Man who escaped Australia/PNG anti-refugee regime will formally lodge his application for asylum in Fiji this week [Fiji Village - 2/2/17]:


A formal application for asylum for the Iranian man who fled to Fiji from Papua New Guinea will be lodged with the Department of Immigration later this week.

The lawyer for the Iranian man, Aman Ravindra-Singh says he had talks with the Director of Immigration and they will meet him with the asylum application soon. 

Director of Immigration Nemani Vuniwaqa has not made any comments today however he said yesterday that he wants to meet with the Iranian man and deal with the issues at hand.

The Iranian refugee who was held on Manus Island for more than three years fled to Fiji, and he is seeking asylum on the grounds he fears persecution if he goes back to Papua New Guinea.

21‑year‑old Loghman Sawari managed to board a plane under a false name after he said he was threatened by a PNG immigration official and lost hope of being resettled in the United States under President Donald Trump.

We are also awaiting answers from the Immigration Department on how the Iranian arrived in Nadi under a false name. Sawari is currently staying with a family in Nadi.



Where's AUSTRALIA's Human Rights Commission? ---> ... “We will absolutely be supporting him. We stand ready to assist this individual because that's our job,”said the director of Fiji's Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission Ashwin Raj.


Sawari's lawyer said his client is in "good spirits”and is "happy to get away from his past condition".

"His journey is not just for himself, but those on Manus and those kept in captivity and this also to highlights the Australian government's failed asylum program,” said Mr Ravindran-Singh.

"People are suffering there, people are having mental breakdowns, people are attempting suicide, the list goes on.

"This is a complete failure on the Australian government part and this has been documented in reports, including in UN reports, and the Supreme Court of PNG has ruled this place (Manus Island regional processing centre) is illegal and be shut down.

"It's really embarrassing for the Australian government with their partner PNG.” ...  [SBS - 2/2/17]



About fucking time: Refugee Council FINALLY calls for an end to Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee policy [Media Release - 1/1/17]:


... “We know that there is a culture of physical and sexual abuse in these centres, we know that there is a mental health crisis so acute that even children have attempted to take their own lives, and we know that numerous people have died due to inadequate medical care.  This is why we are calling on Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten to come together and make a bipartisan commitment to bring these people to safety immediately, at least until a permanent, safe solution is found.’ ...



Australia's war of attrition on refugees continues as the Guardian, LNP's Nauru gulag clinic and Doctors 4 ALP play partisan games [2/2/17]



 Rohingya woman gang-raped by military in northern Maungdaw [RVision TV - 2/2/17]



Myanmar government says it has begun operating a radio station in Maungdaw, but locals haven't heard anything about it [Frontier Myanmar - 2/2/17]



The Rohingya: Myanmar mass murder made in the USA [Global Research - 1/2/17]:


... Not only has the US and UK substantially funded and backed Suu Kyi’s political party, but ministers within her government have been trained by US-funded programmes, including Myanmar’s current Minister of Information Pe Myint.

The Myanmar Times article, “Who’s who: Myanmar’s new cabinet,” would provide Pe Myint’s background, reporting (our emphasis):

Formerly a doctor with a degree from the Institute of Medicine, U Pe Myint changed careers after 11 years and received training as a journalist at the Indochina Media Memorial Foundation in Bangkok. He then embarked on a career as a writer, penning dozens of novels. He participated in the International Writing Program at the University of Iowa in 1998, and was also editor-in-chief of The People’s Age Journal. He was born in Rakhine State in 1949.

The Indochina Media Memorial Foundation (IMMF) in Bangkok is run by the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Thailand (FCCT), a collection of US and European media representatives. And according to a Wikileaks document titled,  “An Overview of Northern Thailand-Based Burmese Media Orgranizations,” the IMMF’s funding is revealed (our emphasis):

Other organizations, some with a scope beyond Burma, also add to the educational opportunities for Burmese journalists. The Chiang Mai-based Indochina Media Memorial Foundation, for instance, last year completed training courses for Southeast Asian reporters that included Burmese participants. Major funders for journalism training programs in the region include the NED, Open Society Institute (OSI), and several European governments and charities.

