216 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


 # Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [6/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [6/3/18]:  The policy and its associated atrocities continue, but evidently events on #Manus [and #Nauru ] aren't theatrical enough to attract the interest of Russell 'Water Diviner' Crowe and others anymore?  



@Aussie4Refugees [6/3/18]:  Does the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia's amalgamation with the MUA and CFMEU mean they also now support pushing back refugee boats?



@MahdiAlizada18 [6/3/18]: 49 days of our peaceful protest in #Balikpapan detention ,for freedom.every day we ask for help but still UNHCR staff don't come to us.Why?



@AliNatiqi [6/3/18]: 49th days of peaceful protest for freedom in Balikpapan i.d.c Still, there's no hopeful news from the side of #IOM and #UNHCR for the detained refugees inside prison Camp.



Another Bali Process death as Australia - with the help of the UN and IOM - keeps its borders pristine.



Unfortunately, a young Hazara refugee did suicide in Medan Indonesia ... Friday morning the dead body has been found on the roof of the accommodation house that he stayed there. ... @msherzad84 [6/3/18]



@david778799 [6/3/18]:  a young boy #hanged himself. in Medan Indonesia . ...



Sri Lanka declares state of emergency after deadly riot [Tamil Guardian - 6/3/18]



Anti-Muslim violence in Kandy has resulted in a district-wide police curfew and closure of schools across the district as well as the deployment of Special Task Force troops.

The violence in the Digana and Teldeniya areas of Kandy occurred after a Sinhalese man died, allegedly after a road-rage incident led to an altercation between the deceased and a group of Muslim men.

Sinhala mobs, including Buddhist monks, set fire to two mosques as well as Muslim businesses and homes in the areas.

Local sources report at least 8 homes and 50 businesses were burnt in the attacks. ... [Tamil Guardian - 5/3/18]



Rohingya refugees at risk of deadly monsoon rains [Al Jazeera - 6/3/18]



Myanmar’s “ethnic cleansing” of Rohingya Muslims is continuing, a senior U.N. human rights official said on Tuesday, more than six months after insurgent attacks sparked a security response that has driven nearly 700,000 people into Bangladesh. ... [Reuters - 6/3/18]



@YoursRohingya [6/3/18]:  #Myanmar armed forces r blocking #ICRC from assisting 80 #Rohingya families from #Buthidaung stranded at river-bank nearby #PaNyaungPinGyi in S. #Maungdaw since Mar4. -Not allowing them to flee to #Bangladesh -Carrying out gunfires to scare them -Starving them to death.  



After a three-day interval, Myanmar Army again took position along Tambru border in Naikkhonchhari upazila of Bandarban district today, creating panic among the Rohingyas who have taken shelter on no man's land. ... [The Daily Star - 5/3/18]



Front-page advertisements in Jammu’s local dailies call for deportation of Rohingya refugees [Outlook India - 5/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [4/3/18]:  "It is important that whatever you do succeeds quickly" Kissinger to Suharto POLITICO attempts to whitewash US complicity in Myanmar genocide.





Anti-Muslim Buddhist group moves toward Myanmar's mainstream [Yahoo - 1/9/15]:


... Aye Paing and a team of Ma Ba Tha-linked lawyers drafted the protection of race and religion bills, the last of which was signed by President Thein Sein on Monday.

Lawyers, economists, IT experts and other professionals had made Ma Ba Tha "very efficient, systematic and legal" said Aye Paing, 52, who wears a black "taik pone", a short collarless jacket worn over a shirt that is common among Myanmar's legal professionals.

"We discuss, give advice and share our visions," he said.

In another sign of its growing influence, foreign diplomats regularly visit the group's monastery headquarters.

One was U.S. Ambassador Derek Mitchell, who went there twice in May to discuss "the need for increased interfaith dialogue" and "the importance of keeping religion out of politics", according to a statement from the U.S. embassy in Yangon. ...



@davidsheen [2/3/18]: Israeli envoy explains why Israel is the only Western nation selling weapons to the only side that is committing war crimes in Myanmar: “Both sides” are committing war crimes in Myanmar  



@Aussie4Refugees [3/3/18]: Australia: NOPE NOPE NOPE and DEAL WITH THE ROHINGYA ... #UN #BaliProcess #Woodside 



The Australian defence department plans to spend almost $400,000 on English lessons, event attendances and training courses for members of the Myanmar military in 2017-18, documents released under freedom of information laws show.


Aung San Suu Kyi, Myanmar’s leader, is due to visit Sydney this month for the ASEAN-Australia special summit. ... [Guardian - 6/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [3/2/18]:  March 2013: Gillard government announces Australian military aid for Myanmar during visit by President Thein Sein 



This five kilometre stretch home to just over 80 houses has seen more than 50 separate cases of cancer, some of them quite rare.   

The anomaly has since been linked to the contamination of Williamtown properties surrounding the local RAAF base.

For 40 years the nearby RAAF base used a fire fighting foam - with suspected carcinogenic chemicals - which leached into the town's water supply.

Residents were told the news in 2015.

A perimeter was drawn around the contamination site and it was labelled “The Red Zone”.

Red Zone residents have been told not to use bore, ground or surface water under any circumstances. ... [9 News - 6/3/18]



Night flying operations involving F/A-18 Hornet and E-7A Wedgetail aircraft will be done at Williamtown RAAF Base during the next week. ... [Port Stephens Examiner - 6/3/18]



The mother of an 11-year-old girl who received an electric shock from a garden tap at her Perth home says doctors have confirmed her daughter has sustained brain damage.

