Blair uses release of Chilcot Report to spruik for more war on Syria [Guardian - 6/7/16]



‏@BBCBreaking [6/7/16]:  Tony Blair is "world's worst terrorist" - sister of serviceman killed in Iraq. ...  



‏@wikileaks [6/7/16]:  CNN says US political prisoner Chelsea Manning rushed to hospital after presumed suicide attempt ...



United States continue bombing Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 6/7/16]



Around 40 migrants have taken to occupying the Regensburg Cathedral to fight their deportation.

Children, their parents, and two people with cancer are fighting for their right to stay in Germany by moving into Regensburg's St. Peter Cathedral.

The group, which consists of mostly Roma people from the Balkan peninsula, moved into a chapel within the iconic Bavarian church yesterday afternoon.

They insist that they are not safe in Bosnia, Serbia, Macedonia, Albania, and Montenegro. ... [Live Leak - 6/7/16]




No room for anti-Semitism in Germany's anti-immigrant AfD party [Reuters – 5/7/16]




‏@eucopresident [4/7/16]:  On Central Mediterranean migration route the aim is clear: All irregular economic migrants must be returned to their countries of origin




‏@moas_eu [6/7/16]:  Abdi, 21, rescued w/ his 7-month-old baby. Their family spent two years in #Libya before attempting the crossing




@moas_eu [6/7/16]:  366 people from 3 boats safely aboard #Responder. @emergency_ong providing post-rescue care #RescueHumanity




@ItalianNavy [6/7/16]:  #SAR #MarinaMilitare nave Margottini in attività #MareSicuro ha soccorso circa 120 #migranti a bordo di un gommone in difficoltà




@PROACTIVA_SERV [6/7/16]:  Escuchad la explosión d alegría al saber q ya no morirán a la deriva.Es nuestro mayor premio @bouckap #Mediterraneo




Day 109 refugee protests, Nauru



Image:  ‏@InsurrectNews [6/7/16]




Hazara refugees who arrived by boat in 2010 take Australian Immigration Minister to Federal Court over citizenship "deterrence" [ABC - 6/7/16]



Tamil residents in Paravipancham, Kilinochchi protested outside an army camp that had encroached their lands with demands for the complete return of all appropriated land. ... [Tamil Guardian - 5/7/16]





Sri Lankan police officers attack Jaffna businessman [Tamil Guardian - 5/7/16]





One year on from the South East Asia boat crisis and only 46 of 1,500 Rohingya refugees in Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand have been resettled. Why? [New York Times - 5/7/16]




Police in Hpakant township have arrested four men and one woman suspected of being involved in the mob attack and mosque burning in Lone Khin village last week.

Among nearly 500 Buddhist people involved in the attack, the police have arrested just five as of yesterday evening, according to officers in the township.


The chief minister of Bago Region told The Myanmar Times that no legal recourse would be taken against the mob as he was afraid it would provoke retributive attacks. ... [Myanmar Times - 6/7/16]




A New Zealand researcher says there is little evidence anything has changed since the 2013 repeal of the Sorcery Act in Papua New Guinea.

Academics, law practitioners, university and secondary school students shared their research at the Victoria University Pasifika Law and Culture Conference in Wellington. ... [RNZI - 6/7/16]



End Time Foundation donates bibles to students [PNG Loop – 3/7/16]




Maldives foreign minister quits over death penalty [Reuters – 5/7/16]




Last year the New Zealand Nurses Organisation’s Mental Health Nurses Section raised the concern that social impact bonds were a “solution looking for a problem”.

Chair of the Section, Gina Soanes says, “Today’s announcement that this government's first social bond has collapsed, with negotiations breaking down and the provider walking away comes as no surprise to us.”

“Privatising mental health services and reducing people to “targets” and “outcomes” is not the way to create a nation where people with mental illness are supported to recover. We agree that people with mental health issues should be supported to find employment. The support they need should be funded properly by the Government.”

