Economists to British Prime Minister David Cameron: Refugee crisis response 'morally unacceptable' [Guardian -1/2/16]




Sound familiar Australia? ---> All death and no returns = "Successful" US border policy [VIDEO - The Empire's Border Part I - teleSUR - 31/1/16]:


 Along the southern border of the United States is a graveyard, where hundreds upon hundreds of human remains are waiting to be found in the sand. They are teenagers, mothers and spouses walking the only path available to them—away from poverty and violence: towards their families, the only place safer and easier to eat. In Part 1 of this two-part series, Abby Martin reveals a catastrophe at the Empire's gates; not only a shockingly high body count, but a humanitarian crisis manufactured by the U.S. government. Sinister tactics, a for-profit prison pipeline, and a court system that looks more like a slave auction than a trial await those who survive. Join The Empire Files on-location to learn how Border Patrol has turned land into a weapon, to take the lives of our most vulnerable neighbors. ...



Broadspectrum aka Transfield shareholders ask how much is earned from Australian government refugee concentration camp contracts [Sydney Morning Herald - 1/2/16]





Labor will be supporting this legislation because it is our policy.




"Opposition" Leader, Bill Shorten speaking on the Migration Amendment (Regional Processing Arrangements) Bill 2015  [House of Representatives Hansard - 24/6/15]





Manus intimidation steps up; phones confiscated, as court decision looms [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 1/2/16]:

Broadspectrum (formerly Transfield) and Immigration intimidation of asylum seekers and refugees at Manus Island has been stepped-up in the lead up to Australian and PNG court decisions that could see the detention centre closed.

The future of the detention centre, and the fate of 260 people from Manus and Nauru who are presently in Australia, will be affected by the Australian High Court decision to be handed down on Wednesday.

A PNG Supreme Court challenge to Manus that will also determine the legality of Manus detention centre, according to PNG law, will also have its next directions hearing tomorrow, 2 February.

In the last few days, intimidating and violent raids by the Emergency Response Team (ERT) have been carried out in at least two of the compounds in the Manus detention centre. The riot squad says it is ‘looking for weapons’ but seems to be more interested in seizing asylum seekers’ phones.

At least four phones were taken following raids on rooms Oscar compound last Friday night (29 January). In some cases the guards have removed racks from the rooms on the grounds they could be turned into weapons.

The ERT is also openly marching around the compounds as an open show of force. The detainees have been told that the room searches and increased intimidation will continue to the end of February when the PNG Supreme Court Full Bench hearing of the constitutional challenge is expected to be convened.

Detainees have been threatened that anyone who complains or resists will be sent to jail or isolation units in the detention centre itself.

Meanwhile, Broadspectrum’s preparation for an adverse court decision is resulting in deteriorating food quality and out of date food products being used as the company runs down stocks of food. Some Border Force staff have also been told that their future employment contracts cannot be guaranteed.

The PNG administration has also stepped up its refugee determinations ahead of the court cases. Around 400, almost half, of the Manus detainees have been found to be refugees, but are refusing to leave the detention centre to live in the transit accommodation at East Lorengau, despite losing access to the canteen, activities and having restricted access to the internet.

“There is no excuse for the raids on Manus or the mistreatment,” said Ian Rintoul, spokesperson for the Refugee Action Coalition.

“The use of the ERT, the searches and confiscation of phones just add to the tensions at the detention centre. Immigration and Broadspectrum only take the phones because they don’t want the truth getting to the outside world.”


Egypt detains Somali refugee child for six months [Al Jazeera - 31/1/16]:



Campaigners have called on Egypt to immediately release a 17-year-old Somali refugee, who has been detained for nearly six months.

Youssef Mohamed Aden was arrested in Egypt on July 6, 2015. A member of a small minority clan, he had fled home after his brother was killed by al-Shabab, an armed group linked to al-Qaeda.

The UN agency for children (UNICEF) has documented at least 25 children among the 50 total documented refugees currently detained in Egypt.

