Day 230 Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru



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Lawyer for Australia's poltical prisoners on Manus Island files new application with PNG Supreme Court [PNG Loop - 4/11/16]:


Human Rights lawyer Ben Lomai who is representing over 700 Asylum seekers and refugees in the country has filed a new Supreme Court application asking the court for their release to Australia.

Lomai said he filed the new enforcement of human rights application (section 57 of the Constitution) today at the Supreme Court.

“We have filed for 731 applicants so far. There are still some that we have yet to include. These are the ones living in Australia and those that have returned back to their country of origin. We might be looking at 900 plus eventually,” he told Loop PNG.

He said the state was also served notice of the new application that was filed today. ...


PNG'S Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato continues lying about Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island [The National - 4/11/16]



The current foreign aid framework between Papua New Guinea and Australia is outdated, and needs to be fixed.

Australian High Commissioner to PNG, Bruce Davis, said this yesterday at the 2016 PNG Update in Port Moresby, adding that Australia and Papua New Guinea are no longer donor and recipient, but are now economic and strategic partners. ... [EMTV - 4/11/16]



Angau Memorial Hospital’s main cobalt machine in the radiotherapy centre broke down last month, leaving at least 90 patients uncertain of treatment.

Sixty patients are still waiting for treatment and 30 are yet to complete theirs, a staff member said.

The member, who preferred not to be named, told The National that Health Department did not respond to staff whether to send in technicians to fix the machine. ... [The National - 4/11/16]



Media and human rights organisations study minutiae as Australia's anti-refugee policy remains unopposed, and outright lies go unchallenged [Guardian - 4/11/16]



Turnbull visits Hobart to promote ALP's anti-refugee policy; journalists help him [Prime Minister of Australia - Transcript Doorstop Hobart - 4/11/16]



Definition of irony: ALP supporter protesting Turnbull about refugees with a "WHO THINKS UP THIS CRUELTY?" sign [ABC - 4/11/16]



The only way to end a bipartisan policy of cruelty is through NON partisan protest.  Evidently these "advocates" are more interested in obscuring ALP culpability - and co-opting genuine resistance - than freeing the refugees ---> ... "Momentum is growing for the 'Bring Them Here' campaign," said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

"Turnbull's lifetime ban is a shameful stunt; playing with refugee lives, as the government falls in the opinion polls."

"Saturday's rallies will add to the growing call to 'kill Turnbull's bill'." [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney Media Release - 4/11/16]



Why are so many morons persistently calling on Dutton to end ALP policy? [3/11/16]:


... Despite numerous approaches to the Australian government and relevant ministers and departments, by the campaign coalition and its supporters, there has been no response from senior government officials. ... <--- THEY ARE UNDER NO PRESSURE BECAUSE ORGANISATIONS LIKE YOURS IGNORE THE ALP OPPOSITION'S CRUCIAL ROLE IN THE CREATION AND PERPETUATION OF THE POLICY.

Dear Mr Dutton,

PEN International, the world association of writers with members in over 100 countries, joins with a coalition of eight human rights groups in writing to express our concern in relation to the case of writer and journalist Mr Behrouz Boochani, a member of Iran’s Kurdish minority currently held on Manus Island, Papua New Guinea (PNG) and to request that he is afforded an opportunity to have his asylum claim heard in Australia as soon as possible.


Yours sincerely,

Centre for Human Rights, Curtin University

Humanitarian Research Partners

Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance

PEN International

PEN Melbourne

Researchers Against Pacific Black Sites

Reporters Without Borders

Sydney PEN



Exploiting refugees to impliedly endorse the ALP is not only unethical, it is ineffectual ---> To mark Human Rights week Researchers Against Pacific Black Sites, Refugee Rights Action Network WA and Refugee Action Coalition Melbourne staged a series of readings across Australia on Sunday.

 The have called on the Australian state to account for its failures to uphold international human rights conventions and treaties relating to the Rights of the Child, the Convention against Torture and the Refugee Convention. [Melissa Parke - 15/12/15]



‏@RohingyaVision:  4/11/16: #Rakhine extremists beat 5 #Rohingya fishermen with sticks & by catapulting marble balls at ThaeDarKadi village in PunnaGyun today



The newsroom of the Myanmar Times is in uproar over the summary dismissal of a foreign journalist, which followed a public condemnation of her reporting by the President’s Office and a complaint from the Ministry of Information.

