Day 229 Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru



Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [4/11/16]



New Zealand journalist interviews political prisoners on Manus Island and Nauru about Australia's fascist anti-refugee policies [RNZI - 4/11/16]



There is no pressure on Turnbull, Dutton and the LNP to do anything because a blob so called "refugee activists" and their union buddies are conscientiously not putting any pressure on Shorten, Neumann and the ALP.

YOU ARE NOT HELPING REFUGEES.  YOU ARE AN OBSTACLE. ---> ‏@PplJustLikeUs [4/11/16]:  60+ refugee activists marched from Parramatta RSL to @GeoffLeeMP office to protest against the proposed lifetime ban laws. #BringThemHere



Refugee prisons, boat turnbacks and militarised borders are US policy. Why misrepresent the origins of Australia's policy? --->  ‏@OzRefugeeCounc [3/11/16]:  .@JFCrisp: the world is following the deterrence policies of Australia-pushing people back and preventing access to asylum.



‏@mdskar [3/11/16]:  7PM: Remaining #Rohingya homes at 'WaPaik' village being burnt down by #Burmese Army. At least 3 razed till now ...



US, China and UK Ambassadors join UN in Rakhine; signal approval for Myanmar military's latest clearing operation [Saudi Gazette - 3/11/16]



With green light from international community, Burmese police arm and train non Muslims to join attacks on Rohingya [TIME - 3/11/16]



Rohingya women gang raped as international delegates visit [The Stateless - 3/11/16]



South East Asia's shame:  Living inside Rohingya ghettos in Myanmar [CNN - 1/4/16]



Israeli weapons aid potential genocides in Myanmar and Burundi [Electronic Intifada - 18/1/16]



West, Gulf complicity in oil-fuelled genocide of Myanmar’s Rohingya [Middle East Eye - 11/11/15]



Sri Lankan government pledges compensation for families of Tamil students killed by police [Tamil Guardian - 2/11/16]



Locals in Batticaloa found human skeletal remains within an area of land that was previously used by the Sri Lankan military as a base. 

The remains were found while locals were digging for sanitation in a house opposite the Mariamman temple in Murakkoddaanchenai.

Locals believe that the area may reveal further remains as many Tamils went missing after being taken to the former military base during the 1990s. 

The police have been informed of the incident.  [Tamil Guardian - 2/11/16] 



Queensland police ordered to pay legal fees of man they accused of knocking out an officer [Yahoo - 3/11/16]:


Police have been ordered to pay the legal fees of a man they accused of knocking out an officer during an arrest on the Gold Coast earlier this year.

Jake Pearson, 22, was found not guilty at Southport Magistrates Court on Thursday of serious assault of a police officer after the incident at the Surfers Paradise safe drink precinct in June.

Pearson was out with his girlfriend when he got into a scuffle with police - with one of the officers briefly losing consciousness.

Magistrate Kay Philipson told the court prosecutors had been unable to prove Pearson was the one responsible for causing Constable Rohan Larkin to be knocked out, despite CCTV footage of the incident.

At least four officers were trying to arrest Pearson when the alleged assault occurred.

Ms Philipson then ordered police to pay $1500 to Pearson for court costs from a one-day trial which she believed could have been avoided.

"Before the matter went to trial prosecutors ought to be aware they would have had difficulty proving the defendant caused the bodily harm as was alleged," Ms Philipson told the court.

She added another of the officers involved in the arrest had been found to be "a most unreliable witness".

Pearson was convicted and fined $1000 after pleading guilty to a charge of obstructing police.

Ms Philipson noted the defendant had already avoided having a conviction recorded on three previous court appearances, including an earlier charge of obstructing police and the courtesy wouldn't be extended to him this time.



18C case: Court to hand down Queensland University of Technology judgment [Sydney Morning Herald - 3/11/16]



Thorne "declined to comment" to #730 REPORTLAND - and who can blame him - I hope he sues your lying, racist arses  ---> The home of one of Australia's most radical Muslim preachers has been raided as part of an ongoing investigation into a recently foiled plot by two Sydney teenagers to carry out an Islamic State-inspired killing.

