... Will Australian doctors be criticised and shunned in the same way as doctors involved in atrocities of the past?

This appears to be an inevitability. ...


First, do no harm. Why doctors should boycott working in Australian detention centres, John-Paul Sanggaran [Guardian - 5/3/16]





Dutton LIED about self harm and the "opposition" protected him:   21 mins in --->   Wilkie moves censure of Immigration Minister [VIDEO - 22/2/16]





The immigration department has defended the level of healthcare and medication available to refugees on Manus Island amid reports some who are severely ill are too scared to leave its detention centre.


“He won’t get any help there, currently he has people carrying him to the bathroom, shaving him and washing him,” Walker said.

“The [authorities] just want him to die elsewhere, not at the detention centre.” ... [Guardian - 26/2/16]





Jeanie M Walker, National Spokesperson for Asylum Seekers, Australian Democrats [15/9/15]:


... Mohammad was supposed to be brought to Australia for urgent medical treatment in February 2015 by medical request, but this did not happen.

He was told by Wilson Security that he had a flight if he signed a form saying he would never make a complaint against the guards that beat him.

When he would not sign the papers he was told that he would never leave Manus Island alive. ...





A pre-inquest conference into death of Hamid Khazaei revealed the appalling state of medical facilities for refugees incarcerated on Manus Island.


Australian media - particularly an ABC's South East Asia correspondent - seized on his pre-existing medical condition to generate a victim blaming talking point.




Image from the vigil held outside Mater Hospital in Brisbane ...


Image: @MaxChalmers90 [4/9/14]



Yahoo [4/12/15]:


An Iranian asylum seeker who died after developing a leg infection had a genetic condition predisposing him to infectious disease, a court has heard.

Hamid Khazaei, 24, died in Brisbane's Mater Hospital in September 2014 after developing an infected ulcer on his left leg on Manus Island.

A pre-inquest conference in Brisbane heard an autopsy report found Mr Khazaei had a genetic predisposition to a condition known as chronic granulomatous disease, which compromises the immune system and leaves the sufferer susceptible to ongoing infections.

However, the conference also heard the medical facilities on Manus Island were not equipped to treat Mr Khazaei.

A statement by a doctor at the Manus Island facility who treated Mr Khazaei described the clinic as "essentially a number of shipping containers".

The statement, by emergency physician Dr Leslie King, was read out at the conference by Doctors for Refugees lawyer Gerard Mullins.

Dr King said the Manus Island facility was unable to carry out full blood or urine tests, had a limited range of medications and antibiotics, no x-ray machine and suffered frequent power outages.

"In my opinion the clinic was not an appropriate facility in which to manage a patient who was very unwell," the statement said.

An earlier pre-inquest conference was told Mr Khazaei was transferred off the island a day after authorities recommended the urgent move.

He became comatose while being treated at a Port Moresby hospital and was pronounced brain dead when he arrived at Brisbane's Mater Hospital on September 2, 2014.

Counsel assisting the coroner Emily Cooper said a major issue would be whether the clinicians on Manus Island could have been expected to recognise the type of condition that Mr Khazaei suffered and whether anything could have realistically been done to save him.

 Ms Cooper said an expert review process must be completed before the inquest progresses and another conference was set down for March 14.




Guardian [4/9/14]:


... Kehazaei was flown from Manus last Wednesday. Speaking in Farsi from the family home in Tehran, Goldone Kehazaei told Guardian Australia she had not heard her son’s voice since his diagnosis.

“Not even before he boarded the plane,” she said, “They didn’t allow anyone to go with him on the plane, they said he had to give written permission, but he was too ill and unaware of his surroundings at that point. I was very upset because if I was there I would have held his hand and given him some comfort.

“On the plane his heart stopped and by the time he got to hospital the infection had spread and blood wasn’t getting to his brain. Only his heart and lungs were functioning. His brain and kidneys had failed.”

“No one called us [from the hospital] because it was the weekend, so we called ourselves and they said: ‘We don’t know who you’re talking about’.

