Palestinian fishermen forced to return to shore after Israeli gunfire [Maan - 28/11/15]




At least 82 Palestinians were shot by Israeli military forces during ongoing clashes across the occupied Palestinian territory, the Palestinian Red Crescent and officials said Friday.

A Red Crescent spokesperson told Ma’an that 16 Palestinians were injured by live bullets, as well as two by rubber-coated steel bullets in the Gaza Strip.

Five of those injured by live fire were shot when clashes erupted near the Nahal Oz crossing east of Gaza City, one of whom was shot in the chest and left in critical condition, according to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health, Ashraf al-Qidra. ... [Maan - 27/11/15]





Israel is set to open a mission in Abu Dhabi as part of an international green energy body, Israeli officials said Friday -- its first official presence in the United Arab Emirates.

The mission will operate under the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), of which Israel is a member, foreign ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon told AFP.

Establishing a permanent presence in Abu Dhabi will not change Israel's official relationship with the UAE, which does not recognise Israel and has no diplomatic ties with it.

But as the headquarters for an international organisation, the Emirates is obliged to accept an Israeli representative under United Nations guidelines. ... [Ahram - 27/11/15]






One civilian has been killed and two others wounded in a suicide attack in capital Kabul.

The bomber wearing a suicide vest targeted the vehicle of a senior official of the Independent Election Commission of Afghanistan in 8th police district of the city around 09:30 am on Saturday. ... [Khaama - 28/11/15]




Taliban hang former district governor in Oruzgan [Khaama - 28/11/15]





President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani visited former diplomat and analyst Ahmad Saeedi at the National Directorate of Security (NDS) Hospital to inquire after his health.

Saeedi, who served as Afghan envoy in Pakistan, was shot by two armed motorcyclists in the Haji Yaqub Square of Shahr-i-Naw.

He sustained serious injuries in the shooting. ... [Pajhwok - 28/11/15]







Kunar security officials said that at least 150 foreign troops have been deployed to the capital city Assadabad and other parts of the eastern province in the past week, in a bid to strengthen security in the province. ... [TOLO News - 28/11/15]





At least a dozen civilians have lost their lives in a new round of Saudi aerial assaults against Yemen’s southwestern province of Ta’izz.

On Saturday, Saudi warplanes struck a residential neighborhood in the al- Wazi’iyah district of the province, situated 346 kilometers (214 miles) south of the capital, Sana’a, leaving 12 civilians dead and 13 others injured, Arabic-language al-Masirah satellite television network reported.

Saudi military aircraft also pounded other districts in the same province as well as the capital, though there were no immediate reports of casualties. ... [Press TV - 28/11/15]





Saudi strikes on Yemeni civilians condemned [France 24 - 27/11/15]





A leading Kurdish lawyer was shot dead Saturday in southeast Turkey after unknown attackers opened fire on a gathering in the mainly Kurdish province of Diyarbakir, triggering a shootout with police, hospital sources and witnesses said. ... [Daily Star - 28/11/15]





Unknown gunmen shot dead four policemen in an attack on Saturday near Cairo, the Interior Ministry said.

Masked assailants opened fire on police in an area between the famed Giza pyramids west of Cairo and the Saqarra pyramids to the south, the ministry said in a statement. ... [Al Jazeera - 28/11/15]





Gunmen kill child and peacekeeper in Abyei [Sudan Tribune - 27/11/15]






Army arrests Lebanese for trying help Syrians, Palestinians flee to Turkey [Naharnet - 28/11/15]







A recent assessment conducted by the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and REACH initiative found that the humanitarian situation of Iraqis displaced in the Kurdistan region of Iraq is worsening due to limited access to jobs and economic opportunities, forcing many to resort to negative coping mechanism to meet their basic food needs. ... [UN Media Release - 27/11/15]





New wave of hunger strikes at US immigration concentration camps [FSRN - 27/11/15]:



More than 100 refugees in three separate U.S. immigration detention facilities began a hunger strike Wednesday night, calling for their release on parole or supervision. All of the hunger strikers are men who have been held in prolonged detention awaiting the outcome of asylum claims.

The men have been between 7 and 24 months without any indication of a release date. Attorney Paromita Shah of the National Lawyers Guild says prolonged detention of asylum seekers violates a Department of Homeland Security policy known as the parole directive.

