... In a newly released enhanced audio of the dashcam footage, the family claims the officers threatened to run over Mann with their car.

Moments later, the police fired 14 shots, killing Joseph Mann.

"They just run up on him and shot him," said attorney John Burris, who is representing the Mann Family. ... Family wants police officers who shot and killed Sacramento man to be charged [KCRA - 3/10/16]



United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [CENTCOM - 4/10/16]



Similar to recent Australian legislation allowing ADF war crimes against Iraqi and Syrian civilians ---->  Soldiers could be shielded from legal action brought under the European Court of Human Rights in future conflicts, in a bid to protect troops from “vexatious” court claims.

Ministers argue the step is needed because ECHR judgments in recent years have over-extended the court’s jurisdiction, making action against troops fighting in conflict zones too easy.

Under the proposals, while British soldiers would be protected from action using ECHR law, they would still be subject to International Humanitarian Law, including the Geneva conventions and UK criminal law. ... [Independent - 3/10/16]




In Serbia, migrants march in protest toward Hungary border [Christian Science Monitor - 4/10/16]




@PROACTIVA_SERV [4/10/16]:  #UltimaHora #Astral rodeado de embarcaciones con unas 1.700 personas al límite. Los rescates no cesan. Mujeres y niños a bordo. Seguimos.




Turkish Coast Guard "rescues" 34 migrants from sinking boat [Daily Sabah - 3/10/16]




Save The Children search and rescue ship rescues 200 migrants in the Mediterranean [Reuters - 4/10/16]:


More than 200 migrants, including children traveling alone, were brought ashore to Italy on Tuesday after being rescued in the Mediterranean Sea off North Africa.

The Vos Hestia search and rescue ship, operated by charity Save The Children, arrived at the Sicilian port of Catania.

Those aboard had been rescued from their perilous sea journey on Sunday. ...




In Australia, SaveThe Children advocate refugee boat turnbacks. All aboard the bipartisan ship [Overland - 11/8/15]:


... Writing in The Australian, Save the Children Australia CEO Paul Ronalds makes a more reluctant argument for the same conclusion: that organisations supporting refugees should embrace the opportunity for bipartisan consensus by abandoning active support for the principle of non-refoulement:


Although we may not like turnbacks, it is clear the policy is here to stay. Now we and other advocates for the rights of asylum-seekers must look beyond this aspect of the policy and concentrate our efforts on implementing a genuine regional framework, which we have long called for.  ...


As NGOs have taken on major government contracts for refugee and asylum-seeker services, such as the $19m contract Save the Children currently holds with the detention facilities on Nauru, these organisations have become structurally invested in maintaining government control over asylum seekers.

But liberal humanitarians are more deeply invested in government control over asylum seekers than can be explained by any direct financial benefit.

They may disagree with right-wing conservatives on how many refugees should be accepted, or the details of how those who are turned away should be treated, but they share the premise stated by John Howard during the Tampa crisis: ‘We will decide who comes here and the manner in which they come.’  ...




The Sri Lankan government has rejected criticism over an amendment to the Criminal Procedure Code which will restrict the rights of those who have been arrested to have access to their lawyers, and pledged that it will push ahead with the amendment. ... [Tamil Guardian - 3/10/16]



‏@matthewfsmith [4/10/16]:   US gem traders led by frmr State Dept staff cozy up in Myanmar. Meanwhile, possible war crimes continue in Kachin St




Islamic scholar brutally beaten in Minbya [The Stateless - 2/10/16]



Day 199 refugee protests, Nauru



Image: ‏@racvictoria [4/10/16]


“The problem is not the global number of refugees, it is that many of the world’s wealthiest nations host the fewest and do the least”


Tackling the global refugee crisis: From shirking to sharing responsibility [Amnesty - 3/10/16]:


... “It is time for leaders to enter into a serious, constructive debate about how our societies are going to help people forced to leave their homes by war and persecution. They need to explain why the world can bail out banks, develop new technologies and fight wars, but cannot find safe homes for 21 million refugees, just 0.3 percent of the world’s population.


