United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 28/9/16]



US air strike reportedly kills 13 Afghan civilians in Nangarhar province [Al Jazeera - 28/9/16]



At least 7 Afghan military students sent to US for training have disappeared from the military facilities, it has been reported.


This comes as military launched a search after two Afghan airmen disappeared from Moody Air Force Base in Georgia in December last year.

According to the officials, one of the two men was found six weeks later in Virginia, possibly seeking political asylum while the whereabouts of the second man remained unclear. [Khaama - 28/9/16]



UNHCR opens new "voluntary repatriation centre" targetting Afghan refugees in Pakistan [Pajhwok - 28/9/16]



... The migrants were coming from a camp in Thessaloniki, in neighboring Greece, and had crossed through a mountainous area to get into eastern Albania. ... Migrants stopped on Albania border [Ekathimerini - 28/9/16]



The EU should be able to move the remaining 30,000 refugees in Greece eligible for its relocation scheme to other countries by the end of next year, the European Commission said Wednesday. ... [Ekathimerini - 28/9/16]



‏@tsanga10 [28/9/16]:  A 15yo Syrian #refugee told me the Greek Asylum Service referred him to City Plaza squat @sol2refugees as no housing for minors available




‏@MSF_Sea [28/9/16]:  "We had a 50/50 chance to live or die. We lived. We are not thinking bad things anymore, we let all negative thoughts be taken by the sea"  




Day 193 refugee protests, Nauru


... Let your white birds smile up

 at the ones who stand and frown ...


'Lay Down (Candles in the Rain)', Melanie [1970]



Image: ‏@elahe_zivardar [28/9/16]




PNG Minister for Public Services Sir Puka Temu lies to the UN General Assembly as Australia's war of attrition against refugees continues unchallenged [PNG Loop - 27/9/16]



Australia-bound refugees persecuted and trapped throughout South East Asia as Indonesian authorities parade a "people smuggler" they captured [SBS - 28/9/16]



Project 4000 was the city of Ottawa’s plan to welcome South East Asian refugees 40 years ago;  today they rot [Ottawa Citizen - 26/9/16]


Myanmar ---> A Lower House lawmaker has asked that the government restrict birth rates within the Muslim community in two Arakan State townships: Maungdaw and Buthidaung—a move that was rejected by the Union health minister and described as “disturbing” by an international rights group.

Aung Taung Shwe of the Arakan National Party (ANP), representing Buthidaung Township, brought up the topic in Parliament on Sept. 22.

Citing statistics on population—which The Irrawaddy could not verify—he suggested that Muslim Rohingya were having proportionally more children than the Buddhist Arakanese in these two townships. ... [The Irrawaddy - 27/9/16]


Solomons repeats call for UN Special Rapporteurs in Papua [RNZI - 28/9/16]


US to deploy anti-missile system in South Korea 'as soon as possible' [Reuters – 27/9/16]


A South Australian baker accused of flying to Queensland and using a butcher's knife to stab a woman he was infatuated with as she shielded her baby is being allowed to return home.

Jason Wayne Greatbatch, 36, is charged with attempting to murder a 21-year-old woman and her 10-month-old son at a Kuttabul home near Mackay in December 2015.

Greatbatch was granted bail in the Brisbane Supreme Court on Wednesday under strict conditions including that he must live with his parents and be monitored by a GPS tracker while he awaits trial. ... [Nine MSN - 28/9/16]


Woman punched to the ground, her handbag stolen while walking home in Logan [MYGC - 28/9/16]


Police have charged a man who allegedly punched a female paramedic in the face and dragged her from her vehicle outside a backpackers in far north Queensland.

