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Fantasma en la ciudad


Mi vida va prohibida


Dice la autoridad  ...





'Clandestino', Manu Chao [1998]








@MSF_Sea [4/12/15]:   "You take our place, what you would do? Where do we go? We have no home..." - Jacob and Yaseine #Idomeni








@MSF_Sea  [4/12/15]:  #Nigerian? #Syrian? #Eritrean? #Somali? #Palestinian? #Guinean? #Malian? #Bangladeshi? #Pakistani? HUMAN.








@MSF_Sea [4/12/15]:   The 526 #people rescued from this wooden boat and a rubber boat yesterday are on their way to @MSF_SICILY





Whole lotta weasel words from the UNHCR and IOM as the rights of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers continue to be abandoned in South East Asia






Which country on this map of  South East Asia is a suppoedly a signatory to the UN Refugee Convention?





Who was Australia's representative? The People Smuggling Ambassador? ---->  ... "They focused on an information campaign, that's all. Not about helping people at sea and not about humanitarian assistance," a U.N. official, who declined to be named, told Reuters. ... Thai migrant crisis meeting ends without any solution on offer  [Reuters - 4/12/15]



Bay of Bengal boat movements manageable with weasel words, a racist, victim blaming media and the ability to ignore the elephant in the room i.e. the regional pariah's example setting human rights atrocities against refugees and asylum seekers [UNHCR Media Release - 4/12/15]:



As the resumption of dangerous sea journeys in the Bay of Bengal looms, countries in the region today affirmed that the only way to reduce loss of life at sea is by working together on comprehensive and sustainable approaches to mixed migration movements.

On Friday delegates from more than 20 countries and international organizations met in Bangkok for the 2nd Special Meeting on Irregular Migration in the Indian Ocean. They took stock of achievements since the previous meeting in late May – when some 5,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshis were eventually disembarked after weeks adrift at sea – in a bid to better prepare for future movements.

"With an unprecedented 60 million persons displaced today, it has become clear that forced displacement issues are a global phenomenon that no country can address or resolve on its own," said Volker Türk, the UN Refugee Agency's Assistant High Commissioner for Protection.

"The numbers we are seeing in this region can be managed and we welcome the regional approach," he added. "The fact that only 1,000 people have taken to boats since September offers an important window of opportunity to put those plans in place."

During the meeting, UNHCR, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) shared a paper offering guidance to affected States on the immediate responses they could take when such movements resume.

The paper outlines the need for coordinated and enhanced search and rescue efforts, predictable disembarkation as well as harmonized reception and stay. It also stresses the importance of effective screening procedures to identify people in need of international protection and vulnerable groups like women, children and victims of trafficking.

"Until the refugees among them can return home in a safe, dignified and voluntary way, we will need a creative form of temporary refuge or alternative humanitarian stay that ensures access to health, education, work," said Türk. "Allowing them to work in labour-importing countries is a win-win: It gives them dignity and self-reliance, and eases the burden on host countries."

Opening the meeting, Thailand's Foreign Minister Don Pramudwinai emphasized that solutions must run the gamut from prevention to cure and include the promotion of livelihood at home, safe migration, strict law enforcement, and temporary protection for those who have already left, pending more durable solutions.

UNHCR's Türk noted that on a recent visit to Myanmar's Rakhine state, he saw progress in seeking solutions for internally displaced people, but also heard "legitimate grievances" that remained to be addressed.

"The heart of the matter lies in ensuring a legal identity for all people on Myanmar's territory and the fundamental freedoms that must go with it, such as freedom of movement, non-discrimination, and access to services," he said.

"We hope that the new Government will give this issue the attention it deserves, in light of the fact that the absence of these rights triggers displacement and has, as a result, international repercussions."

He added that the Sustainable Development Goals offer a framework for addressing root causes and ensuring that no one is left behind in health, education, work and legal identity, among other rights.

An estimated 95,000 people have made this dangerous journey since 2014, with over 1,100 dying at sea and hundreds more found buried in unmarked mass graves.





Evidently Australia's anti-refugee policies don't require censure when you're participating in them? [IOM Media Release - 4/12/15]





Australian government and IOM disappear Rohingya refugees exiled from Nauru to Cambodia  [Cambodia Daily - 16/10/15]






Senate Hansard [14/5/15]:


Senator HANSON-YOUNG (South Australia) (14:48): My question is to the Minister representing the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Senator Brandis. My question is in relation to reports that up to 8,000 Rohingya and Bangladeshi asylum seekers are adrift in the South-East Asian seas, in boats that have been abandoned by smugglers after being turned back by Indonesian and Malaysian authorities. It has been reported that many of them are starving and sick and without provisions. The UNHCR and the IOM have called for an international—

Government senators interjecting—

The PRESIDENT: Order on my right.

Senator HANSON-YOUNG: search and rescue mission to save these people. Can the minister inform the Senate on the situation with these asylum seekers and the unfolding human tragedy?

Senator BRANDIS (Queensland—Deputy Leader of the Government in the Senate, Vice-President of the Executive Council, Minister for Arts and Attorney-General) (14:49): Well, Senator Hanson-Young, yes I can, but can I say at the start that the problem that you have identified, and this was a very, very serious problem, is a problem that Australia no longer has. It is a problem that Australia no longer has—






Signing the Strategic Partnership Framework with @IOM_news Director General William Lacy Swing

Image:  ‏@PeterDutton_MP [28/4/15]





Myanmar:  Men detained for ‘Rohingya calendar’ make brief court appearance [Mizzima - 3/12/15]:



Five people who were sent to jail for their involvement in printing a calendar that stated that Rohingya Muslims are an ethnic-religious minority in Myanmar made a brief appearance at Yangon’s Pazundaung Township Court on Tuesday, 1 December.

