Day 105 refugee protests, Nauru



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... If I had known I would end up in Nauru I would have just stayed in my own country and killed myself. ... [VIDEO - Channel 4 - 1/7/16]





Myanmar mob torches mosque [New Straits Times - 2/7/16]:



... On Friday villagers in Hpakant, a jade-mining town in northern Kachin state, ransacked a mosque “wielding sticks, knives and other weapons” before burning it down, according to the state-run Global New Light of Myanmar.

“The mob was unresponsive and entirely beyond control. The building was razed by the riotous crowd,” the paper reported, adding that the rampage was sparked by a dispute over the mosque’s construction.

No arrests have been made, it said.

The riot coincided with the end of a 12-day visit by a United Nations rights investigator who warned that “tensions along religious lines remain pervasive across Myanmar society.”

In a press conference concluding her trip Friday, Yanghee Lee called on authorities to investigate the destruction of another mosque in central Bago late last month. ...




Myanmar human rights group 'forced' to cancel launch of report on army torture [Guardian - 1/7/16]




When Mr Mohammed Salim washed ashore on the coast of Aceh province in Indonesia during the South-east Asian refugee crisis last year, he was hungry, thirsty, emaciated and exhausted.

All he wanted was rice, water and to get to a safe nation. “America, Australia, anywhere,” he said then.

A year later, he appeared healthier and cleaner, but nowhere closer to getting somewhere. ... Refugees disappeared or rendered stateless thanks to UNHCR's "durable solutions" in South East Asia [TODAY - 2/7/16]




Sri Lankan intelligence operatives have reportedly tortured a Tamil man from Mannar, after abducting him from a church on Wednesday morning, reports Ceylon News.

Santhiyogu Anton Dani was abducted from Uyilankulam church in Mannar, where he had sought sanctuary after frequent harassment from Sri Lankan intelligence officers for the past two months.

Mr Dani fled to the church after hearing Sri Lankan intelligence operatives were looking for him.

He went missing on Wednesday morning and was subsequently found at Nochchikulam later that evening, at an area some 2 kilometres from the church. 

He was found blindfolded with his body bearing the marks of severe torture. ... [Tamil Guardian  - 2/7/16]




UNHCR's support of no refugee resettlement in exceptionalist, isolationist Australia via the sham Bali Process  =  detention, deportation, exile and death. [Jakarta Post - 1/7/16]:


... Not only were the local authorities’ actions in contravention of Vice President Jusuf Kalla’s demand to let the Sri Lankans find temporary safety and shelter in Aceh, letting them continue their precarious journey has gravely marred Indonesia’s image as the region’s leader on refugee issues.

The reasoning was also flawed from a legal perspective. First, by not letting the refugees descend from the boat, find safety and seek asylum, the government risked contradicting its own laws.

Article 28 of the 1945 Constitution recognizes everyone’s right to seek asylum.

This recognition is reiterated in Article 28 in the 1999 law on human rights, which stipulates that everyone has a right to seek asylum from other countries.

Articles 25 and 26 of the 1999 Foreign Relations Law stipulate that the decision to give asylum rests upon the president in consideration of international law and practices.

Thus, Indonesia, through its own legislation, has imposed on itself an obligation to provide asylum to those in need, even though it is not party to the UN Refugee Convention.

Second, the relevant international law, especially the non-refoulement principle, provides that Indonesia must not let the Sri Lankans continue their journey to Australia.

The non-refoulement principle essentially means countries should not subject a person to a situation where his or her life is at risk. ...




‘Indonesia refugee babies a threat to sovereignty’ [The Star - 27/6/16]




Philippine police have killed 10 people with suspected links to drugs since President Rodrigo Duterte took office, authorities said Saturday, in a brutal start to his controversial war on crime. ... [Channel News Asia - 2/7/16]




Commando assault brings bloody end to Bangladesh hostage standoff  [ - 2/7/16]




 A symbolic sight across the road from Surfers Paradise polling booth on election day



... I'm a walking nightmare, an arsenal of doom

I kill conversation as I walk into the room

I'm a three line whip

 I'm the sort of thing they ban

I'm a walking disaster

I'm a demolition man ...




