214th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


# Manus SOS



Image:‏ @sunosi3 [4/3/18]



Enough "deterrence" porn, reality shows and hypothetical dramatisations - can we have some INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM on Operation Sovereign Borders please? ---> Compelling new SBS refugee drama pointedly asks 'what would you do?' [Sydney Morning Herald - 28/2/18]



Another group of Nauru refugees reportedly trafficked to the US under secret "deal"; Australia's barbaric "deterrence" policy continues unchallenged [9 News - 4/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [17/2/18]:  The Rohingya refugee - who has family in Australia - was told if he did not agree to being trafficked to the US, he could expect to be on #Nauru for 20 years or be trafficked to Cambodia.



@Aussie4Refugees  [25/2/18]: ... At the June 2015 Bangkok Summit (the region's sham response to 1,000s of Rohingya refugees dying at sea) Anne Richard (architect of sadistic US-Aus refugee "deal" charade) signalled boat turnbacks as an acceptable course of action. ...





@Aussie4Refugees [4/3/18]:  Rohingya refugees: Not my problem, we need "durable solutions" ... #UN #BaliProcess



@Aussie4Refugees [4/3/18]:  Australia: NOPE NOPE NOPE and DEAL WITH THE ROHINGYA ...


Australia's Border Force now stopping boats WITHIN Myanmar ...



Tamil Hindu groups protested against the ongoing attacks against Hindu temples in the North-East on Sunday. ... [Tamil Guardian - 4/3/18]



Sri Lanka’s militarisation of temples in North-East continues [Tamil Guardian - 4/3/18]



New Northern Provincial Council member, Sabaratnam Kugathas, recounted his first-hand experiences of the end of the war and the atrocities committed by Sri Lankan state forces, in his maiden speech at the council’s 117th sitting this week.

“I lived within the conflict zone until the end of the war itself,” Mr Kugathas said.

“I directly witnessed the heinous bombings which the Sri Lankan governmental forces conducted against civilians - especially against the wounded who were admitted in hospitals, which resulted in the massacre of innocent civilians and children.” ... [Tamil Guardian - 3/3/18]



Kevin Kadirgamar: We have a duty to say that's not who we are [Guardian - 3/3/18]



In a move that is unprecedented internationally, the Labor government of Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on Friday announced an immediate suspension of all refugee applications from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. ... [WSWS - 12/4/10]



‏@Subhanamir23 :  We all#AsylumSeekers and #Refugees are confronting an endless trouble in#Balikpapan IDC. We kindly request from human righs Org to be our voices& rescue us from this limbo. Day 47 of Afghan migrants successive peaceful protest for freedom. 4 March 2018 #SaveMe 



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [4/3/18]:  47 days of our peaceful protest in Balikpapan detention center for our freedom.from the past 47 day every day we are yelling and ask for help but UNHCR,IOM and DGI who are responsiable for us keep silent .keep close their eyes to our problems




We request #UNHCR and #IOM, Please help the imprisoned refugees of Balikpapan. We refugees are still in jail from the past 4 years. ...  @Abdulaz16190407 [4/3/18]



@ErikGerhardsson [3/3/18]: Yesterday in the evening a second refugee boat arrived to Samos making it a total of four new boat arrivals yesterday with approximately 204 men, women & children. ...  



Please help Legal Centre Lesbos defend 35 refugees facing criminal trial following arbitrary arrests and police brutality after a peaceful refugee protest in Moria refugee camp. ... [Legal Centre Lesbos]



@Lesvosolidarity [1/3/18]:  CALL FOR SUPPORT as more evidence emerges to prove the innocence of the 3 asylum-seekers who are charged and detained for an alleged attempt to steal cattle in Moria. The Greek farmer who fired shots was released and will appear before court in April. 



@ecre [1/3/18]:  Yesterday an appeal was launched by Parliamentarian's against Italian government, for not requesting ratification from Parliament on MoU between Italy & Libya ...



3 March 2018