On Nov. 23, the men - two Buddhists and three Muslims - were fined US$800 each under the 2014 Printing and Publishing Law’s Article 4,which bars individuals from publishing materials that could damage national security and law and order.

The following day they were sent to Yangon’s Insein Prison after being also charged with the Penal Code’s Article 505 (b).

The charge, which carries a prison sentence for publishing information that may “cause public fear or alarm,” was widely used during junta rule to incarcerate political prisoners.

At Tuesday’s hearing, a police officer who acts as plaintiff in the case told the judge that police are still seeking a Muslim man named Aung Khin for allegedly ordering the printing assignment.

Judge Nay Aung Myi set the next hearing on Dec. 9 and the defendants were quickly taken back to jail. Kyaw Kyaw, the Buddhist owner of the publishing house, was led away handcuffed.

Asked what he thought of the case, he only said, “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

The government denies the Muslim minority in Arakan State are a recognised group in Myanmar and says they have no right to self-identify as Rohingya, insisting they are ‘Bengalis’ from Bangladesh instead.






A world where victims are imprisoned and punished needs to change ----->  Eleven female sex workers from Morocco were arrested on Wednesday by the West Java Police in Puncak, Cisarua, Bogor regency.

Allegedly victims of human trafficking, the women were reportedly kept in a villa and in two cafes in Cisarua.

"Their ages are between 20 and 30," said West Java Police public relations head Sr. Comr. Sulistio Pudjo on Thursday as quoted by tempo.co. ... [Jakarta Post - 4/12/15]





The United States wants to help Greece emerge from economic crisis, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Friday, after the country was forced to accept a third international bailout with austerity conditions to avoid being ejected from the eurozone. ... [Ekathimerini - 4/12/15]








Blackmail works: EU’s "humanitarian aid" and Frontex will come to Greece to create a buffer zone for refugees [Keep Talking Greece - 3/12/15]








22-year-old Moroccan immigrant dead at Greek-FYROM border [Greek Reporter - 3/12/15]








Some 15,000 people demonstrated in Athens on Thursday as unions held a general strike against a planned social security overhaul -- the second walkout in less than a month. ... [Yahoo - 2/12/15]






A huge fire forced hundreds of Philippine inmates out of their cells and razed a sprawling shantytown near a Manila prison Friday, leaving thousands of residents homeless, authorities said.

About 500 handcuffed female prisoners were evacuated from Manila City Jail and moved on a temporary basis to a nearby chapel, as towering flames from the burning homes licked the jail’s exterior walls, said national prison bureau official Superintendent Carolina Borrinaga.

It was the second blaze to sweep through the capital’s shantytowns in as many weeks. ... [Yahoo - 4/12/15]




Radiation from Fukushima nuclear disaster spreads off US shores [Japan Today - 4/12/15]







Quinoa Peace-Dove





Brisbane man who said he wanted to kill people in Europe after the Paris attacks granted bail on weapons charges




Yahoo [4/12/15]:



A butcher who declared he wanted to kill people in Europe in the wake of the Paris attacks has been granted bail.

Matthew Hutchison told colleagues at Indooroopilly Woolworths, in Brisbane's west, the devastating November 14 shootings in the French capital were "the best news I have heard all day".

Police who launched a search of the rural home he shares with his mother arrested him for allegedly failing to correctly store an array of legal weapons and explosives.

Justice Peter Flanagan found Hutchison did not pose "any real risk" to the community and granted him bail in Brisbane's Supreme Court on Friday.

The court heard that on the day of the terrorist attacks Hutchison was at work watching the Sky News coverage of the events.

"He was overheard by other employees saying words to the effect 'you know this is the best news I have heard all day, all countries should just learn to shut their doors'," Justice Flanagan said.

"He's also reported to have said 'I want to book a flight to Europe and walk through communities with a machete and kill people'."

He later complained about European countries allowing refugees to settle, the court heard.

Concerned staff contacted police who searched his home and discovered an array of legal weapons including 12 shotguns, 50 boxes of ammunition, body armour and night vision goggles.

The court heard that he used the weapons to hunt pests such as pigs and dogs on his mother's property at night.

He was arrested over his alleged failure to properly store them.

Following a psychiatric assessment, Justice Flanagan agreed that Hutchinson was not a threat to the public.

He allowed him to be released on bail on the conditions that he did not have access to his weapons and reported to Princess Alexandra Mental Health Hospital within 24 hours.







The lawyer for a Brisbane man detained in Germany, potentially on terrorism-related charges, says she is still trying to set up a teleconference with him.

Ashley Dyball, 23, had been fighting against Islamic State in Syria alongside Kurdish YPG militia group the Lions of Rojava after he left Queensland in May this year.

 On Wednesday he was arrested in Berlin.

Mr Dyball claimed on social media he was being held at the Eisenhüttenstadt detention centre and would be deported to Australia in two days. ... [Brisbane Times - 4/12/15]




Police head to Supreme Court to shut down Cronulla riots anniversary rally [Sydney Morning Herald – 4/12/15]






Amirah Droudis to face judge-only trial over alleged murder of Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis's ex-wife [ABC - 3/12/15]







A shoe belonging to Queensland schoolgirl Tiahleigh Palmer has been found at the same Gold Coast river where her body was located.

Detective Inspector Dave Hutchinson today said the mud-covered shoe was found on Sunday, prompting State Emergency Service volunteers and police divers to search the Pimpama River again today.

The shoe was found about 100 metres from where Tiahleigh's body was discovered and on the opposite bank of the river.

