The Australian Labor Party illegally trafficked and indefinitely imprisoned you on Manus Island.


Dutton will never change ALP July 2013 policy.


Only pressure on the ALP and Shorten can do that.



156th days of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center. Mr : Dutton how long should we be tortured here in this prison? Our lives are in your hands ,finish them or get them relieve!! Refugees from # Manus @sunosi3 [5/1/18]



@Shamindan1 [5/1/18]:  Day 156 peaceful protest. ... [West Haus, Manus]



Labor Party booster and "deterrence" propagandist Paul Karp tells his readers that Australia spent $4 billion on its war on refugees last year.  Bipartisan policy of attrition continues unchallenged. [Guardian - 4/1/18]



January 11, New York:  Solidarity Vigil Against Deportation



Judge orders Wildin Acosta deported, but not yet. Here’s why. [The News & Observer - 1/1/18]



A Pacific County man arrested by immigration officials after an interview with The Seattle Times expects to be released Friday.

An immigration judge lowered his bond from $25,000 to $5,000, saying the longtime U.S. resident and shellfish worker presents no danger to the public. ... [The Seattle Times - 4/12/17]



Judge rules against Trump administration’s ‘warehousing’ of Iraqi nationals in jails [Shadowproof - 3/1/18]



"From our bases you attacked Afghanistan 57,800 times", says Pakistan's Foreign Minister to the US [Times of India - 4/1/18]:


... "We stood by you, considered your enemy our own. We filled Guantanamo Bay," said Asif, talking about the detention camp which was opened on January 11, 2002.

Pakistan's foreign minister is referring to his country's cooperation in helping the US find terrorists and war criminals and dispatching them to the prison established by then US President George W. Bush's administration during its 'war on terror' ...



@carolrosenberg [4/1/18]: Latest in Gitmo hypocrisy here...



Only 41 "war on terror" captives remain at the prison camps on the U.S. navy base in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Roughly a third of them are being held there at Camp 7, a lockup so secret that its very location is classified.

Known as "high value detainees." they all underwent brutal interrogations in secret CIA prisons elsewhere.

Now a military judge is letting some of their lawyers visit Camp 7 for the first, and possibly only, time.


CONNELL [Lawyer]: The high value in the high-value detainee does not refer to either any information that they had prior to their abduction or to their role in any act of terrorism. The high value refers to their possession of information about the CIA torture program. ... [NPR - 27/12/17]



Julian Assange: Countdown to freedom [KPFA - 4/1/18]:


We continue our collaboration between Live on the Fly with Randy Credico and Flashpoints.

On the show today we’ll be Joined by Social activist, Christine Assange, Julian Assange’s proud and militant mom.

Mrs. Assange will join us live from,Australia. And we’ll also be joined by Former CIA Whistle Blower, John Kiriakou ...



... It's but a concrete floor where my head will lay

And though the walls of this prison are as cold as clay

But there's a shaft of light where I count my days

So don't despair of the empty chair

And somehow I'll be there ...


 "The Empty Chair" ... co-written by Sting and American record producer J. Ralph ... was released as the lead single from the soundtrack album of 2016 documentary film Jim: The James Foley Story. ... [Wikipedia]



Broadbeach, Gold Coast [January 2018] 



@GraffitiExpert [5/1/18]:  Australia 1992: Fences go up around the "boat people"






US freezes $125 million funds for Palestinian refugees [Reuters - 6/1/18] 



@EmpireFiles [4/1/18]:  After Netanyahu called them "infiltrators," Israel has ordered the deportation of all African refugees - here's what Israeli citizens had to say about these refuge-seeking residents ...



@davidsheen [4/1/18]:  Today’s @haaretz editorial on how the Netanyahu government continually lies to the Israeli Supreme Court & how the court continually buys its lies, so that the only democracy in the galactic federation can ethnically cleanse 66000 black people in peace FFS



@davidsheen [3/1/18]:  There aren’t enough jail cells in Israel to hold the 10’s of 1000’s of non-Jewish African refugees that Netanyahu hasn’t ethnically cleansed yet so he’s ordered his security apparatus to prepare to forcefully round them up off Israeli streets & onto planes  



The Israeli government has given African migrants, many of whom were fleeing persecution, 90 days to leave the country [Now This - 3/1/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [5/1/18]:  Do these Israeli NGOs receive funding from their country's Labor Party, like the pro "deterrence" NGOs in Australia do?



How is it that Australia can host a conference about refugee trauma featuring speakers who endorse anti-refugee torture policy i.e "deterrence'?