“Under that protocol, if you pass what’s called a credible fear interview, which is an interview that happens when someone presents themselves at the U.S. border and requests asylum, there’s an interview that’s conducted by an asylum officer and they will either decide whether the person has passed the credible fear interview or not passed the credible fear interview,” explains Shah.

“And in almost all these cases, they passed their credible fear interview.

However, the policy directs that they should be released and that really has just been violated for several months now and no one is very clear as to why this is happening.

And so, instead of people being released to prepare these very complicated cases, to defend against very complicated charges that are being brought against them, instead they are forced to collect evidence in detention far away from any resources – and legal resources – that they may need or make themselves available to.”

Immigrant advocates say most of the current hunger strikers are from South Asia, but also include some refugees from West and East Africa. Bangladeshis make up the largest group of the estimated 110 hunger striking detainees at three facilities; the Etowah Detention Center in Alabama, the Theo Lacy Facility in California, and the Otay Detention Center, also in California.

The detainee protest comes on the heels of hunger strikes at immigrant detention facilities in El Paso and Taylor, Texas and another in LaSalle, Louisiana.





Obama signs NDAA, approving $800 million aid to ‘moderate’ Syrians, Kiev [RT - 27/11/15]





Syria FM says US should study reports Erdogan’s son is involved in oil trade with IS [TASS - 27/11/15]





The US-led international coalition, allegedly fighting ISIS, targeted Thursday water pumping stations in al-Khafseh area, east of Aleppo, causing them to go out of service. ... [SANA - 27/11/15]





We look at Turkey’s downing of a Russian warplane near the Turkey-Syria border on Tuesday–one of the most serious clashes between a NATO member country and Russia in half a century.

Turkey says it repeatedly warned the Russian pilots they were violating Turkish airspace.

Russia claims they plane never strayed from Syrian airspace.

“There are some serious questions on the table about Turkey’s role in this conflict,” says journalist Vijay Prashad, in a web exclusive interview.

He suggests Turkey may be providing support to both the Islamic State and various proxy forces fighting in the area where the Russian jet was shot down.

He also argues there is no international backing for American and French retaliatory bombings in Raqqa, Syria.

Prashad’s recent article is Showdown on the Syrian border. ... [Democracy Now - 25/11/15]





United States, "allies" continue bombing Iraq



 US Department of Defense [27/11/15]:




U.S. and coalition military forces have continued to attack Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant terrorists in Iraq, Combined Joint Task Force Operation Inherent Resolve officials reported today.

Officials reported details of the latest strikes, noting that assessments of results are based on initial reports.

Strikes in Iraq

Bomber, fighter, attack, ground attack and remotely piloted aircraft conducted 18 strikes in Iraq, coordinated with and in support of Iraq’s government:

-- Near Fallujah, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL rocket rail, an ISIL fighting position, an ISIL bomb cache, and an ISIL command and control node.

-- Near Kisik, two strikes struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed two ISIL fighting positions and an ISIL heavy machine gun.

-- Near Ramadi, seven strikes struck two separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed four ISIL buildings, two ISIL command and control nodes, an ISIL staging area, an ISIL heavy machine gun, an ISIL fighting position, seven ISIL boats, an ISIL bed-down location, an ISIL out post, cratered an ISIL used road, and denied ISIL access to terrain.

-- Near Sinjar, five strikes struck three separate ISIL tactical units and destroyed an ISIL vehicle, an ISIL fighting position, and suppressed an ISIL rocket position.

-- Near Sultan Abdallah, one strike struck an ISIL tactical unit and destroyed an ISIL fighting position.

-- Near Tal Afar, one strike struck an ISIL vehicle bomb facility.









No US airstrikes in Syria since Russia deployed S-400 systems [RT - 28/11/15]









US, "allies" continue bombing Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 26/11/15]








Gunmen attacked and fired rockets at a U.N. peacekeeping base in Kidal in northern Mali on Saturday, causing an unspecified number of casualties, a spokesman for the U.N. force in Mali (MINUSMA) said.

