At least 91 people were killed on Sunday in two bombings in the Iraqi capital, including a large-scale attack claimed by the Islamic State that killed 86 people, among them 15 children, in a central shopping district, officials said. ... [The Hindu - 3/7/16]





@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [2/7/16]:



 Baghdad: News agencies: Unknown gunmen shot fires towards an employee at the ministry of migration and displaced while he was passing through Qanat Street killing him..................



Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb exploded near shops in Nahrawan area southeast of Baghdad today evening killing one and wounding 7.......



Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb exploded near a popular market in Rasheed nahiya today evening killing two persons and wounding 9.......



Baghdad: News agencies: A roadside bomb explodednear Hamamiyat Village in Taji north of Baghdad today noon killing a person and wounding 9 ..............



Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded in Amil neighborhood southwest of Baghdad resulted in two deaths and 6 injuries................



Baghdad: A roadside bomb has exploded in Sha'b area northeast of Baghdad resulted in deaths and 7 injuries................



Nineveh: The coalition air force has shelled Tala'far district resulted deaths and injuries.................................




United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 3/7/16]




Terrorist attacks kill 2 civilians, injure 18 others in Aleppo, al-Qtaifeh, and Kefraya [SANA - 3/7/16]




Macedonian police say they have discovered 73 migrants in a truck during a routine check early Saturday near Macedonia's border with Serbia.

The migrants are from Syria, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan.

Most of them are women with children, police said.

The 35-year-old truck driver, a Macedonian, has been detained. He had charged the migrants an undisclosed amount for the expected transfer across the border. ... [Yahoo - 3/7/16]




‏@jordievole [3/7/16]:  Mural en Lampedusa. Decir mucho con muy poco.




Day 106 refugee protests, Nauru


"WE CAME FOR FREEDOM!  YOU PUT US IN PRISON!" @elahe_zivardar [3/7/16]



Image:  ‏@elahe_zivardar [3/7/16]




United States says New Zealand could do more to stop people from seeking asylum [RNZI - 3/7/16]:


... Yesterday it emerged that security forces in southern India had arrested two men reported to have been trying to send more than 100 refugees here.

Indian media reports said the men were promising jobs in New Zealand to Sri Lankan Tamils living in refugee camps.

Immigration Minister Michael Woodhouse said New Zealand was increasingly being marketed by people smugglers as an attractive destination.

"I think we're being marketed as a more attractive place because of the efforts Australia has gone to to make it very clear to those contemplating coming that they will not be resettled."

He said no boat ferrying large numbers of refugees had ever landed in New Zealand, but should one do so, it would be detained.

"A judge can grant a warrant of detention for a mass arrival of 30 or more asylum seekers," he said.

"The law also provides (that) anyone who is granted asylum won't be able to have family members join them, and there are other measures that make mass arrival the least attractive proposition available as it's hideously risky and highly likely to result in death."




Hundreds of Sinhalese families have been settled into Mullaitivu with the assistance of the Sri Lankan military said a member of the Northern Provincial Council.

T Raviharan, an NPC member, said that hundreds of Sinhalese families have settled in the Nayaru region and have been actively assisted by Sri Lankan troops.

He noted that in 2011, 72 Sinhalese families were granted temporary passes to the region, which allowed them to fish in Nayaru waters with the help of the military, despite protests from local Tamil fishermen.

Today that number has swelled to more than 290 families. ... [Tamil Guardian - 3/7/16]




Military rescue crews from Australia and the United States are honing their skills at a major training exercise in north Queensland.

The United States National Guard and United States Air Force are taking part in the exercise near Townsville, learning new tactics from their Australian counterparts.

More than 300 personnel are involved in Exercise Angel Reign, along with the local Coast Guard and water police. ... [ABC - 30/6/16]




Schools in Kimbe, West New Britain Province, had to shut down this week due to the death of a young man on Sunday.

The Kimbe Grammar School, Karl Hesse Primary and St. Monica’s Elementary School in the residential area of Section 21 had their classes disrupted after a group of men retaliated to the killing.

The deceased, from Sepik and WNB parentage, was chopped to death at Section 21 on June 26.

This occurred in front of the tucker shops at the 7th street, leading to what is known as Wabag City.