Police today also released video of Tiahleigh taken several days before her disappearance to provide a more accurate picture of her appearance. ... [ABC - 4/12/15]









A New Zealand man charged with the murder of Gold Coast father Greg Dufty has been refused bail.

It's alleged Aaron John Crawford, 27, lured Mr Dufty to the Gold Coast hinterland where he was beaten to death and his body disposed of in a carefully-planned murder.

Crawford's bid to be released from custody was denied by Justice Peter Flanagan at Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday, on the grounds that he poses an unacceptable risk to the public and of intimidating witnesses. ... [Yahoo - 4/12/15]









Murder charge, Gladstone [QPS Media - 4/12/15]:



Detectives have charged a 45-year-old man with murder following their investigations into the suspicious death of a 22-year-old man in Gladstone early this morning.

Around 3.20am police responded to reports of an alleged altercation between two men at a residence on Elizabeth Street, resulting in a 22-year-old man receiving a stab wound to his chest.

 The man passed away as a result of the injury.

A 45-year-old South Gladstone man has been charged with murder and is due to appear in the Gladstone Magistrates Court on December 7.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.








Dangerous driving causing death charge, Bundaberg [QPS Media - 4/12/15]:



Bundaberg detectives investigating the death of a male pedestrian at Bundaberg last night have charged a driver with dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death.

Police will allege that a 38-year-old local man was walking along Queen Street at about 5.35pm when he was struck and fatally injured by a 4WD.

This vehicle, containing a man and woman, allegedly failed to stop.

The man was transported to Bundaberg Base Hospital where he was pronounced deceased.

An 18-year-old man, known to the victim, was arrested and charged with dangerous driving causing death and unlicensed driving.

He is due to appear in the Bundaberg Magistrates Court today.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.





Unlawful wounding charges, Bundaberg [QPS Media – 3/12/15]





Attempted murder charge: Shooting incident, Maryborough [QPS Media - 2/12/15]




Police are currently investigating the circumstances after a cyclist was hit and killed by a truck in Shepparton tonight. ... [Victoria Police News - 3/12/15]





A 25-year-old man was seriously injured when he was hit by a car in Leederville overnight.

It is understood he was walking along Leederville Parade near Frame Court when he was struck by a vehicle.

St John Ambulance rushed the man to Royal Perth Hospital, where he is in a serious condition. [West Australian - 3/12/15]





Man injured in motorbike, car crash in Helensvale [MYGC - 3/12/15]







Serious assault investigation, Coolangatta [QPS Media - 4/12/15]:



Detectives investigating the serious assault of a 40-year-old man at Coolangatta early this morning currently have an 18-year-old man in custody and assisting with their enquiries.

Around 2.25am two men, unknown to each other, left a licensed premises located on Warner Street and Marine Parade.

A man became involved in a short altercation with a group of people, before moving away from the scene and becoming involved in an altercation with the 40-year-old man.

The 40-year-old man was punched in the head and fell to the ground, hitting his head.

Medical assistance was provided by the public before the man was transported to Gold Coast University Hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

Investigations continue.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or crimestoppers.com.au 24hrs a day.








Assault charges, Southport [QPS Media - 4/12/15]









Appeal for public assistance, unlawful wounding Benaraby [QPS Media - 4/12/15]:




 Police wish to speak with a 26-year-old man who may be able to assist them with their investigations into an incident at a caravan park early this morning.

The man (pictured below) may be able to provide further information about an unlawful wounding that occurred in Benaraby about 1.10am.

The man is described as Caucasian with a heavy build, approximately 175cm tall, blue eyes and brown hair.

Police are urging members of the public to not approach this man if they see him and to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.









Armed robbery, Nundah [QPS Media - 4/12/15]








Suspicious house fire, Labrador [QPS Media - 4/12/15]








Cairns Hilton fish killers get community service [Yahoo - 4/12/15]






Two men have been charged following the discovery of an alleged clandestine laboratory in in Narangba earlier this week. ... [QPS Media - 3/12/15]







The legal profession has thrown its support behind a Southport magistrate's decision not to allow Tasers in her courtroom. ... [ABC - 4/12/15]







The armed robber who shot Queensland dog squad officer Gary Hamrey in the face during a botched getaway has been sentenced to 21 years' imprisonment.

Robert George Speedy, 49, was sentenced in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday by Justice Ann Lyons, after being found guilty of attempted murder in an October trial. ... [Brisbane Times - 4/12/15]





A Queensland police officer has been charged with assaulting someone in custody.

The 51-year-old sergeant, who was stood down in September, assaulted a person at the Richlands watchhouse in Augusta, allege the Crime and Corruption Commission, which is also investigating whether a number of other police officers responded appropriately.

The sergeant, who has been charged with assault occasioning bodily harm whilst armed, is expected to appear in Brisbane Magistrates Court on February 2. [Yahoo - 4/12/15]





A prison officer has been suspended in light of allegations the officer had an inappropriate relationship with a male inmate in Queensland.

Queensland Correction Services issued a statement on Friday confirming allegations had been made of improper conduct against the custodial officer at the Capricornia Correctional Centre near Rockhampton, which can house up to almost 500 male prisoners.

The matter has now been referred to the justice department and the attorney-general's ethical standards unit. [Yahoo - 4/12/15]






Claims have emerged a Gundagai highway patrol officer issued speeding tickets to fictitious foreign drivers so that he could reach an informal quota set by his bosses.