"The attack happened at around 4 a.m. (0400 GMT). Four or five rockets landed inside the base. Quite a few people were wounded but it's too early for a precise number," MINUSMA spokesman Olivier Salgado told Reuters. ... [Reuters - 28/11/15]



21 killed as suicide bomber hits Shi'ite procession in Nigeria's Kano state [Reuters - 27/11/15]




Japan is investigating nearly a dozen suspicious boats recently found drifting off the country’s coastline, some with decaying bodies aboard, officials said Friday, as media speculated they came from North Korea.

At least 11 cases involving wooden boats—some badly damaged—with 20 bodies on board have been reported during October and November, a coast guard spokesman told AFP.

Many of the boats have been towed to Japanese ports, but the bodies are yet to be identified, he said, adding that investigations were ongoing. ... [Japan Today - 28/11/15]





Japan scrambled jets after 11 Chinese military planes flew near southern Japanese islands during what Beijing said was a drill to improve its long-range combat abilities, reports said Saturday. ... [Yahoo - 28/11/15]





The United States approved the sale of three Global Hawk surveillance drones to Japan on Friday, as Tokyo revamps its military in response to Chinese maritime ambitions. ... [Japan Times - 28/11/15]





The Philippine Air Force’s first two units of the FA-50PH fighters jets arrived in the Philippines Saturday morning. ... [Philstar - 28/11/15]





A Myanmar military offensive against ethnic rebels in the country's east has uprooted more than 10,000 people, rights groups said, accusing the army of bombing schools and Buddhist temples, firing on civilians and raping women.

Since Oct 6, the army has shelled six villages, shot and injured three people, and fired on 17 villagers who are now missing, according to activists in Shan state. ... [The Straits Times - 27/11/15]






Five Myanmar men fined for publishing a calendar that described the country’s persecuted Muslim Rohingya as a recognized ethnic minority have been rearrested and jailed on fresh charges, police said Wednesday.

The men were initially taken into custody over the weekend in Yangon and fined $800 each on Monday after pleading guilty to a publishing law offence.

But they have now been rearrested and jailed on separate charges of inciting alarm or panic, a charge that carries up to two years jail. ... [Burma Times - 27/11/15]





You are confined to a ghetto, denied access to health care, then expected to passively accept mass innoculation?  [Myanmar Times - 27/11/15]



PNG:  City compound in Lae deserted after clash, deaths [The National - 27/11/15]:


What was once a lively typical PNG settlement, filled with people, is now deserted.

The Sialum Compound settlement along the Boundary Road in Lae, has felt the effect of two days of fierce fighting which started on Tuesday morning.

At least 20 houses were torched and more than 17 people injured.

Guns, axes, bush knives, catapults, spears, clubs, metal and stones were used during the confrontation between one group of Highlanders and one group of Morobeans.

The place is home to about 2,000 residents of Lae city including school children and government and company employees.

The fight, according to police, had started after a young man from Okapa, Eastern Highlands, was allegedly kidnapped and killed by the Kabwum people of Morobe. He is still missing.

Three weeks earlier there was a fight in the same settlement between the Sialum people of Morobe and the Chimbu people after a Chimbu man was robbed by youths from Sialum.

Morobe Governor Kelly Naru has condemned the fighting, saying he was fed up with violence in the city.

The National visited the fighting zone yesterday and saw the scale of destruction caused by the fighting which left two dead and more than 17 injured.

Up the road, a police unit comprising members of Mobile Squad 13, Lae Rapid Response Unit and Lae Task Force were in two vehicles – all armed with guns.

The drain marked the border between the two fighting groups.

The conflict area, which stretches for about 600m from a stream to the mountains, was deserted. The ruins of at least 15 homes were spotted.

Police said some Okapa people burnt their own houses after they felt sorry for their Kabwum neighbours who lost their homes during the fighting.





A man died and a soldier and a female were injured after a dramatic car chase in Port Moresby last night.

Angered over this incident, some soldiers went to the Boroko Police station last night and were said to have confronted duty policemen at the station. … [PNG Loop – 27/11/15]





The House of Representatives’ ethics council (MKD) will question officials allegedly involved in the Freeport scandal to follow-up on the report submitted recently by Energy and Mineral Resources Minister Sudirman Said on the misconduct of House Speaker Setya Novanto.