The perpetrator, believed to be from Enga Province, has fled and police are appealing to the public to bring the person to the Kimbe Police Station for charges to be laid. ... [PNG Loop - 2/7/16]




Teenage girl in critical condition after double fatal car crash in Bundaberg [ABC - 3/7/16]




A heart-stopping near miss at a chemist has been captured on security cameras on the Gold Coast.

In the terrifying footage the shop attendant can be seen about to walk out from behind the counter, but a split second later a car comes flying through the store window stopping her in her tracks.

The owner of the store said the car missed the employee by just a few inches and she is pretty shaken up.

It's thought a 72-year-old man reversed his hatchback into a pharmacy on the corner of Queensland Avenue and Main Place at Broadbeach at about 11.30 this morning. ... [Yahoo - 3/7/16]




@9NewsGoldCoast [2/7/16]:  Almost 30 people out of work after fire swept through a popular restaurant strip at Nobby Beach. ...


Gold Coast police officer will not face excessive force charge, crime watchdog finds [ABC - 30/6/16]




Gold Coast man faces court over torture of baby [MYGC - 30/6/16]




Detectives are trying to piece together the moments before a man was shot dead on a quiet street in Sydney’s south-west.

The 24-year-old was standing on Jasmine Crescent in Cabramatta when he was shot in the head at around 10.45pm last night. ... [Nine MSN - 3/7/16]




Teenager has worn GPS tracking device since terrorism charges against him were dropped last year [Guardian – 1/7/16]




... It is true that Theresa May did succeed in deporting him. To Jordan, where he faced charges of association with terrorist groups.

In two trials, one before a military tribunal, Abu Qatada was found not guilty of association with terrorism and all other charges.

It should be very plainly understood that the Jordanian monarchy is no friend at all to Palestinian salafist clerics like Abu Qatada, and he had good reason to fear being deported there.

But even they found that the evidence Abu Qatada is a terrorist does not exist. ... [Craig Murray - 3/7/16]




Bernard Tomic powers into Wimbledon fourth round [ESPN - 3/7/16]




Behold, the people think:  1 in 4 Australians voted against duopoly fascists.


(Political, media and human rights establishment still pretending not to get it.)


... Oh the big becomes the little when you see it back a bit

The huge becomes the dinky which is just the opposite

Of the larger that gets smaller it never seems to quit

That's about the size of it ...




'Infinity (That's About the Size of It)' sung/written/animated by Bud Luckey ...  Luckey wrote and animated many short films for Sesame Street and the Children's Television Workshop during the 1970s ... [Wikipedia]




Australian democracy smells like barbecued sausage [Reuters - 3/7/16]




People who are members of political parties responsible for imprisoning innocent men, women and children in concentration camps - thus cementing Australia's status as a regional pariah - have no right to lecture others about being "responsible". ---> Ms Palaszczuk said Ms Hanson and other incoming senators should be responsible and not put important state issues like exports and tourism at risk.

"My message to all the senators is you must stand up for Queensland but you must act responsibly," she said.  [Brisbane Times - 3/7/16]




Di Natale too gutless to stick it to ALP fascists - selling out Greens voters already. Pathetic. [Nine MSN - 3/7/16]:


If Pauline Hanson wins a seat in the Senate, the Greens will be waiting to show One Nation's leader there is no place in modern Australia for racist, bigoted views.

Greens leader Richard Di Natale says the party will stand up to Ms Hanson, who looks set to return to federal parliament in a Queensland Senate seat.

"We will take it right up to her, to show that in a modern Australia there is no place for racism, there is no place for bigotry, for the sort of hatred that she is spreading through her views," the senator told reporters in Melbourne on Sunday.


He said the Greens might need to have talks with Labor in coming days.

But Labor leader Bill Shorten later ruled out his party forming any coalition or entering into an agreement with the Greens.

Senator Di Natale won't be making a deal with the Turnbull government, citing its record on climate change and asylum seekers.

"It has an appalling record on all those things, and it is inconceivable we could sit down and form any sort of co-operative government with the coalition," he said.




Another dangerous, resource wasting class and race based police pursuit ends with police dog savagery [MYGC - 2/7/16]




Queensland lockout laws: Millionaire offers to bankroll campaign to end them [Guardian - 1/7/16]





Queensland cost of living to rise as new financial year begins [ABC – 30/6/16]:



The start of the new financial year will see many Queenslanders' household budgets under further pressure, with the cost of essentials such as vehicle registration and power prices due to rise.

