"I am not a criminal, I am a refugee, do you understand what that is?"


 [ABC - 8/2/17]



Man who attempted escape from Australia/PNG illegal anti-refugee regime seized by police at court after lawyer makes no case submissions [PNG Loop - 4/4/17]



@BehrouzBoochani [4/4/17]: Loghman Savari arrested again on 'additional charges'. Is in Waigani police cells. 11 police surrounded him after trial was adjourned #Manus



Loghman Sawari is now stateless thanks to the UNHCR [ABC- 23/2/17]



AFTER Loghman Sawari was deported from Fiji, the OHCHR said it wanted to help [Fiji Times - 3/2/17]



... [Fiji's Attorney-General] Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said he was advised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that Mr Sawari was not recognised as a refugee under the UNHCR mandate.

"It has further advised that he is a refugee recognised by Papua New Guinea under its national procedures. So Fiji has merely returned Sawari to his rightful place of residence," he said. ... [RNZI - 3/2/17]



31 January: UNHCR refuse to comment on Loghman Sawari case [Fiji Times]:


... When contacted, the United Nations refugee agency regional Representation in Canberra external relations officer, Catherine Stubberfield, said the agency could not comment on individual cases of people of concern for the individuals' protection. ...



Another celebrity boat person showcases key role of compartmentalising history to propagandise Australia's current anti-refugee regime [West Australian - 28/3/17]




Unfunny comedian, who has made a career out of pointedly ignoring the elephant in the room, plays Jupiter's Casino [Surfers Paradise telephone booth - 28/3/17]



Malaysia's national human rights panel on Tuesday said it was disturbed by more than 600 deaths at immigration detention centers and prisons over the last two years, and called for immediate reform.

In its 2016 annual report, the panel, known by its Malay acronym, Suhakam, said there were more than 100 deaths in immigration detention centers and 521 deaths in prisons in 2015 and 2016.

Twelve people died in police lock-ups in 2015.

Last week, citing documents from Suhakam, Reuters reported that 118 foreigners, including undocumented workers, refugees and asylum seekers, had died at detention centers in the last two years.

More than half the dead were from Myanmar. ... [Reuters - 4/4/17]



India moves to deport 1,000s of Rohingya refugees [Zee News - 4/4/17]



@mir_sidiquee [3/4/17]:  #Myanmar #N_Rakhine: approx 16,000 peoples returned to places of origin; serious protection incidents continue ...



A Rohingya Muslim village official in Arakan State’s Buthidaung Township was killed by a group of men two days after he was interviewed by journalists on a press trip organized by the Ministry of Information (MOI), according to the local police force. ... [The Irrawaddy - 2/4/17]



The Sri Lankan health minister laughed off a question about investigating war crimes when speaking to media in Jaffna today.

Asked for his thoughts on future war crimes investigations by Tamil journalists, Rajitha Senaratne, said “war crimes? No we don’t agree with war crimes - nobody is there.”

The minister further responded “in that case who will investigate about the LTTE war crimes” before laughing and saying “are there any leaders? We have to ask them.”

Instead of pursuing accountability, the government will focus on a settlement and devolution the minister said. ... [Tamil Guardian - 3/4/17]



How Vladimir Lenin’s April 1917 train journey from Switzerland to Russia changed history [Australian Financial Review - 1/11/16]



@JulianAssange [3/4/17]:  Ecuador's outgoing president @MashiRafael has objectively led a remarkable counter-neoliberal success story



@wikileaks [4/4/17]:  7 years ago tomorrow (April 5) WikiLeaks published Collateral Murder ...  Still no direct accountability for the killers.



@wikileaks [3/4/17]:  According to @EliLake Obama's NSC head Susan Rice opened US intelligence on Trump campaign on "dozens of occasions"



@wikileaks [3/4/17]:  If true this is the U.S. surveillance state that WikiLeaks has been warning people about for a decade



@wikileaks [3/4/17]:  'Free Assange' activist Ciaron O'Reilly had emails 'illegally hacked' by UK police ...



Russian Defense Ministry denies directing Russian airstrikes on Idleb’s Khan Shaikhoun [SANA - 4/4/17]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 3/4/17]



Regarding the rumors on the imminent evacuation of refugee squats and the escalation of the anti-refugee policy [Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza, Athens - 3/4/17]:


It looks like the government attack against the refugee housing squats is being escalated. Following the evacuation of the Thessaloniki squats in the summer, the Alkiviadou refugee housing squat and Villa Zografou were evacuated a few weeks ago.