Setya was accused of misusing the names of President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo and Vice President Jusuf Kalla in informal talks with the local subsidiary of US mining giant Freeport McMoRan. MKD investigators will examine Setya along with other prominent figures next Monday in a special hearing at the House. ... [Jakarta Post - 27/11/15]




More desperate lies from Australia and PNG about processing refugee claims of men incarcerated in Manus Island death camp



PNG Loop [28/11/15]:



The PNG Immigration and Citizenship Service will work with Australia to process claims of Asylum seekers currently held at the Lombrum processing center.

This follows cabinet’s approval last month of the National Refugee policy.

 Foreign Affairs Minister Rimbink Pato says the policy covers all refugees in PNG including those from Indonesia’s Papua Province.

The policy aims to build refugee self-sufficiency and enables them to contribute to PNG’s economic development.

“Many refugees and skills and experience that are short in supply in the country and needed greatly by businesses,” he says.

In the coming months PNG Immigration and Citizenship service will work with Australia on the placement of refugees in Manus and also the screening of over 2000 applications from West Papua Refugees to be granted citizenship.

Places where refugees will be settled are still under discussion. 








Someone must know what happened?   Who is censoring coverage of these proceedings, and why? --->  Update on constitutional challenge to Australia's refugee death camp on Manus Island being presented by Ben Lomai in PNG Supreme Court  via Lynne Murphy [19/11/15]:  



 ‪... Feedback about yesterday's court appearance by Ben Lomai:

The court yesterday has agreed on the facts for the full hearing. Ben Lomai now has to write to the PNG Supreme Court to ask them to impanel a full bench to hear the Manus men's case.

The PNG government has made an application to delay the hearing, and that request will be heard by the court on 25 November.

So, we have to wait another week to see how the case is going to proceed.




Update from Ben Lomai on the court hearing on Thursday 29 October 2015 [Workers Bush Telegraph]




Reporting from the future, the Australian media continue pretending it is perfectly acceptable to prevent people from claiming asylum (and/or incarcerate and torture them) if they arrive by boat [Sydney Morning Herald - 29/11/15]:


...  It [Techfugees Australia hackathon] is being organised by Anne-Marie Elias from and sponsored by Liverpool Council , Settlement Services International, and STARTTS, a not-for-profit psychological and counselling support service for refugees.  ...




Statement and Questions from the more then fifty refugees - given ‘temporary protection visas’ to ‘re-settle’ on Nauru [4/8/14]:


... We want to tell you that we are here like animals. In a zoo there is different animals from different countries and people go to look at them. Nauru is a zoo.

We are just different animals from different countries. People come to visit here and then asks some questions then they note it down. But we know from experience that they are doing just paper work and nothing will happen.

They just come to look at us.

Recently one man called Paris Aristotle came to our accommodation and he said he was from a NGO in Victoria. He said he is here to help us and to listen to us.

On that first day we asked him to take our problems to the media and he said that he cannot because he has good relationship with the minister!

We are confused. Is this man here for us or immigration?

The second day when he came, he came with Mark who is the deputy chief secretary of immigration and, as he told us, he is in charge of all detention centres of Australia.

When we were talking Paris was supporting Mark, not us. When we tell them some things they laughed at us. We are confused, is this man, Paris, here for us or for the DIAC?  ...




If you close your eyes you don't see anyone drowining.  And if you cover your ears you can't hear them scream ----- >  .... PARIS ARISTOTLE: I- The government has stopped the boats and I for one am glad that we haven't seen anybody drown in the last 18 months as a consequence of those boat journeys, but, we also have to examine the way in which we've done that and whether that is sustainable over the longer term. ... [ABC - 29/5/15]




NZ veteran will fight to stay in Australia [RNZI - 28/11/15]:



A New Zealand veteran being held in an Australian prison without charge begins his legal fight to stay in the country next week.

Ko Haapu, who was a body-guard for Prime Minister John Key in Afghanistan in 2010, has had his visa revoked on character grounds - even though he has no criminal record.

Mr Haapu - who is associated with the Rebels motorcycle club - is one of dozens of New Zealanders who have been detained and deported under tough new rules that were introduced late last year.

Barrister Michael Pena-Rees, who represents Mr Haapu and three other New Zealand detainees, said he would be filing his appeal in the federal court in Perth on Tuesday.