"There is a noticeable decrease in the number of children in detention this time of the year," Ahmad Hafez, a child protection consultant at UNICEF, told Al Jazeera, adding that the total number "reaches to more than 160 children in detention" during summer months.

"Most of these minors are usually unaccompanied, coming from the Horn of Africa, while Syrian children are usually with parents."

The average detention time for a child is between two weeks and a month, Hafez said.

Aden, however, has been held for nearly six months.

After being picked up by Egyptian police, he was placed in the Karmooz detention centre in Alexandria, according to a new report by the Sweden-based Centre for Refugee Solidarity.

With no passport or identification documents to prove his nationality, Egyptian authorities have been unable to deport him.

Since his arrest, Aden has been subjected to several punitive measures, including having his cell phone confiscated, being threatened with deportation and not provided with legal counsel.

"He was seemingly punished for sending pictures of the conditions inside the jail cells and exposing the situation and the deliberate neglect of the Egyptian police," Alia al-Ghussain, a senior researcher and advocate at the Centre for Refugee Solidarity, told Al Jazeera.

Ghussain explained that Aden has been detained in the same cells as adults, a "widespread" practice that contravenes both international and Egyptian laws.

Egypt is host to an estimated 127,000 Syrian refugees, as well as some 50,000 African and Iraqi refugees, according to the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR).

Many refugees smuggled through Egypt are fleeing political violence in Eritrea, Sudan and Ethiopia, among other countries - risking their lives to make the perilous journey to seek asylum in Europe or Israel.

Some have been shot, sometimes fatally, by security forces, while others have been tortured by Egyptian and Sudanese human traffickers, according to Human Rights Watch.

Ghussain said that "there has been a recent escalation against African refugees in terms of imprisonment, as well as shooting people on the borders".

Back in November, Egyptian police were accused of shooting dead 15 Sudanese refugees in the Sinai region as they attempted to enter Israel.

"The police don't have the capacity, training or knowledge to deal with refugees, and therefore they often don't know how to de-escalate the situation," Ghussain said.

Muhammad al-Kashef of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights visited Aden twice in Karmooz and spoke to him regularly through phone calls, text messages and Whatsapp before his phone was confiscated.

However, he could not reach him since he was transferred to another detention centre in Cairo's Tahrir Square on December 3. "We have tried to visit him since then, but [the authorities] have denied us," Kashef told Al Jazeera.

Kashef explained that while the conditions of Aden's detention are common for detained refugees, his case is a difficult one.

"He can't prove his name or nationality because he doesn't have a passport, any documents, a personal statement and isn't registered with the UNHCR," he said.

"He lived in a very poor community in the desert [in Somalia], and he his name was never registered with authorities," he said, adding that Aden has not been able to speak to his family since he was detained.

Egypt's Ministry of Interior was not available for comment at the time of publication.



Hillary Clinton’s top financial supporter now controls “The Onion” [The Intercept – 27/1/16]:


… An extensive New Yorker profile of Saban recalls how Saban publicly described his “three ways to be influential in American politics” in 2009. One was political donations. Another was establishing think tanks (he founded the Saban Center for Middle East Policy at the Brookings Institution in 2002). And the third was controlling media outlets.

Univision also owns The Root, and Saban has made attempts to buy the Los Angeles Times and, he says, the New York Times.

Saban is not shy about throwing his weight around. In 2001, when Brazilian regulatory approval became a roadblock to the sale of Fox Family, the company he founded with Rupert Murdoch, he asked Bill Clinton to call the president of Brazil to push for a quick approval.

When the deal went through, Saban personally made $1.5 billion; the next year he gave a “record-breaking” $7 million to the Democratic Party for a new national headquarters and $5 million to Clinton’s presidential library.


What influence did Santos hope to buy with its nearly $170,000 in political donations: New AEC Disclosure [Lock The Gate - 1/2/16]:



The release of the 2014/15 annual financial disclosure returns this morning have revealed coal seam gas developer Santos has donated close to $170,000 to both major political parties, at a state and Federal level.