The report accuses some EU countries and Australia of using “systemic human rights violations and abuse as a policy tool” to keep people out. ...



Australian army struggling to recruit for its collaboration with US aggression and the war on refugees, Lt Gen Angus Campbell tells Frank Lowy Institute [SBS - 4/10/16]:


... "It will not suffice for the Australian army to remain a continental army like we have for most our history," Lt Gen Campbell said.

"The use of force and coercion will be increasingly be generated and delivered across ... all the domains of land, sea, air, space, cyber and soon possibly artificial intelligence." ...




ADF finds complaints about the conduct of Mefloquine trials "unsubstantiated" [Inquiry report into issues concerning anti-malarial trials of the drug Mefloquine between 2000 and 2002 involving ADF members deploying to East Timor, 8 September 2016]




Mefloquine is still being prescribed to men illegally imprisoned in Australia's concentration camp on Manus Island [SBS - 5/5/14]:


Asylum seekers on Manus Island are being given a type of anti-malaria medication that detention centre staff have been warned not to take because of serious side effects.
Centre staff were warned not to take Mefloquine, also known as Lariam, because of adverse health effects.
Salvation Army worker Simon Taylor says in a submission to a Senate inquiry that he is aware asylum seekers have been given the drug despite the warnings to staff.
Australia's Therapeutic Goods Administration warns that patients with a history of depression, anxiety disorders or other major psychiatric illness should not be prescribed the drug.
It's common for asylum seekers in detention to suffer depression, post traumatic stress disorder and other mental illnesses.

The US military developed the drug in the 1970s and has curbed its use among troops after it was linked to permanent brain damage, suicide, murder and domestic violence. ...

Stop pretending mefloquine was used safely on soldiers: former top Canadian drug bureaucrat [Edmonton Journal - 7/2/16]



Antimalaria drugs used in "an experimental program in interrogation and torture" of detainees at Guantanamo [Kevin Gosztola  - 5/4/15]



Mass administration of the antimalarial drug mefloquine to Guantanamo detainees: a critical analysis, Remington L. Nevin Department of Preventive Medicine, Bayne-Jones Army Community Hospital, Ft. Polk, LA, USA [2012]:


... One possibility is that the use of mefloquine was simply erroneously directed by senior US military medical officials overly confident of the drug’s safety and unfamiliar with its appropriate use, in an apparent foreshadowing of its later, broader misprescribing among US military personnel (Nevin 2010).

Another possibility, which is deeply troubling to consider, is that the decision to administer the drug was informed and motivated at least in part by knowledge of the drug’s adverse neuropsychiatric effects and the presumed plausible deniability of claims of misuse in the context of its seemingly legitimate clinical or public health indication. ...



In just 48 hours some British junior doctors will be given new NHS contracts described by critics of Theresa May's government as unsafe for the public and unsustainable. But with a doctors union - the British Medical Association - in seeming disarray over strikes, What now for the health of everyone in England and what now for socialised healthcare in Britain? Afshin Rattansi goes underground with Dr Mona Ahmed- she is a junior doctor and a senior registrar in mental health, based in South London. [RT - 3/10/16]

‏@dgatopoulos [3/10/16]:  Pensioners chanted "Shame on you, Shame on you" as police fired tear gas

@eantonopoulou [3/10/16]:  Δακρυγόνα σήμερα ..στους συνταξιούχους ...αντί για επαναφορά της 13ης σύνταξης .photo @JohnKemmos



Turkey's national police dismiss 12,801 people [Anadolu Agency - 4/10/16]



Deputy Prime Minister Numan Kurtulmus announced Monday that Turkey's state of emergency, initially declared after the July 15 defeated coup, will be extended for 3 more months. ... [Anadolu Agency - 3/10/16]



Egypt's Interior Ministry said early on Tuesday that it killed a senior Muslim Brotherhood leader it said was responsible for the group's "armed wing" and another member of the group in a shootout on Monday.