“As we expected, no private for-profit company is going to be interesting in providing holistic wrap-around services – there’s no profit in supporting individuals and whānau in a sustainable way that achieves desirable outcomes for them.”

“The Mental Health Nurses Section believes services for those experiencing mental illness are best provided by the public health system and social sector services, and that effective prevention programmes over many sectors is the way to save health dollars in the long term.”

“We’re hopeful this will be the last we hear of social impact bonds.”  [ Media Release - 6/7/16]




A man has been charged with murder after police investigated the death of a woman whose body was dumped in Melbourne's north. ... [The Age - 6/7/16]




A man acquitted in Australia's largest terror trial has been charged over the murder of a woman whose battered body was found dumped in a Melbourne car park three weeks ago.

Bassam Raad, 34, was arrested after three children were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries on Monday night. He was charged on Wednesday night with one count of murder and three counts of intentionally causing injury.

He is expected to face an out-of-sessions court hearing. In a high-profile terror trial in 2008 he was among 12 men accused of planning terror attacks in Melbourne but was acquitted.

A 27-year-old woman's badly battered body was found wrapped in a quilt by a passing jogger in Broadmeadows on June 17.

Despite a nationwide call for help, detectives have been previously unable to identify her but last week revealed they believed she was a mother and a victim of family violence. [Nine MSN - 6/7/16]





A mentally ill teenager who killed his mother by cutting her throat with a knife has been found not guilty of murder on grounds of insanity. ... [WA Today - 6/7/16]





Joondalup detectives have charged a 55-year-old man with the attempted murder and aggravated unlawful wounding of his wife after an alleged fight at their Girrawheen home on Monday night. ... [WA Today - 6/7/16]





A Perth resident has voiced his shock after seeing a sheep with its head trapped outside a live transport truck on Monday. ... [WA Today - 5/7/16]





Police have released a composite image of the woman found dead inside a suitcase in the Swan River on Saturday in the hope it will help identify her.

Fishermen made the grim discovery of the woman's body around 7:30am in East Fremantle around 75 metres off-shore. ... [WA Today - 4/7/16]





Mandurah teacher free to go after child sex charges dropped [WA Today - 6/7/16]





An Adelaide court has heard how a couple allegedly tormented, neglected and brutally abused their two children by beating them, locking them in cages, tying them up and sexually assaulting them. ... [Nine MSN - 6/7/16]





A man has been charged with a string of assault and torture offences after a baby was taken to hospital with several fractures.

The seven-week-old baby boy was taken to Biloela hospital on May 24 with a number of injuries including several fractures to his body prompting police to commence an investigation. ... [Brisbane Times - 6/7/16]





Boy burned after falling into a fire pit in the hinterland [MYGC - 6/7/16]





Glen Douglas Cobb didn't want his marriage to end, so he whacked his sleeping wife in the head with a baseball bat.

The couple of 30 years had been sleeping in separate bedrooms for several months and planned to sell the family home where they raised their triplets.

But on the eve of his wife's clandestine trip to meet another man in Darwin, Cobb cracked.

"I thought bugger it, I will whack her on the head," he told police.

The 54-year-old was on Monday acquitted of attempted murder in Brisbane's Supreme Court but instead found guilty of the lesser charge of committing a malicious act with intent for striking his wife Michelle in November 2014.

He was sentenced to eight years jail on Tuesday and must serve six-and-a-half years behind bars before he is eligible for parole. ... [Yahoo - 5/7/16]





Another dangerous, resource-wasting, class and race-based, cross border police pursuit [Yahoo - 6/7/16]





Tokyo visitor hospitalised on the Tweed, drugs allegedly found during surgery [MYGC - 6/7/16]





An elderly man has died after being hit by a car south of Brisbane.

The 82-year-old was crossing a road at Beenleigh on Monday afternoon when he was hit.