The 39-year-old officer was charged last week on 16 counts of modifying restricted data held on a police computer. ... [Daily Advertiser - 4/12/15]





Why is this type of operation only undertaken in certain localities? ----> A Logan Police District operation targeting drink driving at schools has come to an end with a total of 51 people arrested.  ... [QPS Media - 3/12/15]







Bullshit --->  ... "They're not allowed to be [preaching religion]; it's more about instilling values and being a role model and [having] someone who is not staff but someone who the kids can trust and talk to." ...  Cloncurry community raises more than $60,000 to re-hire school chaplain [ABC - 3/12/15]








Catholic church knew it had abuse 'time bombs', Royal Commission hears [Guardian - 3/12/15]









Bullshit ---->  Noosa electric bus trial delayed as council considers different supplier with updated technology [ABC - 3/12/15]







Screeching, noise pollution rip off Gold Coast Light Rail To Nowhere:  Have your say on a foregone conclusion [Gold Coast City Council Media Release - 30/11/15]








Queensland's corruption watchdog has decided not to pursue claims political donations influenced the green-lighting of an open-cut coal mine northwest of Toowoomba.

Lock the Gate Alliance lodged the complaint in August alleging Acland mine proponent New Hope Corporation and its parent company donated about $950,000 to the Liberal Party during a period in which the Newman government reversed its opposition to the project's stage-three expansion.

But the Crime and Corruption Commission on Friday revealed it would not investigate the matter further having completed its own initial assessments. [Yahoo - 4/12/15]







A coal dust conga line is on its way along the coal train line of South-East Queensland to increase awareness of the damaging health effects of coal dust, including Black Lung disease impacted Queensland miners. ... [Lock The Gate - 4/12/15]






Queensland miners have taken spontaneous strike action for the second time in two days following the return of black lung disease.

Workers at Oaky Creek coal complex in central Queensland walked off the job on Thursday, just a day after miners at Grasstree mine, north of Emerald, walked out.

Mining union CFMEU said confirmation of three new cases of black lung disease in Queensland, three decades after it was supposedly eradicated, has sent shockwaves through the coal industry this week.

But it feared workers' health fears were not being taken seriously by Oaky Creek owner Glencore, which it claimed had forced casual contract workers back down the mine.

"After what we've learnt this week about black lung, forcing workers back down underground against their wishes shows a stunning disregard for Australian employees' health and safety," Queensland district president Stephen Smyth said.

"It is completely understandable that workers have concerns about their health and safety under the circumstances, and companies who try to ignore or duck the issue should be condemned."

The disease, caused by long-term exposure to fine, airborne coal dust in areas with poor ventilation, was thought to have been wiped out in Australia by the early 1980s.

The union expects more cases of the disease to be confirmed in the coming months and similar spontaneous action to be taken by Queensland miners.

Miners at Grasstree Mine are talking to owner Anglo American over their fears and have returned to work. [Yahoo - 3/12/15]






Fired BHP employee loses Federal Court bid [Yahoo - 4/12/15]








Former Massey Energy Chief Executive Don Blankenship was found guilty in federal court on Thursday of conspiring to violate safety standards at the Upper Big Branch mine, the site of a 2010 blast that killed 29 people.

Relatives of those killed and prosecutors hailed the decision as sending a message on mine safety in coal-rich West Virginia even though the jury found Blankenship not guilty of making false statements and of securities fraud. ... [Reuters - 3/12/15]





Trade in Services Agreement


WikiLeak Press [3/12/15]:

Today, Thursday, December 3, 10am EST, WikiLeaks releases new secret documents from the huge Trade in Services Agreement (TiSA) which is being negotiated by the US, EU and 22 other countries that account for 2/3rds of global GDP.

 Coinciding with the ongoing climate talks in Paris, today's publication touches on issues of crucial relevance including the regulation of energy, industrial development, workers' rights and the natural environment.

WikiLeaks is also publishing expert analyses of the documents.

The Trade In Services Agreement is the largest trade treaty of its kind in history. The economies of the 52 countries involved in the negotiation, which is being led by the United States, are mostly the supply of services.

According to World Bank figures, services comprise 75% of the EU economy, 80% of the US economy and the majority of the global economy.

Notably excluded in the TiSA negotiations are the emerging economies and the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa).

The "Energy Related Services Annex Proposal: Questions and Answers" document sets out TiSA designs to create an international market in energy-related services for foreign suppliers.

While heads of state prepare to sign climate accords in Paris, TiSA negotiators are meeting behind closed doors in Geneva to forge new limits on energy regulation.

The "Annex on Environmental Services" reveals that TiSA will aim to ensure that national environmental protections within TiSA countries will be "harmonized down", promoting the interests of multinational companies providing water purification, sanitation and refuse disposal services over worker safety, public health and the natural environment.

Assessing the agreement, Friends of the Earth calls TiSA "an environmental hazard", pointing out that public services of an environmentally sensitive nature are in danger of being privatized.

Commenting on the "Annex on Road Freight Transport and Related Logistical Services", the International Transport Workers Federation (ITF) calls TiSA a "race to the bottom," observing that the Annex joins other Annexes published by WikiLeaks to form an overarching trade liberalization agenda, fragmenting the trucking industry, opening up sensitive areas of the transport sector to international competition, and contributing to the ongoing privatization of public services, undercutting workers' rights, public health and safety, and the ability of national governments to plan and direct their own industrial and infrastructural development.

While the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Pact (TTIP) have received attention, the TiSA is the largest component of the United States' "Big Three," the triumvirate of strategic neoliberal trade deals being advanced by the Obama administration.

Together, the three treaties form not only a new legal order hospitable for transnational corporations, but a new economic "grand enclosure", which excludes China and all other BRICS countries.





Telcos and security agencies exempted from data breach rules in draft bill [Guardian - 4/12/15]






Mysterious ‘ghost boats’, some of them manned by headless skeletons, are washing up on the western shores of Japan.

