188th day of peaceful protest from #Manus prison [East Lorengau]



Feeling depressed,frustrated and injustices in this life ! You know why ? Because of deprivations of rights,truths,equities ....and opportunities that each human being should have in the life!! @sunosi3 [6/2/18]



Refugees who Australia illegally trafficked and imprisoned on Manus, and "failed" the sham assessment process, receive a letter demanding THEY resolve the issue [RNZI - 6/2/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [6/2/18]: #Manus refugees who want to stay in PNG claim no access to citizenship process, underscoring Australian Labor Party's July 2013 "resettlement" lie



@Aussie4Refugees [6/2/18]: Former worker at Australia's illegal prison on #Manus Island tells forum a man's refugee claim was rejected because he was deemed "too educated" to be a Rohingya



@Aussie4Refugees [6/2/18]:  September 2017: UNHCR Canberra rep Thomas Albrecht pushes anti-refugee "people smuggling" propaganda at an academic forum [in Brisbane] as Australia bribes illegally imprisoned Rohingya to go home and die 



Not freedom. Not protection. Not resettlement. --->  Manus refugees who agreed to participate in sadistic US "deal" charade subjected to further psychological abuse in IOM trafficking and disappearance dry run [SBS - 24/1/18]:


...  The agency responsible for the transfers, the International Organisation for Migration, was unavailable for comment prior to publication. 

Mushtaq Hussain, whose 22-year-old brother is part of the latest transfer, told SBS News his brother Sajid was ready to start a new life in Tennessee.

“He wants to study and work also, and he wants to see out parents because he was very young when he was locked in Manus Island,” the 29-year-old older brother said.

“He like human rights and maybe he will study about human rights.” Mushtaq is now living in Indonesia and hoping to receive asylum in New Zealand. 

“He was sad for me because he said ‘I'm gone and you are alone in Indonesia’,” Mushtaq told SBS News.

“But I say to him, I’m very happy for you to get freedom from Manus, and I said it's OK, one day we will meet again.” ...



In response to a "Matter of Public Importance", the Labor Party and LNP agree that Australia must continue trafficking, torturing, exiling and pushing back refugees


Senate [6/2/18]



Demands and testimony of the detained at the People’s Tribunal - outside the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma [NWDC Resistance - 4/2/18]



Collateral arrests by ICE agents violate immigrants' constitutional rights, lawyers say [The Garden City Telegram - 4/2/18]:


... Unlike in criminal court, immigrants facing deportation are not appointed public defenders.

Nationwide, 57 percent of immigrants facing deportation don’t have an attorney, according a study that analyzed more than a million cases between 2007 and 2012.

Ingrid Eagly, an immigration law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles who co-wrote the study, said people subjected to unconstitutional arrests are unlikely to know how to challenge their deportation and many times agree to their expedited removal. ...



Kansas chemistry instructor arrested by ICE while taking his daughter to school [The Kansas City Star - 2/2/18]:


... Jamal, 55, is thought be detained in a Missouri jail 160 miles from his wife Angela Zaynaub Chowdhury, also from Bangladesh, and their three U.S. citizen children.

The oldest, Taseen, wrote on Facebook: “My little brother cries every night, my sister can’t focus in school, and I cannot sleep at night...

 “If my father is deported, my siblings and I may never get to see him again. He is an older man, and due to the conditions of his home country, he might not be able to survive.”


In a hand-penned letter sent from jail to his lawyer, Jamal wrote: “I will face a grave danger to my life for another important reason. That reason will largely have to do with my beloved profession of teaching and research.... (When) engaged in intellectual discussions, I tend to be outspoken since the U.S. Constitution guarantees freedom of speech.”


At the Jamals’ home on Friday, Anderson and two Lawrence schoolteachers — Dani Lotton-Barker and Marci Lenschen — came by to help comfort the family.

Lenschen said Syed Jamal served on parental advisory boards at his children’s schools and last year made an unsuccessful bid for a vacant seat on the local school board.

“This is a man who stands for everything a school would hope for in a father,” she added. ...



As well as capturing and forcibly returning 100s of central American migrants travelling in trucks, authorities is Mexico report that the coast guard "rescued" seven Cubans from a makeshift raft [WJLA - 4/2/18]



... The children were turned over to child welfare authorities. Adult migrants from Central America are usually bused back to their home countries. [mySA - 29/1/18]



In a prelude to his Latin American and Caribbean tour, US Secretary of State Tillerson made thinly veiled reference to US support of a military coup in Venezuela [teleSUR - 4/2/18]



@JulianAssange [6/2/18]:  Court has adjourned in my arrest warrant case. Judgment next Tuesday, 13 February 2018.