Federal and New South Wales police raided Junaid Thorne's Merrylands home early on Thursday morning.

7.30 REPORTLAND has learned they are searching for evidence which links Mr Thorne to the teenagers' violent plot.

Mr Thorne, who appeared on 7.30 early last month, is a Saudi Arabian-trained fundamentalist preacher who is involved with the recently opened Islamic prayer group Ar Ridwan Dawah Projects in Sydney's Bankstown.

In 2014 he spent four months in NSW's highest security prison unit, Goulburn's Supermax, after he was convicted of using a false name to book a domestic flight. 

This is the first time Mr Thorne has been publicly linked to a terrorist plot, but he is a well-known associate of a who's who of Australian terrorism suspects.

He gave hundreds of hate-filled sermons at prayer halls around Australia in which he praised Islamic State and said Jews and Christians were raping Muslim women.

Thorne declined to comment to 7.30 about today's raids. ... [ABC - 3/11/16]



WA man faces terrorist trial in Saudi Arabia [West Australian - 2/5/13]



The former partner of Sydney siege gunman Man Haron Monis has been found guilty of murdering his ex-wife.

Amirah Droudis, 37, stabbed the woman 18 times, doused her in petrol and set her body alight at a unit block in Werrington in Sydney’s west on April 21, 2013, the court heard. ... [Yahoo - 3/11/16]



That some consider this to be the only option indicates a very big problem [ABC - 3/11/16]:


An elderly couple and their adult daughter have died in a suspected murder-suicide at a house on Queensland's Fraser Coast.

Police were called to an address on Riverheads Road at Booral, south of Hervey Bay, following reports of a gun being fired about 6:30am.

Robyn Frescura, 50, was found dead at the property while her mother Rita Janice, 68, and father John, 79, were taken to the Hervey Bay Hospital with critical injuries where they later died.

Police believe Mr Frescura's injuries were self-inflicted, and no-one else was involved.

Detective Acting Inspector David Briese said Ms Frescura was believed to have been living with her parents at the property, and they were long-time residents of the area.

He said someone from the house called triple-0.


Family friend Gwenda Knapp visited the crime scene today.

She told the media Rita and John Frescura had both been diagnosed with cancer.

"They were a caring family," she said.

"It's a sad situation that it ended like this." ...



The system selects for psychopaths ---> Nurse found guilty of murdering two elderly women at Ballina nursing home [Nine MSN - 3/11/16]



A nurse found guilty of murdering two women with lethal doses of insulin had previously been investigated for injecting the same medication into patients who did not need it during her problematic career. 

Megan Jean Haines, 49, was stripped of her nurse's registration in 2008 after it emerged she had given insulin to non-diabetic patients on two separate occasions at a medical centre in Victoria. 


Despite these adverse findings, Haines' registration was reinstated in 2012 by the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. 

After initially struggling to get a job because of strict reporting conditions attached to her registration, the St Andrews Village aged-care facility hired her in 2014. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 3/11/16]



Daughter charged with murder of Brisbane woman Radica Zafirovska [ABC- 3/11/16]



Gold Coast boy, 4, told dad 'I love you' before death [Nine MSN - 3/11/16] 



Man killed while crossing the road in Biggera Waters [MYGC - 3/11/16]



The body of a missing fisherman has been found in north Queensland after an air and land search.

Police found the body of the 33-year-old man on Wednesday afternoon, after the boat he was in capsized on Tuesday night in the Leichardt River near Burketown.

A 32-year-old man who was also in the boat was found on Tuesday night and taken to Mount Isa Hospital with non-life threatening injuries. [Yahoo - 3/11/16]



Queensland rail driver shortage: 113 train services to be cancelled on Friday [Brisbane Times - 3/11/16]



... "Under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, Workplace Health and Safety Queensland does not approve staffing levels for theme park rides," the spokesperson said. ... [Brisbane Times - 3/11/16]



Agriculture Minister Leanne Donaldson has confirmed that the Labor Party repaid her outstanding near-$8000 council bill.