'Demolition Man' is a song written by Sting and performed by Grace Jones as the A-side of a 1981 single. ... [Wikipedia]



The former Gold Coast City Council building - known as The Beehive  [2/7/16]




Mass arrests expected at Republican and Democratic conventions [VIDEO - TRNN - 30/6/16]




Send the LNP, ALP and pissweak Greens bastards a message that they'll understand:  VOTE INFORMAL.





All Australian politicians are complicit this global game of life and death ---> How Australia turned its back on the world's refugee crisis [CNN – 1/7/16]




Shadowy representatives from the UNHCR told Nauru refugees to abandon hope, then called for their "immediate movement" after self immoliations occurred.  Instead of seizing on an opportunity to honestly inquire why Australia's borders are being closed to refugees, the UNHCR's activities were protected from further scrutiny.  This is an alarming indictment of the naivety (if not intended superficiality) of any purported concern expressed by the human rights establishment, and so called progressive politicians.




Election observers travel to Nauru dictatorship where refugees are imprisoned, exiled, raped and tortured [RNZI - 2/7/16]





"AUSTRALIA.  WHAT IS JUSTICE?" @InsurrectNews [1/7/16]:  Day 104 of protests by refugee families at the Australian govt's refugee detention center on #Nauru. ...






"ENOUGH TORTURING PLEASE.  HOW CAN YOU SIT AND WATCH WHILE OUR LIVES WASTE AWAY."  ‏@racvictoria [1/7/16]:  Day 50 of peaceful protests on #Manus ...






Australian media misrepresents this interview with Assad as: Syria would help forcibly return refugees [Syrian Radio & TV - 1/7/16]:


... President Assad: Actually, you mentioned a very important point. Most of the refugees that left Syria, they want to come back to Syria. So, any country that helped them enter their new country, let’s say, their new homeland, is welcome as a humanitarian action, but again there is something more humanitarian and less costly: is to help them staying in their country, help them going back by helping the stability in Syria, not to give any umbrella or support to the terrorists. That’s what they want. They want the Western governments to take decisive decisions against what Saudi Arabia and other Western countries, like France and UK, are doing in order to support the terrorists in Syria just to topple the government. Otherwise, those Syrians wouldn’t have left Syria. Most of them, they didn’t leave because they are against the government or with the government; they left because it’s very difficult to live in Syria these days. ...




United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 1/7/16]




DRC: Obama calls Kabila for “smooth democratic transition” [Medafrica Times - 29/6/16]




Republic of Congo have arrested a provincial lawmaker accused of leading a militia that raped about 30 very young girls and murdered a German engineer and local rights activist, the justice minister said on Thursday. ... [defenceWeb - 24/6/16]






"We think the price is worth it."  Trailblazing former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright received the Defense Department’s highest award for public service today from Defense Secretary Ash Carter during a Pentagon ceremony. 


“It might seem odd to some of you that a secretary of defense would give the Department of Defense’s highest award to a secretary of state, but it shouldn’t seem strange to you,” Carter said during the ceremony.

“That’s because this award represents an enduring truth: our defense is so vital that we must shepherd it from strategic era to strategic era, from administration to administration, across parties and across our government. Defense requires a strategic perspective – that we understand our connections to the leaders and challenges of the past.” ...  [US Department of Defense - 30/6/16]







... These days, she says, "I feel my life, just like a river running through" ...



'Year of the Cat', Al Stewart [1976]






Relatives of the 7-year-old Cameroonian boy fatally struck by an armored jeep in UN Ambassador Samantha Power’s convoy received a bundle of gifts and cash from the US State Department, two months after the accident.

