181 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center [Manus Island]


I hope February 2018 will be a month of peace and more freedom to all refugees , asylum seekers and homeless’s people across the nations



Image: @sunosi3 [30/1/18]



@Shamindan1 [30/1/18]:  Day 181 peaceful protest. [West Haus, Manus Island]



@Aussies4Refugees [30/1/18]: So while explicit demonstrations of torture are underway, illegally imprisoned refugees (encouraged by their so called "Australian friends") are excitedly tweeting about the prospect of being trafficked to the US Yeah right. ...  #Manus



Has anything been heard from the Manus Island and Nauru refugees trafficked to the US last September?

Have they been freed from house arrest, and are they on a path to US citizenship?

Since when do we all play along with the oppressors and their sadistic "deterrence" propaganda, instead of RESISTING? --->  Just arrived to Pom for first US interview with @Omarjack003 It’s short journey and the plane ain’t that giant too Hopefully our existence on #Manus gonna be as short  @has_hasabala [30/1/18]



ICE deports Palestinian man living in the US for almost 40 years [Huffington Post - 30/1/18]



@Pedroconsafos [27/1/18]:  On the primary wall in front of Trump's prototypes, my children painted a framed pathway as a protest to vile border walls. This one is Clinton's wall installed in 1994. It has contributed to more than 7500 migrant deaths over the course of 24 years.



Why one former immigrant detainee says detention centers should be called prisons [The Orange County Register - 28/1/18]:


... Immigrants can end up at Adelanto after seeking asylum at the San Diego-Tijuana border, or after they’re arrested by ICE agents in enforcement operations across Southern California.

Unauthorized immigrants who have served prison time for a crime also can wind up in ICE custody for deportation proceedings.

Calling the facilities detention centers “is downplaying the reality of what really goes on in there,” said Hidalgo, 50, of North Hollywood, who was detained in Adelanto on two separate occasions.

CIVIC and the Inland Coalition for Immigrant Justice have criticized Adelanto over the number of detainees who have died while being housed there; ICE reported three deaths in 2017. 

There also have been complaints of sexual assaults, according to a CIVIC report.

Hidalgo said people often went hungry because the meal portions weren’t enough.

He said he was sent to solitary confinement for six days for organizing a hunger strike to protest inhumane treatment. 

He said the center lacked proper medical care.

He said he was punished for printing too many copies of paperwork he and others needed to vacate criminal convictions to avoid deportation.

And, he said, proper legal aid was not available at the center. ...



... Our small group of about 70 folks, including the father, sister and two grandsons of a detainee, held a vigil in 38-degree weather to show support for our friend, Elisio, who was picked up on Jan. 11.

 Six men in a formidable black vehicle picked him up in a parking lot in Westminster for no reason other than the fact that he is undocumented and his wife, Ingrid, is in sanctuary in the Unitarian Universalist Church of Boulder.


Were there a single point of entry and a government sponsored path to citizenship or legal residence, most of these undocumented folks would be properly documented.

But who can they trust? ... House of tears -- Aurora's immigrant detention center [Daily Camera - 27/1/18]



Judge orders release of Indian-descent immigration activist Ravi Ragbir in the US [NDTV - 30/1/18]:


... She [Manhattan Federal Court Judge Katherine Forrest] wrote that Mr Ragbir was "entitled to the freedom to say goodbye" - indicating the activist still faces eventual  deportation. ...



Traditional owners are back in court trying to halt Indian mining giant Adani's proposed Carmichael mega-mine in Queensland's Galilee Basin.

Lawyers for a group of Wangan and Jagalingou people, who have a native title claim over the proposed site, are at Federal Court in Brisbane arguing Adani don't have their consent for the $16.5 billion coal mine.

They were seeking the continuation of an injunction granted on December 18 preventing the Queensland government from extinguishing their native title, a spokesman for the group said. ... [Yahoo - 30/1/18]



@empathiser [30/1/18]:  Looking at the program for the NAIF senate inquiry on Thursday in Cairns it doesn't look like we'll discover anything about the Aurizon NAIF application. ...



A failed energy company accused of knowingly and illegally polluting a significant part of Queensland’s Darling Downs has faced trial in a landmark criminal case in Brisbane.

Linc Energy is charged with five counts of wilfully and unlawfully causing environmental harm between 2007 and 2013 after allegedly allowing toxic gas to leak from its operations.


Scientists who visited the site are due to give evidence during the nine-week trial, but no senior managers from the company, which is in liquidation, will take the stand. ... [Tweed Shire Echo - 30/1/18]



Destruction of Queensland’s threatened forests gathers pace [UQ News - 29/1/18]:


... Dr Rhodes said a potential solution was to build explicit forest retention targets into state land-clearing laws.

“If the Queensland Government is serious about effective land-clearing laws, they should introduce targets for our most-threatened forests, beyond which no further forest loss is permitted,” he said.

“This has been implemented in other countries and could be combined with spatially targeted enforcement and incentive strategies.

“Negotiating environmental targets is difficult, but the alternative really is unthinkable.”



