Politicians, media and so called human rights organisations who imply there is a type of immigration detention that is OK, while presenting Dutton as solely responsible for ALP-LNP fascism, are complicit.


FUCK Royal Commissions. END THE POLICY.





@Aussie4Refugees [15/3/18]:  Well funded, self appointed human rights thespians HRLC demand UN hold Turnbull accountable for Shorten Labor Party's anti-refugee policy; conflate Rohingya genocide with unproven Syrian chemical weapon attacks; and make illogical accusations against Russia and China ...




Tamil refugee speaks out against Australia's deportations and abuse [Green Left Weekly - 5/4/18]:


Text of the speech by Tamil refugee and member of the Tamil Refugee Council Lavanya Thavaraja to the Melbourne Palm Sunday refugee rally on March 25.


I am really happy to see so many people here in support of refugees. This rally is very important for many refugees. This is what gives them hope in the face of danger.

We should do whatever we can to stop the torture refugees are facing in our camps and in our community.

Our government’s policy not only affects refugees who are here but also those who are stuck in transit countries.

I was born in a refugee camp in Tamil Nadu in south India. My parents fled the war in Sri Lanka and spent 30 years in India under terrible conditions where we were treated very badly. As a child born to refugees I was denied education in Indian government schools, denied the right to work and welfare benefits in India.

We were harassed by security agencies. Despite having been born in India I had to report to security agencies every time I wanted to leave the camp. We lived in constant fear of sexual harassment by members of the Q branch [special units] of the Tamil Nadu Police. Local businessmen exploit people in these camps.

They make us do coolie work without consideration to our safety. As a result many men die at a very young age. My father died at the age of 45. That is why many Tamils not only flee Sri Lanka but Indian refugee camps and other transit countries.

When Australia treats refugees badly, other states in our region follow and treat refugees worse. Our government’s refugee policy is directly and indirectly killing people.

We should acknowledge this fact and bring an end to the camps and welcome refugees. I first came in contact with Australia’s refugee policy when my childhood friend Leo Seemanpillai self-immolated and died in Geelong in 2014.

It was heartbreaking for all of us in the refugee camp to hear that threats of deportation led to Leo’s death. Successive Australian governments have been deporting Tamils to Sri Lanka. That continues now under [Immigration Minister] Peter Dutton.

Thousands of Tamils are facing deportation to Sri Lanka. In the past two years more than 1300 Tamils have been denied protection visas and will be deported in the coming months.

Just two weeks ago we saw how in a 5am raid Border Force took a Tamil family in the central Queensland town of Biloela. Priya, Nades and their two children aged 7 months and 2 years were taken to Melbourne.

A week later our government handcuffed the parents, separated the children and tried to deport the family. Thanks to the people of Biloela and other refugee advocates we have stopped their deportation. Now the family, including the two children, face a long time in detention while their appeal is heard. They will have a direction hearing on May 2.

Let us work together for the freedom of Priya and her family.

Let us work together so that no more Tamils are deported to Sri Lanka.

Let us work together till all refugees are safe.



... Similar raids may be taking place across the country.

The chilling events in Biloela have only come to public attention because of the fight taken up by the town’s people.


The residents insist that the family has a right to live in Australia, in direct opposition to the anti-refugee policies created and maintained by successive Labor and Liberal-National governments.

This raid is not, however, an isolated incident.

It is part of a series of political developments that has laid the groundwork for mass deportations.

In 2012, the Greens-backed Gillard Labor government set up an agreement with Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapakse for the deportation of all Sri Lankan asylum seekers who flee to Australia by boat, initially sending back 700. ... Biloela residents protest at pre-dawn removal of Tamil refugee family [WSWS - 15/3/18]



Displaced families given army-built houses in Varuththalai Vilaan, Telippalai this week, expressed concern over the continued functioning of military checkpoints close to the new housing scheme.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 6/4/18]



@GraffitiExpert [7/4/18]: As Israel massacres Palestinians in the buffer zone, Australia warmly welcomes prominent anti-refugee fascist Sharren Haskel MK, and her greenwashing medicinal dope dealing tour ...  



@aptly_engineerd [4/4/18]: Israeli activists and African asylum seekers are blocking King George St near Ben Yehuda in Jerusalem right now, demanding end to racist deportation of African refugees ...  