@JulianAssange [5/2/18]:  Background on my arrest warrant case tomorrow ...



@JulianAssange [5/2/18]:  Full judgment in successful @LauriLove High Court case today. Extradition to US would be oppressive. ...



@JulianAssange [4/2/18]:  Intellectuals, with exceptions famous precisely because of their exceptionality, have always served as skilled apologists for the classes who control their funding, career advancement and social elevation.  



Shorten's Labor Party doesn't care about the truth or protecting whistleblowers.

Shorten is going in to bat for Murdoch and the other establishment MSM outlets.

The bipartisan crackdown on freedom of speech continues ---> The Turnbull government is poised to backtrack on its controversial proposed secrecy laws as Labor leader Bill Shorten vowed to block the legislation unless journalists were better protected. ... [The Age - 6/2/18]



Bill Shorten's dedicated team of McCarthyists Dreyfus and Kelly join LNP politicians and Professor Clive Hamilton at Parliamentary Joint Committee yellow peril fear fest. [Senate - 31/1/18]





Seattle’s election authority said on Monday that Facebook Inc is in violation of a city law that requires disclosure of who buys election ads, the first attempt of its kind to regulate U.S. political ads on the internet. ... [Reuters - 5/2/18]



“Anytime you got to vote for the lesser of two evils you’re evil yourself – that’s how Hitler came to power”


Dick Gregory



Why only "tell Turnbull"? Are you suggesting the alternative Shorten Labor government would sign the Nuclear Weapons ban treaty? ---> We're no stranger to taking on big boats, but it was a delight this morning to welcome @peace_boat to Sydney! We stand by their call for Aus to sign the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty - do you? Tell Turnbull ... @GreenpeaceAP [4/2/18]



If you truly believed in peace, nuclear disarmament and human rights you wouldn't be in the Australian Labor Party. ---> Looking fwd to speaking at #makingwaves in #Hobart to welcome @peace_boat. It’s come from Japan promoting peace, human rights and an end to nuclear weapons #endofnukes #YesICAN #nuclearban treaty @Lisa_Singh [1/2/18]



The Peace Boat was welcomed to Sydney by the Maritime Union of Australia - who support refugee boat turnbacks [SBS - 5/2/18]



Does the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia's amalgamation with the MUA and CFMEU mean they also now support pushing back refugee boats? ---> ... The support given to boat turnbacks by the Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU) and Maritime Union of Australia (MUA), threatens to set this process back within the union movement and risks emboldening racist and xenophobic views among the Australian working class.


Other unions, such as the Textile, Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia (TCFUA), Australian Manufacturing Workers Union, Australian Services Union (ASU) Vic, SA, Qld and NSW/ACT Services branch, and the Finance Sector Union voted against turnbacks.

According to the Australian Financial Review, in addition to the CFMEU and MUA, sections of United Voice and other branches of the ASU sided with Shorten.

The Shop Distributive and Allied Employees' Association was “absent” for the vote and United Voice was split on the issue across their state branches, according to conference observers.

Michele O’Neill, from the TCFUA and delegate from the Victorian left spoke passionately at the protest outside the conference and again during the debate on the floor. ... [Green Left Weekly - 31/7/15]



Guardian [25/7/15]:


… Meanwhile I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact that Labor for Refugees is balking at putting the motion on turnbacks this afternoon.

Labor for Refugees actually set this whole torturous debate in motion by making it known some time back that this issue would be pursued at the national conference.

Given the factional balance at this conference, it was entirely possible that a motion prohibiting turnbacks could succeed.

There was support on the left, and from elements of the right.

Bizarre, this semi retreat at the eleventh hour.


No sooner had the Giles/Watt motion been agreed to then Labor for Refugees (brackets, question mark) has raised objections to the motion being put at all – according to party sources.

As they say in the classics, go figure. ...



New Matilda lays bare Labor for Refugees' shallow cynicism [New Matilda - 24/7/15]:


... Speaking to New Matilda today, Co-Convenor of Labor for Refugees Shane Prince, refused to confirm whether the group would even move a motion calling on the party to take an anti-turn back stand.

Instead, Prince argued that as turn backs were a breach of international law the party platform was in fact already opposed to them.

The draft platform prepared for the conference says Labor will treat asylum seekers in accordance with Australia’s international obligations.

“Something we have to weigh up is whether we have to move such a motion to make something abundantly clear which we say is already abundantly clear,” Prince said.

“We’re not in the business of moving motions just for the sake of doing it. What we do not want to do, for obvious reasons, is to move a motion that then fails.

“Because that will confuse the party, it will lead to internal divisions on an ongoing basis, and it will be used as an argument to say that the platform allows turn backs and we say it doesn’t. We don’t want division within the party.” ...



5 February 2018