@b8ch0 [28/5/16]:  Esto son los peligrosos sujetos de los que las fronteras europeas tienen miedo. Llevan esperando tres meses




Several Syrian refugees have successfully appealed their deportation to Turkey from Greece [VIDEO - NOS - 28/5/16]




'Disaster in the making': The many failures of the EU-Turkey refugee deal [Spiegel - 26/5/16]




Mayor admits helping Syrian refugees go into hiding [Dutch News - 13/5/16]




‏@guardiacostiera [28/5/16]:  #SAR #CanalediSicilia #CentraleOperativa #GuardiaCostiera coordina soccorsi. #NaveDattilo GC salva 322 #migranti su un barcone




‏@ItalianNavy [28/5/16]: #SAR Nave Bettica #MarinaMilitare in #MareSicuro ha soccorso gommone con 101 #migranti.




... There's no problem, only solutions ...


'Watching The Wheels', John Lennon [1980]



 400-500 at official No To Racism demo in Moreland despite media hysteria, police intimidation and fascists ...


Image:  ‏@MargieWindisch [28/5/16]



Moreland says NO to Racism rally succeeds in peaceful rally against racism [Sue Bolton - Socialist Alliance Councillor for Moreland]:


Today in Coburg, around 400-500 people rallied peacefully in opposition to the federal government policies that promote racism towards Aborigines, refugees and Muslims.

This was despite the rain. Rally participants included the young and the old, people with children, church groups, interfaith groups, refugees, Muslims and First Nations people.

Rally organisers said that the breadth of the participants and the speakers reflected the cultural diversity of Moreland.

Wurundjeri elder Andrew Gardiner opened the rally with a Welcome to Country. Gardiner told rally participants that “The racism perpetrated against our own people that justified the genocide, is the same racism that is perpetrated against refugees and Muslims. Racism is simply unsustainable and unacceptable in our multicultural community.”

He was followed by Aboriginal elders Gary Murray and Robert Nicholls from the Victorian Traditional Owners Land Justice Group putting the case for Treaty Now with the First Nations people.

Local Muslim woman Nasrin Amin told the rally that “I have chosen to be here to stand up for my basic human right, that is, my freedom to practice my religion without fearing being harassed. The rising trend of Islamophobia and racism dividing our community. This needs to STOP.

“The racists, who cannot tolerate our freedom of choice. They are attacking our mosques, schools, business, and committing violence towards Muslim women. There is no doubt that Muslim women are the easy targets for these racist bigots. Statistics shows that 40 % of the racial attacks occur on public places. 80% of these attacks are targeted towards Muslim women.

Amin added that: “We need to realise that by allowing these racist groups to promote hatred, our politicians are diverting our attention from the real issues, such as, Aboriginal rights, abuse and sufferings of refugees in detention centres, homelessness, aged care, disability, economy, unemployment, health and education.”

Rally organiser Sue Bolton said that the peaceful community rally against racism highlighted the need for a Treaty with the First Nations people, stopping the closure of Aboriginal communities, closing down the Nauru and Manus Island detention centres, letting refugees in to Australia and no to Islamophobia.

A small contingent of approximately 100 fascists travelled to Coburg from outside Melbourne in an attempt to disrupt and shut down the Moreland says NO to Racism community rally.

The fascist threat led to the police mobilising in large numbers and encouraging the shops to shut for the day.

 Organisers did not ask the far right to come to Coburg and did not support the closure of the shops.

Bolton said that “It is the fascist group that led to the shutting down of the Coburg shopping centre for part of the day, not the Moreland says NO to Racism rally.

“If the organisers of the rally had caved in to the fascists and cancelled the rally, then the fascists would feel emboldened to target any group organising around a progressive cause and dictate what people can say.

“Many of the rally participants, especially from the migrant and Muslim communities congratulated the organising committee for bringing together such a diverse range of speakers and community groups and for conducting a peaceful rally.