@Refugees4Sale [4/4/18]:  State response to petition for the release of 280 refugees held in prison for refusing deportation, says representative just flew out to Uganda to negotiate #Refugees4Sale deal! Earlier today, Uganda's @okelloryem denied having any deal with Israel. ...



@davidsheen [2/4/18]:  Here’s a thread I live-tweeted tonight, as Netanyahu 1st agreed to a UN deal to sanction & schedule the expulsion of Israel’s remaining non-Jewish African refugees – in which ½ the deportations would start now, & ½ in 5 years – & then recanted within hours  


Just like the shady Rwanda & Uganda deals, this UN deal’s no “victory” for African refugees. 16,000 men will get chances at normal lives – which is more than they get in Israel – but the remaining 24,000 will have to start over with nothing in 5 years time



No bans on stolen land: Refugees should be welcome in Israel-Palestine [+972 - 3/4/18]:


... The dehumanization and unlawful deportation of African asylum seekers from Israel is not simply a reflection of the particular brand of bald-faced racism of the Netanyahu administration, but rather is the inevitable implication of the Zionist political ambition to establish an exclusive, settler-colonial state in historic Palestine.

During the 1948 Nakba (Arabic for “catastrophe”), and as a result of the establishment of the State of Israel, 531 Palestinian villages were destroyed and 750,000 Palestinians fled or were forced to flee their homeland. With the majority of the indigenous inhabitants expelled from the land — part and parcel of the logic and necessity of settler-colonialism — Israel declared a new ethnically exclusive state for the Jewish people. Such exclusivity required that both a “demographic balance” favoring Jewish people, as well as social and political supremacy within the state be entrenched in law.

Through a series of laws and policies, Israel sought to ensure its Jewish majority, which it had attained by force. These laws (the 1950 Law of Return, and the 1952 Citizenship Law) worked in tandem to permit any Jewish person, anywhere in the world, to become a citizen of Israel while forbidding Palestinian refugees under the Law of Entry (1952) and the Anti-Infiltration Law (1954) from returning to their land.

Taken together, these laws create an immigration regime that not only places an indefinite ban on Palestinian refugees and their descendants, but ultimately discriminates against any non-Jewish person.

For the last several years, as Israel worked to expel African asylum seekers, the grounding legal paradigm was the 1954 Anti-Infiltration Law, designed initially to prevent Palestinian refugees like those in Gaza from returning to their homeland so as to maintain a Jewish majority.

With its indifference to the demands of Palestinian refugees and its cruel response to the human suffering of African asylum seekers, including its flip-flopping on a potential solution, the current Israeli government continues to embrace its answer to the “Who are we, really?” ...



Abby Martin interview critical of Israel is blocked by YouTube in 28 countries [RT - 6/4/18]



An Israel Defense Forces (IDF) spokesman has tweeted an image of a group of Palestinian children seen through a sniper’s lens, along with an ominous warning.

Avichay Adraee, the IDF Arabic spokesman tweeted the image on Friday, which appeared to be stamped with red letters reading, “We see you very well." ... [RT - 6/4/18]



Israeli forces shot and killed one Palestinian along the border of the southern Gaza Strip, east of Khan Younis, during mass demonstrations on Friday, while another Palestinian succumbed to wounds sustained last week, bringing the death toll in Gaza to 22 since thousands of Palestinians in Gaza launched the “Great March of Return” on March 30. ... [Maan - 6/4/18]



Israeli human rights group B’Tselem will launch a campaign on Thursday urging Israeli soldiers to refuse orders to open fire on unarmed demonstrators.

The campaign, titled “Sorry Commander, I cannot shoot,” comes on the heels of last Friday’s events on the Gaza border, in which Israeli snipers shot dead at least 17 Palestinians and wounded hundreds during The Great Return March. ... [+972 - 4/4/18]



Israeli forces open fire on Palestinian fishermen, injuring 3 [Maan - 5/4/18]



Israeli forces detain 10 Palestinians in predawn West Bank raids [Maan - 4/4/18]



Palestinian online content targeted through mass surveillance, digital occupation and biased content moderation [PNN - 4/4/18]:


... The third chapter documents digital rights violations from the different governments: the Israeli government, the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the de-facto government of Hamas in the Gaza Strip. Furthermore, an analysis of different laws and legislations that reinforce the control and surveillance of, as well as limit digital activism and freedom of speech is undertaken.