During Power’s visit to northern Cameroon in April, intended to reach out to people displaced by violence of the Boko Haram terrorist group, the US ambassador’s motorcade ran over Birwe Toussem outside the city of Mokolo, killing him instantly. ... [RT - 30/6/16]




Hungary sentences 10 to jail terms for attempting to cross border and seek asylum [Daily Mail - 1/7/16]:


... Those convicted included three disabled people, one of whom was pushed across the border in a wheelbarrow by a helper.

 The three had their sentences suspended.

Fahdawy Ghazy, maimed by an explosion in the Syrian war and now confined to a wheelchair, said he was guilty of no crime.


In a separate case, prosecutors on Friday charged two Romanians with human trafficking and one with attempted murder and cruelty for trying to smuggle more than 100 migrants from Hungary to Austria in an unventilated truck compartment last June.




Libya: New testimonies reveal horrors inflicted on refugees and migrants by traffickers [Amnesty - 1/7/16]:



... Some of the abuses against refugees and migrants in Libya amount to human trafficking.

Trafficking people constitutes a human rights abuse as well as being a crime in most national criminal law systems.

It includes the transfer of persons through threat and the use of force or coercion.

By contrast, smuggling does not involve coercion; it is consensual.

While smuggling can involve the commission of criminal offences, it is not in itself a human rights abuse.





‏@ajplus [1/7/16]:  For this Eritrean man, being on board the @moas_eu Responder means he’s finally safe.






Rescue in the Mediterranean [Reuters - 1/7/16]







@MSF_Sea [1/7/16]:  "People pay to die in these boats" says Uiy one of our guests on the #Aquarius. He drew this after being rescued.





@bbcworldservice [1/7/16]:  Writer @larimah imagines a fictional future in which westerners seek refuge in Africa ...





This year marks the 20th anniversary of harsh immigration laws that ushered in a devastating era of mass deportation.

These laws – the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA) and the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) of 1996 – vastly expanded the pool of non-citizens marked out for “removal,” led to the creation of a massive, militarized deportation apparatus under the auspices of the Department of Homeland Security, made detention and deportation mandatory for a wide range of past criminal offenses, and stripped immigrants of many basic rights, including the right to a fair day in court.

Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be asking partners and allies across a range of issues and communities to detail the impact of these laws on their memberships and constituencies and why they think it’s time to roll them back – to #Fix96. ... [Immigrant Justice Network]




CIA knew it had the wrong man, but kept him anyway [The Island Pocket - 30/6/16]:


... But the recently released internal report makes it clear that the CIA’s failures in the Masri case were even more outrageous than previous accounts have suggested.

The report is heavily redacted – whole pages are blank – and the names of those involved have been removed. But enough is there to give a good understanding of what happened and what went wrong.

Adding to the sense of injustice: Even though the agency realized early on that Masri was the wrong man, it couldn’t figure out how to release him without having to acknowledge its mistake.

The agency eventually dumped him unceremoniously in Albania and essentially pretended his arrest and detention had never happened.


Despite the fact that the CIA was unable to find any evidence tying Masri to an al Qaida operative in Sudan, which had been the initial suspicion, two agents “justified their commitment to his continued detention, despite the diminishing rationale, by insisting that they knew he was ‘bad.’ ”

None of the Americans involved in Masri’s detention has been held to account. ...




Two policemen killed as gunmen hold hostages in Bangladesh restaurant attack [ - 2/7/16]




You can’t make a revolution in a counter-revolutionary party.


~ Jill Stein ~



Day 104 refugee protests, Nauru



Image:  ‏@elahe_zivardar [1/7/16]




[The] majority of the University of Technology male residential students lost all their personal belongings during the shock attack and burning down of school properties last Saturday night.

Unitech East Sepik Students Association president Andrew Wiavi said the male dormitories were ransacked by outsiders after students vacated the campus in fear.