At least 14 weathered wooden vessels -- some badly damaged or capsized -- with almost two dozen bodies have been discovered over the past five weeks.

Authorities are now faced with two questions: Who are these dead people? And where were they from?

Mounting evidence suggests that the rickety boats have come from the shores of North Korea, around a thousand kilometres across the Sea of Japan. ... [Hindustan Times - 4/12/15]






We love our lifesavers!



They should get onboard!



When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, "Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.”

Fred Rogers



Benowa High Year 12s celebrate the end of school, Surfers Paradise [16/11/15]



Just another day in #lesbos ...

Image: ‏@ocanalsb  [16/11/15]





Ourstralia, an initiative of Balmain for Refugees, has created a series of videos to spark conversation and awareness about Australia’s current treatment of asylum seekers.

The online videos are the beginning of a campaign seeking to highlight the excuses made to avoid taking responsibility around the issues of refugees and asylum seekers.

The underlying message of the humorous videos is that the more we make excuses for ignoring the cries of those in desperate need, the crueller and more punitive our policies become.

Ourstralia is hoping the videos will prompt conversation amongst the Church and broader community, with a view towards crowdfunding to have the videos shown on free-to-air television.

... [Crosslight - 1/12/15]





Surf Life Saving Australia lawyers review ‘un-Australian’ lifeguards ad for refugee charity [Mumbrella – 3/12/15]:



... Damian Damjanovski, one of the founders of Common Ventures said the agency had made sure it had not infringed any intellectual property and that colours were used around the world

“We would genuinely hope that SLSA would get behind this message,” said Damjanovski.

“I understand they may not be particularly happy, but it plays on the fact that no one for a moment would believe that surf life savers would ignore a drowning person.”





Pre-inquest conference into death of Hamid Khazaei reveals appalling state of medical facilities for refugees incarcerated on Manus Island.


Australian media - particularly the ABC's South East Asia correspondent - have seized on his pre-existing medical condition to generate a victim blaming talking point.





Image from the vigil held outside Mater Hospital in Brisbane ...


Image: @MaxChalmers90 [4/9/14]



Yahoo [4/12/15]:



An Iranian asylum seeker who died after developing a leg infection had a genetic condition predisposing him to infectious disease, a court has heard.

Hamid Khazaei, 24, died in Brisbane's Mater Hospital in September 2014 after developing an infected ulcer on his left leg on Manus Island.

A pre-inquest conference in Brisbane heard an autopsy report found Mr Khazaei had a genetic predisposition to a condition known as chronic granulomatous disease, which compromises the immune system and leaves the sufferer susceptible to ongoing infections.

 However, the conference also heard the medical facilities on Manus Island were not equipped to treat Mr Khazaei.

A statement by a doctor at the Manus Island facility who treated Mr Khazaei described the clinic as "essentially a number of shipping containers".

The statement, by emergency physician Dr Leslie King, was read out at the conference by Doctors for Refugees lawyer Gerard Mullins.

Dr King said the Manus Island facility was unable to carry out full blood or urine tests, had a limited range of medications and antibiotics, no x-ray machine and suffered frequent power outages.

"In my opinion the clinic was not an appropriate facility in which to manage a patient who was very unwell," the statement said.

An earlier pre-inquest conference was told Mr Khazaei was transferred off the island a day after authorities recommended the urgent move.

He became comatose while being treated at a Port Moresby hospital and was pronounced brain dead when he arrived at Brisbane's Mater Hospital on September 2, 2014.

Counsel assisting the coroner Emily Cooper said a major issue would be whether the clinicians on Manus Island could have been expected to recognise the type of condition that Mr Khazaei suffered and whether anything could have realistically been done to save him.

 Ms Cooper said an expert review process must be completed before the inquest progresses and another conference was set down for March 14.




Guardian [4/9/14]:


... Kehazaei was flown from Manus last Wednesday. Speaking in Farsi from the family home in Tehran, Goldone Kehazaei told Guardian Australia she had not heard her son’s voice since his diagnosis.

“Not even before he boarded the plane,” she said, “They didn’t allow anyone to go with him on the plane, they said he had to give written permission, but he was too ill and unaware of his surroundings at that point. I was very upset because if I was there I would have held his hand and given him some comfort.

“On the plane his heart stopped and by the time he got to hospital the infection had spread and blood wasn’t getting to his brain. Only his heart and lungs were functioning. His brain and kidneys had failed.”

“No one called us [from the hospital] because it was the weekend, so we called ourselves and they said: ‘We don’t know who you’re talking about’.

“I later found out he was on life support.”

Goldone, 48, said her son was a “very sensitive, harmless lovable person”.

“Of all my three boys, he was the most gentle and loving,” she said. Her voice cracking on occasion, she continued: “When all his friends found out what had happened they were devastated. No one can believe this happened to such a gentle soul.”

Kehazaei’s brother Mehei described Hamid as “a very healthy, athletic and a regular gym goer who played soccer”. The family expressed shock that a young, fit man could contract such a devastating illness.

Asylum seekers detained in Kehazaei’s compound have written to the medical provider International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) blaming it for his condition.

It is understood there were delays to treating Kehazaei’s infection, which can often be cured with antibiotics.






