Another man bashed to a pulp in Australia's war of attrition against refugees.


If these injuries, and description of what caused them are real, and your only response is to blame Dutton, you are helping perpetuate this misery.







One refugee has been brutally attacked this afternoon, he was badly injured and sent to Lorengu local hospital. @Shamindan1 [8/4/18]



@sunosi3  [7/4/18]: 248th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. #Manus SOS





@Aussie4Refugees [8/4/18]:  Gatekeeper of refugee voices Amanda Perram can pass on refugees' appreciation for Labor Party protest theatre, but is unable to convey what is happening with ongoing deportations and/or Supreme Court case in PNG. What a crock....



Denial of health care is a key component of anti-refugee "deterrence" policy.   Not demanding a boycott at this dire stage is abhorrent, so the Labor Party dark hands are working overtime to make sure any emerging and ethical medical students stay on message.





These people do not represent any kind of resistance to Australia's anti-refugee fascism. They just want the Labor Party back in charge of "deterrence" policy.





Decontextualised anti-Duttonism masquerading as activism is about helping Bill "it is OUR policy" Shorten, and his band of proven anti-refugee Labor fascists Marles, Plibersek, Bowen, Burke and Khalil, slide back into government.




... People coming to Australia by boat will not - should not expect to be accepted into our refugee and humanitarian intake. ...


Tanya Plibersek



5 April 2018