This followed the hacking of their colleague. ... [PNG Loop - 1/7/16]




Court grants bail to 4 UPNG students charged with illegal use of a vehicle [The National – 30/6/16]


Church leaders in PNG call for PM to step aside [RNZI - 30/6/16]




The Government has secured a loan of US$500 million (around K1.5 billion) from an international financial institution to finance the 2016 national budget.

Treasurer Patrick Pruaitch yesterday said officials from the Department of Treasury and the Bank of Papua New Guinea “successfully negotiated and entered into an unsecured syndicated loan for up to US$500 million arranged by the leading international financial institution Credit Suisse AG”. ... [The National - 1/7/16]




Hundreds of public servants working in the Ipatas Centre, the provincial administration building in Wabag, dived for cover when a policeman allegedly opened fire using a rifle.

He fired at the building but no one was injured. 

The policeman was frustrated over the delay by the provincial administration to pay his allowance.

Enga police commander acting Superintendent George Kakas told The National yesterday the policeman was a member of a mobile squad based at Laiagam district. ... [The National - 1/7/16]



PNGDF unit needs specialist weapons: Director [The National - 1/7/16]



Six serving members of the Mobile Squad Special Service Division currently facing criminal charges for their alleged involvement in an armed robbery at the 2 Fast Motors dealership have been served their files. ... [PNG Loop - 30/6/16]




Silent black-and-white scenes, purported to be of Pol Pot’s visit to an East Zone rubber plantation in 1978, opened the Khmer Rouge tribunal hearing yesterday.

Defence lawyer Victor Koppe requested the short clip – featuring a fist-raising crowd and smiling cadre – be replayed for witness Meas Sourn, after he appeared to become “emotional” after viewing it the day before.

The footage, the defence claimed, “clearly” depicted a young Heng Samrin, a former Khmer Rouge official and current president of the National Assembly, months before he defected to the Vietnamese. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 1/7/16]



Trial shows promise of new PTSD treatment [Cambodia Daily - 1/7/16]:



... A separate study cited in the paper estimates that more than half of all Cambodians have mental health illnesses, with over 28 percent experiencing PTSD’s noxious mix of flash­backs, vivid nightmares and hyper-aroused emotional states.

Another study by the U.S. National Institute of Mental Health in 2005 found that more than 60 percent of Cambodian immigrants in the U.S. experienced symptoms of PTSD over the previous year, a rate 17 times higher than that of Americans in general—which the institute linked to the Cambodians’ experiences under the Khmer Rouge.

But among patients in the new study, the most common causes of the disorder were traffic accidents, domestic violence and sexual abuse.

“Many [traumatic] things happen here—not just in the past, but daily, every day. They happen a lot,” said Om Plaktin, president of EMDR Cambodia, the NGO behind the Mekong II Project, from which Rotate researchers drew patients and therapists.

“People don’t know much about psychology,” Mr. Plaktin said on Thursday.

“They don’t know how to protect themselves.” ...




A Hindu priest has been hacked to death at a temple in Bangladesh, police and senior administrative officials said.

Shaymanonda Das, 45, was killed on Friday in the Jhinaidah district, 300km south west of the capital, Dhaka. ... [Al Jazeera - 1/7/16]




Norfolk Island becomes an NSW regional council from today [RNZI - 1/7/16]




Hong Kong:  Pro-democracy rally sets off in the shadow of fear [The Standard - 1/7/16]




Xu Jiatun, Beijing’s former top man in Hong Kong who fled to US after Tiananmen, dies at 100 [South China Morning Post - 29/6/16]




Vietnam's government said toxic discharges from a Taiwanese-owned steel plant were responsible for massive fish deaths that have decimated tourism and fishing in four provinces and highlighted the risks of rapid growth in foreign investment.

An estimated 70 tonnes of dead fish washed ashore along more than 200 kilometres of Vietnam's central coastline in early April, sparking rare protests across the country after the Taiwan company denied any wrongdoing.

