... They fear archives

They fear historians

They fear economists

They fear sociologists

They fear philosophers

They fear physicists

They fear doctors

They fear political prisoners

They fear the families of political prisoners

They fear today's evening

They fear tomorrow's morning

They fear today and everyday

They fear the future

They fear the past




'100 bodů', The Plastic People of the Universe [1976]



Day 150 peaceful protest in West house East Lorengu prison camp. Only one more day ahead new year but we still in detention. ... @earthkore [20/12/17]




Day 150 peaceful protest [West Haus, Manus] @Shamindan1 [30/12/17]



@Shamindan1 [30/12/17]:  Guards make our life harder and harder. These people are incapable to do their jobs or torturing us on purpose to make us mentally ill. If we want to go out we have to say more than ten times our boat ID It's make us sick & frustrated. We have been saying this last five years.



Family members of two Reuters reporters detained in Myanmar said on Thursday the pair had told them they were arrested almost immediately after being handed some documents by policemen they had gone to meet. ... [Reuters - 29/12/17]



Rohingya killed in Myanmar detention [The Stateless - 26/12/17]



The Rohingya reality: You need to read this [Backpacker Medics - 16/12/17]:


... During the long daily trips to the Rohingya camps, I got to thinking about what we as ordinary, everyday people can really do about all this?

Each of us have our own battles; struggling to pay the bills; ill health; priority overload; 24/7 demands; so you ask the question – what can li’l ol’ me actually do?

This is what I would suggest – actually change that to beg – you do.

Take an Interest. Educate yourself. Know what is happening around the world.

I guarantee that after some time of knowing what is going on, that knowledge will one day turn into an action, big or small.

The scale of what you do is immaterial, just do something. ...



The residents of a Mullaitivu village are still unable to return to their homes despite announcements by the Sri Lankan Army that their lands have been released.

Landowners from Keppapulavu, who protested for months this year, and Seeniyamottai attended a land-release ceremony, held in army camp premises, on Thursday in the belief that they would finally be able to access and resettle in their lands.

Although the release documents for around 133 acres of land in Keppapulavu and around 21 acres in Seeniyamottai were handed over to the district’s government agent, the landowners themselves have not been able to recover rights to their lands. ... [Tamil Guardian - 29/12/17]



'Investing in federal infrastructure' - Canadian government to construct immigration detention centre in British Columbia [Public Services and Procurement Canada - 21/12/17]



@DLPublicLaw [28/12/17]:  1/2 Court prohibits our particularly vulnerable client from being removed to Sierra Leone following last minute #injunction today. Tribunal had previously given a “strong caution” to SSHD to carry out a psychiatric evaluation prior to any #removal attempt. She did not listen.  



A 39-year-old Afghan survivor of torture has received an 11th hour reprieve from the Home Office, who were planning to forcibly remove him from the UK on Christmas Day. ... [Guardian - 24/12/17]



Diane Abbott has written to the home secretary, Amber Rudd, to ask why she has been refused permission to visit the controversial Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre despite at least a dozen requests over more than a year.

The shadow home secretary said getting access to the centre in Bedfordshire, which has regularly seen concerns raised about inappropriate treatment of highly vulnerable detainees, was a necessary part of her job. ... [Guardian - 22/12/17]



@enough14 [25/12/17]: Cars Of Hope Wuppertal Christmas behind barbed wire (25.12.2017). Secretly filmed inside the Moria camp on #Lesvos, #Greece. If you want to support the work with reugees of Cars of Hope, you can donate at their PayPal account: carsofhopewtal@gmail.com ...



Arash Hampay [25/12/17]:  #CloseTheHotspots & #OpenTheIslands Now!!! ... video report from inside #Moria ...



@HorvatSrecko [27/12/17]: This is happening at Croatian-Serbian border. Refugees protesting & demanding the right to move while most of Europe celebrates Christmas.  



WE EXIST @FronterasFiltro [26/12/17]:  Siguen las movilizaciones en la frontera serbo-croata. Europa, solo quieren una oportunidad.



IOM trafficks migrants who were trapped in Libya back to the arms of their oppressors in Guinea [Reuters - 28/12/17]



@fiedler_mathias [26/12/17]: @anadoluagency : "In northwestern #Edirne province, 22 undocumented Pakistani and Indian #migrants were rounded up in a bus in #Havsa district, near the Greek border." #Greece #Turkey #RefugeesGr ...



Eritrean migrant crushed by truck's cargo near Calais [RFI - 29/12/17]



Migrant charities, rights advocates and concerned citizens marched along the French Riviera on Saturday December 16, calling on authorities to allow migrants to enter France from Italy. ... [Africa News - 17/12/17]



@Aussie4Refugees [27/12/17]: 18-month-old Syrian boy found dead at sea as Turkish Coast Guard continues capturing and detaining migrants attempting to cross the Aegean



US helicopters evacuate IS commanders from Syria’s Deir ez-Zor [TASS - 29/12/17]



@wikileaks [28/12/17]: Car crash interview with the author of Trump 'Collusion' book. #trump #russia Assange review of earlier book by the same author ...