In a statement released on Thursday afternoon, Ms Donaldson said the Queensland branch of the ALP settled the account with the Bundaberg Regional Council on Wednesday. ... [Brisbane Times - 3/11/16]



Gold Coast to lay own NBN cable in time for 2018 Commonwealth Games [ABC - 2/11/16]:


... The NBN Co has supported the move by the city to invest in fibre but would not comment on whether it was necessary in order to get the network up by 2018. ...



International trade, engagement and investment mission to Japan, Korea and China [NT Government - 3/11/16]:


Representatives from across the Northern Territory Government, industry and business are participating in the international trade, engagement and investment mission to Japan, Korea and China, led by the Chief Minister.

The delegation of 96 people, which includes 75 business and industry delegates, fourteen public servants and three local media personnel, is engaging in a range of key meetings and with the Territory’s key trade and investment partners. 

The trip began on Thursday 27 October and will conclude on 6 November ...



Vital services that aim to reduce anti-social behaviour and assist some of Darwin's most disadvantaged people will be cancelled if Larrakia Nation Aboriginal Corporation does not repay a $500,000 debt by December.

As the deadline nears there are concerns the corporation will have to abandon some of the many programs it runs to help Aboriginal people, including aged care, homelessness services, and a night patrol which takes people who have been drinking to a shelter to sober up.

David Kurnoth is the Night Patrol coordinator and said Larrakia Nation staff are becoming increasingly worried. ... [ABC - 3/11/16]



You learn something every day if you pay attention.


~ Ray LeBlond


... The nature of this law and its ferocious ramifications are evidenced in the unidirectional way that this law works. It is a law devoid of all forms of mutual respect. It employs language used to manipulate and control not only ourselves – as the bodies upon who the everyday violences of this law are played out – but also the Australian public, who are subject to particular terms such as ‘illegal maritime arrivals’, reiterated and repeated to produce meanings that will suppress other knowledges –and our voices. ...



Image: @Mums4Refugees [27/8/16]



Australia, exceptional in its brutality, Behrouz Boochani [25/4/16]:


... The law of 19 July 2013 relies on such violence and is executed every day, despite the fact that it is contrary to the democratic and liberal concepts and principles Australia professes.

It is against all of the principles and standards of human rights and human achievements in the course of history and its violent domination is growing day by day.

The nature and essence of this violence in the system is displayed prominently and obviously in front of the Australian political stage.

To clarify, the immigration minister occasionally appears as a political figure with the gesture of a dictator, or as a populist representation in the form of a demon, and afterward, he disappears.

The manifestation and the emergence of this violence, which in a systematic form has been one of the ramifications of this law, is devised based on new and profound scientific approaches.

It seems to show a resumption of the nineteenth- and twentieth-century violence in Europe, where experiments were enacted to gain scientific insight into and development of other kinds of violence and torture.

These island camps on Manus and Nauru can be conceived similarly to the wheel cages that criminals, those accused and those sentenced to death, were put in and taken to cities to represent and advertise the power of violence.

I should mention that all journalists, human rights defenders and politicians against offshore detention have unintentionally been in line with this policy and the government’s purposes as they are playing a critical role in advertising the violence and exporting it to the globe.

As they discover and come to understand the violence in these two wheel cages, Manus and Nauru, they advertise it on a regular basis. The government, in this tremendous advertising and political game, discerns what type of violence to examine, to produce and to export.  ...



Nowhere Line: Voices from Manus Island [2015]




Image:  ‏@InsurrectNews [26/4/16]



The Australian human rights chatterati have no demand, aren't interested in resistance, and want us to surrender hope. Don't. --->  ... When asked about her views on this new development, Orner was emphatic: “I’m deeply cynical about it, and I hate to say it, but I don’t think it will make any difference in the scheme of things.