A government minister, Mai Tien Dung, told reporters on Thursday that Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corp, a subsidiary of Taiwan's Formosa Plastics Group, admitted it had caused the environmental disaster and has pledged $500 million to clean up the environment and compensate affected people, including helping fisherman to find new jobs. ... [Bangkok Post - 1/7/16]



Taiwan’s military said it mistakenly fired a supersonic anti-ship missile Friday that hit a fishing boat, killing one and injuring three people, on the day rival China was celebrating the Communist Party’s anniversary. ... [Japan Today - 1/7/16]



Japan, Russia to hold security talks Monday in Moscow [Japan Today - 1/7/16]



US opens investigation into Tesla after fatal crash in Autopilot mode [Reuters – 30/6/16]




Noam Chomsky, John Halle and a confederacy of lampreys: A note on lesser evil voting, Jeffrey St. Clair  [Counterpunch - 29/6/16]




Freo Safe Harbour Refugee Rally and walk. A 2016 World Refugee week event. A rally to establish Fremantle with pride as a place of safety for asylum seekers and refugees, and a walk through the heart of Freo in solidarity. [VIDEO - REZ NEZ FILMS - 26/6/16]




I do not consent to crimes against humanity as refugee policy.



Send the bastards a message that they'll understand:  VOTE INFORMAL.



Who's worse? ---> Immigration Minister Peter Dutton has linked asylum seekers with terrorism, insisting recent attacks overseas have made border security a key issue for voters at the election. ... [Canberra Times - 1/7/16]




"Opposition" Immigration Minister Richard "offshore is the single most important policy that any Australian government has made" Marles [30/6/16]:   Too many dogs and cats are living in misery, and too many animals are losing their lives – We must put a stop to it.




Marles leaps to Dutton's defence:  21 mins in --->  Wilkie MP moves censure of Immigration Minister [VIDEO - 22/2/16]




House of Representatives Hansard [22/2/16]:


... I am not going to preside over a situation where we have people self-harming to come to hospitals in this country because they believe that is the route out into the Australian community for Australian citizenship. ... [Dutton]


I have looked very closely at the motion and spoke with the minister, briefly, to get his recollection—and I, obviously, have my own recollection of what was said in here.

The motion suggests the minister said something he did not.

There is a principle in all of this that matters: that we get the facts right as we seek to debate this issue, that we be absolutely and forensically and passionately and zealously accurate about it, because we as a country are not going to resolve this issue so long as we make spin a part of how we go about this.

In circumstances where what the minister has said is a matter that is plainly on the record, we are not going to be voting for something that suggests something different. ... [Marles]




RT [30/6/16]:


The Australian government is creating unbearable conditions at its offshore processing centers to send a message to other migrants not to come to the country, Dr John-Paul Sanggaran, a medical officer, who worked at one of such facilities, told RT.


In the paper, Sanggaran compared his country’s refugee centers to the infamous CIA’s Guantanamo Bay prison in Cuba.

Previously, the UN has labeled “illegal” Canberra’s asylum policies, which are among the toughest in the world.

Military-run coast guard ships are intercepting migrant boats while they're still at sea, sending those aboard to detention centers created outside of Australia to avoid the country’s laws.

Besides torture allegations, those are also long running accusations of sexual assault and child abuse at those camps.

However, there are some people in Australia who support those measures, with Sanggaran blaming the authorities for the rise of xenophobia.

“The way, in which our leaders are behaving, is completely reprehensible. The Minister for Immigration (Peter Dutton) came out and started to talk about what a burden the refugees would be and the cultural differences. It gives license and validity to bigots and racists and emboldens them to come out,” he said. <---  Especially when the so called opposition and crossbenchers agree, and/or are silent.




"DON'T FORGET WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS" ‏@racvictoria [30/6/16]:  49th day of peaceful protests on #Manus ...




‏@SuchNigel [30/6/16]:  Make them wonder how you're still smiling Protest in #Nauru  ...




