213th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.  [Manus Island]



It’s an easy thing to imagine how simple the life is inside this cage but it’s so hard and too difficult to stay in this place a day # Manus Hell ‏ @sunosi3 [3/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [3/3/18]:  2015-2016-2018: Compare and contrast. Note how a powerful message has been diminished by so called editors/"trauma counsellors" and translators



Behrouz Boochani [25/4/16]:



First I want to say thank you to all those advocates, journalists, academics, writers and friends who supported me and my way with their beautiful words yesterday.

Really I am happy that people understood perfectly that I went on top of that tall tree because of humanity and moral values.

I am proud that you could recognise that I did not do that because of any mental sickness and that it was a political action.

Yesterday i had some short loud talks when I was on that dangerous place with immigration, psychologists, and officers and I explained to them that this action is only for democratic values and is against modern slavery which we in Manus prison are subject to.

I could move to Oscar prison easily but I resisted and chose to fight on a tall tree with my body.

I know that you can understand deeply my situation as a man who has been imprisoned for about three years without any crime.

I am a political prisoner. I know that many of you know that I did not have any other way open to me to resist this. I had to climb on top of that tree because there was no longer any other way.

The action was political.

We are victims of political propaganda and should be understood as political prisoners.

Australia put up in a hell prison camp under a regime of systematic torture. I wanted to show that his policy is cruel, inhumane, unjust and a modern form of slavery.

We were forcibly transported from Australia to their black site on Manus Island and are subject to a regime of systematic torture.

I hope that this action will encourage people to think more about the Australian Guantanamo in the heart of the Pacific Ocean.

Lastly, I want to say that I will continue to fight in any way that I can, even with my body



... My mother told me good, my mother told me strong

She said, be true to yourself and you can't go wrong

But there's just one thing that you must understand

You can fool with your brother


 But don't mess with a missionary man ...


'Missionary Man', Eurythmics [1986]



"Those guys [GetUp!] sponsored and organised our trip, and they stuck with us every second of the way"



Keeping Mardi on point, in solidarity and continuing our radical roots - free the refugees #noprideindetention #MardiGras40




Image: @jo_c_ball [3/3/18]



@GraffitiExpert [3/3/18]:  P 129 - Salvation Army – Intro to PNG: Powerpoint Presentation for refugees exiled by Australia to #Manus Island [Submission to 2014 Senate Inquiry]  #NoPrideInDetention #MardiGras40





@GraffitiExpert [3/3/18]:  Remember how Labor and The Greens wanted to keep Pontville [in Tasmania] as a refugee concentration camp? ...



... "Supported by New Zealand and Belarus, [Australia] cautioned against expanding on existing international law obligations or making new commitments." ... Governments hold first negotiations on Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration [SDG - 1/3/18]




Politely calling bullshit on the anti-refugee "global compact" and Obama's dodgy UN Summit [IRIN - 28/9/16]



@Aussie4Refugees [4/12/17]:  While "experts" embraced the shadowy Canberra branch of the UNHCR and its dodgy, anti-refugee Global Compact/New York Declaration at the "Refugee Alternatives" gabfest in February, men were being refouled from Australia's illegal prison on #Manus



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [3/3/18]: 46 days of our peaceful demonstration in Balikpapan detention center for freedom.46 days we have been yelling and ask for help but UNHCR and IOM don't pay attention.we need urgent help. 



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [3/3/18]: 46 days of our peaceful protest .watch us the current situation of Balikpapan detention center in this short video ...



@AliSahi99174827 [2/3/18]: since we have been starting our protest 45 days passed but up today no one from UNHCR&IOM come to us why?



@Aussie4Refugees [3/3/18]:  Australia's anti-refugee policy continues unchallenged as media exploit "good" Afghan refugee to invisibilise the government's "deterrence" crimes and fundraise for a complicit Red Cross



2 Australian security contractors among 22 wounded in Kabul bombing [Pajhwok - 3/3/18]



Families in Keppapulavu protesting against the Sri Lankan military's ongoing occupation of land marked one year of continuous protests this week. [Tamil Guardian - 3/3/18]



US re-establishes "Peace Corps" in Sri Lanka [Tamil Guardian - 2/3/18]



Myanmar defends troop build-up on Bangladesh border near refugee camp [Mizzima - 3/3/18]



@nslwin : #Bangladesh should provide the shelters inside the country for the #Rohingya survivors at No Man's Land who are under serious threats. This footage filmed today (March 3). ...



Myanmar border police fires blank shot at Bandarban border [The Daily Star - 1/3/18]



Yemeni doctor on Rohingya crisis: ‘Why do people still have to suffer?’ [Al Arabiya - 2/3/18]



Six infants have died in northern Queensland syphilis outbreak [ABC - 2/3/18]



Allowing politicians, media and NGOs to use the NT Royal Commission to push for privatised facilities over 100% shutdown of youth prisons would be a tragedy. ---> The Northern Territory Government has responded to the Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children’s final report, saying it accepts the intent and direction of all 227 recommendations, but it will only support half of them in principle. ... [SBS - 1/3/18]



@JulianAssange [3/3/18]:  Is the Al Jazeera documentary on AIPAC being suppressed? ...



The Israel lobby has a lot of levers it can push and pull to curry favorable news coverage from media organizations.

These range from denying access to the limited pool of top-tier pundits and Israeli government officials, to crippling economic boycotts.

This power is visible in the battle to punish and shutter Al Jazeera, the Qatari state-funded news organization. ... [Antiwar.com - 14/2/18]



Gazan mother arrives in Ramallah to reunite with daughter in need of kidney transplant [Maan - 1/3/18]



Palestinian injured as Egyptian shell hits southern Gaza [Maan - 1/3/18]





Where are your journalism ethics ABC News ?