“I later found out he was on life support.”

Goldone, 48, said her son was a “very sensitive, harmless lovable person”.

“Of all my three boys, he was the most gentle and loving,” she said. Her voice cracking on occasion, she continued: “When all his friends found out what had happened they were devastated. No one can believe this happened to such a gentle soul.”

Kehazaei’s brother Mehei described Hamid as “a very healthy, athletic and a regular gym goer who played soccer”. The family expressed shock that a young, fit man could contract such a devastating illness.

Asylum seekers detained in Kehazaei’s compound have written to the medical provider International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) blaming it for his condition.

It is understood there were delays to treating Kehazaei’s infection, which can often be cured with antibiotics.






AMA Speech - Prof Owler, AMA Asylum Seeker Health Forum [21/2/16]:


... As I said last night, security guards entering a hospital to forcibly remove a patient would be unprecedented in this country.

As President of the AMA, I have been approached by concerned doctors and advocates about particular cases.

The case of an otherwise healthy 24-year old Iranian asylum seeker who died of a treatable condition stands out.

This man presented with early sepsis while in detention on Manus Island. He had a temperature of over 40C, he was tachycardic, and hypotensive.

He was started on antibiotics. He developed cellulitis and, over the next 24 hours, another antibiotic was instituted - but his symptoms did not settle.

It was decided that the patient should be transferred for inpatient care at Port Moresby the following day on a commercial flight. He was to be escorted by a doctor who was travelling on the same flight.

The following morning, at 10.30am, the request was made for approval for the transfer, and he was booked on the flight. At 3.30pm, there was still no approval and the transfer was therefore cancelled.

That night, the patient deteriorated and developed septic shock with adult respiratory distress syndrome. He was saturating at only 77 per cent.

An emergency evacuation was arranged through International SOS. He was transferred from Manus Island to PNG Pacific Private via air ambulance.

He was not intubated for reasons that are unclear.

The patient was saturating at 60 per cent, and was unconscious on arrival at the ED at Pacific Private in Port Moresby.

There was apparently no warning to the hospital that the patient was arriving, and a further hour and half passed before the patient was intubated and resuscitated.

By this time, the patient was brain dead. He was transferred to the Mater Hospital in Brisbane where this was confirmed, and treatment was later withdrawn.

The death was referred to the Queensland Coroner. A report was also prepared by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. This latter report has not been released to the public.

The fact is that this young man should never have died. He should have been treated. If he had had access to appropriate treatment in a timely manner, he would still be alive today.

However, the overall attitude may be summed up by the following report from the Sydney Morning Herald, which quotes a leaked report by a service provider on the Island:

"It is likely some Iranian transferee will spread malicious rumours about GDD059's death to further their own personal agendas, as well as to exploit unrest to further their own agendas and standings amongst their countrymen."






... They came for her at St Vincent's on July 12. Her discharge note reads: "C4-5 incomplete quadriplegia 11 to central disc herniation and she walks with a 4-wheel walker for safety (gait problems and hand weakness)." A social worker added: "Vivian is independent with self-care, with encouragement."

As a farewell gift, St Vincent's gave her a walker. Assessing, rightly, that this woman couldn't do a runner, Immigration decided not to hold her pending deportation in Brisbane's women's prison but to lock her in a ground floor room at the Airport 85 Motel in the Brisbane suburb of Ascot.

She would stay there for a week with guards on the door supplied by Australian Correctional Management while the department worked to overcome a last hurdle: the Philippines had to be persuaded to issue this woman with travel papers and they weren't happy. ... [The lies that kept Vivian Alvarez hidden for years - Sydney Morning Herald - 20/8/05]





Report shows poor medical care led to deaths at US immigration detention centres [National Immigrant Justice Center - 25/2/16]:


A report, Fatal Neglect: How ICE Inspections Ignore Deaths in Detention, released today by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Detention Watch Network (DWN) and the National Immigrant Justice Center (NIJC), examines egregious violations of medical standards by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that played a significant role in the deaths of eight people in detention centers across the country.