Mohamed Kamal, a member of the Muslim Brotherhood's top leadership, had disappeared on Monday afternoon, the group said on its telegram account.

The Brotherhood maintains that it is a peaceful organization.

Kamal had been sentenced to life in prison on two counts in absentia, the ministry said in its statement. [Reuters - 3/10/16]




Women to go on strike in Poland in protest at planned abortion law [Guardian - 3/10/16]:


Thousands of women are expected to go on strike across Poland in protest against a new law that would effectively ban abortion.

Poland already has some of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, with terminations legally permitted only when the life of the foetus is under threat, when there is a grave threat to the health of the mother, and in the instance that the pregnancy resulted from rape or incest. <--- As in Queensland.

Were the proposed ban to be enacted, all terminations would be criminalised, with women punishable with up to five years in prison.

Doctors found to have assisted with a termination would also be liable for prosecution and a prison term.


Monday’s protest was inspired by an all-out strike more than 40 years ago by the women of Iceland, when 90% of women refused to work, cook, or look after their children for a day in October 1975. ...



Yacht which fled Tonga turns up in Pago Pago [RNZI - 4/10/16]



Tongan police won't say how a murder suspect managed to escape custody and flee the country on his yacht.

Matangi Tonga reports there was a dramatic five hour stand-off with police at sea north west of Vava'u, with 54-year-old US citizen Dean Jay Fletcher making his way out of Tongan waters.

Police had caught up to his yacht but held off apprehending him when he allegedly threatened to burn their boat.

Police alleged Mr Fletcher had beaten his wife to death, after she was found on 7 July, while the couple were anchored in Vava'u on the yacht Sea Oak.

He was being held in Neiafu, Vava'u, for arraignment in court on 10 October.

However he escaped on Thursday in the early hours of the morning and took his own yacht to sea. [RNZI - 3/10/16]



The USA: Australia's dangerous ally, Malcolm Fraser - [ICH/NI - 17/12/14]:


It is time for Australia to end its strategic dependence on the United States.

The relationship with America, which has long been regarded as beneficial, has now become dangerous to Australia’s future.

We have effectively ceded to America the ability to decide when Australia goes to war.

Even if America were the most perfect and benign power, this posture would still be incompatible with the integrity of Australia as a sovereign nation.

It entails not simply deference but submission to Washington, an intolerable state of affairs for a country whose power and prosperity are increasing and whose national interests dictate that it enjoy amicable, not hostile, relations with its neighbors, including China.



Beijing expresses concern after Chinese student in US found dead following gunshots [South China Morning Post - 4/10/16]



A Chinese-built railway linking the Ethiopian capital and the port of Djibouti is expected to help the landlocked African country improve access to the sea and speed up a burgeoning industrialization process.

The railway, which is set to become fully operational on October 5, will be Africa's first modern electrified railway.

The full length of the railway is 752.7 kilometers, with a designed speed of 120 km per hour.

With a total investment of 4 billion U.S. dollars, it is being constructed by the China Railway Group and the China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation. ... [Xinhua - 3/10/16]




Peter Greste says Julie Bishop’s death stare helped get him out of prison [Buzzfeed - 26/3/15]



VICE’s lifestyle and culture TV channel will be launching in Australia on Tuesday, November 15 and will take over SBS 2 with the channel to be branded as SBS Viceland. ... [Mumbrella - 4/10/16]



We need to talk about VICE [Clip from A Very Heavy Agenda Part 3: Maintaining the World Order - 2016]



Washington Post reporter Jason Rezaian, family sue Iran over 544-day detainment [NBC - 3/10/16]:


... The lawsuit was first reported by the Washington Post.

The suit detailed Rezaian's time in prison, saying he was held in prolonged solitary confinement, deprived of sleep, adequate food and necessary medical attention, interrogated twice a day and threatened with torture, including dismemberment, and death.

"For roughly 37 days, the only human interaction Jason had was with his guards and interrogators," the lawsuit detailed.