From Friday, everyone in Queensland who owns a car will pay 3.5 per cent more for registration and licence renewal, with tolls also to increase.

RACQ spokeswoman Renee Smith said motorists in Queensland would be "slugged quite hard".

"We're seeing registration costs and driver licence fees going up at twice the rate of inflation, which is unacceptable," he said.

The 3.5 per cent increase will apply to all State Government fees, including fines and speeding tickets.

Queensland Consumers Association (QCA) spokesman Ian Jarratt said some prices were increasing really rapidly.

"There's a lot of pressure on people's standard of living at the moment because wages and salaries are not going up and prices are still creeping up," he said.

Power prices will rise from July 1, and Mr Jarrett said the QCA was urging people to shop around to avoid a nasty surprise next power bill, particularly in the south-east, where retailers will be able to set their own prices in a deregulated market.

"We really don't know what the retailers are going to be charging for electricity from July 1, but it it's definitely going to be higher," he said. ...




The future of two of Queensland's V8 supercar races has been secured for a further three years thanks to a funding injection from the State Government. ... [ABC - 30/6/16]




A Queensland Rail spokeswoman said no one was injured when the Aurizon freight train derailed 15km east of Julia Creek early Saturday morning.

She said four wagons had derailed but all 39 were upright and no spillage had been detected.

Crews were assessing the site, while safety investigators were en route, she said.  ... [Yahoo - 2/7/16]







Ninth case of black lung in Queensland [Brisbane Times - 1/7/16]




@LizardsRevenge [3/7/16]:  The roadblock continues! 8 hours and we're still dancing and singing for change ... #LEAVEITINTHEGROUND



Funeral at the gates of hell [The Lizard Bites Back - 2/7/16]




Mining giant BHP Billiton says it will fight the suspension by the Brazilian Supreme Court of a settlement for damages caused by a dam burst at an iron ore mine.

The flood down the Rio Doce in November sent a wave of waste water into the river valley and flattened two towns. ... [BBC - 1/7/16]


The battle continues, 50 years after first test at Mururoa [RNZI – 2/7/16]




Obama’s high-profile trip to Hiroshima was accompanied by a media storm that gave endless justifications for the US use of the atomic bomb on Japanese civilians.

The myths are widely accepted in society, and underpin the notion of American exceptionalism.

Abby Martin interviews Dr. Peter Kuznick, co-author with Director Oliver Stone of the bestselling book and HBO series "The Untold History of the United States,” about the real story behind the use of the atomic bombs—as well as the untold history of Imperial Japan, its role today for the US Empire, and the danger for new war on the horizon. [VIDEO - teleSUR - 25/6/166]



Abby Martin with NYT’s James Risen on fighting censorship and war [VIDEO - teleSUR- 1/7/16]




US claims drones only killed 116 civilians; experts say it’s way more [Salon - 2/7/16]:


... Journalist Spencer Ackerman, who has reported on the U.S. drone program for years, quipped on Twitter, “Nothing says transparency like saying you killed between 64 and 116 civilians (hundreds less than estimates) before July 4 weekend.” ...




United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 2/7/16]




@moas_eu [2/7/16]:  Another overwhelming statistic in #CentralMed. Arrivals by sea to #Italy surpassed 22,000 in June #MigrationCrisis





@graziano_delrio - Italian Minister for Infrastructure and Transport [30/6/16]:  Mediterraneo mare che unisce, non divide, le culture di tre continenti. oggi qui con le guardie costiere #medforum



Cuban migrants who clung to lighthouse to be sent to Guantánamo naval station [Miami Herald – 1/7/16]




An “S.O.S.” letter asking for helpwas seemingly thrown overboard by two dozen desperate Cuban migrants aboard a U.S. Coast Guard shipas they waited for a judge to decide their fate.

According to new details revealed in court, a recreational fisherman in Key West came across the message in a bottle Tuesday.

Inside was a two-page handwritten letter from the 24 migrants alleging mistreatment aboard the 278-foot Coast Guard Cutter, including violence from Coast Guard personnel.

The letter was read in court Thursday and included allegations that they were being served “food for dogs” and described conditions on the Cutter as “hell.”

Coast Guard officials are said to be internally investigating those allegations.