During the Obama administration, 56 individuals have died while in ICE custody. This report focuses on eight deaths during a three-year period (2010 to 2012). Based on documentation from ICE investigations conducted after each death, which the ACLU received through a Freedom of Information Act request, the report shows that violations of ICE’s medical standards contributed to the deaths.

More perniciously, additional research shows that ICE inspections of the detention facilities before and after these deaths failed to acknowledge -- or sometimes dismissed -- the substandard medical care.





Donald Trump’s policies are not anathema to US mainstream, but an uncomfortable reflection of it, Glenn Greenwald [The Intercept - 5/3/16]:



... Even Ronald Reagan, whom virtually all the signatories claim to idolize, advocated for and signed a treaty in 1988 that stated that “no exceptional circumstances whatsoever … may be invoked as a justification of torture” and that “each State Party shall ensure that all acts of torture are offenses under its criminal law.”

The taboo is on “all acts of torture,” not its “expansive use” — whatever that means.

But the group signing this anti-Trump letter can’t pretend to find an embrace of torture itself to be “inexcusable” because most of them implemented torture policies while in government or vocally advocated for them.

So instead, they invoke the Goldilocks Theory of Torture: We believe in torture up to exactly the right point, while Trump is disgraceful because he wants to go beyond that; he believes in “the expansive use of torture.”

The same dynamic drove yesterday’s widely cheered speech by Mitt Romney, where the two-time failed GOP candidate denounced Trump for advocating torture while literally ignoring his own clear pro-torture viewpoints.

Here we see the elite class agreeing to pretend that Trump is advocating views that are inherently disqualifying when — thanks to those doing the denouncing — those views are actually quite mainstream, even popular, among both the American political class and its population.

Torture was the official American policy for years. It went way beyond waterboarding.

One Republican president ordered it and his Democratic successor immunized it from all forms of accountability, ensuring that not a single official would be prosecuted for authorizing even the most extreme techniques, ones that killed people — or even allowed to be sued by their victims.





The Big Chill, the Donald, and the Judas Goat: The Big Picture on 2016, Paul Street [Counterpunch - 4/3/16]:



... A “sheepdog” the canine just moves the sheep around in the pasture. They get to live on eating grass and getting shorn of their wool every so often. Not bad.

A “Judas Goat” send other sentient beings to their death.

The second metaphor better captures the Democratic Party’s time-honored role (ably documented in Lance Selfa’s excellent book The Democrats: a Critical History) as the graveyard of social movements and independent people’s politics.

Maybe I’m overdoing the anthropomorphic thing (apologies to Orwell and others) but the analogy stands. The Democratic Party (with which Sanders has been strongly if stealthily affiliated since at least the early 1990s) is the great and longstanding killing floor for radical and grassroots activism and protest.

Its dreadful track record as a social justice cemetery goes back at least to the Populist rebellion of the 1890s and up through the industrial workers’ movement of the 1930s and Civil Rights, Black power, feminist, Chicano/a rights, immigrant rights, and gay rights movements during and since the 1960s.

The dismal, demobilizing Dems’ leaders have not been averse to combing repression with co-optation, as when Democratic president Woodrow Wilson incarcerated and deported American socialists and anarchists during and after World War One.

Presidents Kennedy and Johnson harassed, infiltrated, and spied on Civil Rights and antiwar activists. Barack Trans Pacific Obama’s savagely neoliberal administration helped coordinate the violent dismantlement of the Occupy Movement (this even while “Wall Street Barry” stole Occupy’s rhetoric for deployment against Mitt Romney) by Democratic Party-run city governments across the U.S in the fall of 2011. ...







Voters in Samoa delivered a resounding mandate to the governing party in elections on Friday, almost completely removing the opposition from parliament. ... [RNZI - 5/3/16]





The U.S. Navy has dispatched a small armada to the South China Sea.

