154 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. [Manus]



All lives are matters but ,refugees and asylum seekers lives are not matter.‏ @sunosi3 [3/1/18]



@Shamindan1 [3/1/18]:  Day 154 peaceful protest. Together we can. [East Haus, Manus]



Apparently some refugees illegally trafficked, exiled and indefinitely imprisoned by the Australian government on Manus Island support US regime change around the world?

The irony. --->  Our Hearts and minds are in Iran.We are with you in heart and Wish Freedom For Iran. Manus Island @BenhamSatah [2/1/18]



@jkdamours [3/1/18]:  #Israel's push to deport #African #asylum seekers is not new. It announced plans to close the Holot detention centre by March a few months ago, offering #refugees two options: indefinite detention, or deportation ...



Eritrean asylum seeker asks Israel for help [Natasha Kirtchuk - 1/1/18]:


As you go into your new year making your resolutions...just remember, not everybody has the choice to change their circumstances.

I believe in hard work...but never forget...where you are born and who you are born to matters.

The randomness of a person's birth can impact the rest of their lives...no matter how talented that person is.

My friend, Mulu, is one of the most talented people I know....

A hard worker, smart, generous...but he's stuck. Please watch his story. ...



Interview with asylum-seeker Jacob Berry from Darfur, Sudan, now living in Israel [2012]



Teenager Ahed Tamimi could face years in Israeli prison [Electronic Intifada - 2/1/18]:


... Last week, Israeli military courts confirmed or renewed administrative detention orders against 41 Palestinian detainees.

Among those whose orders were renewed is promiment leftist leader and Palestinian Legislative Council member Khalida Jarrar, who was most recently arrested in July.

Israeli occupation forces detained Nasser Abdel-Jawad, another Palestinian lawmaker, in a pre-dawn raid on his home in the West Bank village of Deir Ballut on Monday, according to prisoners solidarity group Samidoun.

His arrest brought to 12 the number of Palestinian lawmakers jailed by Israel, nine of them without charge or trial. Palestinians continue to resist their detention by Israel.

Rizk Rajoub, 61, began an open hunger strike on 23 December when the Israeli military court made him choose between administrative detention and exile in Sudan, according to Samidoun. ...



A 17 year old Palestinian on Wednesday afternoon was shot dead by Israeli soldiers during clashes in the village of Deir Nizam, north of Ramallah. ... [PNN - 3/1/18]



Israeli soldiers on Tuesday shot and injured a Palestinian with live fire along the border with the southern Gaza Strip.  ... [Maan - 2/1/18]



Israeli settlers set up tents on Palestinian land in Nablus area [Maan - 2/1/18]



Q. Why has there never been a coup in America?


A. Because there's no US Embassy in Washington.



@wikileaks [3/1/18]: Iran's Revolutionary Guard "is afraid of being forced to kill more than a few dozen protesters in any one location on any one day" according to 2009 diplomatic cable....



@wikileaks [2/1/18]:  So you want to start a US-Israeli front pretending to be an Iranian diaspora news site? From our archives: State Department budget documents for one such front, founded in 2008.



@wikileaks [2/1/18]:  US Paypal/Ebay oligarch Pierre Omidyar calls for Twitter to increase censorship to German levels    



The ABC's former correspondent for drunk Russians and their lack of press freedom - Norman Hermant - is now very worried about an impending crackdown on the US-backed uprising in Iran. ---> See inside Russia's secret factory where they manufacture the news [12/8/15]



A former Russian internet "troll" has been awarded one rouble ($0.01) in damages after she sued her ex-employer to expose it as a propaganda "factory". ... [BBC - 18/8/15]



NATO's Secret Armies [2009]



West Australian Police working in the Gascoyne area of the state have taken to Facebook to call out the 'usual suspects' prompting many to accuse them of targeting Indigenous people in a 'racist' post. ... [NITV - 3/1/18]



Boy run over in Sydney car park, airlifted to hospital with severe injuries [Yahoo - 3/1/18]



A boy and a man have died and a baby injured in a crash on the Bunya Highway in the South Burnett region, north-west of Brisbane, on Tuesday evening.

Emergency services were called to the scene near the intersection with Barambah Road just before 5pm.

Police said a truck and dual-cab ute were involved in the collision. ... [Brisbane Times - 2/1/18]



Accused Flinders Street driver charged with murder after death of 83-year-old [9 News - 2/1/18] 



Murderer Trudi Lenon is in hospital after she was reportedly attacked inside prison by a fellow inmate.