The Australian Government indicated it would be fast-tracking detainee cases, which Mr Pena-Rees said was good news for detainees who were "effectively serving a sentence" without being convicted of a crime, or with any end date in view.

However, due process must still be followed and evidence produced.

"Streamlining is great, but it doesn't negate the proper inquiries that have to be made so the case can run properly and fairly."

Mr Pena-Rees was sceptical about claims by Australia Immigration Minister Peter Dutton that he was privy to confidential information about Mr Haapu. "If the 'X file' had anything there of any substance, then I'm sure that this fellow Ko would have been charged or there would be pending charges or further investigation.

"But that isn't going to happen because the file is really of a generic nature, talking about this particular club as a whole - not this individual."

He will be asking for an undertaking that Mr Haapu not be deported before the case goes to court.

He will also follow up approaches from veterans' associations in both Australia and New Zealand to see what support they could offer Mr Haapu in his current predicament.




Cyclone warning issued for all of Samoa [RNZI - 28/11/15]




Thanks for numbering every box and putting the LNP last!:  Queensland ALP use climate rally to promote themselves




 Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection and Minister for National Parks and the Great Barrier Reef  Media Release [28/11/15]:



Queenslanders in the hundreds gathered in Brisbane today (28 November), along with millions of people in major cities around the world, to take part in the People’s Climate March and show their support for strong action on climate change.

Minister for Environment and Heritage Protection Dr Steven Miles who marched with the crowd, said he would be attending the COP21 Climate Summit in Paris next week to advocate for strong climate action as climate change had particularly devastating effects for Queensland.

“We’re already seeing more extreme weather events, we’re feeling hotter days in the summer and summers are longer than we’re used to.

“Hotter temperatures really have the ability to change our way of life. Queenslanders are an outdoorsy people, we love bike riding, fishing, picnics on the beach and barbies in the backyard but with only a small increase in the worlds temperature that’ll mean many more days that are too hot to go outside,” Dr Miles said.

 “We are also vulnerable because of our volatile and extreme weather conditions such as floods, heatwaves and bushfires.” Dr Miles said the government was committed to working with the community to minimise climate change impacts.

“We are working swiftly to manage the state’s climate risks. Just this week the largest collaborative workshop on adapting our community to the impacts of global warming was held right here in Brisbane. The workshop tapped into the leadership and expertise of the Queensland Climate Adaptation Strategy (Q-CAS) Partners.

“But climate change is a global problem that requires an all-in solution. We need the Federal Government to do their bit and commit to more appropriate emissions targets.

“And we need a positive outcome from the UN climate summit in Paris. Capping the rise in Earth's temperatures to 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels must be the core goal.

 “Right now, even if the emissions reduction pledges submitted by 150 nations ahead of the Paris summit are fulfilled, it still puts us on a pathway to around a 3C world,” Dr Miles said.

“When it comes to climate change, near enough is not good enough, we are marching today to keep the pressure on our world leaders to make a serious commitment to reaching our 2C goal and to protecting our planet for future generations.”





Trad, Miles bullshit about ongoing land clearing to deflect attention from their fossil fuel cronyism [Nine MSN - 28/11/15]




Another season of hypocrisy as Brisbane lights its solar powered Christmas Tree in King George Square.




Private dinners, lavish parties and shoulder rubbing. How coal giant Adani charmed Australia's political elite [Guardian – 21/8/15]:


... In October 2010, Queensland’s then Premier Anna Bligh travelled to India on a trade mission to promote the state’s bid to host the Commonwealth Games and “strengthen Queensland’s position as an ally and destination for future trade and investment in the eyes of the Indian market and nation leaders”.

A report tabled to the Queensland Parliament shows that Bligh’s first official meeting with Indian figures was with Adani, where the company’s owner Gautam Adani and his international development executive Harsh Mishra got to quiz the Premier about policies relating to rail lines, underground coal gasification and support for mining in the Galilee Basin.

Bligh also “agreed to attend the opening” of Adani’s offices in Brisbane later that month and extended an invitation for Adani to meet with its co-ordinator general when they were next in Brisbane.

After Campbell Newman won power for the Liberal National Party in Queensland, he led a trade mission to India too.