Ms Fiona MacGregor, until Monday the English daily’s special investigations editor and a member of the paper’s staff since 2013, was sacked after an October 27 article reporting on the alleged rape of dozens of women by security forces in Shey Kya, a village in Rakhine State's Maungdaw Township. ... [Frontier Myanmar - 4/11/16]



Myanmar officials say policeman killed by attackers, giving them another excuse to continue (and escalate) the military operation in Rakhine [Reuters - 4/11/16]



Myanmar’s State Crime against Rohingya: Beware of Dogs, and Aung San Suu Kyi’s “rule of law” [Arakan Times - 4/11/16]



Indonesia migrant boat tragedy death toll up to 54, with six missing - police [Reuters - 4/11/16]:


The death toll from a boat accident off an Indonesian island rose to 54 on the third day of a search for survivors, police said, with hopes fading on Friday for six people still missing.

A packed boat carrying 98 Indonesian migrant workers, most of them illegal, and three crew sank off Indonesia's Batam island at around dawn on Wednesday, having departed from Malaysia's southern state of Johor.

Airlangga, a police spokesman for Riau Islands, which include Batam, put the latest death toll at 54.

Police say 41 survivors have been found.

A crew member has been detained on suspicion of a shipping violation, and police were looking for the captain, who had fled.

The fate of a third crew member was unknown.



Jakarta saw political tensions heating up on Friday as tens of thousands of people wearing white flocked downtown to join a large-scale rally to demand the criminal prosecution of gubernatorial candidate and incumbent Jakarta Governor Basuki “Ahok” Thahaja Purnama on allegations of blasphemy.

Since Thursday evening, tens of thousands of people from Greater Jakarta and other cities gathered at the Central Jakarta’s Istiqlal Mosque to prepare for the rally, which is expected to see around 100,000 people from multiple Islamic organizations swarm Jakarta’s streets. ... [Jakarta Post - 4/11/16]



President Park Geun-hye chooses investigation over resignation [Korea Herald - 4/11/16]



US commander in South Korea says THAAD battery to be deployed within 8-10 months [Reuters - 3/11/16]



China condemns South Korea's warning shots at its fishing vessels [Reuters - 2/11/16]



Malaysian premier Najib Razak said that former colonial powers should not lecture nations they once exploited on their internal affairs, a Chinese newspaper reported on Wednesday, in a veiled attack on the West as he looks to strengthen ties with China.

Najib's visit to Beijing follows that of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who announced a "separation" from the United States and signed a raft of memoranda of understanding for Chinese investment in the country. ... [Reuters - 2/11/16]


A French presidential hopeful says he would propose compulsory military service in New Caledonia among measures aimed to curb crime in the territory.

Nicolas Sarkozy made the suggestion in an interview with Les Nouvelles caledoniennes ahead of The Republicans' primaries to choose a candidate for next year's presidential election. ... [RNZI - 4/11/16]



Hun Sen Endorses Trump—for World Peace [Cambodia Daily - 4/10/16]:


... Mr. Hun Sen on Thursday offered an analysis of the possible outcomes in the election, warning of tensions in global affairs and noting how Ms. Clinton had advised U.S President Barack Obama to attack Syria when she was secretary of state.

“Considering this, if the Democratic Party is elected the situation might not be easy,” Mr. Hun Sen said.

“Relations between China and the U.S. can be manageable, but those between the U.S. and Russia will be difficult.”

“If Trump is elected, there can be friendship between Trump and Putin,” he added.

 Opposition leader Sam Rainsy, however, blasted Mr. Hun Sen’s logic—as well as Mr. Trump’s character—and said he stood firmly in Ms. Clinton’s corner.

“Ms. Clinton is more educated, more broadminded, more inclusive. She seems to care more about social justice,” Mr. Rainsy said in an email.

“On the contrary, Trump—with his fiery character and bad temper—seems to be dangerous for world peace.”


“In fact, Hun Sen joins a long list of dictators who have endorsed him,” said Lee Morgenbesser, a research fellow at Australia’s Griffith University who specializes in Southeast Asian politics.

