year to the day, the 28-year-old today sat with his head down at Campbelltown Local Court, a tan leather-bound notebook splayed on his lap.

He scribbled notes as the court heard argument about what prompted a one-punch attack on a uniformed sailor on Anzac Day, 2016.

Witness Joanna Storkey told the hearing she heard Mr Abbott say, "You're a f---ing f----t in that uniform. I have no respect for ANZACs."

"He then leant out the train and punched Corey Evans right in the nose."

Defence lawyer Mr McKeown today told the court, "There's no dispute that Mr Abbott threw the punch".

What is in dispute, is the moments before and after the attack took place.

It was put to Ms Storkey that, "Evan is a big bloke. The kind you'd want on your football team" to which she replied, "Well not as big as Mr Abbott".

Able Seaman Corey Evans, 24, had been returning home from commemorative services in the city with his former girlfriend, Emma Novotny.

The court heard that after the punch on the train platform, "He was down on one knee. He then stood up and took one or two steps back towards the train. He had blood on his face".

Ms Storkey said the sailor was unaggressive, his hands were not clenched, but despite this she warned, "Don't do it [retaliate]. You're in uniform".

Listening to today's evidence were the serviceman's mother, Rachael Evans, and a representative from the Royal Australian Navy.

The pair sat side-by-side at the back of the court, while Corey Evans paced outside.

Police allege that while on the train, Mr Evans noticed a number of men consuming alcohol and allegedly making offensive comments in front of families and war veterans.

It's alleged the combat officer approached the group and asked them to stop drinking and to curb their behaviour.

The sailor previously told the court, "I turned around to tell him to pull his head-in and he clocked me".

Mr Abbott's defence team previously told the court he had felt threatened that day and was forced to defend himself from an intimidating and large Mr Evans.

The defence alleges Mr Evans walked quickly towards Mr Abbott, as he was exiting the carriage at Glenfield Railway Station.

Mr Abbott told the court, "It was just a quick punch, I don't even think I shaped up".

Mr Evans sustained a bloody nose. Photographs of the officer's bruised eye were shown to the court.

Mr Abbott has pleaded not guilty to charges of assault occasioning actual bodily harm, common assault and behave in offensive manner in public passenger vehicle.

He has, however, pleaded guilty to one count of drinking alcohol on a train.

The hearing continues.



With Navy’s record of abuse, asylum boat claims can’t be ignored [The Conversation - 10/2/14]



Abuse revelations in Australian military cadets a “very important catalyst for change” says Vice Admiral Raymond Griggs [Guardian - 6/3/17]:


... He said a reform program, known as “one cadet”, had brought the three service arms of the cadets together under a single headquarters with a more centralised command structure.

The director generals of each cadet service now reported to Griggs and the relevant service chief.

Defence had engaged Ernst & Young and child protection group Bravehearts to help develop child protection policies and training packages for the cadets. Defence’s sexual misconduct office has been expanded to include cadets, instructing officers and their families.

New youth safety standards and policies have also been created, Griggs said. Asked what was needed to achieve cultural reform within defence and the cadets, Griggs responded: “Sustained, focused leadership.”

Counsel assisting, Gail Furness, SC, asked Griggs how he had demonstrated such leadership personally.

He referred to a letter he had written after last year’s royal commission hearings, in which he warned the cadets organisation must change. ...



2 Sri Lankan navy officers arrested over 2006 disappearance of Tamil school children [Tamil Guardian - 4/3/17]



A group of 24 fishermen from Tamil Nadu have been arrested by the Sri Lankan navy, after allegedly crossing the International Maritime Boundary Line on Sunday.

The Assistant Director of Fisheries in Rameshwaram was quoted as saying at leat 15 fishermen were arrested and taken to Talaimannar, whilst another group of nine others fishing near Neduntheevu were also detained by the military.

The latest incident comes after another 8 fishermen were taken into custody by the Sri Lankan military on Saturday. [Tamil Guardian - 5/3/17]



Sri Lankan court deems confessions under torture legitimate [Tamil Guardian - 6/3/17]



Tensions arose between Sri Lankan security forces and people protesting for land returns in Keppapulavu on Sunday.

As the Keppapulavu families continued their protest for the fifth day and were joined by various supporters, they were subject to extreme surveillance from a heavy presence of police and military personnel. ... [Tamil Guardian - 5/3/17]



@lsbu_law [6/3/17]:  Follow Permanent People's Tribunal on twitter @MyanmarTribunal ...



Myanmar authorities subject Rohingyas in Maungdaw to violence and intimidation for rejecting National Verification Card [Rohingya Vision - 6/3/17]



Mohammed Muslim showing me his injuries. He was severely beaten and left for dead by the #Myanmar military. The next day his neighbours found him in a field and carried him to safety. ... @shafiur [4/3/17]



Diplomatic utterances and tweets are meaningless while the Rohingya are not protected and immiserated refugees are not being offered sanctuary [Dhaka Tribune - 4/3/17]:


UK Minister for Asia and the Pacific Alok Sharma made a courtesy call on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at Ganabhaban on Saturday morning.

Alok said in an earlier tweet that the UK is committed to working with Bangladesh and Myanmar on the Rohingya issue. ...



US Judge sentences Rwandan who lied about participation in genocide to 15 years imprisonment followed by deportation [JURIST - 3/3/17]



After completing a 12-year sentence in Israeli prison, 34-year-old Moussa Darwish was immediately redetained by Israeli forces upon being released on Sunday.