A pair of paramedics were treating a 21-year-old male French tourist who was feeling unwell at the Minnie Street hostel in Cairns at around 3.40am on Wednesday. ... [Yahoo - 28/9/16]


Woman seriously injured after pair struck by car at Main Beach [MYGC - 28/9/16]


John Dawkins: Former education minister, treasurer faces court over Vocation collapse [ABC - 28/9/16]


Entire state of South Australia loses power [Nine MSN - 28/9/16]:


... "What we have is essentially a weather event which has damaged some infrastructure," Premier Jay Weatherill told ABC radio.

"The system protects itself and protects the assets by closing down because of the sudden surge in the system." ... <--- What a crock.


Nursing home worker Gary Steven Davis found guilty of murdering two residents [ABC - 28/9/16]


A carer at a Townsville facility for the mentally disabled has been charged after allegedly being caught in the shower with a woman under his care.

Police say the 23-year-old man was caught by other staff at the facility showering with the intellectually impaired 43-year-old woman on Monday.

He was charged with indecent dealing of an intellectually impaired person and is due to appear in Townsville Magistrates Court on October 14. [Yahoo - 28/9/16]


Mackay Council votes 6-5 to stop adding fluoride to drinking water [ABC - 28/9/16]



My wife Lucy had the honour of visiting Shimon Peres a few months ago, at the Peres Centre for Peace.

He told her the secret of perpetual youth was to ensure that your list of dreams always remained longer than your list of achievements.  


Someone needs to tell the Australian Prime Minister that the "diggers" served in Palestine during World War Two ----> ... Shimon Peres had a special fondness for Australia.

He spoke emotionally of the sacrifices made by Australians who fell in World War 1 in the Middle East, so far from home, and he would recall warmly the friendliness and informality of the Australian diggers stationed in Israel during World War 2. ... [Media Release - 28/9/16]


Aboriginal Tent Embassy [28/9/16]:

 Earlier today Aboriginal Man Dennis John Doolan 32 shot in Cowra handcuffed and left lying on the road by Cowra NSW Police



‏@ATEmbassy [28/9/16]:   Here is video footage moments after the shooting of an unarmed Aboriginal man ...



Don Dale officer who recommended tear gas had no knowledge of effects on young people, court hears [ABC - 28/9/16]:

... Mr Sizeland said he had been trained in the use of tear gas and had been exposed to it 40 or 50 times during training for adult corrections, but had no specific knowledge of any medical studies about the possible effect it might have on a young person.

He said he knew there were no provisions in the Youth Justice Act for youth justice officers to deploy tear gas, but thought it would be able to be released by others.

Ms Foley said: "I suggest to you, you knew that the use of CS gas was not able to be used in any youth detention."

Mr Sizeland responded: "No, that's not correct."

 He also said he did not know if the boys had been restrained with their hands behind their back while being transferred to Berrimah adult prison after the incident, but it would have been justified because the boys may have been at risk of escape, or used their hands as a weapon.

Under cross-examination, he said the cells the boys were in at Don Dale were "unhygienic" because there was no running water in their cells and they had to eat where they used the toilet.

Earlier in the day, adult prisoner Ronald Kelly testified that he saw the youth detainees being "dragged" through Berrimah jail while spit-hooded, shackled and handcuffed behind their backs. ...



Refugee hating Murdoch Press and ABC News Radio excitedly report that the Royal Commission into Child Abuse will not visit Nauru and Manus.



Day 192 refugee protests, Nauru



Image: ‏@SuchNigel  [27/9/16]



‏@racvictoria [27/9/16]:  Protests on #Manus have finished



Retired lawyer asks Comcare to prosecute DIPB over alleged breaches; Australia's war of attrition against refugees continues unchallenged [ABC - 27/9/16]



Solidarity, indefinite detention, torture, murder and refugee boat pushbacks forever as the Department of Immigration and Border Protection advise of CPSU's "protected industrial action" [26/9/16]



Hailed as Canada’s first Afghan-born member of parliament, the Canadian Minister Maryam Monsef could be stripped of her citizenship or deported for misrepresentation of birth place which was earlier believed to be Afghanistan.