While there, Newman joined former Labor Resources Minister Martin Ferguson and a 76-strong business delegation for a tour of an Adani port and a power plant, reportedly getting there on a private jet.

The report on the trade mission, tabled to Parliament, shows that Mr Adani then hosted a lavish reception at his home for the entire delegation.

Judging by one freelance photographer’s images, the event was quite an affair with much handshaking all-round.

The event was part of “OzFest” – Australia’s “largest cultural festival” for which Adani was a “platinum sponsor”

In 2013, the Queensland Governent was again in India for a trade mission led by then Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney and, again, the Adani company was on hand.

Seeney’s delegation travelled with Adani executive Harsh Mishra to visit an Adani-owned port and power station before Seeney had a private lunch with the company.

Later that same day, Seeney met with Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi (now the Indian Prime Minister) and… Gautum Adani.





SA bushfire: Hamley Bridge community mourns Janet Hughes, who helped provide firestorm refuge [ABC - 27/11/15]






UNHCR Indonesian branch condemns Australia for forcing back Asylum seeker boat.    UNHCR Australian branch  - and other human rights groups - still silent. [SBS - 28/11/15]






Human Rights Commissioner has cup of tea with Prime Minister as appointments strengthening Australia's gulag archipelago continue

I'm a little teapot

Short and stout

Here is my handle

Here is my spout

When I get all steamed up

I just shout

Tip me over and pour me out ...





'The Teapot Song', George Harold Sanders and Clarence Z. Kelley [1939]




"Protest posts will NOT be published on this page." say "Free the children NAURU" Australian Facebook Page admins [28/11/15]  - yet these images of children protesting remain.



By gatekeeping and selectively filtering refugee voices "Free the children NAURU" Facebook Page administrators are assisting government repression and cruelty.





Censored by "Free the Children NAURU" Australian facebook admins:


25.11.15 Connect told to refugees in Nauru : "we have new accommodation for you" when I went there I didn't have room

I lied on the street and Nauru police arected (arrested) me and 3 strong Nauruian men with force pushed me in the police car and they kept me in the jail, still I don't have room for live.

please help me just I need a room for live.

I asked Australian connect worker (her name is (deleted) and they left me alone and Nauru police arested me and they kept me in ...the jail and they left my belongs in the street, I need your help please. still I dont have any place for live.

I am not alone,we are 4 single ladies.

This morning 27.11.15 a protest started at RPC3 one man (Name deleted) climbed to the top of a crane

He was protesting about having another interview with Australian immigration because he has had many interview and he still doesn't know about his refugee statue .

he has a message to world : ( WORLD ,KIDS IN NAURU NEED YOUR HELP )




Are single refugee women still sleeping out in the open?






Is this man still protesting on top of the crane? [Refugee Action Coalition, Sydney - 27/11/15]



High Commissioner to Nauru [Foreign Minister Media Release - 26/11/15]:


Today I announce the appointment of Mr John Donnelly as Australia's next High Commissioner to Nauru.

Australia and Nauru have a close and long-standing relationship. Australia is Nauru’s largest trade, investment and development partner. Our aid program is continuing to make progress on key development priorities, particularly in the areas of public financial management, infrastructure, health and education.

Australia values the important contribution Nauru is making to deter illegal migration and combat people smuggling, including through offshore processing. We work with Nauru in multilateral forums such as the United Nations and the Pacific Islands Forum to address common global and regional challenges.

Mr Donnelly is a career officer of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. He is currently Director of the Performance and Practice Management Section in the Internal Audit Branch and previously was a Director in the Internal Audit Branch in the former AusAID.

He served overseas with the then Department of Immigration and Citizenship. He served as Counsellor (Immigration) in Nairobi, with earlier postings to Amman and Jakarta.

Mr Donnelly holds a Masters of Public Administration from the Australian National University and a Bachelor of Arts (Honours) from the University of Sydney.

He is expected to take up his appointment in December 2015. I thank outgoing High Commissioner Martin Quinn for his contribution since 2014 to advancing Australia’s interests in Nauru.





ALP and LNP politicians are responsible for this cruelty.











