... And who will have won

When the soldiers have gone

From the Lebanon? ...


'The Lebanon', The Human League [1984]



Absence of outrage as Australian government brazenly deports these men indicates Refugee Council, Amnesty, UNHCR etc don't believe it is wrong ---> Men deported from Australia's refugee concentration camp on Manus Island after 4 years illegal imprisonment and a sham assessment process [RNZI - 29/3/17]



Lebanese activist Ahmad Amhaz was released Thursday on a 500,000LL ($330) bail, following nine days in prison over a Facebook post that insulted political officials.

The court decision was made by Judge Pierre Francis. Amhaz still faces trial for the Facebook post which criticized President Michel Aoun, Prime Minister Saad Hariri, and Speaker of Parliament Nabih Berri.

He can face up to two years in prison if convicted. ... [Daily Star - 29/3/17]



Former worker at Australia's illegal concentration camp on Manus Island tells forum man's refugee claim rejected because he was deemed "too educated" to be a Rohingya [Brisbane Times - 9/4/16]:


Brisbane maths teacher Jacob Rice taught at the Manus Island immigration detention centre in 2014 when a 23-year-old Iranian man name Reza Berati was bashed to death by security guards during a riot by hunger strikers [when refugees were attacked].

One of the friends the teacher-turned-whistleblower made while working on Manus for nine months was a Rohingya maths teacher.

His friend is still in indefinite detention as his application for asylum had just been rejected on the grounds that he was educated. 

The man has told his family that they should consider him dead.

Mr Rice said the Immigration Department had rejected his friend's asylum claim because they concluded he could not be a genuine Rohingya person because members of this religious minority in Burma were not allowed to be educated.

He holds a masters degree in mathematics.

One of his daughters was studying medicine while the other had won a maths competition. ...



Nepalese asylum seeker in hiding after refoulement from Australia's illegal refugee prison on Manus Island [ABC - 3/3/17]



Malaysia is considering buying the French multi-role combat aircraft Rafale, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Najib said the possibility of getting the aircraft was discussed with French President Francois Hollande.

“We are looking into the possibilities. We are not ready yet to make a decision but will take note of your (the aircraft) success in several countries,” he said at a joint press conference with Hollande, after they held talks at Perdana Putra. ... [The Star - 29/3/17]



Cambodia has permanently banned the sale and export of human breast milk a week after suspending exports by an American company that was harvesting it from impoverished mothers.

In a letter to the Ministry of Health yesterday, Cambodia’s governing Council of Ministers officially banned the sale and export of pumped human breast milk, putting an end to a controversial industry that has grabbed attention locally and worldwide.

Cambodian women began selling their breast milk to the Utah-based Ambrosia Labs over a year ago.

They would generally earn between $7 and $10 per day for the sale of their milk, a sum that allowed many to support their families.

But welfare officials argue the practice is exploitative and could impact the nutrition of the women’s children. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 28/3/17]



Japan, Australia harshly criticised for no-show at UN nuclear treaty talks [Japan Times - 29/3/17]:


A Japanese atomic bomb survivor and an Aboriginal Australian who lived through multiple nuclear tests slammed their respective governments Tuesday for not participating in U.N. negotiations on a treaty to ban nuclear weapons.

“I especially condemn the Japanese government’s inability to fully commit to these negotiations,” said Setsuko Thurlow, who lived through the atomic bomb blast on Aug. 6, 1945, that destroyed her hometown of Hiroshima.

“Indeed, yesterday morning the Japanese government official’s speech deepened hibakusha’s feelings of being continuously betrayed and abandoned by their own country,” she said in her speech during a session of the negotiations.

Thurlow referenced remarks made Monday by Japan’s disarmament ambassador Nobushige Takamizawa, who explained that Tokyo would not take part in the talks that got underway at U.N. headquarters this week.

Although Japan has said it wants a nuclear-weapon-free world, it had been vague in the lead-up to the conference about whether it would join the U.N. talks, reflecting its reliance on the U.S. nuclear deterrent for protection.