The NED (National Endowment for Democracy) is both funded and directed by the US Congress and the US State Department. In essence, Myanmar’s current Minister of Information and the lies his ministry tells on a daily basis, particularly in regards to his government’s brutality toward the Rohingya, has been made possible in part by US government funding and support.

The fact that the Western media is still stepping around Suu Kyi and her supporters’ role in the violence against the Rohingya, indicates that support is still being provided. ...



Police have arrested Myint Swe—the man who allegedly hired Kyi Lin to assassinate National League for Democracy legal advisor U Ko Ni—in the border town Myawaddy in Karen State, according to the state police. ... [The Irrawaddy - 1/2/17]



Pilavu residents protest all night and for second day at Sri Lankan airforce camp demanding their lands be returned [Tamil Guardian - 1/2/17]



Unrest is the only growth industry left [The Automatic Earth - 1/2/17]:


... People have started noticing this despite the official and media-promoted data. And they’re not going to “un-notice”.

Not only don’t people - once they find out - like having been lied to for years, they dislike worsening living conditions even more.

And that’s all they get; the only people who get it better are the rich, because without that the machinery can’t continue pumping up the ‘official’ numbers.  

And what do you get? People complain about Trump. And they focus on one of his -seemingly- crazy ideas: temporarily closing US borders to refugees from nations with large Muslim populations.

Which is a fine thing to resist, because yes, it’s a pretty silly idea, but why haven’t they paid similar attention to how they’ve been lied to for years on both the economy and on Syria, on how Obama became the Drone King and how many innocent people lost their lives because of that?!

To how favorite all-American gal Hillary screwed up Northern Africa when she declared We Came We Saw He Died and the death of Libya’s Gaddafi, who gave his country the highest living standards in the region, free education and free health care, but was murdered by Hillary’s US troops, co-created the chaos that led to so many people wanting to flee their homelands in the first place?

Why is that? Why are there protests when people are halted at an American border crossing but not when American and British and French and Australian forces blow the very same people’s homes to smithereens?

Could that have something to do with where the protesters get their information?

With how much they know about what’s happening in the world before it reaches their doorsteps? ...



War vet who claimed Trump's travel ban led to mom's death in Iraq lied about circumstance [NY Daily News - 1/2/17]



See Australia-US ties dropping to a new low after Trump's tweet about the fictional refugee deal? ---> Naval forces from four allied nations engage in Exercise Unified Trident starting Jan. 31.

Unified Trident is a multilateral exercise with the Royal Navy, Royal Australian Navy, French Marine Nationale, and the U.S. Navy that will span the international waters of the Arabian Gulf, incorporate all forms of maritime operations, reinforce relationships with partners and allies, maintain readiness and improve cooperation to ensure the free flow of commerce. ... [CENTCOM - 1/2/17]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 1/2/17]



U.S.-led coalition warplanes targeted Red Crescent's headquarters in Syria's Idlib, President of Turkish Red Crescent Kerem Kınık said on Wednesday. ... [Daily Sabah - 1/2/17]



@IdafeMartin [2/2/17]:


Walls and fences:








More than 62,000 still await in refugee camps while the EU violates its commitments of relocation. ‏@Hibai_ [2/2/17]



‏@Refugees_Gr [1/2/17]:  2 months old refugee girl. Death. Not by war, not in a shipwreck, but in Ritsona concentration camp, EU ...



A six-year-old boy washed up on a Spanish beach and two young brothers trying to reach their father in France are among the child refugees dying in desperate journeys across the Mediterranean as Europe continues to turn its back on their plight. ... [Independent - 1/2/17]



EU leaders to discuss implementing even more ruthless measures to stop people from seeking asylum in their countries [Yahoo - 2/2/17]



Asylum seekers in Petah Tikva to have power cut off as city seeks to run them out [Haaretz - 2/1/17]



The Israeli Prison Service (IPS) stepped up punitive measures against Palestinian prisoners in the Ktziot detention center on Thursday, after a Palestinian prisoner attacked an Israeli warden with a razor blade the night before, the head of the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said.

Issa Qaraqe told Ma’an that IPS forces raided Sections 13, 14, 15, and 16 of Ktziot looking for the perpetrator.

