212th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center. [Manus Island]



We have born to live in this life freely with dignity & equal rights like every human being not to be salves by politics . And freedom is our aims in this planet. Let’s go ... @sunosi3 [2/3/18]



I am a refugee whose voice is suffocated by many so-called human supporters.


I'm one of 152 innocent refugees who have been detained for 4 years with no reason.


Today was our 45 day of peaceful protest for freedom.


Please be our voices help us  #Balikpapan ... ‏ @Subhanamir23 [2/3/18]  



We expect from human rights organization and awakened conscience to be heard our poor voice. #Balikpapan #Asylumseekers #SaveMe @AliSahi99174827 [2/3/18]



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN [2/3/18]:  45 days of our peaceful protest in Balikpapan detention center for freedom. We complaint for our human right and dignity which violated here in detention by IOM and the staff of IDC.



Indonesia's Foreign Minister Retno Marsudi exploits plight of Syrian and Palestinian refugees to invisibilise humanitarian catastrophe of UN-backed Bali Process and Australian-funded IOM concentration camps in her own country [Jakarta Globe - 27/2/18]



Hundreds of Rohingya refugees flee no man's land after threat [The Daily Star - 1/3/18]



Rohingya test Bangladeshi welcome as refoulement stalls, and signatories to the UN refugee convention refuse to offer protection and condemn genocide [Channel News Asia - 28/2/18]



Myanmar blocks entry for UK government committee after feeble criticism of Rohingya genocide [Telegraph - 1/3/18]



A witness in the case of two Reuters reporters jailed in Myanmar told a courtroom on Wednesday that he wrote notes on his hand about where the pair were arrested to jog his memory while giving testimony. ... [Reuters - 28/2/18]



France’s Total expects to take a final investment decision (FID) on liquefied natural gas (LNG) import projects in Myanmar and Ivory Coast this year as part of the oil major’s expansion into emerging markets, an executive said on Wednesday.

Jean-Pierre Mateille, vice president of trading at Total Gas & Power UK, said the company should reach FID for a project in Myanmar with a floating storage and regasification unit (FSRU), LNG supply and two power plants in the second half of 2018. ... [Reuters - 28/2/18]



Sri Lankan military’s occupation of the Vanni threatens local communities [Tamil Guardian - 1/3/18]



Hundreds in Mullaitivu protest against Sri Lankan land grabs [Tamil Guardian - 1/3/18]



Sri Lankan security forces have continued to use torture against Tamils on the island, reports Al Jazeera, who has uncovered allegations and evidence of torture.

In a piece by Barnaby Phillips, Al Jazeera interviewed Tamils who had been beaten, burnt with cigarettes and raped.

A support group in London has helped at least 76 Tamils with rehabilitation activities, all of whom say they were tortured within the last three years, since the current Sri Lankan government came into power. ... [Tamil Guardian - 1/3/18]



Families of disappeared report increased surveillance and intimidation by Sri Lankan intelligence [Tamil Guardian - 1/3/18]



A Tamil university student was found hanging in his residence in Jaffna on Tuesday.

The student was identified as Samuel, originally from Vavuniya but resident in Kantharmadam, and a student at the Medical Faculty of Jaffna University.

Jaffna police have said they are investigating the death. [Tamil Guardian - 28/2/18]



A former member of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE, or Tamil Tigers) deported under duress from Australia last week is being harassed and intimidated, along with his family, by the Sri Lankan state. ... [Tamil Refugee Council of Australia - 27/2/18]



‘The Boat People’: A smart, complicated horror story about Canada and refugees [The Tyee - 28/2/18]:


... As Mahindan’s case drags on for months, the flashbacks show us how he coped with the civil war and its aftermath in a Sinhalese-run refugee camp.

We know he is no terrorist, but he feels morally compromised by the things he’s done to get here. As the story switches from one character to another, we begin to understand the political, personal, and ethical complexity of the issues each is struggling with.

The horror comes in relatively early, and it doesn’t stem from the Sri Lankan civil war; it comes from our own dawning awareness that the Canadian system for dealing with refugees is a ghastly machine, into which the refugees are being fed with far more concern for process than for the refugees themselves. ...



US lies about freedom and democracy go way back, but are worth bearing in mind while deconstructing contemporary media narratives about "solving" refugee crises [Counterpunch - 28/2/18]:


... The number of “refugees from Vietcong terror” moved up by tens of thousands a month, according to the intensity of the bombing raids and the success of American “sweep” operations.

Every additional 100,000 was acclaimed by U.S. press officers, in Saigon and Washington, as proof of progress in the war, a fantasy repeated by high officials, including the U.S. President.

When the figure approached the million mark, there were some conscience pangs in certain circles.

Senator Edward Kennedy, after an on-the-spot look at the refugee camp situation, ran off to Geneva and other world centers trying to present this deliberate manufacture of refugees as an international problem, the relief of which should be financed by international refugee organizations. ...



Vietnamese immigrants have filed a lawsuit alleging U.S. authorities are rounding them up and holding them in detention facilities for deportation — even though the Vietnamese government has not agreed to take them back.

... As many as 10,000 Vietnamese immigrants have deportation orders, in many cases because they lost their green cards after criminal convictions, plaintiffs’ lawyers said. ... [AP - 1/3/18]



Shorter Putin State of the Nation: All nations should get along, but please don't f*ck with us [EURO News - 1/3/18]



... "Our policy will never be based on exceptionalism, we just protect our own interests." ... [NBC - 1/3/18]



... “We would consider any use of nuclear weapons against Russia or its allies to be a nuclear attack on our country. The response would be immediate,” Putin said ... [Reuters - 1/3/18]



The State Department has officially approved a possible $47 million sale of Javelin antitank missiles and related equipment to Ukraine, the Pentagon announced Thursday.

The move marks a significant escalation of lethal aid to Ukraine in its ongoing struggles against Russia. ... [The Hill - 1/3/18]



Smith & Wesson maker says increased gun sales reported after Florida [Reuters - 2/3/18]



Smith & Wesson maker plunges on weak outlook for gun sales [Bloomberg - 2/3/18]



Georgia teacher in custody after police say he fired a gun in empty classroom [USA Today - 28/2/18]



Cost of UK air and drone strikes in Iraq and Syria reach £1.75 billion [Drone Wars UK - 26/2/18]



Not long ago, Somalia’s sky was associated with life and hope; it was a source of rain that enabled people to farm in order to feed their families, they would raise their hands and look to the sky when seeking help from God and at night the stars were used as a navigation system.

Today, for those living under constant US drone strikes, the clear blue sky brings death and destruction; moving clouds are seen as a hiding place for drone predators and at night, every star becomes a potential killer.

‘Life became unbearable especially at night,’ said Halimo Ali, a drone refugee, who now lives at Uunlaye Camp for Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in the outskirts of Mogadishu. ‘You don’t know who is killing you.’... [New Internationalist - 23/2/18]



The authoritarians who silence Syria questions [Jonathan Cook - 27/2/18]



The British government is asking U.S. authorities to promise they will not seek the death penalty if two Islamic State militants detained in Syria are extradited to the United States, according to European government sources.

The British also want the U.S. to guarantee that if the two men, members of a group of British Islamic State recruits, are extradited, they will not be sent to the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

Instead, British officials are seeking assurances that they will be tried in civilian courts, the sources said, speaking on the condition of anonymity. ... [Reuters - 2/3/18]



... “I propose that our country stop trying to control the world and live peacefully,” Murray said. ... Boston activists rally to close Guantánamo [The Hungtingon News - 28/2/18]



1 March 2018