Lenon, who is in custody at Bandyup Women's Prison awaiting sentencing for the murder of Aaron Pajich, was attacked by a prisoner on New Year's Day. 

It is understood she sustained serious burns during the incident, and was taken to Fiona Stanley Hospital for treatment. ... [WA Today - 2/1/18]



Guns, and those who promote them, kill.




A rifle is on hand if a pig needs to be killed quickly [ABC - 2/1/18]



A boy is fighting for life after he was accidentally shot in the face with a rifle in southern Queensland.

Police became aware of the shooting at Granite Belt Drive in Cottonvale when the five-year-old's father took him to a nearby hospital.

He was last night flown to Lady Cilento Children's hospital in Brisbane where he remains in a critical but stable condition.

Police say it's unclear who fired the weapon but it's thought to be a young relative, possibly the boy's 11-year-old cousin. ... [9 News - 3/1/18]



Woman charged with shooting boyfriend dead in Gold Coast home [MYGC - 3/1/18]



White man charged with terror offences after 'threatening to kill police' [9 News - 3/1/18]:


... During Mr Pender's first court appearance in June he reportedly told the magistrate "you will be next" and announced he wanted to blow himself up when released.

After further investigations by the fixated persons unit, the 26-year-old today was additionally charged with the commonwealth offences, which include preparing or planning for a terrorist act.

Mr Pender is due to reappear in court in early February.

The case is the first time terrorism charges have been laid by NSW's fixated persons unit which has conducted 52 investigations since it was established in April 2017.

Mr Willing [Assistant Police Commissioner] said it showed the unit was successfully targeting people who pose a risk to the community but don't fit the normal criteria for a counter-terror investigation. ...



Fulfilling his role as the only big bad anti-refugee poo face in Australia, Peter Dutton says what the Victorian Labor government, racist media outlets and authorities have been inciting for years.



Helicopter, tactical response unit and police dogs deployed by Victorian Police under a Labor govt in racist, military style attack on partying South Sudanese basketballers in Werribee, terrorising an entire street. [The Age - 20/12/17]

Fuck off Dutton bashing hyprocrites.  



Backed by his privatisation propagandists at the ABC, NT Chief Minister Michael Gunner jumps on the anti-African bandwagon to signal plenty of cash is on its way to the youth detention prison industrial complex ---> People are still being mistreated, says youth justice advocate Dylan Voller after NT Youth Detention Royal Commission report released [NITV - 17/11/17]



Until the ABC's Peter Lloyd explains why he partially exposed UNHCR collaboration with "deterrence" policy, then ran dead - anything he reports about Australia's war on refugees is tainted.



Protest on Manus Island, September 2017



“They’re trying to kill me, if they kill me take care of my son.”

These were the last words of Faysal Ishak Ahmad before his death on Christmas Eve.

The Sudanese refugee uttered these words during his last visit to his friend Walid Sandal.

This is not a scene from a tragic film or novel.

This is the reality of the prison on Manus Island, hundreds of kilometres from Australia and in the middle of a silent ocean. ... [Guardian - 30/12/16]



Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) [16/12/17]: 


This is the Freedom Calendar.

Jess Lilley created it to help give a voice to the men on #Manus.

Each month is art work (by local artists) based on tweets by men on Manus (who all so generously gave their full support).

All profits go to the ASRC to help fund our #Manus casework & advocacy. ...



Victorian State Labor government gives Asylum Seeker Resource Centre $600,000 to continue playing partisan games with refugee lives [Media Release - 11/9/17]



@Aussie4Refugees [3/1/18]:  Any psychologists out there have a view on what bringing an exiled refugee to Australia, and subjecting him to time with pro Labor Party 'advocates', then re-exiling him, might do to the mind?



... On June 15 last year, Pamela Curr from the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre emailed the Australian Border Force’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr John Brayley, informing him of a “young man on Manus who has gone mad and who is now in a PNG prison.” ... [Junkee - 12/8/17]





The Refugee sector is also responsible for Manus, Nauru and other Australian refugee torture camps-not just the government [RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-detainees - 13/11/17]:


... In 2012, when I criticized the “No Advantage” policy and Paris Aristotle (the CEO of an Australian organisation funded to provide services for refugee survivors of torture and trauma FOUNDATION HOUSE), a member from the Greens and refugee advocate told me I shouldn’t criticise Paris Aristotle because he is powerful and has good intentions. ...



