THERE IS NO "US DEAL". THERE NEVER WAS. THERE IS ONLY INDEFINITE DETENTION AND LIES. THAT IS THE POLICY. ---> PR for fictional "deal" rolls on as Reuters say US officials postpone their interrogation of Australia's political prisoners on Nauru [3/2/17]



70 mostly ALP-affiliated NGOs, advocacy groups and unions call for "bipartisan action" because they won't fix their fascist anti-refugee party. [Refugee Council of Australia - 3/2/17]



Labor will be supporting this legislation because it is our policy.  


"Opposition" Leader, Bill Shorten speaking on the Migration Amendment (Regional Processing Arrangements) Bill 2015  [House of Representatives Hansard - 24/6/15]



... Welcome to Australia director Brad Chilcott has publicly supported a policy of turn-backs in breach of the principle of non-refoulement. ...

As NGOs have taken on major government contracts for refugee and asylum-seeker services, such as the $19m contract Save the Children currently holds with the detention facilities on Nauru, these organisations have become structurally invested in maintaining government control over asylum seekers. ... All aboard the bipartisan ship [Overland - 11/8/15]



A gentle reminder: Unions are part of the detention industry [xBorder - 22/7/15]



Refugee concentration camps, torture and exile are Shorten's personal ALP policy.  100% --->   I urged Gillard to challenge Kevin "this party ... will not be lurching to the right on the question of asylum seekers" Rudd: Bill Shorten [Sydney Morning Herald - 29/6/2010]



The Gillard government's offshore dumping policy [Project SafeCom]



Australia and Papua New Guinea regional settlement arrangement [Joint media release with Kevin Rudd - Prime Minister, Mark Dreyfus - Attorney General and The Hon Tony Burke MP - Australian Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship - 19/7/13]



 I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]




Image: ‏@GedKACTU - President, Australian Council of Trade Unions [15/11/14]



The Hon Chris Bowen has updated the interests register. wife got a job with toll holdings @AusDisclosure via @NickEvershed [16/9/15]



... Toll Holdings' remote logistics division had air-charter contracts totalling more than $11 million.

It also had a $2.25 million contract to provide ''kitchen rental'' on Manus Island between October and April, and $1.9 million for ''rental of kitchen - refrigeration storage and mobilisation'' on Nauru.

The transport giant has been searching for new contracts for its remote logistics business to offset the end to its provision of services for Australian troops in East Timor. Refugee concentration camp industry's $8 billion money spinner [Sydney Morning Herald - 21/4/13]



The Fiji Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission director, Ashwin Raj, says Fiji had breached international human rights laws by deporting Iranian national Loghman Sawari. ... [Fiji Times - 3/2/17]



Fiji lawyer fears for deported asylum seeker's life [RNZI - 3/2/17]



Who advised Loghman Sawari not to seek asylum immediately upon arrival in Fiji? ----> Fiji's Attorney General says he deported an asylum seeker back to Papua New Guinea because he failed to apply for asylum without delay.

Loghman Sawari escaped to Fiji 10 days ago from Port Moresby after he was detained on Manus Island by Australia.

In a statement the Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, said Mr Sawari did not present himself as a refugee seeking asylum to immigration officials on arrival in Fiji. ... [RNZI - 3/2/17]



Rohingya activist highlights chronic persecution of Rohingya at Swedish Parliament [The Stateless - 2/2/17]



‏@SumishaCNA [3/2/17]:  "Malaysia lead the way." Flotilla sailing off today with 2,300 tonnes of food, medical supplies & basic necessities for Rohingya in Myanmar.



... "My husband works every day without rest, from 6am until late at night, but he only manages to earn between RM800 and RM1,000 a month," Minara told the Sun.

"With RM400 needed every month to pay the rent, we are only left with a few hundred ringgit to survive day by day," she said, adding that the family had to resort to borrowing money from others to live.

Kampung Sri Makmur is home to some 50 Rohingya families who fled Myanmar following decades of crisis between the ethnic Muslim minority and the Buddhist-dominated government.

This small community in Gombak is one of the many settlements of Rohingya refugees scattered around Selayang. Another refugee, Muhamad Toyob Nurramad, 31, who is the acknowledged leader in the community, said most of the houses were rented for between RM400 and RM500 a month.

"We live at the mercy of the landlords, and we will be forced to move out if they say so. Life is indeed hard for most of us," he said, adding that he had heard rumours that the land would be developed for a housing project. ... [The Sun Daily - 2/2/17]



Asylum seekers abandoned by Obama, Australia and the UN in Indonesia now even more stranded since Trump elected, researcher ludicrously suggests [Jakarta Post - 2/2/17]



Rightwing fantasies of a southern border wall are not new. Nor are they limited to Republicans or Trump supporters.

When President Trump signed an executive order last week to complete a wall along the 2,000 mile border with Mexico, he was building on decades of bipartisan consensus among lawmakers.

In fact, Congress had already approved a border wall not too long ago. In 2006, legislators—including many Democrats—passed the Secure Fence Act, which called for 700 miles of double-fence construction along certain stretches of the border.