The carrier John C. Stennis, two destroyers, two cruisers and the 7th Fleet flagship have sailed into the disputed waters in recent days, according to military officials.

The carrier strike group is the latest show of force in the tense region, with the U.S. asserting that China is militarizing the region to guard its excessive territorial claims. ... [Navy Times - 4/3/16]




Indonesia, Russia to sign deal for 10 Sukhoi fighter jets in April [Jakarta Globe - 4/3/16]






Philippines seizes North Korean cargo ship to enforce UN sanctions [Reuters - 5/3/16]






Leader Kim Jong-Un has ordered North Korea's nuclear arsenal readied for pre-emptive use at anytime, in an expected ramping up of rhetoric following the UN Security Council's adoption of tough new sanctions on Pyongyang.

The North's nuclear warheads must be deployed "on standby so as to be fired at any moment," Kim was quoted as saying by the North's official KCNA news agency on Friday.

He also warned that the situation on the divided Korean peninsula had become so dangerous that the North needed to shift its military strategy to one of "pre-emptive attack".


Kim said the resolution had opened a "very dangerous phase", coming just days before the US and South Korea kick off annual joint military drills that Pyongyang views as provocative rehearsals for invasion.

The exercises involving tens of thousands of troops are scheduled to begin next Monday. ... [Channel News Asia - 4/3/16]





Fiji and UN appeal for $38 million to relieve catastrophic loss after Cyclone Winston [Media Release - 4/3/16]:


... Winston, the most devastating tropical cyclone on record in the Southern Hemisphere, struck the Pacific island nation on 20 February, taking more than 40 lives and affecting 350,000 people, 40 per cent of the total population.

Some 54,000 people remain sheltered in 960 evacuation centres.

While comprehensive data on the damage is still being collected, initial estimates indicate varying levels of destruction, with up to 100 per cent of buildings destroyed on some islands.

Hundreds of schools have been damaged or destroyed, health facilities have been severely damaged and the agricultural sector faces a total loss of some $56 million.






FBI evaluating criminal investigation of ExxonMobil [Democracy Now - 4/3/16]





Leaders from across Malaysia's political spectrum joined Friday to call for a national movement to remove scandal-hit premier Najib Razak, in a dramatic escalation of a festering political crisis.

The alliance brought together previously bitter political foes and was led by former premier Mahathir Mohamad, who has spearheaded calls to remove Mr Najib over allegations of corruption and misrule.

58 people signed a declaration pledging to remove Mr Najib through legal and non-violent means.

They also pledged to take action against those who associated with or covered up for the prime minister. ... [Channel News Asia - 4/3/16]





... The night, the stars

A light shone through the dark

All the way back home at midnight

you were sleeping on my shoulder ...




'Liberation', Pet Shop Boys [1994]




 Happy #MardiGras2016!


We are marching w @UnitingNetwork @UnitingChurchAu saying #LGBTIQ Refugees Are Welcome Here



Image:  ‏@LeichhardtUC [5/3/16]





Tom Swann planned to marry Guillermo Hernandez at a Palm Springs golf course on Valentine’s Day.

But when immigration agents arrested Hernandez, an undocumented immigrant, the venue changed to the federal Calexico detention center where he awaits a deportation hearing.

The marriage, which has been approved by both the facility’s warden and U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, will be the country’s first same-sex marriage for a detainee in an immigration detention facility, according to Lauren Mack, an ICE spokeswoman. ... [The Desert Sun - 4/3/16]




An Indian student leader facing sedition charges has called for "freedom in India" in a rousing speech to students at Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU), after being released on bail.

Kanhaiya Kumar received a hero's welcome at the JNU campus in New Delhi on Thursday night and addressed a large gathering of students and faculty members, cautioning authorities from suppressing freedom of speech and the right to dissent.