He died on the way to hospital. ... [Yahoo - 5/7/16]





A 56-year-old man who worked at an underground coal mine in Queensland's Bowen Basin has become the state's eleventh confirmed case of black lung disease. ... [Yahoo - 4/7/16]




The case of a former Queensland science teacher who was diagnosed with cancer after working with equipment made from asbestos is not isolated, his lawyers say.

The 69-year-old, who has requested not to be named, taught in a Toowoomba school for over a decade in the 1970s and 80s.

He said he spent each day "inadvertently breathing in the ticking time bomb" because Bunsen burner safety mats, which were made from asbestos, were slowly disintegrating as they were moved around the classrooms.

He was diagnosed with mesothelioma in March this year. ... [Yahoo - 6/7/16]





Bee-killing varroa mites found in Port of Townsville nest [ABC - 6/7/16]





Two green sea turtles covered in tumours have washed ashore a bay off Magnetic Island in the past two weeks, victims of a crippling disease spreading through turtle populations. ... [Brisbane Times - 6/7/16]




Hamdi Alqudsi's recruits were going to Syria to kill or be killed, trial told [Sydney Morning Herald - 6/7/16]





Sydney siege inquest: Lindt cafe sniper could not see Monis to shoot him after witnessing execution [ABC - 6/7/16]





Bangladesh police shot dead the pizza chef of a Dhaka restaurant, mistakenly thinking he was one of the militants who killed 20 people, and misread online warnings of an impending assault, police and government officials said on Tuesday.

New details from interviews with the officials and the first information report registered at a Dhaka police station painted a picture of security agencies slow to deal with Friday's attack, one of the country's deadliest. ... [Reuters - 5/7/16]




Alton Sterling police shooting sparks protests in Louisiana [CBC – 6/7/16]





Drone in 'near-miss' with rescue helicopter patrolling Gold Coast beach [ABC - 6/7/16]



Do you think the Australian media will ever stop lying?


Hacking Democracy [2006]:  


Hacking Democracy filmed over 3 years, first shown on HBO (a unit of Time Warner) in 2006 and released on DVD in 2007.

The film reveals many strange facts about paperless (or e-voting) systems that established during elections in the U.S.A. in the last years.

It focuses on the story of Bev Harris, director of nonprofit election watchdog group called Black Box Voting, and her investigations of potential security flaws inherent in electronic voting.




Queensland media ridicule (but mostly ignore) developments re a Human Rights Act, that is never going to be established under an LNP or ALP government [Brisbane Times - 1/7/16]




Or you could cut your losses, stop subsidising this failed charter school and re-open the public school that Anna Bligh closed ---->  ... The state government on Tuesday announced it would adopt all 27 recommendations from a review into the US-based direct instruction model taught at Aurukun's Cape York Aboriginal Academy after violent attacks and threats against teachers prompted them to evacuate the community.

Queensland's education department will now take the lead in the delivery of education services in Aurukun, while the current stand-alone direct instruction model will be taught alongside the national curriculum.

The review found the rigid direct instruction curriculum, which heavily focused on numeracy and literacy, didn't emphasise culture or students' first language, Wik. ... [Yahoo - 5/7/16]




Government warned of ‘blood on the streets’ over Wik bauxite plan [National Indigenous Times – 26/2/16]



Prisoners stage rooftop protest at Woodford Prison [Yahoo – 6/7/16]:



Two prisoners who climbed onto the roof of a Queensland correctional facility are back on the ground 24 hours after the siege began.

The prisoners were demanding access to a drug rehab program and to speak with Australian media personalities.

Shortly after 9am the men descended from the roof via a ladder.

They were met on the ground by several prison staff, some dressed in riot gear and carrying shields, who then pounced on the inmates. ...



@InsurrectNews [5/7/16]:   Day 108 of protests by refugee families at the Australian govt's refugee detention center on #Nauru. ...




"WE ARE NOT ILLEGAL.  DETENTION IS ILLEGAL. "MANUS IS STILL A PRISON." "POLITICAL PRISONERS NEED YOUR HELP."   ‏@Mums4Refugees [6/7/16]:  Day 54 of peaceful protest by brave refugees detained on Manus. Happy Eid. 4th Ramadan in detention....