“I hope I am wrong. I hope I am surprised. While we were editing the film there was a High Court challenge in Australia about the legality of Nauru, so the government quickly made the Nauru detention centre an open centre, which meant that people weren’t actually detained there.

“I’m surprised that of all the governments, Papua New Guinea is the one that has stood up and said detention is illegal. The Australian government’s response is that nothing will change.  They are saying adamantly that no-one will enter Australia, whether they’re genuine refugees or not. So I don’t anticipate that anything will change.” ...   [Australian Jewish News - 26/5/16]



Chasing Asylum:  Feeding into the disempowering orgy of violence and despair [Guardian - 30/4/16]:


... Orner is understandably more cagey about the incredible footage filmed inside the detention centres.

It was filmed secretly and captures something that the tens of thousands of words written about asylum seeker policies can’t: that Australia’s detention centres are hell on earth.

The tents are mouldy, the fences are high, there is no privacy, the bathrooms are filthy and some of the men are housed in a tin second world war shed – in the tropics.

Graffiti on the tents reads, “Kill us.”

Whether she got footage from multiple sources or had one major source at each camp, she won’t say.

So distressing is the film that there is an argument to be made that it feeds into the government’s strategy of deterrence.

After seeing the footage of Nauru and Manus, it’s difficult to imagine any place that’s worse, or that is home to more suffering.

“There is no point in trying to come to Australia now by boat,” says Orner, in an odd echo of the government’s line.   ...



Families crossing the border: 'We are not criminals' [CNN - 2/11/16]



Marchan en funeral simbólico hacia ICE Marchan en funeral simbólico hacia ICE [holaciudad - 1/11/16]



Syrian army general command: Humanitarian pause on Friday in Aleppo from 9 am until 7 pm [SANA - 2/11/16]



Eight citizens were injured on Wednesday in terrorist rocket shells launched on a number of residential neighborhoods in Aleppo.

A police source told SANA that terrorist organizations targeted al-Hamdaniyah and Zahra with a number of rocket shells, injuring 8 persons and causing material damages to the houses. [SANA - 2/11/16]



Khaled Kaddoura and his wife Samira are both 50 – they married when they were only 15 – and they are a tough, forthright couple who decided just over a week ago to abandon their besieged home in eastern Aleppo.

They and their son Almuatazbilah, a boy of eight with long, uncombed hair, were among only 48 men, women and children in weeks to make it to the Syrian army lines surrounding the east of Syria’s largest city with its tens of thousands of civilians and its collection of militias, most of them Islamists, who refuse to surrender.

Both husband and wife have dark, almost haunted eyes, and they tell a frightful story which is often at odds with the East Aleppo narrative of heroic ‘rebel’ defenders and civilians fearful of a regime massacre.

Samira al-Jarrah – in Syria, wives keep their maiden names — says she prays for her country every night, but neither she nor her husband mention Bachar al-Assad.  ... [Independent - 2/11/16]



Inside the shadowy PR firm that’s lobbying for regime change in Syria [Alternet - 3/10/16]:


... In fact, The Syria Campaign’s founder, Purpose co-founder Jeremy Heimans, was also one of the original founders of Avaaz.

As he told Forbes, “I co-founded Avaaz and [the Australian activist group] Get Up, which inspired the creation of Purpose.”


One recent incident highlighted The Syria Campaign’s skillful handling of press relationships from Aleppo to media markets across the West.

It was August 17, and a Syrian or Russian warplane had just hit an apartment building in rebel-held eastern Aleppo.

Sophie McNeill, a Middle East correspondent for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, received a photo from the Syrian American Medical Society, which maintains a WhatsApp group networking doctors inside rebel territory with international media.

The photo showed a five-year-old boy, Omran Daqneesh, who had been extracted from the building by members of the White Helmets and hoisted into an ambulance, where he was filmed by members of the Aleppo Media Center.

The chilling image depicts a dazed little boy, seated upright and staring at nothing, his pudgy cheeks caked in ash and blood.