Lock the Gate Alliance spokesperson Phil Laird said Santos embarked on this campaign of donations whilst seeking major approvals in NSW and Queensland, and pursuing ongoing unconventional gas exploration in South Australia and the Northern Territory.

The period of these donations also coincided with both the NSW and Queensland state elections where coal seam gas and its detrimental impacts on communities were high on the agenda.

The disclosure of the donations comes on the very same day that farming and community groups call on the new Santos CEO, Kevin Gallagher, to change direction away from coal seam gas as he starts his first day in the job.

“When big mining companies like Santos make political donations to the tune of nearly $170,000 it raises the serious question of what type of influence or outcomes they’re expecting to buy,” Mr Laird said.

“The only way to restore community confidence is a total ban on political donations from mining and gas companies and an urgent real-time reporting of all donations.

“Donations from Santos and other coal and unconventional gas companies weaken democracy and undermine the community’s confidence in transparent and open government decision making.

“These mining companies thrive or die based on government determinations and regulation. There should be no question that these important decisions are made based on merit and the community can have faith in the process.

“Investigations by the Independent Commission Against Corruption in NSW have highlighted the insidious perversion of our democratic systems that can occur when political donations and their influence are left unchecked.

“It’s time to clean up the donations loopholes allowing the big mining companies to exert undue influence on politicians and their decision making,” he said.





The government may be left red faced if it can't find an iwi to perform its official pōwhiri for the Trans Pacific Partnership signing this week.

Ngāti Whātua o Ōrakei, the mana whenua in Auckland central where the signing is to take place, has refused to participate because it believes the multinational trade deal will undermine the country's sovereignty.

Five more Auckland iwi are refusing to perform the Māori welcome, as are all of Auckland's usual haka groups. ... [RNZI - 1/2/16]





Wilmar wins Federal Court challenge against Queensland Sugar Limited as marketing dispute continues [ABC - 1/2/16]



Bega Cheese chief executive Aidan Coleman insists strong demand for infant formula will offset a $130 million revenue hole formed after Coles ditched the dairy company to supply its private label cheeses.

Bega's shares dived 10.5 per cent to close at $6.32 after Coles awarded its new private label cheese contract to Murray Goulburn.

The five-year deal will begin next January, and pushed units of Murray Goulburn's listed trust up 2.1 per cent to $2.43. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 1/2/16]




Protesting farmers distribute 50 tonnes of veggies and fruits [Keep Talking Greece - 27/1/16]:



Fifty tonnes of oranges and other fruits and vegetables ‘disappeared’ within thirty minutes, when protesting farmers distributed them free of charge among residents of a underdeveloped district of Athens.

Farmers, vegetable growers and street vendors working in open markets (laiki) joined the protests against the pension reform.

As the weekly open market vendors are on 48-hour strike on Wednesday and Thursday, they said they decided to give away the fruits and vegetables as they cannot sell them.

Residents of Kolonos were not aware of the action, but the moment the distribution started at 9:30 in the morning, the news spread like a wildfire and hundreds flocked in to get a bag with fresh food.

Whether for the purpose of Public Relations or not, the free veggies and fruits were certainly a welcome present for many families and pensioners households.




Australian Navy wrongly gave killer a military funeral, FOI documents reveal [ABC - 1/2/16]:


... "He murdered my daughter. Isn't that enough to say he shouldn't receive a full military funeral?"

 The Navy also allowed more than double the minimum number of personnel to participate in the service, after the Coulson family asked the Bereavement Support Team and the Commanding Officer of HMAS Darwin for "as much Navy input as possible". ...




A senior police constable from the Brisbane region has been remanded in custody after facing court charged with the murder of his two-month-old son more than 18 months ago. ... [ABC - 1/2/16]





Bomb-making instruction manual found in Townsville as police quiz 54yo man [ABC - 1/2/16]:

Police are questioning a 54-year-old man over the discovery of a bomb-making manual in Townsville, in north Queensland, on the weekend.