A judge in Arizona unsealed photographs central to ongoing litigation challenging deplorable and unconstitutional conditions in Border Patrol’s short-term detention facilities in the Tucson Sector.

The never-before-seen-photos show the inside of facilities known as “hieleras” or ice-boxes—a term coined by those held in the frigid concrete cells. ... [American Immigration Council - 30/6/16]




Chicago:  Teenager takes street to ask Gutierrez to be champion for Father in sanctuary, call for moratorium on deportations [#NOT1MORE - 30/6/16]:


... In the wake of the Supreme Court decision that left the injunction in place blocking the expansion of deferred action programs that would’ve benefited millions, the Chicago protest is part of a national wave demanding that the current administration do more to protect immigrants targeted for removal and to dismantle ICE.

The participants are gathering at Gutierrez’s office because he was nominated by the Hillary Clinton campaign to participate in drafting the Democratic National Committee platform ahead of its convention later this month.

They point to previous comments from the Representative that add to the criminalization of undocumented Chicagoans and raise concerns that reforms to mass incarceration and previous contact with law enforcement will still exclude immigrants from the future reform proposals.




Like the sham Bali Process has protected Australia's exceptionalist, isolationist status, and condemned thousands of refugees in South East Asia to the UNHCR's "durable solutions" of indefinite detention, deportation, exile or death, this looks like another weasel word gabfest designed to deflect responsibility away from the United States ---> UNHCR High-Level Roundtable 6-7 July 2016: “Call to Action: Protection Needs in the Northern Triangle of Central America:


... The gathering is inspired by the Brazil Declaration and Plan of Action which was signed in 2014 by 28 countries and three territories of Latin America and the Caribbean and stresses the central importance of international cooperation in addressing protection challenges in Central America today.




The United States Congress’ decision to push through the PROMESA bill for Puerto Rico — seting up a federal control board to manage its economy and restructure its debt — has been widely heralded as a move to “rescue” the island from its crippling US$73 billion debt crisis.

But such celebratory framing of the bipartisan-backed PROMESA ignores the fact that critics are deeply concerned that the “colonial” bill is a pretext to undermine democracy in Puerto Rico while obscuring how U.S. policies toward the island fomented the debt disaster in the first place. ... [teleSUR - 30/6/16]



I, Snowbot [ - 26/6/16]


Norwegian court rejects Edward Snowden lawsuit on free passage [Reuters – 27/6/16]



Uyghurs in Paradise [2009]:  Meet the Uyghur Muslims who were wrongly imprisoned in Guantanamo and are now caught between the rival superpowers of China and the USA. [Journeyman]



The Globe and Mail [28/6/15]:


... They are gone now.

The last man, a gregarious dreamer named Davut Abdurahim, left earlier this year.

Where the six men and their families went is a secret kept even from some of the country’s most senior leaders.


The men spoke only rarely of the nightmare that had brought them here – how they were taken into American custody after the U.S. military promised money to Afghans who turned in “enemies.”

“Listening to their stories was sort of surreal – biblical, to an extent,” said Mr. Tmetuchl. “The way they told it, they were sold as terrorists. All they were were merchants, or looking for jobs in Afghanistan.” ...



The migratory-Sri Lankan Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher that was targeted by crows, was rescued by animal lovers on Wednesday at Majiwada.

The male species of the monsoon migratory bird was found lying wounded near the gate of a call center in the city when two youths noticed it and reported it to the Wildlife Welfare Association (WWA). ... [Times of India - 24/6/16]



Australian woman Nguyen Thi Huong, 73, sentenced to death in Vietnam on heroin charges [Canberra Times – 1/7/16]




The CIA paid Romania "millions of dollars" to host secret prisons, a rights lawyer said Wednesday as the European Court of Human Rights heard accusations that Romania allowed the agency to torture terrorism suspects in a secret renditions program under President George W. Bush. ... [Yahoo - 30/6/16]



UN news outlet tied to bribe case denies link to Chinese officials [Reuters – 29/6/16]:


... The news of an alleged Chinese government link in the case came after Ashe, a former U.N. ambassador from Antigua and Barbuda who served as General Assembly president from 2013 to 2014, died in an apparent weight-lifting accident last week.