Queensland politician - whose party supports the refoulement, exile and torture of refugees - uses federal government's deceitful "handpicked 12,000 Syrians who don't come by boat" stunt to grandstand [Queensand Hansard - 3/12/15]:




Hon. SM FENTIMAN (Waterford—ALP) (Minister for Communities, Women and Youth, Minister for Child Safety and Minister for Multicultural Affairs) (10.04 am): Growing our economy and creating jobs is the Palaszczuk government’s No. 1 priority. As Minister for Multicultural Affairs, I know that employment is a key pathway to success for members of our multicultural and multifaith communities and, in particular, our newly arrived refugees. In October I was proud to see our government show leadership and compassion when the Premier announced that we stand willing and able to accept up to 3,500 refugees fleeing conflict in Syria and Iraq. The reception of this decision has been overwhelmingly positive. Queenslanders have spoken up loudly and proudly in recent months to say that they are keen to help Syrian refugees start a new life. I am proud of the way our community has responded, and our offer to settle up to 3,500 refugees reflects the Queensland spirit of generosity.

We have had communities, religious groups, local mayors and others all speaking up to ask how they can help, and in some cases families wanting to offer rooms in their own homes. The unfolding human tragedy in Syria and Iraq reminds us that, no matter who we are or where we come from, we all share a common dream of stability, family and a place to call home. Of course that includes the dignity of having a job. Employment is not just about bringing in an income. It creates a purpose, the feeling of being a part of community and a stake in society.

As we welcome additional refugees from Syria and Iraq to our state, this provides an opportunity to focus on the need to provide employment opportunities for all refugees and migrants. That is why it is important that we work in partnership with local industries and businesses to achieve the employment outcomes we want and need to see. I was honoured to be asked by settlement service provider MDA to be a patron of their recently launched Work & Welcome 500 program. This program recognises that navigating the Australian jobs market and understanding Australian workplace culture are important in finding a job.

Workplaces signing up to be part of this initiative help to ensure that their experience is positive and supportive. Work & Welcome 500 improves future employment outcomes beyond the initial work experience because participants begin to build networks and have a reference at the end from an Australian employer. I am delighted to announce that my department is committed to being a corporate partner of Work & Welcome 500, immediately offering two workplaces within the department. We will also be working to promote the initiative across government and generate opportunities for paid work experience in Australia for newly arrived refugees.

I commend MDA for its innovation and commitment to Work & Welcome. It has been heartening to see so many schools, businesses and individuals come forward to be involved in such a fantastic program that will make a real difference to people’s lives. I am not surprised by the number of people reaching out to help, because I know Queenslanders are generous of spirit and our multicultural state is one of our greatest strengths.




Torture, rape and humiliation of women. It's bipartisan, and supported by the Australian media ---->  ... They were allocated housing by Nauru and Australian governments.

Then Connect – a consortium of the Multicultural Development Association (MDA) in Queensland and Adult Multicultural Education Services (AMES) in Victoria – was contracted to provide caseworkers to oversee any difficulties.

The young single women were placed in isolated housing without security.

Late at night drunken locals knock down their doors with flimsy locks and invade their rooms. The women barricade themselves in the bathrooms and ring Connect for help:

“I miscall her – I had no credit. She rang and said that she will ring me tomorrow. It was 3am. No help.” ... [Guardian - 10/10/15]  




Australian Women in Support of Women on Nauru [3/12/15]:



We have been blocked from entering Nauru.

First we wanted to apologise for the radio silence over the last few weeks. We thought we would improve our chances of getting visas to go to Nauru if we kept our heads down and just marched through the long official process of applying.

As you will read, that was not the case.

This is how things have unfolded over the last two months and why we have moved to plan B.

Eight weeks ago a group of Australian women realized women on Nauru – asylum seekers, refugees and Nauru nationals – were being bashed, raped and extorted on a horrific scale. We decided to do what we could about that. That began by crowd-sourcing $20,000 to enable Professor Carmen Lawrence to go on a fact-finding visit with Professor Wendy Bacon, a nationally recognised independent journalist. The idea was simple: Find out what is happening to the women sent there by Australia and publish those findings.

But in these extraordinary times there is nothing simple about getting access to Nauru.

“Shortly after making an inquiry about getting a visa, the Nauruan consul told me as a journalist I needed to contact the Nauru Government directly,” said Wendy Bacon.

“I sent two emails requesting information about a visa to Nauru and have not received any reply at all – that was nearly two months ago.”

On the 29th October Nauru’s Justice Minister, David Adeang, declared, "Nauru is not a state of Australia! The Australian media approaches us with great arrogance and an air of racial superiority, which is highly offensive to us. They do not show us the respect of a sovereign nation and in return we have little respect for them."

With the prospect of Wendy Bacon being able to get a visa looking grim, it was decided that Claire O’Connor S.C. would apply to go with Carmen Lawrence on the fact finding visit in December. Claire is an Adelaide-based Senior Council and has worked on numerous cases involving Australia’s asylum laws.

However, in an extraordinary admission, a Nauru consul assistant told Claire O’Connor by email on the 5th of November that:

‘All regional processing matters are handled directly through our (Nauru’s) Justice and Immigration Department in partnership with the Australian Immigration Department. I would suggest you approach the Australian Immigration first to ascertain the possibility of going to Nauru, I do not have the contact details for DIAC but this will be the best place to start. If everything proceeds then they will handle your application with Nauru Immigration as our office only deals with tourist permits.’

We made further inquiries to determine which country was in control of Nauru’s borders. Our questions produced this response from a Border Force employee on the 17th of November. It reads in part:

‘I have passed your details to the Nauruan Government Department of Justice and Border. The Department of Immigration and Border Protection has no involvement in the management of travel to and from Nauru, despite the email you received from Mr. XXXX. Nauru as a sovereign nation is solely responsible for approval of visas. The Department is unable to assist with visa application.’

On the strength of that clarification from Border Force, Claire again wrote to Nauru. The consul agreed they had made a mistake and that was the last Claire has heard from the Nauru Consul.