Attorneys for the migrants renewed their request to be able to speak to them aboard the Cutter, even if only by telephone or radio. ... [Miami Herald - 30/6/16]




US Envoy on Refugees, Migration Policy in Southeast Asia [Anne Richard] press conference with UNHCR and IOM fobs off concerns about Myanmar human rights abuses and refugee exodus [3/6/15]:


... A/S RICHARD: Well thank you for your question. I did meet with Australian colleagues at the May 29th meeting in Bangkok including the Ambassador for People Smuggling -- or Against People Smuggling, I guess. The United States takes a different approach off our shores to people coming toward us in boats.

You know our Coast Guard intercepts the boats and then conducts interviews on its decks to find out if the people, if the boat people in the Caribbean have a credible fear of persecution or not.

And if it is judged that they are economic migrants they’re returned to places from which they’ve come.

But if it’s judged that they may have a case for asylum then they are not returned and that they get follow-on interviews and they may end up being moved as refugees to a new country. So the numbers we’re talking about in the Caribbean are quite small, but this, with this approach of ensuring that people get a chance to express their case is a part of what the US is doing that I think is needed throughout the region. I think that’s mostly on that issue. ...




Yahoo [1/6/15]:


... Anne Richard, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for population, migration and refugees, said resettling all Rohingya refugees in the United States would entice others to leave their homeland.

"The answer to the issue is peace and stability and citizenship for the Rohingyas in Rakhine state, and that is the solution," she said at the end of a three-day visit to Malaysia. ...




Guardian [3/6/15]:


... Goledzinowski [Australia’s ambassador for people smuggling issues, Andrew Goledzinowski] said resettlement was raised during the Bangkok meeting on 29 May.

“All who spoke on resettlement said that this was not a durable solution for the Rohingya problem and that it would constitute a pull factor,” he told a Senate estimates committee on Wednesday.

“The UNHCR was the most articulate on this point.”

He engaged in bilateral meetings with representatives from some of the other 16 countries in attendance, and is adamant that at least one will seek further briefings on adopting Australia’s key asylum seeker measures.

“We also were able to talk a little bit about our own experiences during operation sovereign borders where we’ve been very successful in disrupting people trafficking and smuggling networks,” Goledzinowski said.




These people have the right to seek asylum.  Why has the Australian human rights establishment abandoned them? --->  As far as we know, the latest boat of Australia-bound Sri Lankan asylum seekers are still stranded in Aceh with mean looking officials and mute (seemingly photoshopped) UNHCR reps [Cendana News - 24/6/16]



Keeping refugees out of Australia is so obviously beyond electoral politics, yet so called advocates are still Turnbull bashing instead of pursuing truth, justice and freedom.


It is the lowest of the low.


“Omid was doing well, enduring hardships for better future. What happened to Omid’s hope? Who has taken his hope? Who has taken our hope, our Omid? Who has made the life so bitter for him?”



(Doesn't Omid's wife and family deserve the truth?)



[Guardian - 21/5/16]




How would you react if you'd been held hostage on an island for three years and shadowy representatives from the UNHCR told you to expect to be imprisoned for another 10 years? 




Manus High Court hearing imminent ---> [ABC - 4/5/16]:


More than 700 asylum seekers held on Manus Island have launched legal action calling on the Federal Government to immediately move them to Australia.

The application for an urgent injunction was filed with the High Court on Wednesday by human rights barrister Jay Williams.

It follows last week's decision in the Papua New Guinea Supreme Court which ruled that the Manus Island detention centre breached the country's constitution.

The group of 757 asylum seekers are also seeking an order from the court preventing the Australian Government from moving them to Nauru.

The group allege that both the Australian and PNG governments have committed "gross" human rights breaches including forcible detention, torture and degrading treatment and false imprisonment.

A solicitor for the group, Mathew Byrnes, also called for a Royal Commission into the operation of the Manus Island centre.

"In addition to the orders being sought from the High Court in these applications, we are of the view that there is an urgent need for an inquiry or a Royal Commission in relation to the arrangements," Mr Byrnes said.

Mr Byrnes said any inquiry should be headed by retired High Court justice Michael Kirby. ...




More on Manus Island political prisoners' High Court challenge [The Conversation - 5/5/16]




Letter from men illegally incarcerated on Manus Island to PNG's Chief Justice (cc'd to Australian politicians and human rights groups - who ignored them) [via Lynne Murphy - 18/5/16]




Open letter to UNHCR from Nauru refugees questions motive of their April visit, calls for GENUINE resettlement after three years of punishment and torture [OP Voice - 2/5/16]




3 July 2016