He was among seven people, including Ng, charged since October in what prosecutors say is an ongoing investigation into the scheme in which Ashe took $1.3 million in bribes from Chinese businessmen. ...





Kerry:  US intervening in more places than ever [The Atlantic - 28/6/16]:



... In short order, Kerry alluded to geopolitical challenges in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, and Nigeria, among other places.

"The United States of America is more engaged in more places with greater impact today than at any time in American history,” he declared.

“And that is simply documentable and undeniable." ...




Bomb attack leaves woman dead, three children injured in Bahrain [Press TV - 1/7/16]




Yemen: Behind closed doors [Norwegian Refugee Council - 30/6/16]



Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch called on the United Nations General Assembly on Wednesday to suspend Saudi Arabia from the U.N. Human Rights Council until a Saudi-led military coalition stops killing civilians in Yemen. ... [Reuters - 29/6/16]


Islamic State bombings in southern Yemen kill 38: medics [Reuters – 27/6/16]




Kenyan police are responsible for the disappearance of three men, including a human rights activist with the U.S.-based International Justice Mission, 10 local and international human rights groups say.

Dozens of lawyers in the Nairobi chapter of the Law Society of Kenya also protested the disappearance of the rights activist, who is a lawyer.

Evidence shows that human rights lawyer Willie Kimani, his client Josphat Mwenda and taxi driver Joseph Muiruri were abducted on June 23 while coming from court where Mwenda had been charged with possession of narcotics, the rights groups said. ... [Yahoo - 30/6/16]




The Ministry of Interior said 30 police cadets were killed and another 58 wounded in a twin Taliban bomb attack in Paghman district of central Kabul province.

The ministry in a statement said the newly-graduated police cadets were heading to Kabul from a training centre in central Maidan Wardak province when they came under attack on the Kabul-Kandahar highway in Qala-i-Haidar Khan area of Paghman district at around 11:30am. ... [Pajhwok - 30/6/16]



73 "Taliban insurgents" killed in Afghan, US forces airstrikes in Nuristan [Khaama - 30/6/16]



The Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has extended the stay of the Afghan refugees in Pakistan for another six months to allow them to stay legally until the end of this year.

The Afghan Ambassador to Pakistan Hazrat Omar Zakhilwal said Wednesday “Today, Pakistan’s prime minister, Nawaz Sharif, ordered that the registration cards Afghan refugees carry have been extended for another six months.”

Zakhilwal further added that the cards held by the Afghan refugees granting them temporary legal stay was due to expire today.

He expressed concerns regarding the authorities in one Pakistani province have used the looming deadline to harass Afghan refugees.

Earlier, it was reported the police in northwestern Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Province have arrested and deported at least 500 Afghan refugees in recent days. ... [Khaama - 30/6/16]



Former residents of the Chagos Islands who were forcibly removed from their homeland more than 40 years ago have lost their legal challenge to return. ... [BBC - 29/6/16]



The Italian Senate voted on Wednesday to halt supplies to Egypt of spare parts for F16 warplanes in protest against the killing of Italian student Giulio Regeni earlier this year. ... [Reuters - 29/6/16]


Egypt arrests and deports Lebanese TV host Lilian Daoud [Al Jazeera -29/6/16]


Egypt bans activist from traveling to women's rights conference [Reuters – 27/6/16]




Hundreds march in Cairo, protest cancelled high school exams [Daily Star - 27/6/16]



A Palestinian was shot dead Thursday night by an Israeli civilian after allegedly carrying out a stabbing attack at a market in the Israeli coastal city of Netanya, which left two Israelis wounded, according to Israeli sources, making it the second incident to result in a Palestinian being killed following an attack in less than 12 hours. 