Officers were at a house in Alice River on Saturday night when they made the discovery.

Police said they were conducting enquires as to whether items found at the property could have been used to make explosives.

No charges have been laid.




A man is facing weapons charges after a stand-off with police west of Brisbane.

Police cordoned off a property at Ipswich on Sunday night following reports an armed man was inside.

The 24-year-old made no threats and negotiators talked him out.

A rifle and ammunition were allegedly found at the property and the man will appear in the Ipswich Magistrates Court on Monday charged with weapons offences. [Brisbane Times - 1/2/16]





Human remains have been found in a car registered to a Queensland man who has been missing since 2014.

Police said a four-wheel drive was found on Friday night partly submerged in Lake Awoonga near Gladstone in central Queensland.

Officers have confirmed the dual-cab ute belonged to 26-year-old Kurt Kempton, who was facing drug charges at the time of his disappearance.

He was last seen leaving his home in Boyne Valley, south of Gladstone, in September 2014, and was reported missing around that time. ... [ABC - 1/2/16]





A man jailed for beating his ex-girlfriend so severely with a baseball bat that she lost her sight in one eye, insists he was convicted of attempted murder because his own legal team gave him wrong advice.

Glenn Matthew Cable, 44, appeared in the Court of Appeal in Brisbane on Monday seeking a retrial, arguing his legal team had ruined his argument of self-defence by convincing him to plead guilty to grievous bodily harm before his attempted murder trial in 2014.

"It was never discussed that if I plead guilty to grievous bodily harm, that would affect my self-defence case," Cable told the court. [Yahoo - 1/2/16]







The man accused of stabbing Brisbane socialite Maureen Boyce to death has been stuck in jail while prosecutors waste time on his case, his lawyer says.

A fiery Terry O'Gorman told Brisbane Magistrates Court on Monday that his client, 63-year-old Thomas Chris Lang, had spent three months behind bars while he waited for prosecutors to hand over autopsy and toxicology reports that were vital to his case.

Lang, a retired American doctor living in New Zealand, is accused of murdering Ms Boyce by stabbing her in the stomach in her Kangaroo Point home in October. ... [Yahoo - 1/2/16]




A driver has deliberately run down and killed 17 kangaroos on Brisbane's outskirts.

The RSPCA is appalled by the incident that has left a 100-metre stretch of road at Wacol littered with kangaroo carcasses.

The animals were discovered on Monday morning, between the women's and men's prisons.

RSPCA spokesman Michael Beatty said many of the roos were young.

"One of them we had to euthanase, 16 of them were dead," he told AAP on Monday.  ... [Brisbane Times - 1/2/16]




Arson investigation, Bundall [QPS Media - 1/2/16]:


Police are investigating an incident were a flammable object was thrown at a house in Bundall overnight.

Initial investigations suggest that around 11pm a glass bottle was thrown at the front door of a Tiwi Street property by an unknown person.

This person then fled on foot.

A 72-year-old female resident inside the house at the time of the incident extinguished a small blaze with a garden hose.

The front area of the house sustained minor damage and no one was injured.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have been in the area around the time of the incident or may have seen anything suspicious to contact Crime Stoppers. Police investigations are continuing.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.




Unlawful use of a motor vehicle, Deception Bay [QPS Media - 1/2/16]:



 A man stole a motorcycle and threatened a woman with a firearm in Deception Bay last night.

Around 9.10pm, a man attended a unit complex on Higgs Street and stole a motorcycle from the communal car park.

An 18-year-old female occupant of a unit in the complex heard the motorcycle being moved and followed it in her car to nearby Zoe Place where she crashed for unknown reasons.

The man on the motorcycle approached her, threatened her with a firearm and fled the scene.

The woman was not physically injured as a result of the incident.

A search for the man involved is underway.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day.




Police have charged a man following the attempted robbery of a Miles End hotel last night.