In the year 2017, Israeli forces arrested more than 300 Palestinians from the West Bank including East Jerusalem because of social media posts. West Bank Palestinians are indicted under martial law of incitement to violence, as opposed to civil law. At the same time, the chapter analyses arrests and interrogations of Palestinian activists by the Palestinian Authority and Hamas due to their social media activism.

#Palestine 2017 furthermore focuses on the issue of ‘digital occupation’ and mass surveillance of Palestinian social media accounts and content, specifically on the social media platform facebook in its final chapter.

This comes in light of the development of cyber-security units and predictive policing technologies where thousands of Palestinian social media accounts are scanned, analysed and then allocated a ‘quota’ on how likely they are to be a ‘suspect’ for a future ‘attack against Israeli targets’, as defined by the Israeli government.

The Israeli cyber unit officially stated in a press release that Facebook accepted 85 percent of the Israeli government requests to delete content, accounts and pages of Palestinians in the year 2017. ...



Commonwealth Games protesters on the Gold Coast expose Australia’s racist double standards [Welcome to Country - 5/4/18]



"We are here to show the world that Aboriginal Australia has had enough!" [Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy - 4/4/18]



The Northern Territory coroner has criticised NT Police over the death of a man in March 2016, saying its care and treatment of the man was inadequate and his death may have been preventable. 

Mr Young, 70, whose first name was not used for cultural reasons, was asleep on a mattress on the floor of a house when he was woken by police who were clearing people from the property, at the request of its occupant.

Mr Young was helped to his feet by an officer, but was unsteady and tripped, hitting his head on the wall as he fell.

He was taken to Royal Darwin Hospital, but died from his head injuries a few weeks later.

During a coronial inquest, coroner Greg Cavanagh raised concerns about the officers' actions, describing them as "heavy handed" but not "contemptuous". ... [ABC - 6/4/18]



NT child protection workers reveal they were given up to 100 cases at a time [NITV - 5/4/18]



Western Australia’s Corruption watchdog has released a report on the West Australian Police failing to adopt basic recommendations after an earlier report found ‘significant deficiencies’ on a murder case, which saw an Aboriginal man jailed for seven and a half years. ... [NITV - 5/4/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [5/4/18]: History of South Sea Islanders in Queensland also excluded from Commonwealth Games opening ceremony. #StolenWealth


The Queensland sugar industry was literally built on the backs of South Sea Islanders.

Men, women and children had to work long hours and in harsh conditions akin to slavery.

They were required to clear heavy rainforest and scrub, and to plant, maintain and harvest the cane.


The trade in Pacific Labour drew criticism from many sectors.

But it was the White Australia Policy and the desire to protect jobs for white Australians that finally ended the Labour trade.

In 1901 the Labour Trade formally ceased and the Australian government took steps to deport South Sea Islanders to their home islands.

This was impossible and undesirable for many, and resulted in more hardships and discrimination for those who had made Queensland home. [Sugar Slaves, Queensland Historical Atlas]



Former stockman dies days before he was due to give evidence in class action to recover stolen wages from the Queensland Government [NITV - 31/8/17]



MARK COLVIN: Aboriginal groups are accusing the Queensland Government of being tight-fisted when it comes to paying indigenous people the money they're owed in stolen wages. Indigenous councils say the authorities are rejecting too many claims. They're warning that this could become a major election issue. But the Beattie Government isn't about to make a new offer.


JUDY SPENCE: ...  as the Premier and I have said on a number of occasions, this is the only offer on the table. ... [ABC - 30/9/03]



Australia's political and media establishment concoct bizarre narrative about Nazis to explain why Pemulwuy's remains might never be repatriated [Sydney Morning Herald/ABC - 27/8/15]



Telegraph [1April, 2010]: 

More than 200 years ago in the early days of Australia's colonisation, Pemulwuy led a fierce war of resistance against the British settlers.

Considered a "pest to the colony", he was eventually shot and decapitated and his head was sent to England.

Today, the whereabouts of the skull remains a mystery, but the movement to bring it back to its people has a powerful new ally.

Jamie Lowther-Pinkerton, Prince William's private secretary, said that the Prince was deeply moved by Pemulwuy's story and had started a "supremely important search" to locate the skull.

"On his return from Australia the Prince told me that he intended to do all he could to investigate the circumstances surrounding the missing head," he wrote in a letter to Mick Mundine, head of the Redfern Aboriginal Housing Company.

