Australia's anti-refugee policy has a regional ripple effect --->  Rohingya now being prevented from escaping Burma via overland routes [Channel News Asia - 27/4/16]:


... "Fourteen Rohingyas, including kids as young as a few years old, were found at around 6am (Wednesday)," police captain Panuwat Chomyong, a highway officer in central Chumpon province, told AFP. ... <--- Presumably these people are imprisoned in Thailand, or have now been deported?




New travel restrictions limit Rohingya access to healthcare [The Irrawaddy - 28/4/16]





A Myanmar Christian leader appealed for calm Wednesday after an influential Buddhist monk built pagodas within the compound of a church and near a mosque, in a country beset with religious tensions.

The incursions began last month when supporters of the monk Myaing Kyee Ngu erected a religious statue and planted a Buddhist flag on the church’s grounds in the eastern state of Karen.

They returned on Saturday to erect a pagoda, according to local Anglican Bishop Saw Stylo. ... [Khmer Times - 28/4/16]




Woodside bullish about Myanmar operations [Natural Gas Asia - 26/4/16]:


... “We’re especially pleased with our recent exploration success in Myanmar where we have announced two gas discoveries over the last six months. These back-to-back discoveries are at opposite ends of the Rakhine Basin. We believe the proximity of these wells to nearby infrastructure and our strong partnerships in Myanmar enhance commercialisation possibilities,” Chairman Michael Chaney said last week. ...




US Ambassador to Burma pays respects to Islamophobic Buddhist monk [Alternet - 21/4/16]



Day 41 refugee protests on Nauru



Image:  @InsurrectNews [29/4/16]  



@FaribaSahraei [29/4/16]:  Nauru: Omid's Vigil as mourners light up candle in refugee camps. ...




Torture, rape, abuse and murder "services were not a core part of the valuation and the acquisition rationale of the offer ... "  Ferrovial reaches 59% of Broadspectrum [Media Release - 29/4/16]




#Broadspectrum is finished [xBorder - 29/4/16]:


... Ferrovial SA (BMAD: FER) is an enormous infrastructure conglomerate, which trades on the Madrid Stock Exchange.

It was founded in 1952 by the Del Pino family, when Spain was a fascist dictatorship and grew with the support of the Francoist government.

It presently owns such things as around a quarter of Heathrow Airport Holdings, a number of toll roads such as the Chicago Skyway, and other ventures.


Suggestions that Ferrovial does not plan to continue in the detention industry should be taken with a truckload of salt.

In any event, BRS still has a number of contracts: Department of Defence, an Easternwell contract with Chevron; property services contract with the NSW Land and Housing Corporation; a contract with AGL Energy Limited; Queensland Urban Utilities; roads construction contracts in New Zealand; Transpower; South East Water; and some smaller contracts. ...




Where is the evidence these women are safe?  The two refugee women recently reported missing were found yesterday and are both safe and well. Reports around their situation were false. @Republic_Nauru [29/4/16]





UNHCR Australia too busy fundraising to issue a statement of condolence, as Australia's professional health associations presumably wait for all the refugees to die before condemning this barbarity [Guardian - 29/4/16]:


... Omid’s wife was brought to Brisbane and waited in the hospital with him, under guard.

Some friends had spoken to her, she said, attempting to offer comfort before she was soon stopped from speaking.

“Currently I am in isolation in way that I am not allowed to talk to anyone or do interviews,” she said.

“They have taken away my mobile phone so no one can contact me and I am being observed constantly by the officers that are accompanying me.”  ...




I'm surprised we haven't had a mass suicide: Former Nauru worker tells forum [VIDEO - Channel 10 - 9/4/16]




As Omid lay dying, two more men were arrested and jailed for attempting suicide on Nauru [Minister for Immigration Doorstop Interview - 29/4/16]:



... Journalist: Two men were arrested and jailed overnight on Nauru for attempting to commit suicide. Do you believe that's an appropriate response?

Peter Dutton: Well that's a question for the Nauruan Police or the Nauruan Government.


Journalist: An application will be heard on Monday in the PNG Supreme Court, a new application, seeking compensation for the men detained and the courts ruled that their detention was and remains illegal. Under the terms of the MoU with PNG all costs will be borne by Australia. Does Australia have a contingency if that compensation is awarded to those men?

Peter Dutton: I'm not commenting on hypothetical court cases...

Journalist: …no it’s a real court case, it’s happening on Monday.

Peter Dutton: We'll wait and see what it has to provide but I don't have any comment to make in relation to possible prospective cases. ...




Snap vigilprotest in #Narrm #Melbourne after Omid, a refugee, set himself on fire on #Nauru & has since died ...



Image:  @approachingcrit [29/4/16]




Nobody believes you.