US airstrike in Somalia kills "13 al-Shabaab militants" [Garowe - 13/12/17]



On the 25th of August, the United States of America’s military led an operation in Somalia's Bariire region that resulted in the death of 10 civilians and at least one child on the 25th of August.

It was a massacre whose taint on the U.S. forces’ reputation can be compared to the Black Hawk Down incident of 1993.

The victims of the operation were farmers and in its wake, hundreds of people in the Somali town of Afgoye protested, demanding justice for those killed.

Survivors refused to bury the dead until the Somali government withdrew allegations that they were members of Al-Shabab and paid reparations. ... [ICH - 28/12/17]



Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen killed 68 civilians in one day, UN says [Independent - 28/12/17]



Gunman kills 11 in attacks on Coptic church, Christian-owned shop in Egypt [Reuters - 29/12/17]



Forty-one people including a journalist  were killed in a suicide attack in the Pul-i-Sokhta neighbourhood of Kabul on Thursday morning, officials said.

Dozens of people, some media representatives and a number of civilians among them, were wounded in the assault on the Tebyan Centre, which also houses the Afghan Voice news agency.

Nasrat Rahimi, deputy spokesman for the Minister of Interior, told Pajhwok Afghan News the explosion took place at 10:30am.

He said 40 people, mostly civilians, were killed and 89 others wounded in the attack on Tebyan Center. ... [Pajhwok - 28/12/17]



Israeli military strikes several targets in Gaza [WAFA - 29/12/17]



Israeli naval forces opened fire at Palestinian fishing boats off the coast of Beit Lahiya in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday morning.

Locals said that Israeli naval ships chased down fishing boats off the coast of northern Gaza and opened fire at them.

No injuries were reported. Israeli naval forces detained two fishermen who were identified by Head of the Fishermen Union, Nizzar Ayyash, as Sameh al-Quqa and Shawqi Bakr. Ayyash added that the boats of the fishermen were confiscated. ... [Maan - 28/12/17]



Israeli court convicts Palestinian teen on 3 murder counts over killing of Israeli settlers [Maan - 27/12/17]



Israeli soldiers and settlers attack high school in the West Bank [PNN - 28/12/17]



Aida refugee camp in the occupied West Bank may be the most exposed place to tear gas in the world, according to the author of a new study [Al Jazeera - 28/12/17]



@davidsheen [29/12/17]:  If Israel is selling black folks into slavery for $5000 apiece (by deporting them back to Africa, where in their efforts to reach safety in Europe, they risk being enslaved in Libya) so why not skip the middle man & just sell them into slavery in Tel Aviv? ...



@davidsheen [29/12/17]:  That’s the premise of the slave auction in downtown Tel Aviv seen in this video taken today. Anti-racist activists put it on as street theater, to force Israelis to confront the significance of Israel’s policy to deport the country’s 35000 African refugees  



@davidsheen [29/12/17]: Remember last month when @ZionistUnion/@HavodaParty leader @GabbayAvi ordered all Labor legislators to vote for Netanyahu’s plan to quickly finish off ethnically cleansing Israel of non-Jewish African refugees, hoping to win over some of his racist voters?



Thousands of asylum seekers to be given 90 days to leave Israel or face prison [Haaretz - 28/12/17]:


 ... Thousands of other African migrants who entered Israel illegally and who have been detained at Holot in the past, or who meet the criteria for detention there, will receive notification that they must leave Israel within three months the next time they go to Interior Ministry offices to renew their residency permits or face indefinite imprisonment.

Barring changes to the law, Holot is scheduled for closure in less than three months. ...



@AsafRonel [27/12/17]:  This is what the #JewishState founded for the survivors of the Holocaust is doing 70 years later #neveragain?



Stop deportations and grant asylum to African refugees in Israel [JOCSM - 27/12/17]



@Aussie4Refugees [29/12/17]:  Australian and Israeli anti-refugee Labor politicians [Bill Shorten, Mark Dreyfus, Avi Gabbay, Isaac Herzog - October 2017] ...



It is OUR policy. 


Bill Shorten  [House of Representatives Hansard - 24/6/15]  



...  the single most important decision of any Australian government ...


Richard Marles [ABC - 28/4/16]



... "It's not designed as a processing facility, it's designed as an experiment in the active creation of horror to deter people from trying in the first place." ... I was told to lie: Former Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]



...  "And it emerges for the first time that there hasn't been a single processing interview to assess their claims since the centre opened last August." ... [SBS - May 2013]




Kindred spirits bond during visit to "multicultural" Israel [SBS - 19/12/16]



... I will be accompanied on this trip by Shadow Minister for Defence, Richard Marles, and my wife Chloe.”

The Australian delegation is being led by Trade Minister Steve Ciobo and opposition defence spokesman Richard Marles. ... Shorten heads for Jerusalem [J-Wire - 17/12/16]




30 December 2017