"To deprive Jason of sleep, defendants illuminated Jason's cell at all times and used a loud fan," another part read. Rezaian "continues to suffer from anxiety, depression, sleeplessness, lack of focus, short-term memory loss, and other symptoms associated with post-traumatic stress disorder," the lawsuit said.

It also said he has been stripped from his livelihood and denied access to loved ones in Iran because he fears traveling to the country.

"Jason suffered such physical mistreatment and severe psychological abuse in Evin Prison that he will never be the same; he will require specialized medical and other treatment for the rest of his life," the suit said. ...



More lies from PNG's Immigration Minister and the ABC about the sham assessment/resettlement process at Australia's illegal concentration camp on Manus Island [VIDEO - 3/10/16]


@riserefugee [4/10/16]:  doctors & nurses: STOP using our Bodies & Corpses to pay $$Your Bills$$. ...



Former CIA detainees describe previously unknown torture tactic: A makeshift electric chair [The Intercept - 3/10/16]



Exiled to Kazakhstan, Lutfi Bin Ali describes an isolated existence haunted by 13 years imprisonment and torture in Guantanamo [Guardian - 30/9/16]



New Guantánamo intelligence upends old ‘worst of the worst’ assumptions [Miami Herald - 30/9/16]



‏@RRYrevolucion [2/10/16]:  Grecia: Desde la prisión de Korydallos se solidarizan con la huelga de presos en USA #PrisonStrike



Homeland Security must stop using private prisons for immigration detention. Here’s how to do it. [ACLU - 3/10/16]:


... ICE has similar problems. Detainee deaths, suicides, sexual abuse, and denial of medical care have been documented again and again by the ACLU, journalists, other advocacy organizations, and even ICE’s own internal death reviews.

This should be no surprise. In both systems, the prison companies operate with the same cost-cutting incentives and the same penal model — in a manner wholly inconsistent with ICE’s rhetoric about running a true civil immigration detention system.

As the American Bar Association, the U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom, the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, and other groups have emphasized, civil detention for immigrants should not be a jail-like setting with razor wire, jumpsuits, headcounts, restricted movement inside the facility, and other prison-like features and policies.

But this is exactly how private prisons holding immigration detainees operate. 

And ICE has entirely abdicated its responsibility to hold the private prison corporations accountable to its detention standards. ...



Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the Republican nominee for U.S. vice president, lost another round in federal court on Monday in his bid to keep refugees fleeing [the US invasion of] Syria's civil war from resettling in his state.

The 7th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Chicago affirmed a lower-court ruling that Pence's order seeking to bar state agencies from helping the resettlement of Syrian immigrants discriminates against the refugees based on their national origin.

The setback for Pence comes a day before he is scheduled to debate the Democratic vice presidential nominee, Virginia Governor Tim Kaine, on national television.

Pence was among more than 25 U.S. governors, mostly Republicans, who urged President Barack Obama to stop resettling refugees fleeing Syria's civil war [the US invasion of Syria] after November attacks by extremists in Paris that killed 130. ... [Reuters - 3/10/16]



One year after Kunduz: Battlefields without doctors, in wars without limits [MSF - 3/10/16]



The United States suspends the use of bilateral channels with Russia that were established to maintain the ceasefire regime in Syria, U.S. State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Monday.

"The United States is suspending its participation in bilateral channels with Russia that were established to sustain the cessation of hostilities," he said in a statement.

The Russian Foreign Ministry's spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has expressed regret over Washington's decision to stop cooperation on Syrian ceasefire. [TASS - 3/10/16]




Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman:  Washington’s actions have resulted in regrouping of militants in Syria [TASS - 3/10/16]




Lavrov assures Russian plutonium will remain beyond arms activity [TASS - 3/10/16]




The Army and Armed Forces continued on Monday carrying out counter-terrorism operations across Syria, targeting terrorists in several areas and inflicting losses upon them. ... [SANA - 3/10/16]



Bomb kills 20 at Kurdish wedding in Hasaka [Reuters - 3/10/16]




Man shot in torso by police in Broome [Nine MSN - 4/10/16]





4 October 2016