Image: ‏@GedKACTU - President, Australian Council of Trade Unions [15/11/14]




 ‏@end_md [29/4/16]:  You're either in the business of financing detention or abolishing it. You can't have it both ways




A gentle reminder: Unions are part of the detention industry [xBorderops - 22/7/15]




Australian government plays mind games with political prisoners illegally incarcerated on Manus Island [ABC - 29/4/16]:



Detainees in the Manus Island detention centre say internal gates have been locked again and phones banned.

The Manus Island detention centre is made up of internally-secured accommodation compounds, which for the past two weeks have been used to separate detainees based on whether their refugee claims had succeeded.

Late last night the men were allowed to move between the centre's internal compounds — which are normally locked — and told they were allowed to have phones.

But detainees said security staff had now locked the gates again and told them they were not allowed to have phones.

It is not clear why the rules were suddenly changed back, but it happened immediately after the ABC reported the new arrangements.

The perimeter gates have remained locked and detainees cannot leave the centre.  ...




‏@AdamMarsters [29/4/16]:  @nswpolice guard @DIBPAustralia as refugee activists call for closure of #Nauru & #Manus detention ...






@AdamMarsters [29/4/16]:  Protesters bang wall at @tanya_plibersek office opposing @AustralianLabor policy on asylum seekers ...




Where are you Anne Summers? Federal Court hears Australian government trafficks refugees for abortions to countries where it is illegal as a "deterrence" weapon [Sydney Morning Herald - 29/4/16]:


... Mr Nockels​ [Assistant Secretary of Australian Border Force] told the court he did not seek any independent legal advice on the advisability of sending S99 to PNG for her termination.

Instead, he sought the advice of Dr Mathias Sapuri, a senior consultant, and obstetrician and gynaecologist at PIH hospital, who is also a shareholder of the hospital.

"I would assume he would have an appreciation of that [legal situation]," Mr Nockels said.

The court was told Mr Nockels also decided to send S99 to PNG against the "urgent" medical advice of senior health officials on Nauru, who said she required specialist treatment because of complications arising from an earlier medical procedure, and her suspected epilepsy.

Mr Nockels said he did not discuss those concerns with Dr Sapuri.

PIH hospital, the court was told, does not have EEG (which measure brain activity) or neurological services that would normally be required for patients with epilepsy undergoing surgical procedures.

Under sustained questioning from Mr Merkel, Mr Nockels agreed that he did not seek advice, apart from a phone call, about sending S99 to Australia or another country in the region with specialised health services.

"From a policy perspective in terms of bringing people back to Australia if there are other alternatives...we would pursue that," he said.

"That's why we have Nauru and Manus...that's the policy perspective."

Current policy is to transfer refugees and asylum seekers to Australia for medical treatment only in exceptional circumstances, Mr Nockels said.

He did not believe S99's case was an exceptional one. ...




The Eichmann trial's cataclysmic effect on the world [Ynet - 27/4/16]




... Belden Namah says people can only be detained for lengthy periods in PNG if they have broken the law.

He says the asylum seekers on Manus Island have not broken any immigration laws so they should not be detained behind the centre's high fences. ... [ABC - 8/1/13]



The opposition says the government has made a mockery out of the Constitution and laws of the country when it decided to take Australia’s responsibility to receive and process asylum seekers to that country in Manus. ... [The National - 8/1/13]



Extraordinary twitter exchange [8/1/13]:


@SouthernWaters [Jeff Waters, ABC Journalist]:


No answer yet from @SandiHLogan [National Communications Manager, DIAC] re ABC permission to film detention camps. Reasons for hold up in negotiations?




@SouthernWaters Give it a rest; you've been told nothing occurs fast in this environment. That's the answer. Nothing more; nada, rien.





#Canberra says #BringThemHere from #Nauru and #Manus and #LetThemStay, outside @DIBPAustralia offices. ...



Image:  @livenewslive [29/4/16]




.. These pricks are no better than the ones who got off the boat 228 years ago.  They have the same colonial mentality, the same murderous intent, they've just got better suits. ... via ‏@AdamMarsters [29/4/16]:  #refugee activists protest outside Sydney Dept of Immigration demanding closure of Manus & Nauru detention ...




@rac_sydney [29/4/16]:   Ian Rintoul: There are no “third countries”. Taking the refugees and asylum seekers is Australia’s responsibility.




@rac_sydney [29/4/16]:  #CloseTheCamps at Lee St #BringThemHere




Australia should either honour the international obligations to which it has committed itself or withdraw and show itself as the pariah state it has become through its treatment of asylum seekers according to the head of a Sunshine Coast-based refugee advocacy group. ... [Sunshine Coast Daily - 29/4/16]



Internal gates of Manus Island concentration camp opened, political prisoners allowed to use phones [ABC - 29/4/16]:



Internal gates at the Manus Island detention centre have been opened and the refugees and asylum seekers inside are now allowed to move around more freely, detainees say.