“The clearest benefit of a Trump presidency for Hun Sen would be considerable softening of America’s position regarding the state of democracy and human rights in Cambodia. This would be historic in itself,” he said.

Autocrats around the world have been drawing ever closer, making Mr. Hun Sen’s endorsement “probably the least surprising thing to occur in Cambodian politics this year,” he added.

“Dictators are increasingly cooperating in new and innovative ways to defend their common interests.” ...



The ban on surrogate pregnancies announced by the health minister on Monday will remain in place until the government drafts a law protecting Cambodian women giving birth to the children of other parents, an official said on Thursday.

Hok Khieu, director of the Health Ministry’s legislation department, said Health Minister Mam Bunheng introduced the ban to provide time for the government to draft proper regulations for the practice, which has developed quickly here following a crackdown by governments across Asia. ... [Cambodia Daily - 4/11/16]



Beijing to interpret Basic Law over Hong Kong legislative oath controversy, senior adviser confirms [South China Morning Post - 4/11/16]



The Criminal Court on Friday rejected the second bail request by red-shirt leader Jatuporn Prompan, who was jailed last month for breach of bail conditions.

His lawyer Winyat Chartmontree said he filed the request on Thursday on behalf of Mr Jatuporn, after the rejection of the first request filed on Oct 25.

The latest bail application was backed by a letter of confirmation from former prime minister Chavalit Yongchaiyudh, he said.

However, the court ruled there was no reason to change the previous order. He would hold off on making a third request until the time felt right, Mr Winyat said.

That request would be supported by a second letter of confirmation. On Oct 11 the Criminal Court revoked bail for Mr Jatuporn, chairman of the United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD), after ruling he had breached bail conditions in a terrorism case brought against him. ... [Bangkok Post - 4/11/16]



Thousands in Kashmir hide from crackdown, some in orchards [Washington Times – 4/11/16]:


... “We’re paying the cost for raising our voice for freedom,” said a university art student now in hiding, one of 40 wanted men who spoke with the Associated Press on condition of anonymity for fear of being caught. “Now we’re scared even by our own shadows.”



... Three of the girls -  13-year-old Ifrah Jan, and two 18-year olds, Shabroza Akhtar and Shabroza Baghat - were hit in the face during protests on Sunday in Rumhoo village, in the  Pulwama district of   southern Kashmir. 

Urfi Rashid, 19, was struck on Monday when she peered out of her home in the village of  Chitragam Kalan, in the southern district of  Shopian. 

On Thursday, Dr Tariq Qureshi, the head of ophthalmology at SMHS, told Al Jazeera that he had conducted primary surgery on all four. He is optimistic about the girls regaining their vision.

"The condition of all the four girls has improved. They have vision. We are waiting to see the improvement, and then we will see if they need secondary surgery. But they are not blind," he told Al Jazeera.

The families are still in a state of shock.

"Pellets are inside her head as well," Akhter's mother, Rafika told Al Jazeera, sitting beside the hospital bed.


When 13-year-old Jan was taken to hospital on Monday, officials said she became the 980th person to be admitted for pellet injuries to that hospital alone, since July.


"It seems they've done with hitting boys with pellets now their targets have turned to young girls, it was like a storm for us," Rubeena said. ...  [Al Jazeera - 4/11/16]

Pakistan asks Organisation of Islamic Conference [OIC] to condemn human rights violations in Kashmir [Deccan Chronicle – 4/11/16]



... The youngest brother of Emperor Hirohito, who until Japan’s defeat was worshipped as a god, Mikasa served in the military and was posted to Nanjing for about a year from 1943.

China says Japanese troops killed 300,000 people in 1937 in its then capital of Nanjing.

A postwar Allied tribunal put the death toll at 142,000, but some conservative Japanese politicians and scholars deny a massacre took place at all.

In a 1994 interview with the Yomiuri newspaper, Mikasa was quoted saying “I was really shocked when an officer told me that the best way to train new soldiers was to use living prisoners of war for bayonet practice because it gave them will power.” ... Prince Mikasa who loved dancing and hated war laid to rest [Japan Today - 4/11/16]


Holocaust comedy resonates with Japanese audiences [Japan Today – 4/11/16]:


... Written in 2012, “The Bloom of Yesterday” coincidentally is shown at a time when Europe is facing a refugee crisis and seeing a rise in right-wing parties including in Germany.