“This is one of the more sinister consequences of the regime: how our society has become anaesthetised or desensitised to one of the gravest violations of liberty known to the rule of law and liberal democracy: indefinite detention without charge, evidence and effective judicial control. The normalisation of such an extreme measure in turn blunts our resistance to other kinds of violations. It is a slippery slope. Treating people terribly is the new normal, and barely registers in the public conscience any more.”



Professor Ben Saul  [A phonecall, a meeting, then indefinite detention: the refugees at the mercy of ASIO - Guardian - 28/11/15]




Nine MSN [26/11/15]:



An Iraqi asylum seeker who has been refusing food for more than 230 days is expected to be medically-evacuated from Manus Island to Port Moresby.

Mohammad Albederee, 31, a father-of-three, has been receiving fluid via intravenous drip on and off during that time.

Refugee advocate Jeanie Walker said he was now jaundiced and had no circulation in his legs because of prolonged starvation and dehydration.

"He has been moved to a Port Moresby hospital on previous occasions and they said they don't have the specialist resources required for his multiple and chronic health problems so there is no point keeping him there," she told AAP on Thursday.

Confirmation has been sought from the immigration department. Ms Walker said Mr Albederee has been at the International Health and Medical Services clinic at the detention centre on Manus Island for the past few days.

He has 10 injections daily to prevent blood clots.

"They have told him quietly to leave his belongings in his room and they will collect them and send all of them with him this time, which seems to indicate he is not coming back," Ms Walker said.

Mr Albederee stopped eating to protest the lack of medical treatment for his kidney and shoulder problems, the result of an alleged assault by guards at the Papua New Guinea detention centre last year.

He was reportedly flown to Port Moresby in mid-June for X-rays and an MRI but instead of being kept in a hospital, was put in a hotel room and guarded for 12 days.




Jeanie M Walker, National Spokesperson for Asylum Seekers, Australian Democrats [15/9/15]:

 ... “This man fled the Syrian/Iraqi conflict after working as a contractor for the Allied Forces and being persecuted for assisting our country, only to meet a worse fate at the hands of the Australian Government”.

31 year old Mohammad Albederee was beaten by more than 10 Australian Wilson Security guards in July last year inside the infamous Chauka Compound in Manus Island Detention Centre after he intervened in the guards beating his brother into unconsciousness.

His brother sustained injuries to his back, neck and shoulders and fled back to Iraq where he was subsequently shot by militia and fled to Turkey.

His brother has required at least 2 surgeries to his back for the injuries he sustained. The altercation was simply over the men asking to use the phone as there had been news of a tragedy in their family.

Mr. Albederee also had his finger broken in an earlier incident with previous G4S guards over wanting longer time on a phone call to family in Iraq.

Mohammad was beaten until he was unconscious and sustained serious injuries to his shoulder which resulted in nerve damage causing extreme pain and numbness in his hand. He also suffered kidney damage causing blood in his urine due to the severity of the assault. This has resulted in severe chronic pain for over a year.

Mohammad was supposed to be brought to Australia for urgent medical treatment in February 2015 by medical request, but this did not happen.

He was told by Wilson Security that he had a flight if he signed a form saying he would never make a complaint against the guards that beat him.

When he would not sign the papers he was told that he would never leave Manus Island alive.







Police arrest gunman after shootout at planned parenthood in Colorado Springs [New York Times - 27/11/15]




Police engaged in a shootout on Friday with a gunman who stormed a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Colorado Springs in a burst of violence that left four officers and an undetermined number of civilians injured, police said.

Two hospitals in the area reported receiving a total of nine patients from the shooting, but a police spokeswoman said not all of those injured could immediately be transported from the scene, suggesting some of the victims might still be trapped inside the clinic. ... [Reuters - 27/11/15]







... Drone operators refer to children as “fun-size terrorists” and liken killing them to “cutting the grass before it grows too long,” said one of the operators, Michael Haas, a former senior airman in the Air Force. ... [The Intercept - 20/11/15]





Noam Chomsky: The real reason Israel "mows the lawn" in Gaza [Alternet - 9/9/14]





Laquan McDonald protesters march on Michigan Avenue on Black Friday [ABC 7 - 27/11/15]








Australia:  More taxpayer handouts for horrible old fascist propagandist [ABC - 27/11/15]








Horrible old fascist tweets: Tribune papers likely to be sold, LA Times split off [Reuters - 27/11/15]





28 November 2015