According to the local media reports, the step could be taken without hearing under the citizenship laws brought in by the previous Conservative government.

Monsef is the Minister of Democratic Institutions and reports regarding her possible deportation came as she revealed last week that she was born in Iran, not Afghanistan as she’d long believed. ... [Khaama - 27/9/16]


12 Afghan soldiers killed by fellow soldiers in Kunduz province [Khaama - 27/9/16]


4 Romanian soldiers injured in Kandahar explosion [Pajhwok - 26/9/16]


Uruzgan provincial officials claimed on Tuesday that almost 450 insurgents, including foreign fighters, have been killed and wounded since their recent attack on the provincial capital Trin Kot. ... [TOLO News - 27/9/16]


US Defense Secretary to request budget supplement for troops in Afghanistan [TOLO News - 27/9/16]


A damning report from Doctors Without Borders (MSF) has accused the Saudi-led coalition of violating international humanitarian law by repeatedly bombing its medical facilities in Yemen, forcing it to quit the country.

The report comes after the international aid organisation withdrew its operations from the war-torn country after its health facilities were repeatedly hit, despite the group providing precise coordinates to the coalition.

The French NGO called for "urgent changes in the rules of engagement of the Saudi-led coalition... to ensure the safety of medical personnel, patients, assets and infrastructure". ... [Middle East Eye - 27/9/16]


Libya PM says rival military strongman will have government representation [Middle East Eye - 27/9/16]:

Libyan prime minister-designate Fayez al-Sarraj says military strongman Khalifa Haftar, who controls the north African country's main oil ports, should be represented in a new, more inclusive government.

"We have no other choice but dialogue and reconciliation," Sarraj told AFP in an interview in Paris on Tuesday.

"No one wants an escalation or a confrontation between Libyans," he added, less than two weeks after Haftar's forces seized control of the strife-ridden country's "oil crescent".

The Libyan leader pledged to quickly submit "the composition of a new government in which everyone will be represented in a balanced way." ...


NATO`s destruction of Libya and Dr Suliman Alshahmy [founder of the Libyan stock market] on the economy under Gaddafi. [RT - 26/9/16]


Serena Williams vows: 'I won't be silent' on police violence [BBC - 27/9/16]


Three men have been charged with religious vilification for staging a mock beheading in front of the City of Greater Bendigo offices last year.

A 34-year-old from Frankston, a 45-year-old from Wallan and a 31-year-old from South Morang are facing four charges for the incident on October 4.

Detectives from the Bendigo Crime Investigation Unit pressed the charges last week.

The three men were charged with “the making of a video with the intention of inciting serious contempt for, or revulsion, or severe ridicule” of a person or class of people – a charge brought under the 2001 Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. ... [Bendigo Advertiser - 27/9/16]



Palestinians call on FIFA to ban matches in settlements [Al Jazeera - 27/9/16]



Israeli authorities carried out a large number of demolitions in occupied East Jerusalem and the West Bank on Tuesday, destroying two family apartment buildings, a classroom, a restaurant, four water cisterns, and parts of a home in the latest instances of a policy which rights groups have said has increased drastically in past months. ... [Maan - 27/9/16]



Israel prevents Palestinian woman from leaving Gaza for cancer treatment [Maan - 26/9/16]






WA Coroner to consider releasing Ms Dhu footage [Yahoo - 28/9/16]



(Suppressed police station CCTV footage) ... She was dragged around like a dead kangaroo ... chucked in the paddy wagon ...  [ABC - Law Report - 12/4/16]:


The Coronial inquest into the death of Ms Dhu, a Yamatji woman from Western Australia is in its final stages.

In 2014, the 22 year old was pronounced dead at the Hedland Health Campus, 45 hours after being taken into police custody for unpaid fines.

She is one of an increasing number of Aboriginal Australians incarcerated for minor offences that would not normally attract criminal sanctions.

This week marks twenty five years since the release of the Royal Commission into Black Deaths in Custody.