In a separate interview, French director and producer Jean-Jacques Beineix, who headed the five-member international jury for the main competition section at the film festival, noted that many films nominated this year tackle refugee, immigration and other serious issues.

“Films are more daring, talking about more difficult subjects,” said Beineix, who is famed for directing the 1980s films “Betty Blue” and “Roselynne and the Lions.”

Turning to Kraus’ movie, the 70-year-old French director said “The Bloom of Yesterday” is a wake-up call that “may also help us to figure out that we are going to pay for the crimes that are right now (being) perpetrated.”



A Cook Islands publisher is threatening to shut down Radio Cook Islands and Cook Islands Television if the Crown continues with a contempt case against him.

George Pitt, with family members, owns the broadcast outlets and the Cook Islands Herald.

Mr Pitt is being sued over two articles published earlier this year in which he attacked the prosecution's approach to its case against now convicted former MP, Teina Bishop. ... [RNZI - 4/11/16]



Vietnam police arrest prominent anti-state blogger Ho Van Hai [First Post - 3/11/16]



Fiji Broadcasting Corporation sacks TV producer amid racism claim [RNZI - 4/11/16]



HE TRIED. Another very worrying development for Australia -->  Greens senator Scott Ludlam will take a leave of absence from Parliament to treat depression and anxiety.

In a statement, the West Australian senator said he had been dealing with his mental health for some time.

"I will return to work as soon as I'm able to give the commitment the work demands," he said. ... [ABC - 4/11/16]



Facebook racial vilification case against QUT students thrown out [ABC - 4/11/16]:


... Tony Morris, QC, who was representing Mr Thwaites, said the case should never have made it to court.

"There is one person to blame for that, one person, and that's Professor [Gillian] Triggs, the head of the Australian Human Rights Commission," Mr Morris said.

"She has a job to do under the anti-discrimination legislation and that is to inquire into every complaint that comes into her office.

"In this case, Triggs sat on the complaint for 14 months before these kids even learnt that they had a complaint." ...



Libyan sovereign wealth fund seeks leave to appeal in Goldman dispute [Reuters - 4/11/16]:


Libya's $67 billion sovereign wealth fund on Friday asked for leave to appeal against a British High Court ruling in favor of Goldman Sachs in the fund's $1.2 billion case against the investment bank.

In October Judge Vivien Rose dismissed the Libyan Investment Authority's (LIA) case against the Wall Street giant over nine equity derivatives trades made in 2008.

In the LIA's court filings, seen by Reuters, the LIA said an appeal would be confined to the LIA's claim in respect of four trades made in April, and a prestigious internship that Goldman Sachs offered to Haitem Zarti, the younger brother of Mustafa Zarti, a key LIA decision-maker at the time.



Congo Republic parties petition government to withdraw from the International Criminal Court [Reuters – 4/11/16]



Scene from Hacking Democracy [2006]:


Hacking Democracy filmed over 3 years, first shown on HBO (a unit of Time Warner) in 2006 and released on DVD in 2007.

The film reveals many strange facts about paperless (or e-voting) systems established during elections in the U.S.A. in the last years.

It focuses on the story of Bev Harris, director of nonprofit election watchdog group called Black Box Voting, and her investigations of potential security flaws inherent in electronic voting.



... The leaderships of many labor unions, including for example the American Federation of Teachers, rammed through early endorsements of Clinton, in some cases months before the first primary was held, often over the strenuous objections of the rank and file.

The argument was always made that Sanders, while a good guy, “cannot win.”

How does that play now?

Sanders would have been looking at a Democratic landslide today against Donald Trump.

Instead we have two corrupt narcissists running against each other, and the entire national electorate is talking about holding its collective nose and voting…and then perhaps, along with many Republicans, puking in revulsion at what they’ve just done. ... [Counterpunch - 3/11/16]



‏@wikileaks [3/11/16]:  Podesta on Bernie Sanders: "I agree.. Where should we stick the knife in?" ...



‏@wikileaks [3/11/16]:  Associated Press "journalist" Eric Tucker is willing to be 'steered away' from a story about Clinton's emails:



‏@wikileaks [3/11/16]:  Hidden Clinton email: Assange "might think this is a clever game today but when he is prosecuted.."