He added that IPS imposed collective punishment measures on the Palestinian prisoners, cutting off electricity and using pepper spray against the prisoners in all the raided sections. ... [Maan - 2/2/17]



Israel greenlights 3,000 new settler homes hours after 'Legalisation Bill' approved [Maan - 1/2/17]



Israeli forces opened live fire at Palestinian lands east of Gaza city, while Israeli naval forces also opened fire on fishermen off the coast of Beit Lahiya in the northern part of the besieged enclave on Thursday morning. 

Witnesses told Ma’an that Israeli forces stationed behind the border fence between Gaza and Israel opened live fire at Palestinian farmers.

No injuries were reported.

Witnesses also told Ma’an that Israeli forces opened live fire at fishermen off the coast of Beit Lahiya, without any injuries being reported. ... [Maan - 2/2/17]



Police raid Standing Rock camp, dismantle tipis and are burning what remains [Alternative Media Syndicate - 2/2/17]



Celtic supporters raise over £176,000 to Palestinian charities [STV - 30/1/17]:


Celtic supporters have handed over £176,000 to two Palestinian charities.

The Green Brigade launched an online campaign in August last year after Celtic were charged by UEFA over the flying of Palestinian flags at a match.

Celtic were handed an £8619 fine after supporters unveiled the flags in the first leg of their Champions League play-off against Israeli champions Hapoel Be'er Sheva.

Fans of the club launched the Match the Fine for Palestine online fundraising campaign to donate cash to charities in Palestine.

A gofundme page set up to raise the cash received almost £25,000 in donations just 20 hours after it was set up. ...



‏@MsKellyMHayes [2/2/17]: 76 people were arrested in #StandingRock today. #NoDAPL



Money won’t wash away Palm Island’s trauma, Lex Wotton says [NITV - 2/2/17]:


Lex Wotton has labelled his damages payout for being incorrectly targeted by police during the Palm Island riots as "thirty pieces of silver," as opposition grows to the Queensland government's appeal of the decision.

The Federal Court ruled Queensland Police actions breached the Racial Discrimination Act after riots were sparked following the death of an Indigenous man in custody on the island in 2004.

 Mr Wotton, who was jailed for inciting violence, was awarded $220,000 along with his family as part of the judgment.

However, the Queensland Police Service and the state government appealed the decision soon after, in a move which has been slammed by indigenous elders as perpetuating racism and extending the hurt caused by the saga.

Mr Wotton's lawyers released a statement on Wednesday saying he has mixed feelings about accepting the payout money.

"We'll accept the payment because the court has ordered it," Mr Wotton said in the statement.

"But thirty pieces of silver can't wash away the trauma which police caused to blacks on Palm Island twelve years ago." ...



Australian teenager tortured in youth detention centre to be released [SBS - 2/2/17]:


Justice Barr has released 19 year old Dylan Voller from prison eight months early, so he can complete a rehabilitation program in Alice Springs.

“It would be a condition Dylan Voller wear an electronic monitoring device, as well as comply with stringent conditions,” Justice Barr said.

“A written case plan has been prepared, the case plan appears very worthwhile,” he said.

Justice Barr said his decision was influenced by Mr Voller's looming release date, and said if he wasn’t released into Bush Mob now, he would be released in eight months time without any “support or guidance”.

“This will give Mr Voller the opportunity to demonstrate good behaviour in the community,” he said.

Mr Voller will complete a sixteen week placement at Bush Mob, and will then return to court, where a decision will be made on whether the remaining two months of his sentence are suspended or not. ...



There is no "US deal".


Time to move on.












Australia's political prisoners protest on Nauru, July 2016



I think you'll find the "dumb deal" to be non-existent - but if you do find it, please release the text --->  Do you believe it? The Obama Administration agreed to take thousands of illegal immigrants from Australia. Why? I will study this dumb deal!  ‏@realDonaldTrump [1/2/17]



US politicians write to US Secretary of State and US Secretary Homeland Security requesting specific details of bogus US/Australia "resettlement" deal [22/11/16]



Australia's refugee concentration camps on Nauru and Manus Island were reopened by the ALP under the watchful guidance of the United States (i.e. Hillary Clinton's State Department) [Buzzfeed - 4/6/16]:


Star Labor candidate Peter Khalil has confirmed he acted as a protected source for the US government, feeding them information about Labor’s asylum seeker policy.