"The struggle is long. The more you try to suppress us, the higher we will rise...we are not asking for freedom from India, but asking for freedom in India." ... [Al Jazeera - 4/3/16]





Missing bookseller detained in China returns to Hong Kong, police say [Reuters – 4/3/16]





Teenage Tibetan in India dies after self-immolation [Al Jazeera – 4/3/16]





Radical lawyer, author and publisher William Schaap dies [Democracy Now - 4/3/16]




... Keep in mind that, much sooner than later, great avenues will again be opened, through which will pass the free man, to construct a better society. ...




Last Words by Salvador Allende - Santiago de Chile, 11 September 1973




The Battle of Chile: Part 1, The Insurrection of the Bourgeoisie [1975]




The Battle of Chile




... The crime will have to be investigated—the police reportedly suspect it was a robbery—but for Cáceres’s mother it was clear that “la mataron por su lucha”—“they killed her because of her struggle.” ... Berta Cáceres, 1973-2016: The Fight Goes On [Union of Concerned Scientists - 4/3/16]




Do feminists support coups? Honduran women on Hillary Clinton [teleSUR – 28/2/16]:



... “The current dictatorship under Hernandez is part of her creation,” said Cardoza.

“The misery doesn’t just affect women with more brutality, but also our bodies are exposed to the militarist ideology with which they uphold poverty and kill us; to the conservative fundamentalism with which they deny the exercise of our sexual autonomy; and to the possibility of being creative people and not just workers for their factories and way of life.”


In light an ongoing economic crisis and rampant, systemic violence, especially against women, thousands of Hondurans have fled north toward the U.S. border, only to be pushed back again, with Clinton's approval.

It's for that reason — helping spur the violence and denying shelter to its victims — that Clinton’s brand of feminism fails to resonate with most Honduran women.





WikiLeaks Honduras: US State Department busted on support of coup [Huffington Post - 29/11/10]



Obama renews decree calling Venezuela a 'threat' [teleSUR – 3/3/16]




Argentina:  Government debates vultures bill [Buenos Aires Herald - 4/3/16]:



... Last month, the government reached a US$4.65-billion agreement with the toughest hedge funds holding 2002-defaulted Argentine bonds, including Elliott and Aurelius.

Added to the deals reached with other bondholders, the total sum to be paid by the Mauricio Macri administration will total around US$15 billion. ...







In a sign of growing discontent over a visit by President Barack Obama, a former Argentine Nobel Prize winner says the U.S. leader should skip his planned March 24 visit to the country because it's the 40th anniversary of a coup that installed a military government that had U.S. backing.

Adolfo Perez Esquivel, who won the prize in 1980 for his defense of human rights during Argentina's 1976-1983 dictatorship, told The Associated Press that he plans to publish an open letter this week. Esquivel and Obama know each other through the Nobel Prize; Obama won it in 2009. Esquivel said the two had communicated before over human rights issues, including the indefinite detentions of prisoners at the U.S. naval base Guantanamo Bay.

Esquivel said he welcomes Obama, and thinks it's great that an American president wants to better get to know people in Latin America. However, he should not visit on March 24, Esquivel said.

On that day in 1976, the military staged a coup. Human rights groups estimate that 30,000 people were killed or disappeared during the 1976 to 1983 military government. ... [AP - 2/3/15]




The [New Zealand] Council of Trade Unions (CTU) has revealed it asked for an extension of the deadline for public submissions on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has been turned down.

The select committee dealing with the 12-nation free trade agreement yesterday decided against extending the March 11 deadline after Labour's David Clark asked for it. ... [Newshub - 4/3/16]





Coroner raises red flag on e-health system [IN Daily - 3/3/16]





The number of Australians with a digital health record will jump by more than a million – or 40 per cent – as part of the Turnbull Government’s commitment to improving health outcomes and saving lives through digital innovation and information sharing. ... [Minister for Health Media Release - 4/3/16]




New Teflon toxin causes cancer in lab animals [The Intercept – 4/3/16]






The University of Queensland and global pharmaceutical company Pfizer have formed a partnership to advance drug discovery in Australia.