‏@FreeBarrett_ [3/11/16]:  So, has no one asked @realDonaldTrump or @HillaryClinton whether they would pardon Barrett and others like him yet?



"The rule of law is a myth" BARRETT BROWN PRISON INTERVIEW [Pursuit of Happiness Radio - November 2016]



Kafka in Cuba: New Afghan Analyists Network [AAN] report on the Afghan experience in Guantánamo [3/11/16]:


... The study shows how Afghan allies of US forces were able to exploit their lack of information about the country to denounce their personal or factional enemies and get them detained.

The US practice of giving money for intelligence further contributed to wrongful detentions.

Pakistan, as well, made millions of dollars in bounties from handing over ‘terrorists’, many of them non-combatants.

None of the eight Afghans whose cases are studied in this report were detained in battle. Instead, intelligence forms the basis for all the detentions and that intelligence is parlous.

Far from them being the ‘worst of the worst’, the oft-repeated phrase used by supporters of Guantánamo to describe its inmates, the US has failed to make a compelling case against any of these eight Afghans.

The paper also looks at the legal regime that awaited those who were sent to Guantanamo.

The Bush administration had put no mechanisms in place to sift combatants from non-combatants, after deciding the Geneva conventions did not apply to ‘war on terror’ detainees.

It also decided to imprison the detainees at its naval base in Guantanamo, believing federal law, which also protects against arbitrary detention, would not apply there.

AAN’s report describes how fierce battles by journalists, human rights activists and lawyers slowly brought some limited rights to detainees and revealed some information about them.

The gap between accusations and evidence was laid bare in 2011 when Wikileaks published secret classified assessments of the detainees. ...



Security forces in the northern province of Faryab on Thursday said that a rocket hit a wedding ceremony in Kosa Qala village of Khawja Sabzposh district and killed at least 12 civilians.

Five children and six women were among those killed.

In addition, 30 others were wounded including the bride. ... [TOLO News - 3/11/16]



The Spanish ambassador to Afghanistan is facing investigation after a deadly attack by Taliban left at least 6 people dead, including 2 Spanish and 4 Afghan policemen.

The Spanish High Court judge agreed on Wednesday to investigate allegations that Spain’s Ambassador to Afghanistan ignored security concerns before the Taliban attack. ... [Khaama - 3/11/16]



Airstrike kills "6 ISIS loyalists" in Nangarhar province of Afghanistan [Khaama - 3/110/16]



Dozens of civilians have been killed and wounded in overnight airstrikes in different parts of the capital of northern Kunduz province, residents claimed on Thursday.

Two US soldiers were killed and as many wounded in the overnight airstrikes and a ground offensive in the Pul Achin and Poz Kandahari localities on the outskirts of Kunduz City.

Enraged residents tried to carry the victims’ bodies to the city and put them in front of the governor’s house as a mark of protest, but police stopped in Bala Hesar area and did not let them reach their destination.

Taza Gul, a resident of the locality, told Pajhwok Afghan News:

“I was working on my farm when the bombardment started. On coming home, I saw seven members of my family, including women and children, killed in the raids.” 

Provincial Council member Amruddin Wali alleged at least 100 civilians had been killed and wounded in the overnight US airstrikes. ... [Pajhwok - 3/11/16]



RT crew comes under fire as Aleppo militants launch massive new assault [RT - 3/11/16]



Russian Defense Ministry: terrorists target Russian helicopter carrying humanitarian aid near Palmyra [SANA - 3/11/16]



[The] Widow of Russian Su-24 jet pilot Oleg Peshkov downed by Turkey’s Air Force last November said on Thursday she is ready to meet with Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu.

"No matter how painful this is for our family, we will come for this meeting, we will come to Moscow," Yelena Peshkova told the Rossiya-24 TV channel. ... [TASS - 3/11/16]



Turkey detained two co-leaders and nine other lawmakers of Turkey's pro-Kurdish Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) early on Friday over reluctance to give testimony for crimes linked to "terrorist propaganda." ... [Reuters - 3/11/16]



Iraq 'ready for war' with Turkey over who should control Mosul after ISIS [UNZ Review - 2/11/16]



More lies and bullshit about what Australian troops are really doing in the Middle East ---> ... While undergoing their final training at Robertson Barracks in Darwin, a small group of soldiers demonstrated to the media some of the battle techniques they will be imparting in the Middle East.

