United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 2/9/16]



‏@Faloulah [2/9/16]:  #RefugeesGR from Katsikas in Ioannina have left en masse protesting the horrible conditions - this is prob the worst camp in GR. ...



"We are human" "Our children need safety" "WAKE UP WORLD" ‏@chselles [2/9/16]:  Tras reunirse con las autoridades han decidido marcharse. Llevan meses abandonados y prefieren mantener su dignidad  



After #AylanKurdi, 4.176 people have died or disappeared in the Mediterranean, including 423 children. ‏@labocadellogo [2/9/16]



@guardiacostiera [2/9/16]:  #centraleoperativa coordina 16 soccorsi #strettodisicilia, salvati 1725 #migranti da @guardiacostiera @ItalianNavy @EUNAVFORMED_OHQ e ONG.



Durable solutions? ----> Evidently UNHCR (and Guardian) support the roundly condemned EU-Turkey refugee outsourcing "deal"? [1/9/16]:


... European politicians fear the deal will collapse should negotiations over the visa liberalisation falter.

But in reality the arrangement has already stalled due to the departure of Turkish police from Greece following the failed coup in Ankara in mid-July, the UNHCR’s Vincent Cochetel said.

“De facto some aspects of the deal are suspended,” Cochetel told the Guardian, echoing a warning he first made earlier in the month.


Cochetel was hopeful that the EU-Turkey deal would hold, citing high-level discussions currently taking place between EU officials and Turkish politicians.

“Some elements of the deal will be maintained,” he said. ...



More than 80 asylum seekers relocated from Greece to Finland this week, IOM says [Ekathimerini - 2/9/16]



... But the Danish delegation doesn’t need to travel to Nauru to find that Australia’s offshore detention regime is no model for Europe. [Human Rights Watch - 2/9/16]



Day 167 refugee protests, Nauru



Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [2/9/16]



LET THE PEOPLE - NOT THEIR TORMENTORS - SPEAK! ---> ... "We lost three friends." [AUDIO - SBS - 28/8/16]:


Kurdish asylum-seeker, journalist, writer and activist Behrouz Boochani talks about fascism, and what it's like being a political prisoner in an Australian concentration camp. 



Head of the Resettlement Advisory Council and CEO Victorian Foundation for the Survivors of Torture, Paris Aristotle, declares the refugees that he, Gillard and Rudd imprisoned indefinitely on Nauru and Manus, have been punished enough [2/9/16]



Instead of holding him to account, Michael Gordon helps Paris Aristotle insult the dignity and strength of the men, women and children imprisoned on Nauru and Manus [Sydney Morning Herald - 2/9/16]



... It is an extraordinary thing to think that there will be 12,000 people whose lives will be literally saved from a miserable set of circumstances that are not of their making and they'll be brought to a country like Australia where they'll be able to be embraced and looked after and fashion a new, hopeful bright future for themselves and their families. ... Paris Aristotle - Head of the Resettlement Advisory Council, CEO Victorian Foundation for Survivors of Torture and member of the Gillard government's Expert Panel on Asylum Seekers [ABC 11/9/15]



If you close your eyes you don't see anyone drowning.  And if you cover your ears you can't hear them scream --- >  .... PARIS ARISTOTLE: ... The government has stopped the boats and I for one am glad that we haven't seen anybody drown in the last 18 months as a consequence of those boat journeys ... [ABC - 29/5/15]



... We are living in a camp in the jungle. This is where they ‘re-settled’ us. This is no place to live. If we are refugees why are we not living in community? We have no neighbours here. Our ‘neighbours’, our ‘relatives’ are mosquitoes and flies and dogs. Please listen to our issues. We want to tell you that we are here like animals. ...



Refugees protest on Nauru, 26 September 2014


via @iranian_naur012




[Statement and Questions from the more then fifty refugees - given ‘temporary protection visas’ to ‘re-settle’ on Nauru - 4/8/14]:


... We want to tell you that we are here like animals. In a zoo there is different animals from different countries and people go to look at them. Nauru is a zoo.

We are just different animals from different countries. People come to visit here and then asks some questions then they note it down.

But we know from experience that they are doing just paper work and nothing will happen.

They just come to look at us.

Recently one man called Paris Aristotle came to our accommodation and he said he was from a NGO in Victoria. He said he is here to help us and to listen to us.