Against a backdrop of soaring skyscrapers that make up the Surfers Paradise skyline, two hand-made wooden canoes slip between the multi-million dollar yachts.

At the oars are four young Indigenous men, their faces proud and determined, betraying only a hint of excitement as they embark on a journey their ancestors have been taking for thousands of years.

From the banks of the Nerang River, onlookers clap and cheer as the canoes glide out towards the open sea. 

Over three days, and around 70 kilometres, the group will retrace what was once a maritime trade route connecting the First Peoples of the Gold Coast and North Stradbroke Island, or Minjerribah as it's known to the local Quandamooka people.

Traditionally, the groups would exchange bunya (nuts) for eugarie (pipis) in what's been described as not just a trade mission, but a "voyage of connection". 

This history will soon be the subject of a documentary, The Saltwater Story, produced by Benjamin Allmon. ... [NITV - 30/1/18]



Israeli settler who attempted to run over Palestinians arrested in the West Bank settlement of Beitar Illit near Bethlehem [PNN - 30/1/18]



Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) on Monday morning have demolished two Palestinian residential buildings in Bir Ona area in the town of Beit Jala,  south of Jerusalem.

The two buildings consist of three floors each, and were still under construction. ... [PNN - 29/1/18]



Youngest children held by Israel jailed for months [Electronic Intifada - 29/1/18]



@aptly_engineerd [29/1/18]:  I spent the day with Eritreans United for Justice at Israel’s isolated Holot Detention Center. Where African Refugees are interned for the “crime” of seeking asylum while Black



@davidsheen [29/1/18]:  “These refugees, these Eritreans, these Sudanese, are my brothers.” Ethiopian-Israeli (Jewish African) activist @aviyalou stands in solidarity with the 40,000 non-Jewish African refugees that the Netanyahu government is trying to ethnically cleanse



@davidsheen [28/1/18]:  After hundreds of anti-racist doctors call to rescind the medical license of the head of the government agency that runs Israel’s war on non-Jewish African refugees, Racial Purity minister calls to punish those doctors who get their salaries from the state 



@Aussie4Refugees [28/1/18]:  Breaking with West, Israel backs Rwanda in renaming the “International Day of Reflection on the 1994 Genocide in Rwanda,” as the “International Day of Reflection on 1994 Genocide against Tutsi in Rwanda.”


... "One of the reasons for co-sponsoring the resolution was the deportation deal with Rwanda," a senior Israeli official told me.

"One line connects the Kagame government revisionism about the Genocide and the new revisionist law in Poland about the Holocaust. It is sad we are cooperating with Kagame on this"

Thousands of African asylum seekers are being deported from Israel to Rwanda.

The deportation is set to begin in a few weeks.

Western diplomats told me the U.S., Canada and E.U. objected to the Rwandan draft resolution.

They added that U.S. diplomats in New York even asked their Israeli counterparts to press their Rwandan allies to back off from the resolution. ... [Axios -  29/1/18]



@Refugees4Sale [29/1/18]:  Extreme incitement, threats and fear mongering today by Chico Edri, head of Israel Police's Tel Aviv district. In his briefing to Police forces towards FORCED DEPORTATION in south Tel Aviv, he threatens use of stun grenades and live fire,  



"Do not be bystanders. Speak up if you see any injustice. This is what didn’t happen in Germany – many people didn’t agree with what was going on but they kept silent. They were bystanders, and that was the problem."


Eva Schloss [Times of Malta - 21/1/18]



... Presented by the Israel Mission to the United Nations, the United States Permanent Mission to the United Nations, and Paradise Filmworks. ... No Asylum: Anne Frank Film screened by CINE-ONU [Media Release - 23/1/18]



No Asylum: The Untold Chapter of Anne Frank’s Story:


Anne Frank’s father, Otto’s recently discovered letters reveal new information about the family’s struggle to obtain visas to save themselves from the clutches of the Nazis.

The world turned its back on the Franks and millions of others.

Leonard Berney, who liberated Bergen Belsen where Anne and her sister Margot perished, relates the harrowing story.

Something of a prequel to Anne's iconic diary, No Asylum shares unknown details of the Frank family's story before they went into hiding in the attic, and is a call to action for tolerance and respect. ...



Pointing out that the LNP is simply implementing the Australian Labor Party's anti-refugee policy isn't holding politicians to account, it's portraying "deterrence" as somehow inevitable, rather than a human rights atrocity. [ABC- 30/1/18]:


... Mr Morrison also agreed to reissue an order to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and Refugee Review Tribunal to hear cases in a particular order to further slow down processing.

The initial order was sent to the two tribunals by former Labor immigration minister Brendan O'Connor months earlier. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [30/1/18]: A media that allows Shorten to deflect Labor Party responsibility for crimes against humanity on #Manus and #Nauru with "people smugglers ... people smugglers ... people smugglers" lie is a danger to all of us, not just refugees.



@GraffitiExpert [30/1/18]: Jeremy Corbyn calls for urgent NHS funding as crowds gather for London rally ... Australian media helps Bill Shorten offer no opposition to the status quo of privatising profits and socialising losses, while pretending to be an opposition leader at #NPC




30 January 2018