Meanwhile Carmen Lawrence had also been making regular contact with Nauru to ask where her visa application was up to; most were met by silence. The last email she received was last week. She was told a decision would be made on the 1st of December about her application. The silence has since been deafening.

It is clear that what is left of the Nauru government has no intention of allowing an independent media or civil society on Nauru.

It is also clear the Turnbull government has no intention of asking Nauru to open its borders and join the rest of the world.

Tragically, it is also clear that conditions on the island for women continue to deteriorate.

It was left to Save the Children to turn off the lights as they left. There are now no independent voices left on the island and no one who can even bear witness to what is occurring there.

But ultimately no one and no country are above the law. In order to keep faith with the women who need to have their voices heard and all of you who donated money into our appeal we have developed Plan B.

We will take the next three months to research and document the violence against women on Nauru. While this began life as an issue for women who were seeking asylum or had been found to be refugees, it is now clear the women of Nauru experience shocking levels of violence against them as well. Those findings will be presented to the UN in March on International Women’s Day 2016.

If neither the Turnbull government nor the Shorten-led opposition is willing to intervene on behalf of these women, we believe there are many in the international community who will.

We are extremely disappointed the Nauru government has continued to refuse access to Australia’s camps and even more disappointed that neither the Coalition or Labor have been able or willing to negotiate access for the media and civil society.

Considering both major parties have been able to negotiate with Nauru to convince them to increase their population by another 10 per cent and to manage multi-million dollar contracts for service provision to run these camps, it doesn’t appear to be too difficult to also ensure independent access for those concerned with the human rights of those people in Australia’s care.

Thank you so much for your support and patience. This is an ever-evolving situation and we won’t stop working toward giving voice to the women who desperately need to be heard. From there we will do whatever we can to harness the power of concerned Australians and the international community to bring an end to this appalling state of affairs.

Finally, if anyone has other ideas or suggestions or stories they are hearing please contact Julie Macken on jmacken@vtown.com.au - I will get in contact with you as soon as I am able.



Court hears how crew, locals rescued panicked refugees after their boat was pushed back by Australian authorities [Nine MSN - 2/12/15]:



... Crew member Marthen Karaeng told the court about the scene when they arrived 100 metres off Landu Island.

The water was six metres deep and they needed to "save the lives" of many of the 65 people who had paid smugglers to get them to New Zealand.

 "The weather was not good, the wind blowing strong," he said.

 "After saving myself, I asked people on land to help the immigrants, especially one woman who was pregnant.

 "Women immigrants were screaming, causing panic on the boat.

"If the boat had hit a rock, the situation would've been worse."






"Free the Children" and "Kids Out" is a cruel and cynical partisan stunt created in an attempt to diminish and smother growing calls to free ALL the refugees.




















Notice that during this despicable "Nuns vs Border Force" distractive unjournalism, no-one has asked the children (and their parents) what they want?




And that the views of citizens who think all the refugees should be freed, are silenced?






#NunBan: Sister Brigid denies giving children drugs/booze, as alleged by #BorderForce. "They're treating people as security risks" #Faine






"tweeted" by @774melbourne - ABC Radio Melbourne [4/12/15]






... Sister Brigid Arthur said the program had run for four years until it was stopped by Australian Border Force (ABF) "about six months ago". ... [ABC - 4/12/15]






The ruthless way Australia stops people from seeking asylum is newsworthy everywhere but Australia --->   [teleSUR - 3/12/15]:



... Refugee advocate and human rights lawyer Julian Burnside published the letter on his website this week.

“The importance of this letter is that it sets a challenge for all of us who are preparing to celebrate Christmas.  Read the letter and ask yourself: by treating people this way, are we being true to the Christian spirit, or are we betraying it?” Burnside wrote.





Manus inmates ask Turnbull to kill them [RNZI - 4/12/15]:



 A majority of Australia's refugees and asylum seekers held in Papua New Guinea has written to the Australian prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, asking to be killed.

 The letter by the 600 detainees held on Manus Island says there is no difference between them and rubbish, adding that they are tortured and traumatised as there is no country offering them protection.

The letter, which has been made public by an Australian lawyer, Julian Burnside QC, says they have recommendations for Mr Turnbull to stop the waste of taxpayer's money which it says is ruining Australia's reputation.

It proposes that Australia could dump them in the ocean, using a navy vessel.

Alternatively, a contractor could build a gas chamber or the health care provider could inject them with poison.

The letter says this is not meant as satire but to be taken seriously.

In March, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, Juan Mendez, released a report that found Australia's treatment of asylum seekers breached international conventions on torture.

The then-prime minister, Tony Abbott, said Australians were sick of being lectured to by the UN.






... We have some asylum seekers, but that’s pretty much stopped.

We have stopped the boats with our policies, which are regarded as cruel by many people.

But I have to say again, our policy on border protection is harsh, but it has been absolutely demonstrated that it is better than any other alternative. ... Israel and Australia: A conversation with Turnbull [Jewish Journal - 25/8/15]





Both were young, with their whole lives ahead of them.


Both leave grieving families and friends behind.


Refugee Rights Action Network WA [4/12/15]:

One of our members has been sitting in on the coronial inquest into the death in custody of 22 year old Ms Dhu and has noted some striking similarities between how Aboriginal people are treated in custody and how asylum seekers and refugees are treated in detention.

She has written the following reflection:

"What did 22 year old Yamatji woman, Ms Dhu, and 24 year old Iranian man Hamid Kehazaei have in common?

From my perspective, the answer to this question is 'a lot'.

Both spent their final agonizing days in custody; they suffered immensely while those who were entrusted with their care failed to take their complaints seriously.