Denishar Woods suffered the electric shock when she tried to turn off a garden hose on Saturday night at her Department of Housing home in Beldon, in Perth's north. ... [ABC - 6/3/18]



Queensland Premier still won't recognise first South Sea Islander in Parliament [Stephen Andrew MP for Mirani - 19/2/18]



Victorian Youth Justice Inquiry ponders why there has been an increase in youth on remand [ABC - 5/3/18]




March 2016: Victorian Labor Premier Daniel Andrews announces ramping up of efforts to racially profile African-Australians.  Media lap it up; human rights sector silent [The Age - 14/3/16]



'He has been stripped of his dignity and self-worth’, says mother of boy allegedly ‘tortured’ at WA’s Banksia Hill youth detention centre [NITV - 6/3/18]:


... Jason wrote a letter on October 2, 2017, saying he has not been told why he’s been sent to isolation; and that the first couple of months were the “hardest”.

“Since my stay down in ISU I have thought of self-harm a lot and (have) self- harmed,” he wrote.

“I strongly believe that leaving me down here is not the best solution for me, I think it is the worst.”

Jason says out of the 17 months that he had been in Banksia Hill Juvenile Detention Centre, he has spent at least 12 months in ISU.

“I strongly believe ISU has changed me in a bad way, I’m more institutionalised, I don’t talk to my mum as much as I used to,” he continued.

“I really do feel this is the last straw for me. I need help and I need it fast or I will end up doing something stupid.” ...



Former Don Dale detainee's family calls out NT government's feeble response to Royal Commission [ABC - 4/3/18]:


... "Unfortunately we still appear to be in the same position that we were many years ago, despite many reports being written, with still nobody being charged or held responsible for some of the abuses that have happened," he [brother] said.


Mr Rogan said the absence of any charges was a green light for further abuse.

"The NT Government have shown us by not charging anyone still to this date, and the Commonwealth Government by still allowing this to happen, are sending a clear message that if you're in a position of power, you have free rein," he said.



Political and media establishment brings the backlash against any hope for justice, as curiously timed Palmerston hate forum demands more apartheid-style policing, imprisonment and torture. [ABC - 6/3/18] 



Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Monday overnight arrested 12 Palestinians, after the soldiers invaded and violently searched dozens of homes across the occupied West Bank. ... [PNN - 5/3/18]



Thru Hike from Rummana village in Jenin to Beit Marsam village south of Hebron, aims to protect Palestine’s national tourism, culture, historic sites, heritage and beauty. [PNN - 4/3/18]



Palestinian-Israeli in critical condition after altercation over traffic ticket [IMEMC - 4/3/18]



Israeli soldiers throw tear gas at Palestinian couple running with baby [Maan - 3/3/18]



@davidsheen [4/318]: 25,000 call on @TurkishAirlines, @flyethiopian, & @RoyalJordanian not to lend a hand to Israel’s ongoing ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of African refugees 



Haaretz met with deported asylum seekers who were left with no papers or work permits; they can't even enter refugee camps as they have no status. One option is to risk death and head for Europe ... [Haaretz - 4/3/18]



Israel to deport LGBT asylum seekers to Rwanda, Uganda despite likely persecution [Haaretz - 4/3/18]



... Mutasim Ali is a Sudanese refugee, one of 35,000 African refugees currently living in Israel -- but one of only 13 to have his refugee status recognized by the state.

As of December 2017, all of the others are at risk of deportation. 

Israel has already started sending refugees to countries that offer them no status or security.

In this episode, Unsettled producer Asaf Calderon speaks to Mutasim and advocate Elliot Vaisrub Glassenberg about the unfolding crisis. ... [Unsettled - 16/2/18]



Desperate call to action to save mother, 2-year-old boy hiding in Afghanistan [CTV - 3/2/18]:


A couple living in Winnipeg is trying to reunite with their daughter-in-law, who is being called ‘Amena,’ and their 2-year-old grandson, after their son was killed in September 2017.

They believe the Taliban is responsible for his death.

The couple says they've reached out to some Manitoba Members of Parliament in the hopes of bringing the Amena and the boy to Canada in the hopes of keeping them safe, but so far no one has taken up their case.

"The urgency for this case is that their life is in danger. My daughter-in-law and grandson. They could be persecuted anytime if they are found,” said the grandfather.

The couple believes the reason their son was killed and Amena and the boy are still at risk is because they supported education for women and girls when they lived in Afghanistan. ...



A father who walked across the U.S. border into Manitoba with his eight-year-old daughter last year has made an appeal to have his case reheard after an adjudicator rejected his refugee claim in January.

Zahid Abbas says if he and his daughter Kashaf go back to Pakistan, they'll be in danger. ... [CBC - 2/3/18]



Asylum seekers in state of limbo as they wait for refugee claims to be heard in Canada [Global News - 1/3/18]



@MahdiAlizada18 [5/3/18]: 47 days of our peaceful protest in #Balikpapan detention for #freedom. we are still yelling for freedom ...



@alidad_qambari [5/3/18]: ... where is UNHCR & IOM for how long they keep us behind the barbed wire? we reached in 48 days of protest #Balikpapan #AsylumSeekers #SaveMe  



 215 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


 # Manus SOS 



Image: @sunosi3 [5/3/18]



5 March 2018