Refugee Rights Action Network WA [5/7/16]:


"The Australian people have been experiencing a situation same as the refugees on Manus and Nurue islands in the recent days including uncertainty, fear of falling down into future, stress and extreme worry.

There is a big difference however, the Australian people and politicians are experiencing this situation merely and merely for few days while the imprisoned refugees have been in this situation for three years.

Now this is the right time for the Australian people and politicians to imagine our situation and deeply understand what has been happening to us."



- Behrouz Boochani, Kurdish journalist and political prisoner incarcerated on Manus Island





1. Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.

2. Pauline Hanson did not exile refugees, imprison them in concentration camps, or push their boats away.



... DAVID TAYLOR: Refugee advocates say the first few months after arrival is a critical time in the hunt for a job and self confidence among job seekers can be the difference between success and failure.

Tim O'Connor is from the Refugee Council of Australia.

He says the re-emergence of Pauline Hanson's One Nation political party has caused heightened levels of anxiety. ...




The U.S. Coast Guard is investigating claims that the Cuban migrants who made it to a lighthouse in the Keys were mistreated as they waited for a judge to decide their fate. ... [CBS - 5/7/16]




Teachers interrupt Clinton/Obama event in state where high schoolers were raided [#NOT1MORE – 5/7/16]:


The same day that the New York Times released an editorial naming the release of raided students as an urgent item for the President to take up, students of those teachers interrupted a campaign event of Candidate Clinton and President Obama in North Carolina, a state hit hard by recent ICE raids, calling for their release.

Below is their statement.

Currently, at least nine youth from North Carolina and three from Georgia are being held in demoralizing conditions at Stewart and Irwin Detention Centers in Georgia. One youth, Wildin, was recently sentenced to 45 days of solitary confinement at Stewart for minor infractions including helping another inmate translate a letter into English. His sentence was reduced to 10 days only after significant community and political pressure.

We believe that our students are facing retaliation for being high profile detainees. These youth are Central American refugees. They have come here to escape violence and if deported, they risk death.  

Pedro Salmeron, a student from Vance High School currently detained at Stewart, fled El Salvador after his cousin was decapitated and castrated by gang members. Pedro was pressured to join a gang or else risk torture and death.


President Obama, stop deporting our students. You can make sure schools and communities stay together. Declare a moratorium on deportations immediately. Release all detained refugee youth now.

Former Secretary of State Clinton, you have promised that, if elected, you “would not deport children” and would “stop the raids.” That future promise requires action in the present moment. Will you do everything within your power to push for the immediate release of the 12+ detained young people. ...





@wikileaks [5/7/16]:  In this email Hillary ("H") knowingly instructs her staff to send a classified doc unsecure ...




Clinton 'extremely careless' with emails, but FBI recommends no charges [Reuters – 5/7/16]





10 civilians killed in terrorist suicide attack in Hasaka city [SANA - 5/7/16]





Terrorist organizations on Monday targeted residential neighborhoods in Aleppo with rocket shells and explosive rounds, injuring six civilians, according to a police source. ... [SANA - 5/7/16]





US-backed Syrian rebels accused of torture, summary executions [Antiwar - 4/7/16]



@wikileaks [6/7/16]:  WikiLeaks cable reveals #Chilcot report fixed to "protect US interests" #Iraq ...




New Zealand Labour party ask when troops will be leaving Iraq and Afghanistan [Newstalk ZB - 6/7/16]




Many of Iraq's minorities are on the verge of disappearance after 13 years of war, campaigners warned on Monday.

"The impact on minorities has been catastrophic. Saddam was terrible; the situation since is worse. Tens of thousands of minorities have been killed and millions have fled for their lives," said Mark Lattimer, head of Minority Rights Group (MRG). ... [Daily Mail - 5/7/16]



The US tells lies, manufactures wars, millions die. The Weight of Chains | Težina lanaca [2010]




6 July 2016