Israeli media reported that the unidentified Palestinian was shot and killed immediately following the attack after an armed Israeli civilian near the scene opened fire on the young man before Israeli security forces arrived.


A Palestinian teenager was also killed on Thursday morning in an illegal Israeli settlement in the southern occupied West Bank district of Hebron after carrying out an attack against a 13-year-old Israeli girl who later succumbed to her wounds, as one other Israeli was wounded in the case. ... [Maan - 30/6/16]



Family of children killed in 2014 war on Gaza submits complaint about weapons manufacturing company to War Crimes Unit in France [Maan - 30/6/16]



The Israeli Prime Minister, Binyamin Netanyahu on Wednesday spoke with Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit regarding the possible expulsion of Arab MK Hanin Zoabi from the Knesset.

Netanyahu’s demand came following Zoabi’s condemnation of the continued Israeli crimes against Palestinians and calls for lifting Gaza siege.

“With her actions and lies she crossed every line and she has no place in the Knesset,” Netanyahu claimed. ... [PNN - 30/6/16]



Media concoct firestorm as Jeremy Corbyn launches anti-Semitism report [Electronic Intifada - 30/6/16]



First “boycott ban” case defeated in UK high court [Electronic Intifada - 30/6/16]



Israeli confiscation of land shows 440% increase in 2016 [PNN - 26/6/16]



Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Monday morning have opened fire on agricultural lands across the border fence in the Gaza Strip, while navy ships fired live rounds targeting fishing boats northwest of Gaza city. ... [PNN - 27/6/16]




In Denver, a woman has been fatally shot inside The Alliance Center by her estranged husband.

Fifty-three-year-old Cara Russell was the executive director of the Colorado Association for Recycling and the former mayor of Buena Vista, Colorado.

She had a restraining order and had recently filed for divorce.

Her ex-husband walked into The Alliance Center with a handgun on Tuesday and shot her, before killing himself.

She died later in the hospital.

Her murder comes after the massacre of 49 people in Orlando by Omar Mateen, who also had a history of domestic violence. [Democracy Now - 30/6/16]



FBI seeks to withhold public records on Orlando massacre [Democracy Now - 30/6/16]



Boston police captain's son indicted on new charges in alleged bomb plot [Reuters - 30/6/16]:


... Ciccolo, as known as Ali Al Amriki, was arrested in July 2015 after he received four firearms, including a Colt AR-15 rifle, from a witness who was cooperating with the Western Massachusetts Joint Terrorism Task Force.

The suspect was recorded saying he planned to set off pressure cookers filled with gun powder, nails and ball bearings in college cafeterias and other places where people congregate, prosecutors said. ...



A U.S.-backed Syrian Arab rebel force vowed on Thursday to continue attacks against Islamic State militants after being forced to retreat from the outskirts of a town near the Iraqi border when the jihadists counter-attacked.

The New Syria Army had launched an operation backed by U.S. bombers on Tuesday aimed at capturing the town of Al-Bukamal from Islamic State and cutting supply and communications lines for the group between Syria and Iraq.

They were forced to retreat to their base in al-Tanf in southern Syria on Wednesday after their troops were ambushed. ... [Reuters - 30/6/16]



US journalist survives probable drone strike in Syria [Middle East Eye - 29/6/16]



Mediator terminates efforts to free Japanese journalist held hostage in Syria [Japan Today – 29/6/16]



Eight suicide bombers attacked a Lebanese Christian village on Monday, killing five people and wounding dozens more, in the latest violent spillover of the five-year-old Syrian war into Lebanon.

Security sources said they believed Islamic State was responsible for the bombings in the village of Qaa on Lebanon's border with Syria, but there was no immediate claim of responsibility. ... [Reuters - 27/6/16]



 US-led airstrikes kill at least "250 ISIL fighters" fleeing Fallujah [USA Today - 30/6/16]





1 July 2016