“Instead, they (the Japanese government) should take an independent position, which responds to the will of the Japanese people,” Thurlow stated.

The five nuclear weapon states — Britain, China, France, Russia and the United States — which are also permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, have abstained from the conference, which aims to hammer out a landmark treaty that would outlaw nuclear weapons for the first time ever. Thurlow called on the approximately 115 countries that are participating in the conference “to establish a clear new international standard to declare in no uncertain terms that nuclear weapons are illegitimate, immoral and illegal.”

Sue Coleman Haseldine, who spoke after Thurlow, described how as a small child she was impacted by the nuclear weapons testing that the British secretly carried out in the remote area of Maralinga beginning in the 1950s, which greatly affected her and her family.

In addition to high incidence of cancer in that area, there are currently efforts underway to set up nuclear waste dump sites which pose more hazards to her community.

“Together we need to connect the past, present and future and work towards a treaty to ban all nuclear weapons so there will be no new victims under a mushroom cloud,” she said in her speech.

“The treaty should acknowledge the permanent damage done to people, land and culture across generations and particularly for indigenous people worldwide.”

She added, “I am actually ashamed of (the Australian government)” for not attending the conference.

She stressed the government had a moral responsibility to participate in light of the testing, adding that her country was a producer of uranium used for atomic bombs.

Australia, like Japan, operates under the U.S. nuclear umbrella. ...



After crippling cost overruns, Toshiba's Westinghouse files for bankruptcy [Reuters - 29/3/17]



Japan court rules in favor of restart of Kansai Electric Power's Takahama reactors [Reuters - 28/3/17]



Japan’s Ground Self-Defense Force stepped up preparations Monday toward creating an amphibious force like the U.S. Marine Corps by putting in place a new unit that will offer training to members of the envisioned brigade. ... [Japan Today - 28/3/17]



Australia holds emergency meet with China after extradition treaty failure [Reuters – 29/3/17]



China confirms arrest of Taiwan activist Lee Ming-che [Al Jazeera - 29/3/17]



35 arrests at protests over Paris police kill Chinese man [rfi - 28/3/17]



At least three civilians have been killed during protests in India-administered Kashmir after police targeted a home where a suspected rebel was holed up.

About 28 people were also injured in Tuesday's demonstration that followed a gun battle at the home in the southern town of Chadoora, where the suspected fighter was killed, police and witnesses said. ... [Al Jazeera - 29/3/17]



@wikileaks [29/3/17]:  The biggest modern cyclone to hit Australia was Tracey in 1974. WikiLeaks docs from the time ...  #CycloneDebbie



@WLTaskForce [29/3/17]:  MoveOn attempts to weaponize the Espionage Act to further political aims... brilliant. #greatprecedent



Corporate media busy convincing US public that the Deep State does not exist [offGuardian - 21/3/17]:


... 2016 was the first time in American history that the official narrative was dealt a blow so significant that it actually caused movement in the nation’s power structures.

The deep state is doing everything it can to bring the public narrative back under control, but now it’s fighting an administration whose leader is actively disrupting that narrative every day on one front and an increasingly internet savvy populace on another, all while our ability to network and share information keeps getting exponentially more efficient.

This is an exciting time to be alive.

The revolution will not be televised.

Stay un-tuned.



A partner at New York hedge fund Paulson & Co died on Monday after jumping out of a hotel window in Midtown Manhattan, according to police.

New York City Police Department said it received a call late on Monday afternoon that the man had jumped out of a 24th-floor window of the Sofitel New York Hotel.

An investigation, treating the incident as suicide, has begun, a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday.

The man was identified as Charles Murphy by his employer, billionaire investor John Paulson. ... [Reuters - 28/3/17]



Drone strike kills "4 al Qaeda suspects" in Yemen [Express Tribune - 29/3/17]



Eight children and two women have lost their lives in a fresh Saudi aerial attack on Yemen’s northwestern Sa’ada province.

Four people were also injured in Wednesday’s airstrike that hit a residential area in Sa’ada, Yemen's Arabic-language al-Masirah television network reported.