On that first day we asked him to take our problems to the media and he said that he cannot because he has good relationship with the minister!

We are confused. Is this man here for us or immigration?

The second day when he came, he came with Mark who is the deputy chief secretary of immigration and, as he told us, he is in charge of all detention centres of Australia.

When we were talking Paris was supporting Mark, not us. When we tell them some things they laughed at us. We are confused, is this man, Paris, here for us or for the DIAC?  ...



Guardian [1/3/14]:


Chilling footage has emerged of “war zone”-like scenes during last week’s unrest at the Manus Island detention centre, showing dozens of asylum seekers – most unconscious or semiconscious and many with serious injuries – receiving treatment from frantic staff tending to them by torchlight.


“It was like a war zone,” a witness to the filmed events told Guardian Australia. “People were covered in blood – so many people came in half an hour.”

The footage was filmed between 12.41am and 1.06am on Tuesday. Almost immediately afterwards, witnesses say, all staff on the floating accommodation block, Hotel Bibby, were asked to help, whether or not they had medical training. At this point the number of casualties increased. “The medics were short of staff.

It was chaotic,” a witness said.

The wounded asylum seekers were separated into three areas: an assessment area, a critical area and a non-critical area, according to the witness.

At 12:58am one asylum seeker, a tall, muscular, young man can be seen being brought in for assessment and then moved instantly off for further treatment. His body is limp, hanging off the end of the stretcher.

Guardian Australia has contacted a family member of Reza Barati, who said they could not identify the young man in the image.

“People were moaning, ‘Papu, Papu’ – meaning local people,” said the witness to the filmed events.

Frantic staff can be heard during the continual arrivals. One shouts to a group seemingly running with a body, “walking guys, walking”. Pools of liquid can be seen on the concrete. Blood and bruising is visible on many of the patients. A line of unused chairs rests in the assessment area, but all patients are treated on camp beds or blue mattresses.

On 18 February, the day after the unrest began, Guardian Australia reported witness accounts of the scenes at the staff accommodation block. One contractor told Guardian Australia: “They were just makeshift beds.

Transferees were carried in on sheets. Blood everywhere, crying. There were 30 or 40 clients down there. We had gunshot wounds, some with head injuries.”

The contractor took notes on what patients told her. One Iranian said: “I did nothing, I wasn’t involved in the protests, I was in my room, being good, trying to sleep. They came in my room they dragged me out of my bed and beat me. They had huge rocks in their hands and they hit my head and my body with them.”

An interpreter working for the Immigration Department, Azita Bokan, also said she saw asylum seekers with “massive head injuries” at the makeshift hospital and said she saw one patient with a slashed throat.



A protester who refused to take her seat on a plane until an asylum seeker headed for deportation was removed has been asked to pay Qantas more than $3000 in compensation.

Jasmine Pilbrow, 22, boarded a Qantas flight from Melbourne to Darwin in February 2015, believing an asylum seeker passenger on the plane was en route to being deported to Sri Lanka.

Pilbrow refused to sit down as flight attendants were preparing for the plane to take off.


The asylum seeker has since been taken to Sri Lanka, Pilbrow said.

He was detained soon after he returned and is due to face court. ... [The Age - 2/9/16]



Catholic Archdiocese of Melbourne [2/9/16]:


… Standing in Solidarity - Circle of Silence at Birrarung Marr, next to Fed Square.

A symbolic gesture of solidarity to all those people seeking asylum currently experiencing injustice.



@CAPSA_Ican [2/9/16]:  Vic of the Year, Julian McMahon says young people have power to influence change for #refugees #BringThemHere  



@CAPSA_Ican [2/9/16]: West Papuan activist & former refugee Jefry Yikwa shares some of his stories with students ...



At least 13 people were martyred while 60 others injured when two bomb blasts hit District Kacheri, according to rescue emergency officials.

The first attack was a suicide attack near the Kacheri gate.

The second took place shortly afterwards in which the attacker was stopped from entering the gate.