The agreement with UniQuest, UQ’s main commercialisation company, is part of Pfizer’s Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI) program. ... [UQ News - 29/2/16]






Bob Hawke was approached for an interview for this story and he declined. "There was no CIA interference in Australia's trade unions" --->  Former spy Christopher Boyce speaks out in an explosive new Dateline interview. [VIDEO - SBS - February 2014]





Image: ‏@GedKACTU - President, Australian Council of Trade Unions [15/11/14]




The world after Obama, Vijay Prasad [Counterpunch - 3/3/16]:


... No other country has as expansive a footprint as the U.S. There are 800 U.S. military bases in 80 countries, sentry posts around the planet for U.S. interests. Neither China nor Russia is not anywhere near the U.S. in terms of military reach. With the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991, the U.S. had no competitor on the global stage.

It prosecuted war without worry or challenge. This was evident in Iraq in 1991. Lack of effective constraint on U.S. ambitions forced the leadership of the United Nations to sanctify America’s wars.

After the fiasco of its Iraq invasion in 2003, the U.S. found its legitimacy eroded.

The U.N. was dragooned to hastily pass a new mandate, the Responsibility to Protect (R2P) doctrine of 2005, which suggested that U.N.-member states could intervene in a domestic conflict if civilians were being harmed.


Hatoyama [then Prime Minister of Japan] had won a mandate to remove the U.S. military base at Okinawa.

She [Clinton] travelled to Japan as Hatoyama tried to fulfil his pledge. [2010]

She lobbied against the removal of the base, stoking up discontent among the political class.

One of Hatoyama’s allies broke away.

He resigned a few weeks after Hillary Clinton left Japan. It was a soft coup.






Abe suspends work on US base relocation on Okinawa [Japan Today - 4/3/16]:



... The sudden reversal of his policy to continue with the reclamation work is seen as a vote-buying attempt ahead of this summer’s parliamentary elections. ...



Japan's porn industry preys on young women, say rights advocates [Japan Today – 4/3/16]:



... The group of activists and lawyers said they have been alarmed by an increasing number of young women, mostly in their early 20s—and even young men and boys—who seek their help.

At least one young women later killed herself by hanging, they said, her ordeal beginning when she was put in a small room surrounded by a number of men and forced to sign a contract.

“It seems to be widely assumed that these women agree to appear in porn movies,” said Hiroko Goto, a professor of law at Chiba University.

“But they are sometimes minors and often young women in their 20s who are not yet socially empowered,” she said.

“They are being preyed upon by those with power and money.”

The advocates said they are pushing the government to increase oversight of the industry as well as to close legal loopholes that allow such exploitation to occur.

Japan’s porn industry is worth up to 500 billion yen ($4.4 billion) annually and creates about 20,000 films, the advocates said.

The industry is “very lucrative,” Tsunoda said, adding that “there are many people who buy films showing such cruel sexual abuse as entertainment.”





Turkish police fired tear gas and used water cannon on a crowd to forcibly enter the country's top-selling newspaper on Friday after a court ordered its confiscation. 

An İstanbul court appointed trustees to take over the management of the Feza Media Group, which includes Turkey’s biggest-selling newspaper, the Zaman daily, as well as the Today’s Zaman daily and the Cihan news agency, dealing a fresh blow to the already battered media freedom in Turkey.

Police in riot gear pushed back Zaman supporters who stood in the rain outside its İstanbul office where they waved Turkish flags and carried placards reading "Hands off my newspaper" before they were overcome by clouds of tear gas.

Officers then forcibly broke down a gate and rushed into the building.

The footage showed them scuffling with Zaman staff inside the offices.


The takeover of Zaman comes as President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the government of the Justice and Development Party (AK Party) that he founded intensified pressure on the Turkish media.