Trump cited the Bush-era law in the first paragraph of the executive order he signed Wednesday as rationale for his executive authority to order a wall be built. Many of the same democratic leaders now bemoaning Trump’s wall voted for one at the time— Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden, Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein.

Then-Senator Barack Obama, who as President would later deport a record-high 3 million people during his two terms, lauded the bill on the Senate floor, saying it would “help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this country.” ... [Counterpunch - 3/2/17]



Sri Lankan officials warn Tamils they will not get housing if they continue protests [Tamil Guardian - 3/2/17]:


A Sri Lankan government body has threatened that Tamils will not be given housing if they continue to protest against Sinhalisation.

Last week Jaffna citizens and politicians condemned plans to build a permanent Sinhalese settlement in Naavatkuli.

The foundation stones for the scheme, which would see houses built for 50 Sinhalese families, was laid on Monday, alongside foundation stones for a Tamil settlement housing 200 families.

The TNA MP, Sivajilingam, after announcing his intention to protest the settlement and ongoing Sinhalisation of the North, was warned by Jaffna’s Divisional Secretariat that the National Housing Development Authority had threatened that the planned houses would not go to Tamils if protests took place.



‏@sol2refugees [2/2/17]:  People are dying in the camps! #OpenBorders #OpenBuildings! Άνθρωποι πεθαίνουνε στα #camps! Ανοιχτά σύνορα, ανοιχτά κτίρια!



Over 1,750 rescued in the Mediterranean as Italy, Libya prepare to implement more ruthless methods to stop refugees [Yahoo - 3/2/17]



Policeman among 34 dead in fighting, US drone strikes in several districts of eastern Nangarhar province [Pajhwok - 3/3/17]



5 Taliban hideouts destroyed in Helmand air and ground operations [Khaama - 3/2/17]



Around 300 US Marines are preparing for deployment to the restive southern Helmand province of Afghanistan in a bid to train the Afghan forces at the battalion-level, it has been reported. ... [Khaama - 2/2/17]



Trump discusses "safe zones" in Syria with Jordan's king: White House [Reuters - 2/1/17]



Foreign and Expatriates Ministry voiced on Thursday strong condemnation of Turkey’s repeated crimes and attacks against the Syrian people and violations of the sanctity and unity of Syria’s territory.

The condemnation was expressed in two letters addressed to the UN Secretary General and President of the Security Council.

The letters referred to the Turkish troops’ incursion into the Syrian territories over the past few days and their occupation of some Syrian villages, including the villages of al-Ghouz and Abu Zibdin west of al-Bab city in northern Aleppo with the aim of advancing towards it.

The letters made it clear that these attacks pose a threat to the international peace and security in the framework of the exposed role played by the Turkish regime in supporting terrorism. ... [SANA - 3/2/17]



Turkish warplanes kill 51 Islamic State militants in Syria: military statement [Reuters - 2/2/17]



ISIS uses captured Turkish Army equipment against Syrian Army in Aleppo [AMN - 2/2/17]



ISIS sets ablaze Syria’s largest source of gas as Syrian Army closes on their positions [AMN - 2/2/17]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [CENTCOM - 2/2/17]



Children mutilated in Mosul; 66 killed in Iraq [ - 2/2/17]



Today, the Department of Defense (DoD) released a memorandum providing guidance on the implementation of the presidential memorandum, dated Jan. 23, subject:  “Hiring Freeze.” ... [US Department of Defense - 2/2/17]



Edward Snowden: 'National Security' really means protecting the status quo [TRNN - 30/1/17]



‏@normative [16/1/17]:  When I talk to students, I always show them this letter as a reminder of where unchecked surveillance power goes.



"... The way that you treat your neighbours ... I would never want to be your neighbour" [Icelandic woman explains why she doesn’t want to live in the US - 'Where to Invade Next' - 2016]



Yale Law School students advocate for asylum seekers and international refugees, creating innovative ways to provide life-changing legal services [30/1/17]:


The stories are hauntingly similar. Single mothers and their young children enduring unthinkable violence and trauma, from sexual assault by abusive partners, to the murder of relatives, to gun fights outside their homes.

In these grim situations, many families see only one way out of the incredible despair—fleeing to the United States to seek asylum.

For Alba Veronica Cruz Montano and her four-year-old daughter, that was the difficult choice she made as she fought for survival by fleeing El Salvador, a country with one of the highest murder rates for women.

“I knew about the dangers, but I was in despair and I asked God to get me to a place where I could be safe with my daughter and where no one would take her from me,” said Cruz Montano in a video posted by the United Nations about her struggle.

“That’s why I took the risk.”

Cruz Montano and her daughter were two of the more than 20,000 women and children who were taken to an immigration detention center in Dilley, Texas, after crossing the border into the United States seeking refuge.

They were also among the earliest clients of a newly formed organization called the Asylum Seeker Advocacy Project (ASAP) / Proyecto de Apoyo para Solicitantes de Asilo (PASA), founded at Yale Law School. ...



In the aftermath of an immigration raid, Latina women in the U.S. may be more likely to have low birthweight or premature babies even when they are citizens, a new study suggests.

