It’s 189 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.



Fearful lives ,less life not peace in hearts nor in minds #Manus @sunosi3 [7/2/18]



Australian taxpayer-funded built facilities at the Nauru immigration detention centre rotted with mould and, in some cases, staff stepped through the floor ... <.---Media reports that do everything but challenge Australia's anti-refugee policy at this dire stage aren't journalism, they are window dressing for ongoing human rights atrocities - and defacto political advertisements for the Labor Party [SBS - 7/2/18]



@Miladkhan01 [7/2/18]:  #BALIKPAPAN #AsylumSeekers Since we began our peaceful protest to get our freedom, @IOM_Indonesia & immigration cut-off our medical services, bread ,money transfer, internet and today they reduce our drinking water to 50%. Our rights are violate here. Please support us.



@MahdiAlizada18 [7/2/18]:  22 days of #Refugess protest in #Balikpapan detention center for #freedom. 22days passed since our protest but nothing advanced #Balikpapan



@Aussie4Refugees [7/2/18]: .@justice4refugee's Australian protest in solidarity with #Balikpapan #Manus #Nauru   



@No2Deportation [7/2/18]: ... Dep Foreign Minister @TzipiHotovely recorded saying: "We have no way of monitoring what happens to Africans that Israel deports to #Rwanda & #Uganda". No monitoring, no accountability, no regard for refugee life & dignity. ...



@No2Deportation [6/2/18]:  #HAGUE : another demonstration against deportation of #Eritrean refugees from #Israel to #Rwanda and #Uganda. HEAR Eritrean refugee who had to leave #Israel and travel from Rwanda to Holland for safety and dignity ...  



Evidence continues to mount that refugees deported by Israel to third countries in Africa face grave dangers and death, including risking their lives by taking perilous onward journeys to Europe.

Asylum seekers removed under the “Voluntary Departure” policy to countries like Rwanda and Uganda were deprived of their official documents, exposed to extortion, threats, and imprisonment, and in some cases, even forcibly returned to the nations they originally fled, according to new report by three independent researchers and published through the advocacy Hotline for Refugees and Migrants.

The study was conducted with 19 Eritreans who were relocated between 2014 and 2016, only to leave East Africa again and be granted refugee status in Germany and the Netherlands.

Their testimonies showcased the multiple traumatic experiences they were exposed to as they traveled through conflict zones in South Sudan, Sudan, and Libya. ... [QUARTZ - 5/2/18]



@davidsheen [5/2/18]:  Israeli Police arrest for bribery Tel Aviv’s Deputy Mayor, from Netanyahu’s ruling Likud Party, and for years one of the loudest voices on Tel Aviv City Council demanding the city and the country be ethnically cleansed of non-Jewish African refugees ...



@davidsheen [5/2/18]: ... Stockholm protest 2.2.2018 at Rwanda’s embassy to Sweden against Paul Kagame trafficking into statelessness & suffering tens of thousands of non-Jewish African refugees, so that Benjamin Netanyahu can ethnically cleanse Israel of them



@Refugees4Sale [6/2/18]: ... Based on deportees testimonials, this is how Israel and Rwanda's #Refugees4Sale human trafficking system works ...



@Refugees4Sale [5/2/18]:  The implications of Israel’s brutal deportation policy, sending refugees to their death in Africa, will affect all refugees and migrants, particularly those endangered by Western deportation policies to unsafe third states. ...



Israel pays a bounty of $5,000 and arms for each African asylum seeker expelled [TRNN - 5/2/18]:


... Lia Tarachansky: Israel, and Jewish people in general, have been the main pushers for the 1951 Convention on the Rights of Refugees, of course because at that time we were dealing with a lot of refugees who were Jewish as a result of the Holocaust.

However, after signing the International Convention on the Rights of Refugees, Israel has never respected the rights of refugees. In fact, Israel itself as a country was created at a time and led to the displacement of two-thirds of the Palestinian people, creating the biggest refugee problem in the entire world, as well as the longest lasting refugee problem, to this day, two-thirds of the Palestinian people being refugees as a result of the fact that Israel does not recognize their right to return, again violating the International Convention on the Rights of Refugees.

What we're seeing right now when it comes to Sudanese and Eritrean refugees is actually the state of Israel implementing the exact same policies and practices that it used to implement against Palestinian refugees, the exact same legal tools in order to get these refugees out of the country. ...



A long list of Israeli international jurists contacted Attorney General Avichai Mandelblitv earlier this month, asking him to reconsider the decision to expel Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers to a third country. ... [Ynet - 4/2/18]



How did a 14-year-old Palestinian girl who has never set foot in the open-air prison of Gaza find herself being dumped there by Israeli officials – alone, at night and without her parents being informed? ... [Counterpunch - 4/2/18]



Syrian army air defense confronts Israeli missile attack on military position in Damascus countryside [SANA - 7/2/18]



Israeli forces kill Palestinian teen after alleged stabbing near Hebron settlement [Maan - 7/2/18]



Israeli forces assassinated Palestinian fighter Ahmad Nasser Jarrar during a wide scale military operation in the al-Yamoun town in the northern occupied West Bank district of Jenin on Tuesday at dawn.