The Manus Island detention centre is made up of internally-secured accommodation compounds, which for the past two weeks have been used to separate detainees based on whether their refugee claims had succeeded.

Detainees said there were celebrations after internal gates were opened about 11:30pm on Thursday night, allowing them to move about and see their friends.

The perimeter gates remain locked and they cannot leave the centre, but detainees also say security staff have told them they are now allowed to possess and use mobile phones, which were previously banned. ...




Dutton again lies by suggesting ALP would adopt humane refugee policy [Media Release - 29/4/16]




Regional NGOs seize on opportunity to defend US foreign policy - maintain their silence as Australia's refugee policy is ruled to be illegal, and our human rights atrocities are exposed to the world.  Where are you MSF Australia?




We only want freedom! Shut Down Offshore! Transfield, Transfield, shame on you!



Dutton LIED.  AGAIN.  Where are Australia's human rights groups, professional health organisations and The Greens? 


Nauru 40 days: Protest for Omid [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 29/4/16]




More on legal action on behalf of Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 28/4/16]:



The Refugee Action Coalition has called a protest calling on the government to “Bring Them Here”: at Sydney Immigration offices, 12.30 pm, Friday 29 April, Lee St, City (near Railway Square).

Speakers will include: Jim Casey, Greens candidate for Grayndler; Nicole Judge, former Manus workers, Danielle Austin, Mums for Refugees and former nurse on Christmas Island.







The monstrous failure of our bipartisan asylum seeker policy, Waleed Aly [Sydney Morning Herald - 28/4/16]:



... They're there because "stop the boats" – in truth a bipartisan slogan – only ever masked a question we could never answer: what happens to these people?

What happens to the ones who don't die at sea, or the ones we convince to return home? Do they die elsewhere?

We don't really know because the minute they aren't on boats headed for us, they cease to exist.

And as far as we're concerned, their misery doesn't exist either. ...




... Much could be done to assist Indonesia – a country with over 13,000 registered refugees and asylum seekers waiting for years to be resettled. 

Indonesia has been the source of Australia’s boat people, so a management plan would assist our neighbour and assist us, because if properly executed it would remove the incentive for people to get on boats. 

Instead, Australia caps its refugee intake from Indonesia at 450 a year and former immigration minister Scott Morrison turned off the tap completely for those registered in Indonesia after 1 July, 2014. ... Richard Ackland There are policy alternatives to locking up refugees in Pacific gulags [Guardian - 28/4/16]




... “In considering Australia’s options, we must recognise that our nation’s reputation has been badly damaged by our past and current treatment of people seeking our help. We must not destroy our remaining credibility by trying to force other nations into accepting people our Government doesn’t want to bring to Australia. ... [Refugee Council of Australia - 27/4/16]




... Prime Minister O’Neill’s prompt decision to order the closure of Manus after the court ruling allows Papua New Guinea to break away from Australia’s notorious offshore detention regime.

Now, the asylum seekers and refugees held there should be promptly transferred to other countries – including Australia – where they can rebuild their lives. Michael Garcia Bochenek  [Human Rights Watch - 27/4/16]




"Melissa Parke says New Zealand willing to take 150 asylum seekers" is tragic, desperate ALP spin. [Canberra Times - 17/6/15]:


... The Kanak was shifting on the reef, and he was worried they would be cast adrift with no food or fuel.

Most of the 65 asylum seekers from Myanmar, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka [52 are registered as refugees] were already swimming ashore, but Mr Kayuran had stayed on board with his pregnant wife V. Nadhiya, and a handful of other women and young children.

The women were crying with fear.

They tried to call for help but couldn't go outside because the ship was tilting sideways.

The Navy warship HMAS Wollongong and an Australian customs trip had transferred the asylum seekers onto two small boats, which they say was woefully inadequate.

"All we had was a small chocolate and water," Mr Kayuran said.

"It was not enough. If we had been stranded on an uninhabited island we would have died." ...




New Zealand government says "cannot pick and choose", refers refugees to UNHCR in Australia - who ignored them [RNZI - 13/6/15]




These are the refugees who heroically exposed Australian officials' payments to boat crew.




Sydney Morning Herald [2/6/15]:


... Fishermen spotted two boats floating near Landuti island in the West Rote district, 500 kilometres north-east of the Australian coast, on Sunday. 

"They looked exhausted," Rote police chief Hidayat said.

"One female passenger is pregnant – we took her immediately to the hospital but she is ok now."

Mr Hidayat said the migrants told him they had been caught by Australian customs on May 26, who sunk their boat.

They were put in two blue and white boats, and sent back into Indonesian waters. ...




Refugee group condemns New Zealand refugee deal: Gillard undermines refugee convention [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 9/2/13]





29 April 2016