The attacker lobbed a hand grenade before exploding himself at the main gate of Mardan district courts, DPO Mardan told. ... [Pakistan Today - 2/9/16]



Millions strike in India over "reforms" [BBC - 2/9/16]



Chevron Indonesia Company Ltd announced on Wednesday that Bangka Field, Chevron's Indonesia Deepwater Development (IDD) project in East Kalimantan, had produced its first natural gas. ... [Jakarta Post - 1/9/16]



O'Neill: Obama is our friend [The National - 2/9/16]



Repsol SA, Spain’s largest oil company, is weighing a sale of the Papua New Guinea gas exploration assets it acquired through the purchase of Talisman Energy Inc., according to people with knowledge of the matter.


Papua New Guinea has attracted billions of dollars of energy investment led by Exxon Mobil Corp.’s $19 billion PNG LNG development, which began operating in 2014.

Sydney-based Oil Search is a partner in the plant with a 29 percent stake.

Exxon agreed in July to buy gas explorer InterOil Corp. for as much as $3.6 billion to add discoveries in Papua New Guinea that may feed its existing plant. ... [Bloomberg - 2/9/16]



More "training" for PNG journalists [PNG Loop - 2/9/16]



UPNG halls of residence closed due to security concerns [PNG Loop - 1/9/16]



A married couple laundered US$3.6 million (S$4.9 million) which had been meant to set up community colleges in Papua New Guinea (PNG) - then gave US$784,000 of it to the country's then Prime Minister, Sir Michael Somare.

Singaporean Lim Ai Wah, 61, was given five years' jail yesterday, while her 68-year-old American husband, Thomas Doehrman, got five years and 10 months. ... [The Straits Times - 2/9/16]



Putin and Abe speak at Eastern Economic Forum in Vladivostok, Russia [RT - 2/9/16]



South Korean President Park Geun-hye on Friday made her first mention of a conditional deployment of the U.S. missile shield, or Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD), in South Korean soil, before leaving for Russia to participate in the Eastern Economic Forum. ... [Xinhua - 2/9/16]



China is developing a new long-range bomber, the head of the Chinese air force was quoted as saying in state media on Friday, the latest move in its ambitious military modernization program. ... [Reuters - 2/9/16]



France says it plans to give French Polynesia an additional $10M US dollars as part of nuclear compensation payment [RNZI - 2/9/16]



A cross party delegation of British MPs has called on Australia to review its decision to remove the autonomy of Norfolk Island. ... [RNZI - 2/9/16]



Defence abuse taskforce concludes case closed on rapes at officer cadet academy [Sydney Morning Herald - 2/9/16]



More complaints about behaviour of Australian Navy personnel as what they're actually doing in our name remains opaque [ABC - 2/9/16]



During their recent Operation MANITOU deployment to the Middle East, members of HMAS Success' ship's company took the opportunity to work on their personal fitness levels in a ‘Biggest Loser' style challenge. … [Navy Daily – 19/7/15]



Combined Maritime Forces: US global naval force in the Arabian Sea [Global Research – 30/6/12]



... Everybody said, 'what's that sound?' ...


'Fall Of Rome', James Reyne [1987]



China has set a Sept. 19 trial date for a U.S. businesswoman accused of spying, charges her husband in Texas said on Thursday were false, and the U.S. State Department said it was concerned about her welfare.

Sandy Phan-Gillis, who was born in Vietnam and has Chinese ancestry, was arrested on suspicion of spying by Chinese authorities in March 2015 while visiting the country as part of a trade delegation from Houston. ... [Reuters - 1/9/16]



'Guccifer' sentenced to 52 months in US prison [Reuters - 1/9/16]:


A Romanian hacker nicknamed "Guccifer" who helped expose the existence of a private email domain Hillary Clinton used when she was U.S. secretary of state was sentenced on Thursday to 52 months in prison by a federal court in Alexandria, Virginia.

Marcel Lazar, 44, who used the alias online, had pleaded guilty in May to charges including unauthorized access to a protected computer and aggravated identity theft after being extradited from Romania. ...



Liveblogging the livestream: the Kim Dotcom appeal [The Spinoff - 2/9/16]:


... The week ends with a decent summary of the Dotcom & co defence case from Mr Illingworth.

He says: “This is a case about copyright enforcement, and in the absence of evidence of unlawfulness, and knowledge of unlawfulness, it is impossible to see how the United States case can work. So we say that this copyright issue underpins the whole case, including the conspiracy charges.