It will be alleged that around 8.20pm, a man entered the drive-through area of the bottle shop attached to the hotel on the Barkly Highway and took a bottle of soft drink off the shelf and attempted to leave without paying.

When a staff member confronted the man, he allegedly walked behind the till, pushed the staff member to the ground and attempted to remove the cash draw.

The man attempted to flee the scene on foot but was detained by the staff member until police arrived.

It will be further alleged that as police attempted to arrest the man, he became aggressive and began to kick at officers.

An officer successfully deployed his capsicum spray and the man was taken into custody.

A 41-year-old man Miles End man was transported to the Watch House and charged after being examined and cleared at Mount Isa hospital.

He is due to face Mount Isa Magistrates Court today (February 1) charged attempted robbery.

A male constable and a male senior constable received first aid treatment for hand and leg injuries.

Investigations into the assault police matter are ongoing.

Anyone with information which could assist with this matter should contact Crime Stoppers anonymously via 1800 333 000 or 24hrs a day. [QPS Media - 1/2/16]




A man has been taken to hospital after he was cut free from his car on a busy Sunshine Coast road.

Motorists were warned to expect delays after the car rolled near the Mooloolaba exit on the Sunshine Motorway at Mountain Creek just before 6am.

Firefighters used hydraulic cutting equipment to free the man, 37, about 6.30am and he was taken to Nambour Hospital in a serious condition with an injured arm.

Paramedics were also assessing him for spinal injuries as a precaution.

Police are urging anyone to anyone who witnessed the incident to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. [Brisbane Times - 1/2/16]







A man has been hospitalised after inhaling the vapours of an unknown chemical at a worksite north of Brisbane.

The spill happened in a truck on Potassium Street at Narangba on Monday morning.

The 45-year-old man was treated for breathing difficulties and an exclusion zone has been set up.  [Yahoo - 1/2/15]




Worker shot in chest with a nail gun at Kallangur worksite, rushed to hospital [ABC - 1/2/16]




Two young workers have been crushed by a one-tonne slab at a industrial estate on the Gold Coast.

One of the men is in a critical condition with a compound fracture to his leg, the ambulance service said.

The pair, both in their 20s, have been taken to hospital from the site at a commercial premises at Arundel.

The second man is in a stable condition.  [Brisbane Times - 1/2/16]



A Western Power employee working to restore power to fire-ravaged Yarloop died yesterday.

About 1.20pm, the 55-year-old employee needed urgent medical assistance and was taken to Harvey Hospital.

Western Power acting chief executive Simon Walsh said how the man died was unclear but he denied reports a fallen powerline was the cause.

He offered sincerest sympathies to his family, friends and colleagues on behalf of everyone at Western Power and offered the family full support.

The death was reported to EnergySafety and WorkSafe. [West Australian - 31/1/16]




A woman has been rushed to hospital after being hit by a car on the Gold Coast.

The 30-year-old woman was crossing the Gold Coast highway at Bilinga just after 1.30am when she was struck.

Emergency services treated the woman at the scene before transporting her to Gold Coast University Hospital with rib and pelvis injuries. [MYGC - 1/2/16]




Melbourne commuters are being urged to avoid the area around Spencer St under the Flinders St bridge in Docklands after a truck roll-over.

All lanes are closed southbound on Spencer St after the crash, with lanes also affected westbound and eastbound.

A witness told 3AW's Ross and John that the truck narrowly missed hitting a homeless person sleeping under the bridge as it crashed. ... [Nine MSN - 1/2/16]





Another dangerous, resource wasting, class and race based police pursuit, Rockingham [West Australian - 31/1/16]





Perth:  Fundamentalist christians harass and bully women entering clinics for medical procedures [West Australian - 1/2/16]





More Australian media censorship ----> Nauru government lays groundwork for further violent attacks on refugees [RNZI - 31/1/16]:



The Nauru government has warned that violence and unlawful acts will not be tolerated, saying it has credible information that a group of refugees on the island are planning provocative protests and civil unrest.