Zaman, which is affiliated with the Gülen movement, is one of the few opposition media outlets in the country, which is dominated by pro-government television stations and newspapers. ... [Todays Zaman - 4/3/16]






Statement from Today’s Zaman [4/3/16]





Turkey launches new artillery strikes on Syria [Naharnet – 3/3/16]




Before you talk to that "seemingly sympathetic" Murdoch hack, remember who drives the anti bikie propaganda.



Boycott Murdoch.



From pink prison jumpsuits to "breaking the backs of the bikies", the Murdoch press says it - and every other media outlet parrots along.


[Gold Coast Bulletin - October 2013]





‏@seanpower9 [5/3/16]:   "Australia has been sold out" - senior Hells Angels member at start of  [Poker Run] 'charity ride'. ...





Gold Coast police officer Chris Hurley charged with assault of female colleague [Nine MSN - 4/3/16]





Deanne Choate was sleeping naked under the covers when a trio of cops flicked on the lights and came barreling into her bedroom with guns drawn, believing she posed a lethal threat.

The police officers from Gardner, Kansas, roused her awake and ordered her to show the gun her boyfriend told them she had fired. When she did that after throwing on a hoodie, police opened fire anyway, putting her to sleep for good.

A year after Choate’s death, officers Robert Huff, Justin Mohney, and Jeff Breneman remain on the force, having dodged criminal charges or censure for killing the 53-year-old woman.

But their department was slapped with a wrongful-death lawsuit in federal court this week by Choate’s children.

Armed with bodycam footage of the incident, the Choates blame police for being trigger happy when they were supposed to help their mother. ... [The Daily Beast - 3/3/16]





In Texas, state trooper Brian Encinia has formally been fired—eight months after he arrested 28-year-old African-American woman Sandra Bland, who was found hanged in her jail cell three days after her arrest.

Dash cam footage of the arrest shows Encinia dragging Sandra Bland out of her car and threatening to "light [her] up."  ... [Democracy Now - 4/3/16]




Alabama: White officer charged in murder of unarmed black man [Democracy Now - 3/3/16]:



In Montgomery, Alabama, white police officer Aaron Smith has been arrested for the killing of unarmed African-American man Gregory Gunn.

Following the shooting, Montgomery Police Chief Ernest Finley told local newspapers that Gregory Gunn had been holding some form of a weapon.

It was later identified as a retractable painter’s stick.

The shooting sparked days of protests and accusations of racial profiling.

On Wednesday, officer Aaron Smith was arrested and charged with murder.






More than a third of people shot by LA police last year were mentally ill, LAPD report finds [LA Times - 1/3/16]





Israeli forces target West Bank protesters during Apartheid Week [Maan - 4/3/16]:


... In 2015, Israeli human rights lawyer Itay Mack told Israeli newspaper Haaretz that Israeli forces used weekly protests to test out new technology.

“Testing new weapons and security devices is such a major part of the weekly protests -- it's the only really logical reason the Israelis choose to engage with something they could just as easily ignore,” Mack was quoted as saying.





Israeli forces shot dead a 34-year-old Palestinian woman on Friday morning after she allegedly rammed her car into an Israeli soldier stationed at the Gush Etzion junction in the southern occupied West Bank.

An Israeli army spokesperson said that after the woman hit the soldier with her car, Israeli forces "responded to the imminent threat" by shooting and killing her. ... [Maan - 4/3/16]





Israeli forces target ambulance crew during Bethlehem clashes [Maan - 4/3/16]:


... The tear gas canister smashed through the front window of the ambulance, causing two of its crew to suffer excessive tear gas inhalation. ...





UNICEF’s Jordan branch dumps Israeli occupation profiteer G4S [Electronic Intifada - 4/3/16]






In Australia and New Zealand G4S specialise in the delivery of Custodial Management Services for adult & youth justice, Police Support Services, Prisoner Transport, Court Management, Electronic Monitoring of offenders and Health Care Services, Security services and Electronic Security Systems. ... [G4S Australia & New Zealand]





Number of Burundian refugees tops 250,000 since April [UNHCR Media Release - 4/3/16]





5 March 2016