Since an Israeli settler was shot and killed last month while driving near Nablus, Israeli forces have embarked on a manhunt for Jarrar -- the alleged main suspect in the shooting -- who had managed to evade capture for weeks. ... [Maan - 6/2/18]



Israeli bulldozer destroys Palestinian water pipeline in Jordan Valley [Maan - 5/2/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [6/2/18]:  Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews, and his army of media, cultural, human rights and refugee "advocates", are counting on your gullibility.... 



Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews imprisons more young offenders in adult prisons [The Age - 5/2/18]



Ms Ronalds said Islanders had been victims of systemic racism that was "so entrenched that it is apparently invisible to those who did it and those who manage and supervise it". Palm Island raids were overreaction to riots, lawyer [SBS - 21/9/15]



Israel trip empowers Australian MPs Tony Pasin, Meryl Swanson and Milton Dick [Australian Jewish News - 4/4/17]



... A short press release by NSW police has confirmed reports on social media that a man has died after a police raid on a home in George st, Waterloo this morning.

The release states that the 31 year old man allegedly fell from a balcony during the police raid just before 11 am.

Independent sources say that the Aboriginal man was being questioned over property offences when the incident occurred. ... [Welcome to Country - 7/2/18]



... About power over people in a palace

with a permanent guard ...


'Delusions of Grandeur', Pet Shop Boys [1997]



The Australian Labor Party extended The Intervention [Stronger Futures] and illegally trafficked and indefinitely jailed refugees on Manus Island and Nauru.

Rudd is not sorry for anything, He's a fascist who is trying to deflect blame for his human rights crimes, aided by SBS [7/2/18]



@GraffitiExpert [7/2/18]:  "Prior to joining Hawker Britton, Mr Khalil worked for former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd" [2012: SBS Apppoints Peter Khalil to the position of Director, Strategy & Communications]



The ABC's filing cabinet kowtow to ASIO and the government was gutless [ABC - 6/2/18]



Kevin Rudd was warned about critical risks of home insulation scheme before installer deaths [ABC - 31/1/18]



... Another document reveals nearly 200 top secret and sensitive papers were left in former Finance Minister Penny Wong’s office after Labor lost the 2013 election. 

These included Middle East defence plans, details on counter-terrorism operations and intelligence on Australia’s neighbours.

The AFP documents and those from Senator Wong’s former office are not the same as the  documents in the filing cabinets.

Senator Wong said: "This is the first time I have ever been made aware of this matter, which relates to a change of government over four years ago. As a former cabinet minister who participated in national security meetings, a senior member of shadow cabinet and a current member of the [Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security], I always take my responsibilities seriously." [Sydney Morning Herald - 1/2/18]




"They played a lovely game of chess between two groups of innocent people ... Australia's it's your fault, mate"  [Lucielle Paru - 9/11/17]



@Aussie4Refugees [7/2/18]:  "SLAVES OF AUSTRALIA" [pics: refugees protest on #Manus - December 2017 and refugees protest on #Nauru - March 2015]  



@Aussie4Refugees [4/11/17]:  US critical of Rudd's handling of asylum seekers ...



In a move that is unprecedented internationally, the Labor government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Friday announced an immediate suspension of all refugee applications from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. ... [WSWS - 12/4/10]





The Brisbane Federal Court has dismissed an injunction against Adani, paving the way for the Queensland Government to permanently extinguish Wangan and Jagalingou native title rights over a section of land in the Galilee Basin. ... [SBS - 6/2/18]




Fossil fools and anti-refugee tools: Vote 1 for Ged Kearney and Labor hypocrisy



Private dinners, lavish parties and shoulder rubbing. How coal giant Adani charmed Australia's political elite [Guardian – 21/8/15]:


... In October 2010, Queensland’s then Premier Anna Bligh travelled to India on a trade mission to promote the state’s bid to host the Commonwealth Games and “strengthen Queensland’s position as an ally and destination for future trade and investment in the eyes of the Indian market and nation leaders”.

A report tabled to the Queensland Parliament shows that Bligh’s first official meeting with Indian figures was with Adani, where the company’s owner Gautam Adani and his international development executive Harsh Mishra got to quiz the Premier about policies relating to rail lines, underground coal gasification and support for mining in the Galilee Basin.

Bligh also “agreed to attend the opening” of Adani’s offices in Brisbane later that month and extended an invitation for Adani to meet with its co-ordinator general when they were next in Brisbane.

After Campbell Newman won power for the Liberal National Party in Queensland, he led a trade mission to India too.

While there, Newman joined former Labor Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and a 76-strong business delegation for a tour of an Adani port and a power plant, reportedly getting there on a private jet.

The report on the trade mission, tabled to Parliament, shows that Mr Adani then hosted a lavish reception at his home for the entire delegation.

Judging by one freelance photographer’s images, the event was quite an affair with much handshaking all-round. ...