The justice minister, David Adeang, said the protests were expected this coming week to coincide with the nation's Independence Day celebrations and the pending Australian High Court decision on the legality of Canberra's detention policy.

Mr Adeang said there was a small element of trouble-makers who didn't care about Nauru and didn't value its hospitality.

He said they were told by Australian refugee advocates and lawyers that the best way to get to Australia was to cause trouble in Nauru.







The High Court case is about the detention of ALL refugees in Australia's concentration camps.   Whatever the outcome, bipartisan cruelty and the complacency of crossbenchers, the human rights establishment - and professional associations - must be fought.




High Court to deliver judgment in case challenging offshore detention on Nauru [Human Rights Law Centre - 31/1/16]:



The High Court will hand down a decision this Wednesday morning in a test case challenging the lawfulness of the Australian Government’s role in offshore detention on Nauru.

The Human Rights Law Centre ran the case – heard by the full bench of the High Court on 7-8 October – on behalf of a woman from Bangladesh who was detained on Nauru but brought to Australia for urgent medical treatment during the late stages of her pregnancy.

The HRLC’s Director of Legal Advocacy, Daniel Webb, said his client, her husband and their one-year old baby are terrified of being sent back to Nauru.

“This mother just wants what all mothers want – her child to have a good life somewhere safe,” said Mr Webb.

The mother’s case is the lead case linked to a series of challenges being run on behalf of more than 260 people who have been brought to Australia for urgent medical treatment after suffering harm in offshore detention centres.

Mr Webb said the Government had shifted the goalposts during the case.

When the challenge was first launched the Government made retrospective changes to the law which were waved through Parliament by the Opposition and then on the eve of the High Court hearing, a move to an ‘open centre’ on Nauru was announced.

“The legality is complex but the morality is simple – it would be fundamentally wrong for the Government to condemn these families to a life in limbo on Nauru,” said Mr Webb.





...  Mr Burke said Australia would not resile from sending unaccompanied children to detention centres in Nauru and Papua New Guinea, and said asylum seekers would be sent to Nauru soon. ... [Sydney Morning Herald - 15/8/13]




PEACE sign from #Yemen children to world from war zone hoping for peace after 312 days of deadly Saudi war. ...



Image: ‏@YemenPostNews [31/1/16]




@YemenPostNews [31/1/16]:   Over 24 HOURS: 30 homes destroyed by Saudi airstrikes in #Yemen killing 17 civilians. Survivors now homeless ...





@YemenPostNews [31/1/16]:   159 Schools DESTROYED by Saudi airstrikes in #Yemen over 10 months. 100,000s children lose education & hope. ...





Saudi-led air strikes kill over 32 in Yemeni capital [Times of India - 30/1/16]




Explosive device kills two security personnel in Egypt's North Sinai [Ahram - 31/1/16]




Palestinian shot dead, 3 Israeli soldiers injured in shooting attack [Maan - 31/1/16]




Israeli forces shot and injured a Palestinian during an alleged attempted car ramming attack in the central occupied West Bank's Ramallah district, Israeli media reported.

Israeli media initially said the driver had been shot dead, but later reported he was shot and injured.

The driver's current condition has not been officially confirmed. No Israelis are believed to have been injured during the incident. ... [Maan - 31/1/16]








As 23-year-old Palestinian circus performer Mohammad Abu Sakha enters his second month of administrative detention in Israeli prison, new appeals have been issued by Amnesty International for his release.

Abu Sakha, who has been a performer and trainer with the Palestinian Circus School since 2007, has yet to be charged with any offense.

According to the Palestinian prisoners’ rights organization Addameer, on 14 December 2015, Abu Sakha was travelling from his home in Jenin, in the north of the occupied West Bank, to work at the school in Birzeit, near Ramallah, when his bus was stopped at the Zaatara military checkpoint near Nablus.

During a check of all passenger IDs by Israeli occupation forces, Abu Sakha was forced from the bus at gunpoint, searched and taken to a nearby military base.