They include urban combat skills such as keeping a low silhouette when approaching doors and windows and how to safely peer around corners.

Lieutenant Colonel Gardiner said such expertise would improve the efficiency of Iraqi troops.

"We're just trying to hone their skills, enable them to shoot faster, shoot straighter, make them harder to kill so they can get in there and get into the fight," he said. ... [ABC - 3/11/16]



A meeting of the dictators: Kissinger, Nixon and Assad Snr at the Orient Club Damascus, 1974 [US State Department]



Brainwashed in our childhood

Brainwashed by the school

Brainwashed by our teachers

And brainwashed by all their rules

Brainwashed by our leaders

By our Kings and Queens

Brainwashed in the open

Brainwashed behind the scenes ...


'Brainwashed', George Harrison [2002] 



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 3/11/16] 



Italian police have used beatings and electric shocks, potentially constituting "torture", to coerce migrants into being fingerprinted as the country cracks under pressure from the EU, Amnesty International said Thursday.


 "The European Union's pressure on Italy to 'get tough' on refugees and migrants has led to unlawful expulsions and ill-treatment which in some cases may amount to torture," the London-based rights watchdog said in a report.

The EU-sponsored "hotspot approach" for processing people -- which requires Italy to fingerprint new arrivals so they can be prevented from claiming asylum elsewhere -- has even seen minors abused, according to testimony from over 170 migrants. ... [Yahoo - 4/11/16]



‏@EUNAVFORMED_OHQ [3/11/16]:  #today #opSOPHIA Commander visited training ships @ItalianNavy San Giorgio & @kon_marine Rotterdam with Head of LNCG ...



At least 239 migrants dead after two shipwrecks off Libyan coast [EURO News - 3/11/16]



Gambia goalkeeper Fatim Jawara dies crossing the Mediterranean Sea [Bleacher Report - 3/11/16]



‏@chselles [3/11/16]:   ... Noviembre 2016: Fatim Jewara - Enero 2016: Zubair Azizi - Abril 2012: Samia Yusuf Omar 3 nombres de ahogados en el Mediterráneo



At least 12 migrants die in stormy seas off Libya - Italian coastguard [Reuters – 2/11/16]



Mediterranean:  A cemetery of water [MSF - 1/11/16]:


... I am haunted by the images of people dead at sea.

Bodies made heavy by their clothes soaked in salt water. Water filling their mouths. Water swelling their bodies, erasing the last grimaces of pain from their faces.

No one to hold their hands in the last seconds of their lives.

Nobody to caress their faces after death.

Nobody to lay their bodies to rest.

No relatives to bury them. The sea has become a cemetery of water, but only a few seem to care.

After years we are still struggling to find new ways to describe the complex phenomenon of “boat people”. We fail to draw attention to the daily drama occurring in the Mediterranean Sea.

A vicious circle of populist speeches, atavistic fear of the other, dread of invasion and appeals for the creation of safe and legal routes that seems to lead nowhere.

The only measures our political leaders seem able to think of are walls, tighter control of frontiers, deportations, and deals with third-party countries to keep people in need of protection and refuge away from our borders. ...



‏@LighthouseRR [3/11/16]:  This afternoon, our Lesvos team aided 13 people arriving by boat to Korakas: safe, despite a difficult landing.



‏@guardiacostiera [3/11/16]:  #CentraleOperativa coordina 7 operazioni #SAR nel #MediterraneoCentrale: unità #GuardiaCostiera, @Frontex e ONG salvano circa 766 #migranti   



In a phone interview, Danny Cendejas, the organizing director at Detention Watch Network, told Rewire that uplifting the voices of those most affected by the detention system is of prime importance during the Day of the Dead National Actions, which is why people who have been detained are speaking at events across the country.


One formerly detained woman named Joselin from El Salvador spoke at the D.C. action and discussed the poor medical care provided in detention.

She shared the story of her friend Maria, who she said has leukemia and was not given needed medication by ICE.

Instead, ICE deported Maria as her health was deteriorating, explained Joselin.

It is because of situations like this that “all detention centers must be shut down,” Joselin told the crowd in Spanish. ...  [Rewire - 2/11/16]




4 November 2016