Additionally on Wednesday, Saudi warplanes bombarded the Yemeni districts of Dhubab, Harad and Munabbih, situated in the provinces of Ta'izz, Hajjah and Sa’ada, respectively.

The Wednesday airstrikes were carried out a day after similar raids on Nihm neighborhood of Sana'a province killed all members of a family.

In retaliation for the deadly Saudi airstrikes, 20 Saudi mercenaries were slain in mortar attacks conducted by the Yemeni army and Yemen's Houthi Ansarullah movement in the north of Midi Desert in Hajjah. 

Yemeni army snipers further shot dead five Saudi officers in an unspecified location. ... [Press TV - 29/3/17]



Israeli forces shot and killed a Palestinian woman in the Old City of occupied East Jerusalem on Wednesday afternoon after she allegedly attempted to carry out a stabbing attack, Israeli police said.  ... [Maan - 29/3/17]



Terrorists bombing using IED targets bus in Homs city, killing 5 and injuring 6 [SANA - 29/3/17]



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 28/3/17]



The death of innocent civilians during war is a terrible tragedy that weighs heavily on everyone, the commander of the coalition effort to defeat the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria told Pentagon reporters today.


“Although our partners and the coalition have made mistakes that have harmed civilians, we have never targeted them -- not once,” Townsend said.

“On the other hand, the savages that are ISIS deliberately target, terrorize and kill innocent civilians every day. The best and fastest way to end this human suffering is to quickly liberate these cities and Iraq and Syria from ISIS.” ...  [US Department of Defense - 28/3/17]



@sol2refugees [28/3/17]:  #Police oppression today in the #HotSpots in #Chios, #Samos & #Lesvos #Greece today. #StopEuTurkeyDeal #StopDeportations #NoDetention



When the Libyan Coast Guard capture and imprison migrants in detention centres like Al-Zawiya, the IOM call it a "rescue" ---> ... About 90 #migrants have been rescued at sea off Az Zawiyah by the Libyan Coast Guard. ... ‏ @IOM_Libya [28/3/17]



Stansted Airport was forced to briefly close its runway on Tuesday evening as police dealt with an incident involving protesters who had surrounded a parked plane.

Activists said they were attempting to keep a "deportation flight" used to remove failed asylum seekers grounded at the Essex airport.


One woman who the activists said was on the flight was quoted as saying: “My ex-husband said he knows I am being deported. He is waiting for me. He is planning to kill me. If he kills me- who will I look after my children?”

Another male deportee was quoted as saying: “I have been in this country for almost 18 years. My family and my life is here in the UK. If they take me back to Ghana I will kill myself.” ... [Independent - 28/3/17]



In the United States today, more than eight million citizens live with at least one family member, often a parent, who is undocumented.

Children make up the majority of these U.S. citizens; almost six million citizen children under the age of 18 live with a parent or family member who is undocumented.

Consequently, immigration enforcement actions—and the ongoing threats associated with them—have significant physical, emotional, developmental, and economic repercussions not only for the deported individuals, but for the many children who stay behind.

Deportations of parents and family members have serious consequences that affect children and extend to communities and the country as a whole.

This fact sheet provides an overview of the U.S. citizen children who could be impacted by immigration enforcement actions, the challenges and risk factors that these children face, and the existing mechanisms designed to protect children if a parent is detained or deported. ... [FACT SHEET - American Immigration Council - 28/3/17]



Knesset passes law ending National Service for NGOs critical of Israeli policy eg Hotline for Refugees and Migrants [Jewish Press - 27/3/17]



Surfers Paradise beach to be transformed into a backdrop for military propaganda




"I saw the navy patrol boat towing the Indonesian fishing boat out to sea away from Christmas Island ...


"It's a wicked thing to do."


SBS [20/11/15]



Image:   ‏@KJBar [20/11/15]



How did you and your family arrive in Australia?



What gives us the right to deny others their humanity with a three word lie?



What would happen if a typical Australian family found themselves refugees?