“This is all, without going into the question of what does the US law permit in terms of fair use, in terms of copying a file that’s owned, to be stored on a person’s computer or computer system, for example, now that cloud storage is a very common phenomenon, instead of copying something on to my hard drive, I might simply copy it on to a virtual hard drive. The virtual hard drive is in fact a cloud storage company like DropBox or OneDrive or SkyDrive, or all of the different drives, which pretend, if you like, to be the same as my hard drive on my computer, but in fact are external and are accessed via the internet. Now, unless you know who owns the copyright, what licensing arrangements are in place, has the person bought the DVD or we probably don’t even need the DVD these days, has it been downloaded via Netflix or -”  ...



US must stop mistreating asylum seekers fleeing persecution [The Hill - 25/8/16]:


... The conditions of the facilities housing adult asylum seekers also are concerning, with jail-like settings possibly triggering memories of past mistreatment, increasing the risk of re-traumatization or causing asylum seekers prematurely to terminate their asylum claims.

In addition, CBP’s initial processing interviews are riddled with problems, including lack of privacy, questionable interpretation practices, and failures to ask required questions, correctly record answers, or allow interviewees to review and correct errors. 

For example, investigators were told of a four-year-old whose file indicated he said he came to the United States to work, and met an El Salvadoran and a Nepali asylum seeker who each reported that, despite expressing a fear of return, the CBP officer recorded only identifying information. 

A Bangladeshi reported that he was turned away by the first U.S. officer he encountered at the border when he said he was seeking asylum.

The officer told him to try Mexico. ...



Refugees from Bangladesh, China, Iran, Iraq and Nepal dropped off on uninhabited isle off Sicily [ANSA - 29/8/16]:


Thirty-five asylum seekers, including a 22-month-old Iranian girl, were dropped off on an uninhabited island off the coastal village of Portopalo di Capo Passero, on Sicily's southernmost tip facing towards Africa, officials said Monday.    

The island is only reachable by boat from the mainland, and is usually a day trip destination during the summer holidays.    

A Milan doctor who happened to be on the beach came to their aid, because the infant was in bad shape and needed reanimation.    

The child was with her mother and two sisters, aged 19 and 22, and was hospitalized in the city of Noto.    

The group included eight women and seven children.

The refugees hailing from Bangladesh, China, Iran, Iraq and Nepal told Coast Guard rescuers they had left from Turkey six days ago.

They have been taken to the port city of Augusta.    



Durable solutions: Australia-bound Nepalese refugees dismissed as "duped trafficking victims" and deported from Yap [RNZI - 10/8/16]:


... A senator in the Yap state legislature Nicholas Figirlaarwon said the men suffered during their time on Yap and it took a long time to get the issue sorted out.

He said local customs around welcoming outsiders meant people were embarrassed over their treatment.

"Yap is very small and limited in many ways. It took them so long, the government and the international community to involve in this situation where they can give these people what they need under the law. They also stopped the community from helping them in whatever they can," said Mr Figirlaarwon.

The final group of seventeen Indians are due to be sent home over the next fortnight while the four Nepalese given refugee status await resettlement.



A small number of men from Nepal and India have decided to return home, more than 18 months after arriving on a small island in Micronesia.

Sixteen Nepalese men and 18 Indian men were detained at a wharf in Yap since the boat they were travelling on was detained in November 2014.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) said seven of the Nepalese men would now return home.

When the men arrived on Yap, one of the Federated States of Micronesia in the north-western Pacific Ocean, they told local police they were hoping to reach Australia, New Zealand or the United States.  ... [ABC - 18/6/16]



New York man pleads not guilty to killings of Bangladeshi imam, associate [bdnews24.com - 2/9/16]



At least four suicide bombers attacked a Christian neighborhood in northwestern Pakistan early on Friday, killing at least one security guard, the military said.

Authorities "promptly responded" and all four attackers were dead, army spokesman Lt. General Asim Bajwa said in a message on social network Twitter. ... [Reuters - 2/9/16]



Indian forces fire at Kashmir protesters, killing young man [Yahoo - 1/9/16]



"STOP THIS POLITICAL GAME.  WE ARE DYING HERE"  ‏@racvictoria [2/9/16]:  Day 112 of protests on #Manus against illegal detention. ...



Behrouz Boochani [1/9/16]:


 Update re Manus and Ben Lomai case

Many people have been wondering what next steps are regarding the PNG Supreme Court and the closure of Manus Island.