December 2012: Federal Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and Queensland Premier Newman travelled to the sub-continent for announcement by Adani that it’s ready to proceed with Galilee basin project [Brisbane Times - 2/12/12]



Sri Lankan court further remands Tamils over Facebook post [Tamil Guardian - 6/2/18]



British parliamentarians from the All Party Parliamentary Group for Tamils have called for the expulsion of a Sri Lankan military official who motioned a death threat to Tamil protestors in London this week.

Joan Ryan and Siobhain McDonagh wrote a letter to the British Foreign Secretary stating that the official, identified as the Sri Lankan High Commission’s defence attaché Brigadier Priyanka Fernando, was filmed “repeatedly running a finger across his throat – signaling the slitting of one’s neck – in an obvious attempt to intimidate the Tamil people who were present”. ... [Tamil Guardian - 6/2/18]



Sri Lankan president reiterates denial of secret detention centres [Tamil Guardian - 6/2/18]



Sri Lankan police officers tried to stop families in Keppapilavu who have been holding a continuous protest against land occupation by the military, from marking Sri Lanka's Independence Day with black flags.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 4/2/18]



Letter of concern to Oxford University Press regarding Dr Jacques Leider and ORE Asian History Series [Maung Zarni - 5/2/18]



[New York Times] Hannah Beech's select writings on Wirathu and Rohingyas have done lasting damage to Myanmar's inter-communal relations and credibility of Rohingyas' tales of horror while reinforcing Myanmar military's popular misinformation against Rohingyas ... [Maung Zarni - 4/2/18]



A Myanmar police officer who was part of the team that arrested two Reuters journalists in December told a court on Tuesday that he had burned the notes he made at the time, but gave no reason why he had done so.


At the last court hearing on Thursday, another prosecution witness, Police Major Min Thant, agreed during cross-examination by the defense that the information in documents that Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo were holding in their hands at the time of their arrest had already been published in newspaper reports.

“Wa Lone and Kyaw Soe Oo are journalists who perform a crucial role in shedding light on issues of global interest,” Reuters said in a statement after the proceedings ended for the day.

“We believe that the ongoing court proceedings will demonstrate their innocence and they will be able to return to their jobs reporting on events in Myanmar. ... [Reuters - 6/2/18]



Another day, another world leader goes sightseeing at a Rohingya refugee camp; commends imminent deportations as "positive", and pointedly doesn't call for protection or condemn Aung San Suu Kyi's genocide [ - 6/2/18]:


Switzerland’s President Alain Berset has said his current visit aims to promote bilateral relations and demonstrates the European nation’s support for and solidarity with Bangladesh ...



@nslwin [6/2/18]:  55 #Rohingya fleeing from #AhNautPyin VT #Rathedaung are trapped at the beach for almost 10 days as they have no money to pay for boat. ...



Energy firms head for the exit as offshore blocks hit hurdles [Frontier Myanmar - 4/2/18]:


... One company bucking the trend is Woodside, which unlike most of its rivals has bet big on Myanmar.

The Australian firm holds nine permits in the Rakhine basin, and has drilled seven deepwater wells and acquired more than 30,000 square kilometres of seismic data since 2015.

It has a stake in four blocks awarded in 2014, including the two Shell has extended.

The company is also proceeding in the two others, entering the initial exploration period in A-7 and being granted a two-year extension to the study period in AD-5.

 “Woodside plans to undertake another drilling campaign beginning in mid-2018,” a spokesperson said, adding that details would be confirmed in mid-February.

“These activities align with our strategy to secure international growth opportunities in frontier and emerging basins that leverage our core deep water capabilities.”

But Woodside is not just retaining existing assets; it doubled down on its Myanmar strategy in 2017 by farming in to three blocks (AD-1, AD-2, AD-8) that China’s CNPC has held for more than a decade. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [6/2/18]:  President Jokowi praised by UN Human Rights Chief Zeid, as Hazara refugees imprisoned in his Australian-funded IOM concentration camps rattle their chains, and most of the Rohingya who made it to Indonesia during the 2015 boat crisis have been deported #Balikpapan #BaliProcess



@MahdiAlizada18 [6/2/18]: 21 days of #Refugees protest in #Balikpapan prison/camp for #Freedom. #UNHCR #IOM #DGI #BalikpapanIDC



@YavariJavid [6/2/18]:  #Balikpapan ... We just want Freedom  



Indonesia: Refugees abandoned by Australia in squalid detention centres [Alaraby - 22/11/17]:


... Earlier this year he and the other inmates were told by Thomas Vargas, the head of UNCHR in Indonesia, that they "might be here for ten more years… and maybe [even] after ten, be forced to go back.  He said if we can't tolerate it, we should 'go back to our country'." ... [Where did UNHCR officials get the magic number "10"?]



Exporting detention: Australia-funded immigration detention in Indonesia [Journal of Refugee Studies - December 2012]



@Aussie4Refugees [1/12/17]: Aus govt withholds survival stats re IOM facilitated deportations



6 February 2018