Claims that medical cannabis use has reduced opioid overdose deaths in the United States have been challenged by a University of Queensland drug abuse expert.

Professor Wayne Hall from UQ’s Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research said there was weak evidence to support the claims. ... [UQ News - 23/2/18]



The Hydroponics Company granted approval to import medicinal cannabis products [Proactive Investors - 28/2/18]:


... The company recently completed stage I of its R&D and growing facility in Queensland.

Stage I of the development includes greenhouses for indoor cultivation and growth of medicinal cannabis.

Stage II of the company’s growth plan will focus on the processing of raw material into higher value medicinal cannabis oils for use in Australia and overseas.

These products will be provided to approved Australian patients through the NAC clinics in Australia as a branded product.

BOL Pharma Limited, an Israeli medicinal cannabis company, recently supplied an investigational medicinal product to The Hydroponics Company in the form of a proprietary sublingual tablet. ...



Death and biostitutes - The US opioid crisis [teleSUR - 29/11/17]



Fueling impunity: Israel’s gas exports to Europe [BDS - 28/2/18]



Roger Waters talks with award-winning Palestinian-Australian author and activist Randa Abdel-Fattah and Jewish-Australian author and activist Antony Loewenstein about the struggle for Palestine and the importance of the BDS movement amongst musicians [Aust Palestine Advocacy Network - 9/2/18]



Israeli government to appeal ruling on asylum for Eritrean deserter while implementing first step of mass deportation plan [ECRE - 2/3/18]



@davidsheen [2/3/18]:  This is where Israel said it was safe when it deported 1000 refugees there in 2012: 1.25 million face starvation in war-torn South Sudan



@davidsheen [1/3/18]: ... Asmahit Maharzion’s heartbreaking address to 20,000 protestors in Tel Aviv last Saturday night 24.2.2018 against the Israeli government plan to finish off its ethnic cleansing of tens of thousands of non-Jewish African refugees ...



Last Summer at Holot [PhotoVoice - 21/2/18]:


... “I find myself just thinking in bed – why should I be here? Why so?  A prison is not a place for a person who wants peace. I did not get here because I wanted. In Eritrea I studied agriculture and I had to stop school because of everything that happened with the government. They arrested people for no reason.

“My dream is to feel human, to have some freedom, get marry have children and be a father. Of course I want to go home but it can only happen when it will be  peace . I left Eritrea in 2007 – In Israel from 2008″ – Salomon ...



Federal immigration authorities said California’s new sanctuary law forced this week’s sweep that netted 232 "illegal immigrants" in the Bay Area — and set off a massive controversy after Oakland’s mayor gave a public warning that may have helped hundreds of other migrants elude arrest. ... [Washington Times - 2/3/18]



Northwest Detention Center hunger striker released after 20 days in solitary [Seattle Weekly - 2/3/18]:


.. Although Chavez was removed from solitary confinement Thursday, Cho said that he was placed under a higher level of security than he was prior to the strike.

She is concerned that the immigration judge might see that he’s dressed in a higher level security uniform and could be biased during hearings.

The incident in February was not the first instance of guard retaliation. In 2014, ACLU-WA filed a lawsuit against ICE and The GEO Group, a for-profit prison operator that provides service to NWDC, for segregating 14 hunger strikers. ...



The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of the Inspector General (OIG) released a damning report this week, finding that U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) improperly modified an older, existing contract with the City of Eloy, Arizona to create the notorious family detention center in Dilley, Texas—more than 900 miles away.

Rather than contracting directly with the private company that operates the family detention center in Texas, the OIG found that ICE instead created “an unnecessary ‘middleman’ by modifying its existing [agreement] with Eloy.”

According to the report, the illegal contract (started in September 2014) has been a financial boon for Eloy, whose “sole function under the modification is to act as the middleman between ICE and [private prison operator] CCA; Eloy collects about $438,000 in annual fees for this service.” ... [American Immigration Council - 1/3/18]



Conditions at New Jersey immigration detention centres are inhumane report says [NBC - 1/3/18]



@AllanBriddock [2/3/18]:  Finally managed to get client out of immigration detention after 19 months! @DLPublicLaw and @AliSulaiha @PhilipArmitage2 just refused to accept the injustice and kept going until client’s release. #endimmigrationdetention



A 16-year-old Afghan boy is challenging the government’s refusal to allow him to seek sanctuary in the UK in a case that could give hope to thousands of other child asylum seekers across Europe.

The boy, known as ZS, was living in the Calais refugee camp when the French authorities cleared it in October 2016 and he applied unsuccessfully to be brought to the UK under section 67 of the immigration act, known as the Dubs amendment.

It is the first time an lone child asylum seeker has issued a challenge of this kind against the home secretary. ... [Guardian - 1/3/18]



The UK's inhumane and cruel immigration detention system must end [Huffington Post - 28/2/18]



Did Turnbull ask Trump about the elephant in the room? [steemit - 28/2/18]:


... The United States is not Australia’s mate. It is its owner.

The sooner an Australian politician has the guts to stand up and say that the better.

And while we’re on the subject of guts, one wonders whether Mr Turnbull had sufficient intestinal fortitude to at least raise the subject of Julian Assange.

Turnbull and his foreign minister, Julie Bishop can hide behind all the weasel words that they want and pretend that Assange’s matters are between Assange and the UK but blind Freddy can see that Assange remains holed up in a cupboard in the Ecuadorian embassy because he has very real fears of being extradited to a US facility somewhere and charged with crimes that essentially amount to publishing the truth.

While Assange remains where he is, the Australian government stands condemned as weak, subservient and powerless. ...



2 March 2018