... Another friend, writer Janet Galbraith, met Shamshiripour in Melbourne in 2015 before he was returned to Manus.

She described him as having "big gentle energy" and a fondness for music.

He had spent time in jail on Manus last year after what she described as a "psychotic break."

She said he often spoke of wanting to help more vulnerable men there, "and early on you seemed to really believe you would survive it."

"I loved you," she wrote in a Facebook tribute on Monday.

"I can't believe it Hamed. I can't f***ing believe it but I knew it was going to happen -- you were abused so terribly and mercilessly." ... [Huffington Post - 8/8/17]



Why did Senator McKim withdraw notice of motion No. 439 relating to Hamed Shamshiripour? ---> Page 8 [Senate Notice Paper - 4/9/17]:


... (iv) all details of the occasions on which Mr Shamshiripour was transferred to Australia, or another country other than Papua New Guinea, for the purpose of physical or mental health treatment, including the date and duration of his transfer, the location or locations of transfer, and treatment, including the service provider of the treatment ...



Do you have 100% control of your twitter account and the proceeds of your T-shirt sales? If not, who else does? ---> Hey everyone, thank you so much for the interest in buying tshirts with the artwork I have done on it! We are going to get some printed for sale and will let you know as soon as they are ready with the price. Thanks again! @FarhadBandesh [2/1/18]



... Just yards from where Mohammed’s artwork hangs on the wall, G4S’s UK and Ireland boss Peter Neden is chatting to three other smartly-dressed middle-aged men, all drinking wine served by attentive young catering staff.

I’m at a private view of an art exhibition entitled ‘Inside’ at London’s Royal Festival Hall.

Every year, a charity called the Koestler Trust organises an exhibition of artwork by prisoners and detainees.

The charitable trust states its aim is to enable inmates to participate in the arts, but in a strange irony – apparently lost on everybody at the event – the private viewing is organised by G4S, the very company which profits from locking many of the artists away, operating some of the UK’s worst prisons and immigration removal centres. ...  [Novara Media - 27/10/17]



The Trudeau government should create a new watchdog to handle public complaints about the Canada Border Services Agency, says a federally commissioned report. ... [National Post - 1/1/18]



Boston groups protest activist’s deportation [Workers World - 1/1/18]:


... ICE officials and corrections officers repeatedly lied to Byah about her deportation status.

Despite having received multiple U.S. Department of Homeland Security communications stating that her petition for asylum was pending, Byah was forced back to Morocco by DHS in the middle of winter, without a chance to say a word to her children and with nothing but the thin clothing on her back.  

Her own lawyer, family and loved ones were not made aware of her transfer and deportation until hours later. ...



Gay Ugandan woman facing deportation from UK despite fears of persecution [Independent - 28/12/17]



@open_euborders [30/12/17]:  The Militarization of #Lesvos: The #EU War Against #Refugees ... #RefugeesGR #NoBorders #antireport #OpenTheIslands



@Aussie4Refugees [31/12/17]:  After participating in a joint exercise "integrating into Australian scenarios", the Italian Navy stopped rescuing migrants ...




#UltimOra Nave Libra #MarinaMilitare inserita in #Triton ad #Augusta. I due bambini nati ieri con team sanitario MM   ‏@ItalianNavy [17/1/15]



Telescopic philanthropy and the utility of "good", and white migrants:  The Australian Labor Party never changes. ---> ... The government increased its humanitarian aid to United Nations operations in Rwanda in July 1994 by an additional $6.5 million.

Ministers were advised that the medical assistance provided with those funds would focus on supporting other UN contingents rather than serving refugee centres: there might be questions on this focus, given that 'the atrocities of recent weeks' had only made the plight of refugees more urgent ... Engaging with a changing world: trade, foreign affairs and security [Background to the 1994 and 1995 Cabinet records - National Archnives of Australia]



On this day 12 years ago, five Tamil students were summarily executed by Sri Lanka's Special Task Force, whilst they spent an afternoon on the beach in Trincomalee.

To date no one has been held accountable for the murder. ... [Tamil Guardian - 2/1/18]



Sri Lankan police arrest three board members of disputed Trincomalee temple [Tamil Guardian - 1/1/18]



Putting 354 burned Rohingya villages in perspective [Maung Zarni - 1/1/18]:


... If you fight to end this genocide - like I do, albeit to no avail - you would understand why I didn't have an appetite for joining those who popped champagne last night.




2 January 2018