@Aussie4Refugees [5/1/18]:  Israel bought a sewage treatment system for #Nauru two weeks before it voted against a UN General Assembly resolution on Jerusalem.



 Day 155 peaceful protest [West Haus, Manus]



NO MORE PLEASE @Shamindan1 [4/1/18]



@sunosi3 [4/1/18]:  155 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center. Feeling grateful and proud of you all my Aussie friends who are constantly standing up for humanity n vulnerable people. Sending you much appreciations , love n respect from # Manus



Butcher of Fallujah and Senator-designate Jim Molan - seemingly forgets his role doing the bidding of every US whim as a key architect of Australia's war on refugees, reconfiguring our military into on-sea death squads and plundering thieves of empire [SBS - 4/1/18]



The paramilitary leader and former chief minister of the Eastern Province, Pillayan, and several of his associates appeared at the Batticaloa High Court on Wednesday over the 2005 assassination of the TNA MP, Joseph Pararajasingham. ... [Tamil Guardian - 4/1/18]



Confusion and secrecy surround UNHCR-IOM facilitated forced deportations of Rohingya from Bangladesh [The Daily Star - 4/1/18]



First Rohingya recognised as a refugee by the Japanese government now fights for the rights of others [Kyodo News - 25/12/17]:


... Zaw Min Htut was denied his application for refugee status twice. His lawyers took the case to court, where they fought for almost four years, he said.

Through discussions with the court, his lawyers had decided to designate his case as a symbolic trial for Rohingya in Japan, and he became the first Rohingya recognized as a refugee by the Japanese government, according to Watanabe.

But actually two weeks before the court decision, the immigration bureau sent a letter notifying him that its previous denial had been annulled, after which he received his certificate recognizing him as a refugee at the immigration center in Tokyo's Otemachi.

Rohingya were already in Japan around 1993 but their issues were regarded more as struggles for democracy and freedom than a minority issue, and there were cases of Rohingya receiving special permission to stay based on humanitarian grounds prior to Zaw Min Htut's case.

Watanabe said currently around 200 to 250 Rohingya reside in Japan and he is helping around 16 to 20 who have not been granted refugee status or permission to stay. ...



@Lesvosolidarity [2/1/18]: 117 refugees arrived onto #Lesvos last night. One boat carrying 47 landed on the South coast, the second was picked up by an Italian Frontex ship. #opentheislands #lesvosarrivals



@Lesvosolidarity [2/1/18]:  PRESS RELEASE Inhumane and illegal detention case linked to the EU-Turkey deal. #moria #turkey #refugee #detention #pressrelease #lesvos #refugeesgr



@enough14 [3/1/18]:  New tents are popping up in the wild camp Olive Grove around the #Moria refugee camp on #Lesvos #Greece. #RefugeesGR 



IOM's unscrutinused, forcible return of migrants and refugees back to where they came from, in order to prevent them from moving on and seeking asylum in Europe, continue being presented as heroic "rescues" from the Libyan slave trade [BBC - 2/1/18]



A suicide bomb attack on a mosque in northeastern Nigeria has killed at least 11 people, according to reports.

The incident took place in the town of Gamboru, in Nigeria's Borno state near the border with Cameroon, an area where the armed group Boko Haram has previously carried out a number of attacks.

Witnesses said the bombing took place as worshippers were attending morning prayers. ... [Al Jazeera - 3/1/18]



US agrees to sell military planes and weapons to Nigeria [Vanguard - 27/12/17] 



@pajhwok [3/1/18]:  #Afghanistan: ... At least two people were killed and four other wounded in a roadside bomb in the Washir district of the southern Helmand…...



@pajhwok [3/1/18]: #Afghanistan: ... Nangarhar ... One civilian was killed and five others, including women and children, were wounded when a mortar shell fired by rebels... ... 



Afghan officials say troops killed 86 ISIS on Monday [ - 2/1/18]



Former Canadian hostage of Taliban appears in court on criminal charges [Reuters - 3/1/18]



@kambale [1/1/18]:  When peaceful protest is met with violent military response, the only option left is revolution! #Telema #USBackedDictators #nye #NYE2017 #Congo #Africa



Honduras´Nasralla: Opposition will only discuss departure of ‘fraudulently’ elected Hernandez [teleSUR - 3/1/18]:


... Nasralla also said that a dialogue initiated by Hernandez should have the presence of an international mediator, suggesting former Uruguayan President Pepe Jose Mujica as one possibility.