After 11 days in custody, a six-month administrative detention order was issued beginning on 25 December. ... [Electronic Intifada - 31/1/16]




... The daily acts of collective punishment suffered by Palestinians in Jerusalem and their slow ethnic cleansing are too routine to be considered newsworthy. ...  This uprising is about more than knives  [Electronic Intifada - 27/1/16]




The Gaza Strip among the ruins and rain [Middle East Eye - 24/1/16]:


... Kafarneh previously rented a flat but his money ran out, leaving him no option but the shipping containers.

“We have nothing left, just our appeals to anyone with a heart and conscience to listen to our pain and help our children,” he said.

Prior to the war, Kafarneh, his wife, son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren lived quietly in Khuzaa in a house he built after working for years in Israel.

“Then, in one moment, it was gone, all in ruins,” he said.

“Now we are forgotten by the world, including our own Arab brothers and sisters.”

He opened his hands in disbelief.

“The thing that really hurts me,” Kafarneh said, “is when my grandchild tells me, ‘Grandpa I am feeling cold.'”

Adding to their plight, Gaza’s power is often cut 12 to 16 hours a day.

“These containers were not made to be long-term homes,” he said.

“They are not adequate for human beings.”  ...




“I had two sons. One of them lost his life to an airstrike by foreign forces and the second has been suffering from paralysis, breaking my back,” sobs an anguished man from northern Kunduz province.

Abdul Karim, a shell-shocked dweller of Chahardara district, is still reeling from the loss of his son.

The man frequently visits his child’s grave and weeps copiously there. But no amount of tears and pain can bring him back.

Nearly a hundred civilians were killed and dozens injured on September 4, 2009 when NATO forces pounded a crowd of people, who were mistaken for militants in the Omarkhel area of Chahardara.

 The massacre took place when civilians were extracting fuel from two ISAF tankers that had been hijacked by Taliban.

The bodies of several individuals were charred beyond recognition.

Many others were maimed. ... [Pajhwok - 31/1/16]





At least 70 people have been killed during an attack by Boko Haram armed group in northeast Nigeria.

The blast took place in the country's northeastern city of Maiduguri on Saturday, Al Jazeera's Ahmed Idris said, reporting from Abuja. ... [Al Jazeera - 31/1/16]









At least three men were killed in a village in Kenya's coastal Lamu county in the early hours of Sunday during a raid claimed by Somalia-based armed group al-Shabab.

At least five gunmen came to Pandanguo village, searching for men.

They interrogated them and killed some of them, a survivor who was shot during the attack said from a local hospital.

The village sits about 40 km inland from the Indian Ocean town of Lamu, which is popular with Western tourists, and is 100 km from the border with Somalia. ... [Al Jazeera - 31/1/16]




A battle involving gunfire and knives erupted at a Denver motorcycle exposition on Saturday afternoon, leaving at least one person dead and sending seven people to the hospital, authorities said.

There were no immediate arrests in the mayhem, which took place at the Colorado Motorcycle Expo at the National Western Complex, Denver Police Chief Robert White said at a news conference.

The event was canceled for Sunday. ... [Reuters - 30/1/16]




Death toll from three terrorist bombings that rocked l-Sayyeda Zainab town in Damascus Countryside earlier on Sunday has climbed to 45, a source at the Interior Ministry said.

The source earlier put the number of people killed in the attacks at 30, in addition to 110 injured, some of them were reported to be in critical condition.

The attacks, which hit in Koua Soudan area, were caused by a car bomb and two explosive belts, according to the source.

Terrorists detonated the car bomb at the bus station in Koua Soudan area, and after people gathered to help the injured, two suicide bombers with explosive belts blew themselves up at the site, the source explained to SANA.

Massive material damage was caused due to the three bombings, added the source.

The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) claimed on its pages on social media sites responsibility for the three explosions. ... [SANA - 31/1/16]




1 February 2016