Khalil served as a foreign policy adviser to former prime minister Kevin Rudd back in 2007 and was also director of national security policy for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq from 2003-04.  ...



The Clinton solution for refugees: Guantanamo [Washington Post - 23/11/15]



... With over one thousand people shot dead by US law enforcement agents each year, the alleged risk posed by Guantánamo prisoners to the US is clearly exaggerated, and with the naval base home to another indefinite detention facility since 1991, for immigration detainees, there is no interest in ending indefinite arbitrary detention, a highly lucrative business. ... Why Obama didn't close Guantánamo [One Small Window - 7/1/17]



Until Australia's anti-refugee policy ends, there is only indefinite detention. ---> I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]



Fiji Human Rights Commission asserts right of Loghman Sawari -  who escaped Australia/PNG anti-refugee regime - to seek asylum in Fiji [Fiji Times - 2/2/17]:


... The Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Commission, however, has strongly condemned statements made by the FLP [Fiji Labour Party] and other political parties who had called for the immediate arrest of the Iranian Refugee.

"I wish to remind the Fiji Labour Party and all other political actors that apart from the national legislations pertaining to immigration, Fiji succeeded to the Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees in 1972 and therefore, Fiji has legal and moral obligations in relation to international human rights norms and conventions," said director Ashwin Raj.

In a statement issued yesterday, he cited Article 31 (1) of the 1951 Convention, which said that Contracting States would not impose penalties, on account of the illegal entry or presence of refugees who came from a territory where their life or freedom was threatened.

The convention said this was provided the refugees presented themselves without delay to the authorities and showed good cause for their illegal entry or presence.

Mr Raj said the convention also clearly stated that Contracting States would not apply restriction of movement other than that which was necessary until the refugees status in the country was regularised or if they obtained admission into another country.

"I am therefore asking all political parties to refrain from politicising this highly-sensitive issue, recognise the humanity of this individual and the enormous trauma he is going through and let the relevant authorities address this issue keeping in mind not only the legislative framework governing Fiji in relation to immigration but also our human rights obligations."



Media still not demanding details of fictional "US Deal"; Australia's unsustainable, murderous anti-refugee torture, turnback and exile policy remains unscrutinised and unopposed [ABC - 2/2/17]



War and refugee producer (and "Deporter in Chief") Barack Obama attempts to defend his legacy; praises anti-Trump protests [PBS - 30/1/17]



A day in the life of an immigrant in the US detention regime [Texas Lawyer - 1/2/17]:


...There are currently more than 200 immigration detention centers in the United States that detain men, women and children.

They are often located far from major cities.

There can be thousands of detainees in the larger centers with a population of those with and without criminal records.

All of this combines to create a prison-like situation, which is unfortunate given that many immigrants are simply trying to escape dangerous situations in their home countries. ...



When informants are no longer useful, the FBI can help deport them [The Intercept - 31/1/17]


@wikileaks [1/2/17]:  Full context for Kissinger quote "The illegal we do immediately; the unconstitutional takes a little longer"


Bangladesh takes steps to forcibly relocate 1,000s of Rohingya refugees and prevent more from seeking sanctuary [ - 1/2/17]



Ambassador to Bangladesh inspects Rohingya refugees from Myanmar's US-backed genocide, seeks "permanent solution" [The Daily Star - 1/2/17]



After imposing economic sanctions on Myanmar for nearly 2 decades, the US formally abolished the blacklist on October 7 [Myanmar Times - 10/10/16]



"How many people have to die before you will call it a genocide?" [Rohingya Blogger/Dhaka Tribune - 1/2/17]



A young Rohingya man, from Kyein Ni Pyin IDP camp, Pauktaw Township, Rakhine State was brutally murdered while returning home from a nearby village. ... [Rohingya Blogger - 1/2/17]



U Ko Ni: In his own words [The Irrawaddy - 30/1/17]:


... “If someone is born in Burma and lives there all their lives, we have to regard them as a citizen of Burma… It is harmful if people are divided into ‘classes.’” ...



Whether or not Myanmar's genocide of Rohingya in Rakhine is having an impact on Woodside's exploration activities is not newsworthy for the Australian Financial Review? [1/2/17]



‏@market_forces [1/2/17]:  .@WoodsideEnergy gave $250k to political parties after saying last year they didn't plan to donate. ...




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