Following the statements by Minister of Public Order Nikos Toskas last week, regarding the evacuation of refugee housing squats, rumors and leaked information has been circulating, setting the stage for a new round of attacks.

Instead of planning to close the refugee detention centers, end the apartheid between the Greek mainland and the islands, and house trapped refugees within cities in dignified housing conditions, the government is ramping up measures against the trapped refugees, is preparing to open more closed detention centers, mass deportations and, in order to implement a “policy of deterrence”, is organizing a completely authoritarian neoliberal programme against the trapped refugees, thereby being a keen implementer of the EU-Turkey deal of shame.

We are certain that the planned attack against refugee housing squats is part of exactly this anti=refugee and anti-migration policy.

It is neither an exception nor a diversion. It is completely logical that a government policy that presents refugees as being an enemy within is now adopting a policy of hostility to any example of dignified living and housing.

This is, of course, a continuation of the broader anti-grass roots government policies.

As Refugee Accommodation Space City Plaza, we are completely against this racist policy, and we are unwilling to make a step back in the struggle for dignity, social integration and equality, coexistence between locals and foreign nationals, solidarity to all those fleeing war and poverty, from Syria to Senegal and from Afghanistan to Morocco.

Over the course of one year, over 1500 refugees and hundreds of people in solidarity, local and international, are organizing a model for meeting fundamental human needs and a model for social self-organization and multi-ethnic cohabitation.

 An abandoned hotel on Acharnon is a center of struggle and solidarity at an international scale.

We demand nothing more than the free movement of people, dignified living, the granting of asylum, equality and freedom for all the people who fled their homes and arrived here.

We accept nothing else.

We are here and we will remain here! Don’t even think about it…



Greek officials deflect questions about stalled processing at sidelines of yet another refugee conference [Greek Reporter - 3/4/17]



@LighthouseRR [3/4/17]:  6am a refugee boat landed w. 11 women, 7 men and 8 children from Syria and DRC. We supported w. water, biscuits, blankets, clothes and shoes



‏@HelenaMaleno [3/4/17]:  Las 62 personas que estaban a la deriva en la ruta Canarias están detenidas. Los familiares sin noticias #Fronteras



@salvamentogob [3/4/17]:  La tripulación de la Guardamar Polimnia rescató ayer a 100 personas de 2 pateras.Aquí vemos la satisfacción de las personas al ser auxilidas



Europe keeps its rescue ships far from the coast of Libya — where thousands of refugees have drowned [The Intercept - 2/4/17]:


... These are preventable deaths.

Since 2014, the European Union has deliberately chosen to keep their coast guard patrol boats far from where the shipwrecks happen, a decision detailed in an internal letter obtained by The Intercept and other leaked documents.

Saving more lives, the logic goes, will only encourage more refugees to come.

The result is that rescue boats are kept away from where rescues are actually needed. ...



Selected details of Australia's at-sea anti-refugee military operations released [Guardian - 3/4/17]:


... In 2014 the Guardian Australia journalist Paul Farrell sought access to documents about Australia’s asylum seeker turnback operations between November 2013 and February 2014.

During this period a number of turnback operations occurred, including at least one that led to Australian vessels breaching Indonesian waters.

Farrell took the matter to the information commissioner, who ruled only one document could be partially released.

But Australia’s immigration department appealed to the administrative appeals tribunal, which began hearings in August 2016.

The tribunal’s deputy president, Dennis Cowdroy, ruled the material “could be used by people smugglers to subvert or otherwise render useless the methods adopted … to prevent people smuggling operations and thereby render vulnerable the integrity of the Australian borders against the influx of illegal entrants.

“Insofar as Australia’s international relations are concerned, there is material which shows that Indonesia does not approve of turnback operations. The disclosure of material could prejudice such relations by revealing the places at which turnback operations occur and the methods used in such operations.”

He also found that releasing all the documents could cause a “substantial adverse effect” on the government’s turnback operations. ...



... After five days at sea, their boat reached Australian waters, but the engine failed as they struggled to make their way closer to Christmas Island.