He added that the ongoing demonstrations by the Opposition Alliance in rejection of the election results will continue this Saturday in San Pedro Sula.

The demonstrations, that have seen great repression against protesters by state and police forces and have left some thirty dead and dozens more injured.



Brazil prison riot: 9 Killed, Over 70 on the run [teleSUR - 2/1/18]



@ajamubaraka [3/1/18]:  why is it that no one in the media or in the government talks about the 800 to 1000 U.S. foreign military bases? Is it because they don't want you to know that U.S. is an empire? BAP says close those bases, stop the militarization of the planet. Join us ...



These fake images of ‘Iran’ are being shared on social media [RT - 3/1/18]



Iran - Few protests - some riots - US prepares the next phase [Moon of Alabama - 2/1/18]:


The terrorist group MEK (NCRI, MKO) "leaked" fake protocols of an alleged government meeting which it claims shows panic over the protests.

Allegedly the government fears the leader of the MEK, Marjam Rajavi. The MEK has paid large sums to get support from politicians, including John McCain in Washington and elsewhere.

During the Iraq-Iran war it fought against Iran on the side of Iraq. After the U.S. invaded Iraq the MEK was held in special camps under U.S. control. According to a 2012 Seymour Hersh report the U.S. military trained MEK fighters in the U.S. in sabotage and insurgency technics. These people are deeply hated in Iran but feared they are not. Their early engagement in the "protests" via their website and propaganda ops in Iran may point to deeper role in the riots.

The usual neoconservatives in the U.S. media are arguing for "more help" for the "Iranian people". The help they want to offer is designed to worsen their economic situation. I earlier argued that the larger plan of the instigators of these riots is not aimed at winning a violent "regime change" conflict, but at causing a reaction by the Iranian government which can then be used to press especially Europeans to again isolate Iran.

This plan is now confirmed by an op-ed in the Washington Post. Michael Singh of the Zionist lobby in Washington writes:

If the regime resorts to violence anyway, the international response should focus on diplomatic isolation. European and Asian states should reduce their diplomatic ties with Iran and downgrade Iran’s participation in international forums. Sanctions may also have a role ...



@wikileaks [2/1/18]:  Memo leaked last year from State Department policy chief reveals US human rights playbook currently active in its Iran (but not Saudi) discourse. ...



Free James Ricketson but not Mahmoud Hussein, Julian Assange or any of the journalists trafficked, exiled and indefinitely detained on Manus and Nauru for being refugees?


Stooge of empire.



December 2015:  Peter Greste returns to Australia's public speaking circuit one day after medieval exile laws pass in another Senate bipartisan stitchup



An Australian man was arrested in the seaside town of Sihanoukville after he allegedly locked up his girlfriend and demanded sex from her sister and niece, police confirmed yesterday.

James Bernard King, 69, was arrested in the early hours of Thursday morning, with police alleging he unlawfully confined his partner You Kea, 38, her sister You Chang Reth, 27, niece Touch Ratana, 22, and Chang Reth’s son and daughter, aged 6 and 2, when they visited his residence on December 27. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 1/1/18]



British national found dead in Colombo with wound to face [Tamil Guardian - 2/1/18]



The Former Sri Lankan navy spokesperson was further remanded until January 16th over the disappearance of Tamil youths, Ada Derana reports. 

Commodore D.K.P. Dassanayake is accused of aiding and abetting in the disappearance of 11 Tamil youths between 2008 - 2009. 

Mr Dassanayake was arrested by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) in July 2017. 

A number of bail applications made have so far been rejected.  [Tamil Guardian - 2/1/18]



@isalassee [3/1/18]:  Schism within the #UN in #Myanmar : development vs. rights based approach re the #Rohingya crisis. Sounds familiar #SriLanka? Time to make the #Rightsupfront approach a reality and hold #UN officials accountable for ignoring it.



@innercitypress [3/1/18]: On Aung San Suu Kyi refusing to discuss alleged rapes of Rohingya by Myanmar Army, today Inner City Press asked UN again, Spox says when they hear from envoy Patten, they'll answer. Guterres' mail not even opened when he's on vacation? ...



Canada's Ambassador ordered to delete tweet of beach shots from Myanmar [iPolitics - 2/1/18]



As genocide rages, US empire creates new reality ---> The United States has urged the Myanmar authorities to take further steps to ensure everyone has full and equal access to the opportunities and the benefits of a democratic society. ... [The Daily Star - 3/1/18]




3 January 2018