To explore the link between immigration policy and pregnancy outcomes, researchers examined data on babies born before and after U.S. authorities arrested 400 undocumented workers at a kosher slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant in Postville, Iowa, in 2008.

At the time, it was the largest single site raid in U.S. history.

“The Postville raid caused a great deal of fear and distress for immigrant and U.S.-born Latinos throughout the state of Iowa, including pregnant mothers,” said lead study author Nicole Novak, a researcher at the University of Michigan Population Studies Center in Ann Arbor. ... [Reuters - 1/2/17]



US rights organisations and health professionals urge Pennsylvania Court to reject license for detention facility [Human Rights First - 9/1/17]:


A group of twenty-two doctors, psychologists, nurses, and social workers last week urged the Pennsylvania Bureau of Hearings and Appeals to reject the Berks County's appeal for the Berks County Residential Center, a family detention facility, to be relicensed as a childcare facility.

The call came in an amicus brief filed in support of the Pennsylvania Department of Human Services, which refused to renew the license for the facility last year. 


Human Rights First reiterates its call for the Obama Administration end the harmful practices of detaining families, a practice which also violates U.S. human rights commitments.

Late last year the DHS Advisory Committee on Family Residential Centers recommended that the administration end its policy of detaining children and their families.

A broad array of voices have called on the administration to end the practice of detaining families, including the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Bar Association, Catholic and Lutheran Bishops, and 178 members of Congress and 35 senators.   

In 2015 the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) wrote to Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson calling for an end to the administration's detention of families. ...



“They’re trying to kill me, if they kill me take care of my son.” [Guardian - 30/12/16]



Australia's anti-refugee medical torture policy continues because it has the support of professional health associations and unions [SBS - 3/2/17]:


A young male asylum seeker on Manus Island is in grave danger if he does not receive urgent intervention for a serious cardiac condition, Doctors for Refugees [ALP] president Dr Barri Phataford has told SBS News.

In a letter to the Immigration Department's chief medical officer, Dr John Brayley, Dr Phatarfod said she feared for the asylum seeker's life and called for urgent intervention.

On Wednesday he collapsed and took a significant time to regain consciousness, she said. ...



Instead of demanding an END to Australia's anti-refugee policy, rights organisations, "advocates" and health professionals play twisted partisan games with people's lives ---> A heavily pregnant Kuwaiti refugee – facing a potentially life-threatening, complex delivery on Nauru – will be flown to Australia on Friday morning to give birth, Nauru’s government has said.

The decision ends more than a month of lobbying by doctors, lawyers and advocates to bring her to Australia. ... [Guardian - 3/2/17]







Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru, June 2016



@Aussie4Refugees :  Mass hunger strike on #Manus - February 2015 "HELP US UN" [UN ignored them] ...



‏@Aussie4Refugees :  2017. And they're STILL silent. "WHY UN IS SILENT? WHY UN SUPPORT SLAVERY?" Protest on #Nauru March 2015



@Aussie4Refugees :  "HUMAN RIGHT, RED CROSS, UN. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU" Protest on #Nauru May 2016



If you are not opposing LNP and ALP politicians equally, you are reinforcing Australia's anti-refugee policy ---> ... [Adam] Bandt asked, then added: “Can’t we do better than this Labor-Liberal policy of not drowning, but burning?”

It was Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke who jumped up to declare this was deeply offensive to all MPs.

Bandt had to withdraw his “burning” line. ... [The Conversation - 4/5/16]



21 mins in -> ALP leap to defence of Dutton's sadism - LAST FEBRUARY.  One year on the situation for the men, women and children imprisoned on Nauru and Manus Island  is TEN TIMES worse.



During the UNHCR' April 2016 visit to Nauru, refugees were told to expect to remain on the island for "another ten years".

Immediately after they conveyed this message to the refugees, Omid Masoumali covered himself in flammable liquid and set himself alight shouting at the delegation "We're sick and exhausted! You've destroyed our lives! Did you come just to gape at our misery? We lead miserable lives! You've been torturing us for three years!"




Which genius advised Loghman Sawari against applying for asylum the minute he arrived in Fiji?


“If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don't have to worry about answers.”


Thomas Pynchon



‏@BehrouzBoochani [3/2/17]:  Today they forcibly sent Loghman Savari - the refugee who escaped last week from PNG to Fiji - to PNG



More details are needed, but it appears "advocates" have sacrificed Loghman Sawari for their partisan point scoring. ---> Why didn't Michael Gordon push the UN, Human Rights Commission and Refugee Council of Australia on the URGENT need for this man to be protected?  Did anybody bother to encrypt their phones?  Why is Amnesty suddenly crawling out of the woodwork after a week of silence? [Sydney Morning Herald - 3/2/17]



Now Loghman Sawari has been deported from Fiji, the UN says it wants to help [Fiji Times - 3/2/17]



31 January: UN refuse to comment on Loghman Sawari case [Fiji Times]:


... When contacted, the United Nations refugee agency regional Representation in Canberra external relations officer, Catherine Stubberfield, said the agency could not comment on individual cases of people of concern for the individuals' protection. ...




3 February 2017