No opposition + No journalism + Corrupt human rights establishment = Men deported from Australia's illegal refugee concentration camp after 4 years ---> Six people went back to Lebenon yesterday. Four from #Manus, two from Port Moresby. About 8 more in next few days. After four years torture. @BehrouzBoochani [29/3/17]



"I am not a criminal, I am a refugee, do you understand what that is?"


 [ABC - 8/2/17]



Lawyer argues no case to answer in trial of refugee who attempted escape to Fiji from Australia/PNG illegal "resettlement" regime [PNG Loop - 29/3/17]:


The lawyer representing refugee Loghman Sawari has moved an application before Waigani District Court that his client has no case to answer to because police prosecution have not proven their case in the trial.

Police prosecution have been given until April 4 to respond to the Defence no case submission.

If the court accepts the no case submissions by Sawari’s lawyer, the case will not proceed to hear evidence by him and the case will be dismissed.

However if the court rules in favour of police prosecution and its evidence, the trial will continue for Sawari to give evidence.

Loani Henao who is representing the refugee who was deported from Fiji on February 3, asked the grade 5 court to dismiss the case which has gone for trial in the district court.

The case went on trial on Monday morning with police prosecution presenting its case with the assistance of three witnesses.

Two of the witnesses are employees of the PNG Immigration and Citizenship Authority.

One of those was the officer who issued Sawari’s passport application after it was approved. 

The third witness was the police arresting officer however this witness evidence was refused because Sawari was not accorded his right under section 42 of the Constitution to access a lawyer before he was questioned on his arrival at the Jacksons International Airport on February 3.

Henao said in court yesterday that there was no attempt by PNG Immigration to bring the PNG Passport that was used by Sawari as this was a significant piece of evidence.

This PNG Passport, number 133854 was obtained from alleged falsified information that was produced in the passport application form last year.

He went on to say there were serious facts of matters that have not been addressed in court by police prosecution.

He said there is no evidence of "falsified information" provided either in oral or writing, what statements were falsified and also no evidence of Sawari being the author of falsified statement for purpose of applying for passport.

“The prosecution has to provide evidence. At this stage, the type of evidence should be whether the court could on the evidence convict the defendant.  

He said the prosecution fell short to produce evidence of elements of the charge, mainly section 16 of Passport Act.

“The case is not strong enough for court to call upon defendant to respond,” Henao added.

His bail of K1,000 has been extended and he is to continue reporting to the Waigani District Court registry.

The 21-year-old was arrested and charged for providing false information for the purpose of obtaining a PNG passport from the PNG Immigration and Citizen Services Authority, a charge that falls under section 16 (1) of the Passport Act of 1982.

He allegedly used false identification to obtain travel documents which he used to leave PNG for Fiji.

Summary of facts before the court says he used a passport bearing the name Junior Charles Sawari to travel to Fiji.

The passport was obtained through a consultant, Junior Aisa, who allegedly submitted the falsified information to Immigration on July 8, 2016.

A fee of K1,000 was paid to Aisa for this service.

That passport was released from the PNG Immigration on Aug 2, 2016, and collected by Aisa.

Sawari arrived in PNG from Christmas Island in 2013 as a 17-year-old seeking asylum.

He was processed in Manus and given a refugee status [subjected to a sham assessment process at Australia's concentration camp on Manus Island and exiled to Lae.]



AFTER Loghman Sawari was deported, the OHCHR said it wanted to help [Fiji Times - 3/2/17]



... [Fiji's Attorney-General] Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said he was advised by the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) that Mr Sawari was not recognised as a refugee under the UNHCR mandate.

"It has further advised that he is a refugee recognised by Papua New Guinea under its national procedures. So Fiji has merely returned Sawari to his rightful place of residence," he said. ... [RNZI - 3/2/17]



31 January: UNHCR refuse to comment on Loghman Sawari case [Fiji Times]:


... When contacted, the United Nations refugee agency regional Representation in Canberra external relations officer, Catherine Stubberfield, said the agency could not comment on individual cases of people of concern for the individuals' protection. ...




29 March 2017