"His Royal Highness was so profoundly impressed by the determination of the Aboriginal elders in their quest to right the wrongs done to his famous warrior in death, and to afford his remains a proper burial."

Mr Mundine warmly welcomed the Prince's help, saying he was shocked to open a letter bearing the royal insignia.

"It's a big thing Prince William even coming to Redfern (in Sydney). For him to return a letter to us is really a blessing," he said.

"I think to get the remains of the Pemulwuy head back here will start to heal the wounds a little bit."

Mr Mundine said the Prince had "his mother's spirit, his mother's love."

"He doesn't look down on you - even though he's a tall guy."

While the pledge of support from the prince will greatly advance the project, tracking down the missing body part is no easy task.

A Clarence House spokesman said: "Prince William intends to do what he can to help with the search for Pemulwuy’s missing skull after he was asked to help when he visited Redfern.

"The prince has instructed his office to follow up the request. No new knowledge has unfortunately yet come forth, but the prince will continue to pursue any other information that may emerge."

Many believe the head is still in England with the remains of an estimated 3000 indigenous people whose body parts were bottled in the name of scientific research.

However, the exact location of the jar and its contents remains a mystery. ...



Why did Emma Dean omit these lyrics during her performance at the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony --->  ... How long can we look at each other

 Down the barrel of a gun? ...


'You're the Voice' is a song written by Andy Qunta, Keith Reid, Maggie Ryder and Chris Thompson. Australian singer John Farnham recorded the song for his album Whispering Jack released in 1986. ... [Wikipedia]



@riserefugee [5/4/18]:  Hip Hop artist @pataphysics_bro says "If your an artist performing at the #Commonwealth games you are legitimising it and its colonial legacy"... 



While Canada seeks out less inconvenient peacekeeping missions, Afghanistan's Hazaras will forever remember this past weekend with the number 150.

Not because of its festive Canadian connection, but rather due to this past Saturday's massacre that took place at Mirza Olang in Afghanistan's Sare-e-Pul province. ... [Huffington Post - 4/4/18]



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN  [4/4/18]: 78th day of our peaceful protest for freedom in Balikpapan detention center . it is 78 days we have been protesting peacefully to be release from detention center but IOM and UNHCR which they are responsible do not listen to us and do not care what we want & say ... 



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : 78th day of our peaceful protest for freedom in Balikpapan detention center Wednesday 4 /4/2018 ...



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : Today's report on the situation of #BalikpapanIDC wednesday 4 / 4/ 2018 ...



A no-confidnence motion against the Sri Lankan Prime Minister, Ranil Wickremesinghe was defeated today by a majority of 46 votes, allowing him to hold on to his position.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 4/4/18]



Increasing militarisation: Sri Lankan Navy opens new buildings at Jaffna base [Tamil Guardian - 4/4/18]:


... The base is built on occupied land categorised as a 'high security zone', which remains inaccessible to locals and landowners, nine years after the end of the war.

The owners of the land, like many of the other 'high security zones' across the peninsula, remain in displacement camps almost three decades after their displacement.



The Sri Lankan Army is attempting to seize around 25 acres of land belonging to Muslims in Eravur, Batticaloa. ... [Tamil Guardian - 4/4/18]



Sri Lankan Attorney General to appear in court for army official accused of disappearances [Tamil Guardian - 4/4/18]



Jaffna Magistrates Court last week ordered the telecommunication company, Dialog to hand over the call records of two men who were abducted in 2011 after organising a protest in Jaffna against disappearances.

Relatives of the two disappeared men, Lalithkumar Weeraraj and Kugan Muruganathan, filed a Habeus Corpus petition in 2012 at Colombo's Court of Appeal. 

A number of witnesses have submitted evidence to date, including the JVP MP, Ajith Kumara, Kuhan Murugananthan's wife, Lalithkumar Weeraraj's father, and the former minister Keheliya Rambukwella.  [Tamil Guardian - 2/4/18]



Class mates of the children of the political prisoner, Satchithanantham Anandasuthakaran's joined calls for his release, launching a signature campaign at their school, Kilinochchi Maha Vidyalayam.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 2/4/18]



A former LTTE cadre who was subjected to Sri Lanka's 'rehabilitation programme' was interrogated by Terrorism Investigation Department (TID) officers over an election speech he made ahead of the recent local elections.  ... [Tamil Guardian - 2/4/18]



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