“Video then emerged of Omran as he sat blinking in the back of that ambulance,” McNeill wrote without explaining who provided her with the video.

She immediately posted the footage on Twitter.

“Watch this video from Aleppo tonight. And watch it again. And remind yourself that with #Syria #wecantsaywedidntknow,” McNeill declared.

Her post was retweeted over 17,000 times and the hashtag she originated, which implied international inaction against the Syrian government made such horrors possible, became a viral sensation as well.

(McNeill did not respond to questions sent to her publicly listed email.) ...


If Obama represents excessive restraint, may the gods save us from what comes next.


The geniuses who brought you the Iraq War are at it again [The Nation - 26/10/16]:


... The names are familiar—former secretary of state Madeline Albright and former Bush national security adviser Stephen Hadley lead the Atlantic Council task force.

Former Bill Clinton NSC adviser Brian Katulis and former Bush deputy secretary of defense Rudy deLeon are senior fellows at the Center for American Progress.

The inescapable Martin Indyk heads a Brookings group of former top officials from Obama, Bush, and Clinton administrations.

These are the apostles of American exceptionalism, from the neoconservatives who promoted the invasion of Iraq to the “indispensable nation” liberal interventionists who championed regime change in Libya.

Virtually without exception, all supported Bush’s invasion of Iraq, the most catastrophic foreign policy debacle since Vietnam.

Virtually without exception, none were held accountable for that folly.


In this age of bitter partisanship, characterized by unrelenting Republican obstructionism in Congress and now Trump’s stoking America’s rancors, much attention has been paid to the dangers of division.

But the utter failure of the center and the bipartisan elite has been neglected. In the Middle East and elsewhere, the Blob has driven us into one folly after another.

 Yet they still fill the highest offices and the most lavishly appointed think tanks.

And they are still calling for more. ...



... Any report advocating war that comes from any alleged think tank ought to be accompanied by a list of the think tank’s sponsors and donors and a statement of the lobbying connections of the report’s authors. ... Dennis Kucinich’s warning on DC’s think tank warmongers [Blacklisted News - 27/10/16]



‏@FluorescentGrey [26/10?16]:  not a single #neocon has responded yet to @VeryHeavyAgenda after it was released... hmm I wonder why



We need to talk about VICE [Clip from A Very Heavy Agenda Part 3: Maintaining the World Order - 2016]



... They don't really care about us ...


Michael Jackson



It’s ignorant to vote for Hillary Clinton without reading WikiLeaks [The Denver Post - 2/11/16]:


... if the journalists responsible for reporting on Watergate were labeled “Russian sympathizers,” charged by the media as “attempting to influence an election,” and banned from travel or communication access, how would history judge the event?

This is exactly what has happened to Julian Assange, who has done more for journalism than any of these corporate-owned, brand-named media products have done this election cycle. Either you support access to information or you have a problem with an informed public.

Which side are you on?



Jacobin [28/10/16]:


... The Podesta emails underscore the American labor movement’s perpetual bind.

On one hand, when Republicans gain power, the results are devastating for unions.

On the other, the Democratic Party’s power brokers clearly have no interest in pursuing even a tepidly pro-labor agenda.

They just want the unions’ cash.

These revelations should force the labor movement’s rank-and-file to reflect a bit on both American union leaders and the party whose ass they’re constantly kissing and campaigns they’re constantly bankrolling.

At a time when labor could have chosen the most pro-labor Democratic candidate in decades, Bernie Sanders, all but a handful of leaders rejected his campaign — and some actively worked against it.

They helped secure the nomination for the Republican-lite candidate — hoping, no doubt, for her support from the Oval Office.

But the Podesta emails suggest that the party isn’t planning on returning the favor, whether they’re receiving record-breaking campaign contributions or not.  ...



‏@wikileaks [2/11/16]:  DoJ gave Hillary Clinton secret "heads up" about emails investigation ...


‏@wikileaks [2/11/16]:  DoJ Assistant Attorney Peter Kadzik outed as a mole for Hillary Clinton campaign ...