Jerusalem Committee for Families of Prisoners head Amjad Abu Asab said that Israeli intelligence officers were waiting for Darwish outside of Ktziot prison to redetain him as they prevented his family -- who had traveled to the southern Israeli prison to greet the freed man -- to go near him. ... [Maan - 5/3/17]



Israeli forces detain 10 Palestinians in West Bank raids [Maan - 5/3/17]



Protesters denounce racist planned closure of Beersheba Bedouin market [Maan - 5/3/17]



Israeli military vehicles and bulldozers crossed the border fence into the besieged Gaza Strip early Sunday morning east of the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis and leveled lands, witnesses told Ma'an, with no gunfire was reported. ... [Maan - 5/3/17]



An elderly Palestinian woman was found dead in her home in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday, Palestinian police said.

Gaza police spokesman Ayman al-Batinji said in statement that Zahdia Abu Samra, 70, was found dead in her house in Jabaliya refugee camp with blood coming from her nose.

Al-Batinji added that Abu Samra lived alone and that Palestinian police had opened an investigation to uncover the cause of death. ... [Maan - 5/3/17]



... There's a loving in your eyes all the way.
If I listened to your lies would you say:

I'm a man without conviction,
I'm a man who doesn't know
How to sell a contradiction.


You come and go, you come and go. ...


'Karma Chameleon', Culture Club [1983]



The Israeli government voted on Sunday in favor of decriminalizing recreational marijuana use, joining some U.S. states and European countries who have adopted a similar approach.

"On the one hand we are opening ourselves up to the future. On the other hand, we understand the dangers and will try to balance the two," Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told his cabinet in broadcast remarks.

According to the new policy, which must still be ratified by parliament, people caught smoking marijuana would be fined rather than arrested and prosecuted.

Criminal procedures would be launched only against those caught repeatedly with the drug.

Selling and growing marijuana would remain criminal offences in Israel. ... [Reuters - 5/3/17]



A survey shows Israelis have chosen the eucalyptus as the most Israeli tree, Yedioth Ahronoth reported on Sunday, despite the fact that the tree is native to Australia and not the Middle East. ... [Times of Israel - 5/2/12]



... Determined to “make the desert bloom”, an international organisation -- the Jewish National Fund-Keren Kayemet LeYisrael (JNF-KKL, or JNF) planted forests, recreational parks and nature reserves to cover over the ruins of Palestinian villages, as refugees were scattered far from, or worse, a few hilltops away from, the land upon which they and their ancestors had based their lives and livelihoods. ... Israel’s environmental colonialism and eco-apartheid [Links - 12/7/12]



Australia's Prime Ministers [National Archive of Australia]:


Robert James Lee (Bob) Hawke was born on 9 December 1929 in Bordertown, South Australia.

He was the younger of the two sons of Congregational minister Clem Hawke and Ellie (Lee) Hawke, a former teacher.

In 1939, after Bob Hawke’s 18-year-old brother Neil died, the family moved to Perth, Western Australia and settled in the suburb of West Leederville.

Hawke attended Perth Modern School, then the University of Western Australia. In 1947, his first year at university, the 17-year-old Hawke had a serious accident on his new Panther motorbike and required critical surgery.

Hawke was president of the University’s Student Representative Council and graduated with a Law degree and an Arts degree in 1953.

That year Albert Hawke, Bob Hawke’s uncle, became Western Australia’s Labor Premier.


In 1971 Hawke travelled to Israel as the first recipient of an award in memory of Senator Sam Cohen.

He then travelled to Geneva for a meeting of the International Labour Organisation governing body, of which he had become a member the previous year. From there he arranged to go to Moscow for meetings about the plight of the ‘refuseniks’, Jewish people unable to get permission to leave the Soviet Union.

On his return to Melbourne, Hawke delivered the inaugural Cohen lecture.

That same year the ACTU was also heavily involved in anti-apartheid demonstrations against the tour of the South African Springboks rugby union team.


In 1976 Hawke returned to Israel, as a guest of the Israeli government, for the dedication of a forest to him. ...



“Washing one's hands of the conflict between the powerful and the powerless means to side with the powerful, not to be neutral. ”

Paulo Freire



@AbbsWinston [4/3/17]:  New "Boycott Apartheid Israel" billboards go up near Johannesburg's OR Tambo Airport for #IsraeliApartheidWeek



Citing his vision of “a three-storey cure for fanaticism, with limited car parking,” the ever-brilliant Banksy has unveiled a secretly built, furiously felt, 10-room, colonially-themed Walled-Off Hotel hard by the Apartheid Wall in Bethlehem that wryly boasts "the worst view in the world" - ie Israeli gun towers, concrete walls, tangles of barbed wire and illegal settlements - and just 25 minutes of sunlight a day.

Set amidst the rubble of Area C in the occupied West Bank, the hotel is aimed at both boosting a ravaged Palestinian economy and raising awareness among Israeli and foreign visitors of the Occupation's devastating effect on Palestinian lives. ... [Common Dreams - 3/3/17]



@Clintonswalk [6/3/17]:  Clinton was feeling a bit down the other day, so he shared some of his sadness with us in a live video. Watch here ...



Day 172: Bon Bon Rest Stop [Clinton's Walk for Justice - 2/3/17]



Justice For Julieka Dhu [5/3/17]:   "They Can't Can't Get Away With Murdering Us." (Shaun Harris speaks to "10,000 Amend" about Julieka Dhu - November 2014) ...




100s of Aboriginals & supporters gather near #G20Brisbane protesting deaths in custody & justice 4 stolen generations @HamiFaraj [14/11/14]




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