The Rohingya desperately waved to the crew of a passing Australian Navy vessel, which Mr Abdul said did not respond.  ...  [The Straits Times - 1/2/16]



... Australian Operation Sovereign Borders personnel told asylum seekers:  Fuck your mothers ... fuck your family ... [AUDIO - ABC - 22/7/14]



Perhaps Australian Border Force personnel wouldn't be so traumatised if they were RESCUING asylum seekers, instead of pushing them away? [ABC - 27/2/17]



... The court heard Cassidy suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and had slipped into drug abuse after witnessing the "deaths and near-deaths of child and adult refugees" during his service. ... Former navy serviceman jailed for ramming Gold Coast airport with car [Brisbane Times - 13/12/16]




An Indonesian policeman carries an exhausted young boy following more rescues from the sunken asylum seeker boat of West Java.  Death toll hits 15 from Australia-bound refugee boat [South China Morning Post - 26/7/13]



Thailand disrupts attempts to launch migrant rescue ship operation [Guardian - 14/4/16]



... You'll never see a sign hanging on the door saying:  No vacancies here anymore,

Everybody's got a room in God's Hotel ...


'God's Hotel', Paul Kelly/Nick Cave [1994]



Migrants from Sri Lanka gesture aboard a boat off the coast of Indonesia on Monday. Authorities in the province of Aceh are preparing to tow the boat out to sea. [National Post - 17/6/16]



...  “I’ve heard some of the [refugee] stories and they are just absolutely horrendous. And the lies that are being told — and they’re being told by politicians daily and everybody seems to think they’re true. There are people who are sensible enough, wise enough to realise that what’s happening in Australia will show our history as being pretty ordinary, to say the least.” ... Father Mick Burke, parish priest at St Augustine’s Catholic Church  Yass Rural Australians for Refugees and churches set to collaborate on human rights issues [Yass Tribune - 3/4/17]



ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  WE CANNOT ALLOW THE ALP TO CONTROL THE PALM SUNDAY RALLIES AGAIN THIS YEAR.  ---> Refugee Action Collective Queensland chant "Shame Shame Dutton Shame" as they parade around the Brisbane CBD, co-opting participants to impliedly endorse Shorten and Marles. [19/3/16]



Interesting pamphlet from Marxist-Leninist Group [Distributed at 2016 Palm Sunday Rally for Refugees in Brisbane]:


... We would suggest that the refugee rights movement's tasks are threefold. 

Firstly, it needs to seek to combat the influence of liberal capitalist elements (the ALP, Greens, Union officials, GetUp! etc) and not cede leadership to such elements when they barge their way into the movements to bolster an election campaign or to back yet another US led war. 

This means seeking to politically combat left parties which act as proxies on the ground for more conservative political forces. 

The aim should be the mobilisation of all working class forces and their supporters independently, not only for the major parties, but all political groups working for them, be they paid or unpaid. ...



Amnesty, UNHCR, Refugee Council of Australia etc have known for weeks that these men are being subjected to deportation after 4 years illegal imprisonment and sham "assessment".

They have said nothing.

Do they object to - or support - this? --> #Manus: Immigration tried for 2nd time to deport a Lebanese man yesterday, he resisted again at the airport and is now back in Lorengau jail‏ @BehrouzBoochani [4/4/17]



Turnbull will do nothing while Shorten has his back.  Deportations are an essential element of ALP anti-refugee policy.  To continue pretending otherwise is exploitative, dishonest and counterproductive. -> A Lebanese asylum seeker fighting deportation from Manus Island after having his refugee application refused has begged Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for help, claiming he has been refused medication. ... [Huffington Post - 4/4/17]



American Homeland Security in #Manus today, will start getting fingerprints & photos of refugees tomorrow. Some appointment slips given out @BehrouzBoochani [4/4/17]



If you cannot see this "US deal" sideshow is bullshit, then you are stupid, and beyond help.



Turnbull to visit PNG as men fight for survival in Australia's illegal refugee concentration camp on Manus Island [PNG Loop - 3/4/17]



O'Neill touts himself about Townsville [The National - 4/4/17]



Papua New Guinea's prime minister Peter O'Neill has become the first Prime Minister of any country to visit Palm Island in Australia. ... [RNZI - 3/4/17]



Warm welcome for Waqa as men, women, children fight for survival in Australia's refugee concentration camp on Nauru [Nine MSN - 4/4/17]:


Nauru President Baron Waqa will hold talks on renewable energy and immigration policy when he visits Australia later this week.

Mr Waqa will be the first Nauru president to visit Australia for more than two decades.

During the four-day visit, he'll meet Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and NSW Governor David Hurley in Sydney.

In Canberra, he'll tour the Mount Majura Solar Farm and discuss renewable energy with senior management, visit the Australian War Memorial to lay a wreath, and be officially welcomed at Government House by Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove.

The program will also include meetings with several senior ministers and opposition MPs and the Governor of Queensland Paul de Jersey.



Fatal cases of Dengue reported on Nauru [Crikey - 24/3/17]




4 April 2017