 The full bench hearing on 22 August ended that aspect of the case without making specific orders.

As you know, in April the court ordered the PNG and Australian government to close Manus Island - but that has not happened.

To try and push the legal action forward, Ben Lomai is now preparing an application for something called a "summary judgement" to try to get the Supreme Court to make specific orders regarding all those who have been taken to Manus Island.

The court hearing for the "summary judgement" will be before a single Supreme Court judge.

But no date has been set for that hearing yet.

Ben will be asking that judge to use the rulings that the Supreme Court has already made to make specific orders regarding the breach of human rights for all the asylum seekers and refugees that are attached to the Ben Lomai case.

We hope that the single judge will make the specific orders without any more delays.

But it is possible that the single judge will convene a full bench hearing, which woukld delay things even more.




"WE ARE ASKING THE WORLD TO TAKE US FROM THE HELL" ‏@riserefugee [1/9/16]: Day 166 Protest by #refugees & #asylumseekers STILL trapped in #Nauru despite world "outrage" by #NauruFiles



Why don't New York Times, Susan Sarandon and friends ask US Ambassador Judith Cefkin about her telling silence regarding the #NauruFiles - and other matters? ---->  Great seeing Pacific Fleet Commander ADM Swift and State DAS Matthews in Honolulu ... ‏@AmbCefkin [1/9/16]



... Mr Cecil said it is no longer an uncommon event to be blacklisted if you oppose the government.

"People are really scared. People on Nauru are scared of what Government is doing, particularly this blacklisting," he said. ... Nauru man loses pension after election appeal [RNZI - 1/9/16]



‏@JPilbrow [2/9/16]:  Court supporters gathered outside Broadmeadows Magistrates for Qantas plane stoppage hearing #NoTamilRefoulement



Student in Victorian court over deportation protest [Nine MSN – 2/9/16]:


A Melbourne university student who protested the deportation of an asylum seeker from Australia on an interstate flight disputes a charge she interfered with a crew member.

Jasmine Pilbrow, 22, appeared before Broadmeadows Magistrates Court on Friday to contest a charge of interference with a crew member on an aircraft in February last year.

Pilbrow, who is representing herself, told the court "a person is not criminally responsible for actions taken in response to the circumstances of sudden emergency".


The ongoing differentiation of handpicked Syrian refugees from those being stopped in our region - particularly by the media and NGOs - is offensive, if not genocidal. ---> ... Six-hundred of those Syrians who have come to Australia under the program have been resettled in New South Wales, the NSW coordinator general for refugee resettlement, Peter Shergold, told the Guardian.


“The government has an obligation to provide details on meeting its commitment to resettle an additional 12,000 Syrian and Iraqi refugees in Australia,” Oxfam Australia’s chief executive, Helen Szoke, said.

“So far, there has been a lack of transparency as to how many of these refugees have arrived in Australia or any firm commitment as to when the promise – made nearly a year ago – will be met in full.”

The acting chief executive of the Refugee Council of Australia, Tim O’Connor, told the Guardian his organisation welcomed the recent increase in the speed of arrival of Syrians and Iraqis as part of the September 2015 commitment of 12,000 additional refugee resettlement places. ... [Guardian - 2/9/16]



Costello speaks of the need for compassion toward specially handpicked Syrian refugees, while advocating asylum seeker boat turnbacks. Hypocrite.



The lengths to which the Australian immigration department has gone to facilitate the repatriation of traumatised Syrian asylum seekers detained in offshore detention centres has been extensively revealed in departmental emails obtained under freedom of information laws.

The emails support reports from Guardian Australia in March, showing that Syrians detained offshore told Australian immigration department officials they would be killed if they returned to Syria, but the department facilitated plans for their repatriation nonetheless.

This included sharing asylum-seeker identity documents with the Syrian consulate in Australia, booking flights via Jordan, and endeavouring to issue an “ultimatum” to force them into a decision on repatriation, despite a number of them being severely mentally ill.

At no point in any of the disclosed emails is conflict in Syria, which has seen more than 100,000 people die and 2.56 million refugees flee the civil war, discussed. And at no point are concerns about the asylum seekers’ safety back in Syria articulated.  ... [Guardian - 14/8/14]


Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.