In 1992, one in seven of Australia's prison population were indigenous.

Twenty five years later, current available statistics say one in three prisoners are Aboriginal Australian.



‏@ATEmbassy [28/9/16]:  Children hunted down by cops Townsville



Don Dale youth 'wanted to die', court shown video of boys shackled and hooded after gassing [ABC - 27/9/16]



Energy Transfer Partners—one of the major stakeholders in the controversial Dakota Access pipeline—bought over 6,000 acres of land surrounding the line’s route in North Dakota, according to several media reports over the weekend.

The deal includes lands that the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe says contains historical artifacts.

Privately owned land does not fall under the jurisdiction of federal oil pipeline regulators, meaning that the agencies cannot block construction in the areas. ... [Oilprice.com - 26/9/16]



Greenland's receding icecap to expose top-secret US nuclear project [Guardian - 27/9/16]:


... Project Iceworm, presented to the US chiefs of staff in 1960, aimed to use Camp Century’s frozen tunnels to test the feasibility of a huge launch site under the ice, close enough to fire nuclear missiles directly at the Soviet Union.

At the height of the cold war, as the US and the USSR were engaged in a terrifying standoff over the deployment of Soviet missiles in Cuba, the US army was considering the construction of a vast subterranean extension of Camp Century.

A system of about 4,000 kilometres of icy underground tunnels and chambers extending over an area around three times the size of Denmark were to have housed 600 ballistic missiles in clusters six kilometres apart, trained on Moscow and its satellites. ...



Police in Pakistan allegedly illegally excute hundreds of people each year in "staged encounter killings", a report by Human Rights Watch (HRW) claims.

Several police officers allegedly claimed to HRW that encounters where suspects were killed were sometimes reported an act of self-defence or means of preventing them from fleeing arrest or escaping custody.

The report is based on interviews with 30 police officers of various ranks, as well as 50 interviews with victims and, their families, and witnesses to such alleged abuse, the group said.  ... [Independent - 27/9/16]


More attacks foiled on French Riviera since Nice carnage: prosecutor [Reuters – 27/9/16]


Dresden police guard Islamic buildings after mosque attack [The Local – 27/9/16]



‏@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [27/9/16]:


 Liqa' Wardi ,the MP,has demanded Abadi to reveal the results of investigations of the destiny of 700 persons from Fallujah people and the surrounding areas who have been kidnapped by Hashd Militias.




Three blasts killed at least 17 people and wounded more than 50 in predominantly Shi'ite Muslim districts of Baghdad on Tuesday, police and medical sources said.

A suicide bomber detonated his explosive vest in a commercial street in the eastern Baghdad al-Jadida area of the Iraqi capital, killing nine people and wounding more than 30, they said.

Another suicide attack hit a commercial street of Bayaa in western Baghdad, killing six and wounding 22, the sources said.

A roadside bomb exploded near a gathering of cattle herders and merchants in al-Radhwaniya, also in western Baghdad, killing two people, they said. ... [Reuters - 27/9/16]



Syrian army establishes control over new areas in Aleppo, Damascus countryside [SANA - 27/9/16]



Putin ups the ante: Ceasefire sabotage triggers major offensive in Aleppo [Counterpunch - 27/9/16]



Todenhöfer: Interview with Al-Nusra commander "the Americans stand on our side" [Moon of Alabama - 26/9/16]




The US and its allies had established a Field Operations Room in the Aleppo region integrated by intelligence personnel.

Until it was targeted by a Russian missile attack on September 20, this “semi-secret” facility was operated by US, British, Israeli, Turkish, Saudi and Qatari intelligence personnel.

According to Fars News, this intelligence facility was attacked by Russia in the immediate wake of the US Air Strikes against Syrian SAA forces at Deir Ezzor in support of the ISIS-Daesh terrorists. ... [Global Research - 22/9/16]




28 September 2016