Both should never have been detained in the first place; Ms Dhu was taken to the lock-up for unpaid fines, a trivial offence that attests more to socio-economic disadvantage and systemic racism than to any criminality on her part. Hamid came to Australia in search of safety, he committed no crime, yet he was interned on a remote island for a year in unsanitary, inhumane and degrading conditions.

Both died from septicaemia, an infection which if diagnosed and treated quickly can be remedied with antibiotics. Staff waited until they were critically ill, slumped on the ground and unable to move, before they acted with any sense of urgency. Both experienced delays to their treatment and were subject to fatal errors of judgement on the part of both custodial and medical staff.

Both were perceived as no more than racialised bodies in systems that are structured to fail them; both were 'othered' by mainstream Australian society.

As an Aboriginal woman, Ms Dhu's complaints were dismissed as no more than 'behavioural issues' - terminology laden with unfounded assumptions that speak to an ongoing legacy of colonisation and assimilation.

Hamid was otherwise known to the immigration system as GDD059, a number used to erode his personal identity, humanity and individual worth. He fled persecution, no doubt full of hope for a life safer than that which he'd known, instead he was met with a punitive and hostile response. Instead, ultimately he was given death.

Both were regarded as less than human.

Both likely would have been subject to significantly different treatment had they been white, middle-class males.

Both were young, with their whole lives ahead of them.

Both leave grieving families and friends behind.

Both were individual human beings with tragic stories but stories that are also emblematic of all those subject to the gendered and racialised state violence that victimises and marginalises particular cohorts of our society.

Both will not see justice unless we fight for it."






Australia stops people from seeking asylum.



Australia stopped accepting UNHCR refugees in October 2014.  





This is not journalism.  It is PR for the Australian government's deceitful "handpicked 12,000 Syrians who don't come by boat" stunt --->   One of the first places in Western Australia that the new wave of Syrian refugees is expected to call home is a suburb with street names seemingly out of a Beatrix Potter book, like Wintersweet Ramble and Threadleaf Way. ... [ABC - 4/12/15]






... At the end of 2014, 4270 refugees and 6916 asylum seekers were registered with the Jakarta office of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, an organisation whose resources have been stretched, worldwide, by the largest number of people in refugee-like situations since relevant data started being collected. UNHCR’s Jakarta office is chronically underfunded and Australia’s policy changes have added to the pressure by reducing the exit options for refugees and asylum seekers in Indonesia either by boat or via resettlement. According to the UNHCR, the waiting period between initial registration as an asylum seeker and a first-round interview ranges from eight to eighteen months. Further interviews are usually required to determine refugee status. For people found to be refugees, the wait then continues until a country willing to offer resettlement is found. The longest wait-time we are aware of is eleven years in total. ... Out Of Sight, Out of Mind [Inside Story - 14/4/15]






Police don't shoot man during yet another unecessary, over the top response to a seige [Sydney Morning Herald - 4/12/15]





Palestinian killed after alleged shooting attack near Hizma checkpoint [Maan - 3/12/15]









A Palestinian was shot and killed near Damascus Gate in occupied East Jerusalem on Thursday evening after stabbing an Israeli police officer.

An Israeli police spokesperson said the officer was stabbed in Jerusalem, with the attacker "shot and killed" at the scene.

The policeman, who is in his mid-thirties, suffered moderate injuries and was transferred to the Shaare Zedek Medical Center for treatment. ... [Maan - 3/12/15]





Israeli soldier forces knife on Palestinian girl [Electronic Intifada - 2/12/15]





Egyptian authorities opened the Rafah crossing on Thursday for humanitarian cases after a near permanent closure during 2015, Palestinian officials said.

The border crossing with the Gaza Strip was opened Thursday for two days, with one bus leaving the Gaza Strip for Egypt by the afternoon, a Ma'an reporter said.

Other buses carrying passengers were waiting in line to use the crossing, with priority given to humanitarian cases who have previously registered to cross the terminal.

Over 25,000 Palestinians in Gaza have registered as humanitarian cases to use the crossing, including patients requiring medical treatment and students studying abroad. ... [Maan - 3/12/15]








Fascist media excitedly promote police crackdown at Dandenong Railway Station @774melbourne - ABC Radio Melbourne [4/12/15]:  




#Dandenong weapons crackdown... advertised in @theheraldsun: "We'll have covert police in the area" Graham Higginbotham VicPol #Faine




Dandenong Station crackdown today: "The power to search people beyond reasonable grounds" Graham Higginbotham @VictoriaPolice #Faine








Metro launches investigation into more alleged underpayment of Melbourne train cleaners [ABC - 3/12/15]








Footscray Police are appealing for the public’s help following an encounter between a man and a woman on a Sydenham bound train on Wednesday afternoon.

Police have been told a woman was travelling on the train, between North Melbourne and Footscray, when she was threatened and racially vilified by a man about 4.20pm.

The man is believed to have exited the train at Footscray.

The 26-year-old Tarneit woman was uninjured during the incident. ... [Victoria Police News - 4/12/15]








Police officers with histories of sexually exploiting vulnerable victims of crime were given responsibility for family violence and sexual offences investigations, a damning anti-corruption report has found. ... [The Age - 2/12/15]






Three police officers who failed drug tests on Monday were targeted by internal investigators after a tip-off that they took drugs at a dance music festival the previous day.

The two male and one female constables are believed to have attended Stereosonic in Claremont on Sunday, the day before investigators visited their homes and forced them to provide urine samples, which tested positive for meth or ecstasy.

One of the male officers, from Scarborough police station, is the officer who shot dead an escaped dog named Biggie in Kinross last month, sparking an outcry and threats of civil action from the grieving owner. ... [West Australian - 4/11/15]





4 December 2015