Immigrants in Alabama imprisoned for years before deportation [MARKETPLACE - 31/8/16]:


It takes a lot of money to run the U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement, or ICE. In fiscal 2016 the department’s budget was $6.3 billion, 17 percent more than the year before.

Part of the budget increase goes toward the 34,000 beds for detainees at ICE facilities across the country.

One of them, the Etowah County Detention Center in Gadsden, Alabama, has become a long-term depository for immigrants awaiting deportation or hearings on their cases. 

Almost none of the immigrant detainees in Gadsden is from Alabama. ICE picked them up in places like California, Texas, New York, the Midwest.

There are more than detainees in Gadsden, from Jamaica, El Salvador, Somalia and other countries.  ...



GEO Group and Corrections Corporation of America spend billions of taxpayer dollars purchasing smaller companies [In The Public Interest - 1/9/16]



The internationally known imprisoned former Black Panther and journalist Mumia Abu-Jamal has had his request for a life-saving hepatitis C treatment denied by a federal judge.


Newly obtained evidence in Abu-Jamal’s case revealed that Pennsylvania treats just about five of more than 6,000 prisoners who are infected with hepatitis C.

The details will probably be used in an unrelated class action lawsuit filed by other Pennsylvania prisoners seeking similar treatment for the disease. ...  [Guardian - 1/9/16]



Man shot dead by police sergeant pinned against wall in Melbourne [Nine MSN – 2/9/16]:


A man has been shot and killed by a police sergeant following a car chase through Melbourne's north.

The sergeant discharged four shots after he was pinned against a wall around 1.45am by one of three suspects being chased by police, Victoria Police Assistant Commissioner Stephen Leane said.

Police were chasing the three suspects in relation to an alleged burglary in the area.

The trio fled from police in a car before abandoning the vehicle in Tullamarine and running across a field and into a factory.

With the assistance of a PolAir helicopter and the dog squad, police tracked them down.

They allegedly stole at least two vehicles from inside the factory in a bid to evade police, and one suspect was isolated by a sergeant in a police car.

The sergeant got out of the car and was then pinned against a wall.

“The offending vehicle has pinned the sergeant against a brick wall,” Mr Leane said.

“At that stage the sergeant has discharged his firearm. We believe there was four shots fired, one of them fatally wounding the man who was driving, what we say was a stolen vehicle, at that time.”

Two police officers were hurt in the confrontation, one sustained an injury to his hand, another a severe injury to his leg.

“We thought the sergeant was seriously injured, we thought he may very well have a broken leg, but we’ve had some good news,” Mr Leane said.

“We are waiting for some x-rays but it may be he’s got some severe bone bruising.

“If that’s all he’s got he’s been very, very lucky.”

Two men, aged 18 and 22, fled the scene but were arrested a short time later and are now in police custody.

The homicide squad is investigating the incident and Professional Standards Command will be attending the scene later today.



Footage of the largest gang raid in NYPD history reveals the agency’s military-style tactics [The Nation – 1/9/16]:


... The NYPD and the Feds are using the 1970 Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) to bring down the alleged gang members swept up in the raids.

Under RICO—invented to capture mafia kingpins who order but do not commit crime—individuals can be found guilty by association.

Within Operation Crew Cut, Howell argues, “you [the police] get on Facebook, you pay attention to everything they say, and then you hold them responsible for the worst thing anyone in their circle has done.”

“They hit people with conspiracy, why?” says Marcus Wray, 28, longtime resident of Eastchester Gardens.

“Because when you hit someone with conspiracy you can get every. Person. Around. The person sitting on the bench. Because I know that person, I might get indicted with him.” ...


... I will appoint a Secretary of Veterans Affairs whose personal mission will be to clean up the VA. The Secretary’s sole mandate will be to serve our veterans – not bureaucrats, not politicians, but veterans. ... Donald Trump's speech to the American Legion [Politico - 1/9/16]



Hillary Clinton's speech touting "American exceptionalism" and promised military response to "cyber criminals" [TIME - 31/8/16]:


... Let’s modernize our Army, and Marines, our Navy, and Air Force, our Coast Guard.

We need to respond to evolving threats from states like Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea from networks, criminal and terrorist networks like ISIS.

We need a military that is ready and agile so it can meet the full range of threats, and operate on short notice across every domain, not just land, sea, air and space, but also cyberspace. ...




2 September 2016