FBI deputy director whose wife took Clinton friend's cash asked why he is still involved in email investigation [Daily Mail - 3/11/16]


How Clinton campaign gamed Super PAC regulations [ShadowProof - 2/11/16]



The Department of Human Services has settled on the four IT giants that will carry out its $1.5 billion welfare payments infrastructure transformation, completing the procurement phase of Canberra’s biggest technology project.

It has revealed that IBM and HP have won the final spots on a four-member panel that will be invited to bid for phases in the mammoth system upgrade. ... [IT News - 3/11/16]



Census 2016: IBM managing director Kerry Purcell apologises over outage [ABC - 26/10/16]



Aren't Jabhat al-Nusra Australia's US-backed allies? [Nine MSN - 3/11/16]:


Police have arrested two men in Sydney's west this morning and expect to charge them with foreign incursion offences later today.

One of the men, arrested during a traffic stop in Birrong, is an alleged ISIS fighter.

“We will allege that a 24-year-old man from Merrylands travelled to Syria in July 2013 and was with a group known as Jabhat al-Nusra who is an affiliate of al-Qaeda,” police said in a statement today.

The man was allegedly convinced to join ISIS by convicted terrorism recruiter Hamdi Alqudsi who is serving six years in jail for sending seven men to fight in Syria.

A second male, aged 17, was also arrested, after allegedly attempting to travel to Syria to fight for ISIS in January 2015. 

Police confirmed they had moved as quickly as possible on intel because of the “risk that these people pose” but had been slowed down by the difficulty of accessing evidence in Syria.

“Evidence collection from Syria is extremely difficult,” police said. “Based on the fact that there’s no competent law enforcement officers working in the region.”

A large police operation followed the arrests, with authorities executing several search warrants at homes in Bass Hill, Merrylands, Hornsby Park and Miller.

The homes are suspected of being linked to terror activity.

The high risk operation is being carried out by the joint counter-terrorism team.



Fears Sydney's police wall of remembrance had been desecrated again have proven unfounded, with weather blamed for stripping polish that had been used to cover earlier vandalism. ... [ABC - 2/11/16]



Iowa police shootings: 2 killed; suspect in custody [CNN - 2/11/16]



Police fire rubber bullets as Dakota Access pipeline protesters try to protect burial site [NBC - 2/11/16]



Seven pieces of training ordnance “fell off” a fighter plane during a training flight, landing in a forest in central Michigan.

Military officials believe the incident was caused by mechanical problems.

Six training bombs and one training missile ended up in a remote wooded area near Luzerne, Michigan on October 25, after they fell off an Air National Guard airplane flying from Selfridge Air National Guard Base near Detroit to Camp Grayling in the north of the state.

No one was injured in the incident, according to local TV stations WWTV and WPBN. ... [RT - 2/11/16]



Hundreds of NSW residents have filed a class action against the Defence Department over chemical contamination of groundwater by the Williamtown RAAF base. ... [SBS - 3/11/16]



Iraqi troops push further into Mosul; 202 killed across Iraq [ - 1/11/16]:


Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi again warned Turkey to avoid provoking conflict, after Turkey strengthened its forces in Silopi at the Iraqi border. ...



‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [2/11/16]:  Nineveh: News agencies:4 women were killed and 17 others including kids and women wounded when the air force of US-led coalition shelled Qudus neighborhood in Mosul City.



On October 22, US warplanes carried out airstrikes against the village of Fadhiliya, a few kilometers away from the city of Mosul.

Two of the strikes hit a civilian house within, killing eight civilians from a single family, including three children.

It is unclear why the report of this airstrike is just coming to light now, over a week later, but it marks the first significant civilian casualties in a US airstrike related to the Mosul invasion.

A previous incident the day before, initially reported as a US airstrike against a Shi’ite mosque near Kirkuk, is now being reported as likely an attack by the Iraqi Air Force, and not the US. ... [ - 1/11/16] 



3 November 2016