“The peaceful community rally resisted the threat from the far right by maintaining our right to speak out against racism. What use is a democratic right unless you can use it? We have seen too many repressive regimes overseas that restrict free speech. We have to resist this trend in Australia.

“We have a right to organise protests against the federal government’s racist policies, especially as these are federal election issues. It would be absurd to deny us the right to speak out on these issues.”




Moreland rally against racism [Green Left Weekly - 28/5/16]



‏@MargieWindisch [28/5/16]:  Police intimidation in Coburg. Patting everybody down & searching bags for weapons because we going to demo ...



‏@MargieWindisch [28/5/16]:  Hmmm Ninjas guarding those EBay bargain parcels in #Coburg ...




@ethicalmartini [28/5/16]:  Violent thug pepper sprays journos at fascist rally in #Coburg but media didn't see it  




Day 70 refugee protests, Nauru



Image:  @InsurrectNews [28/5/16]




This man was imprisoned on NAURU by the ALP.   The UNHCR's April visit triggered his suicide. --->  26 y.o. Bangladeshi refugee who died of a heart attack recently in Manus. Immigration Dep't refusing to release his body to his family ‏@JulianBurnside [28/5/16]





Where is Amnesty's statement demanding Australia close its illegal camps and resettle the refugees? ----> We are trying to be safe and strong but for how long !! ...  @SuchNigel [28/5/16]




They should be released and resettled NOW.  What took you so long? --->  ... "Why doesn't Bill Shorten simply say, like many other prime ministers before him, that those small number of genuine refugees will be settled here in Australia the day after the election," Senator Di Natale told reporters in Sydney.

He said if the Greens were in a position to influence the policy of major parties after the election, no one would be sent to Geneva.

"We will be saying let us ensure that those very small numbers of refugees that have been imprisoned on Nauru and Manus Island come to Australia and contribute," he said. [SBS - 28/5/16]




One month since the PNG Supreme Court decision.


As human rights identities toast each other in an endless parade of book launches, documentary screenings, fundraisers and speeches, the Financial Times and New York Times are still the only establishment voices calling on Australia to close its illegal camps and respect the UN Refugee Convention.




Damned lies, News Corp and Australia's political prisoners on Manus Island, Behrouz Boochani [The Saturday Paper - 28/5/16]:


... Have Peter Michael and his fellow journalists ever asked themselves why the Manus prison is operating so confidentially, and why no journalists have been allowed to visit the centres to report directly on conditions?

The answer is crystal clear. The government is engaged in illegal and inhumane policies that they have kept secret from the public.

I emphasise once again that these days, days prior to the election, are vital for refugees, particularly those on Manus Island.

We have been exploited politically for so long, in a brutal and harsh way.

We are really worried, and have been since the Supreme Court decision that ruled our incarceration illegal.

Still, we are kept here.

We are worried about what role the Australian government will make for us in the election and what kind of impact that will have on us.

It feels dangerous because we are powerless.




Please stop exposing refugee men, women and children to even more danger just so you can impliedly endorse the ALP  ---> @petermichaelNQ an Iranian journo detained on #Manus, Behrouz Boochani, would like to talk to you. Could you please follow so I can DM you  "tweeted" by ‏@shanebazzi [16/5/16]




Still waiting for Senator Hanson-Young and the Australian human rights establishment to acknowledge this letter from men illegally incarcerated by the LNP and ALP on Manus Island to PNG's Chief Justice (and cc'd to human rights organisations and Australian politicians), requesting freedom, justice and GENUINE resettlement [via Lynne Murphy - 18/5/16]




What did the IOM do with the $15 million, and why isn't the UNHCR saying what Bruce Haigh is saying? [ABC - 28/5/16]:


... It's a failed policy, phenomenally failed policy, particularly in the face of the fact that these people could be processed and brought to Australia.

It's been inhumane from its outset.


And Saturday AM did invite the Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, to appear on the program today to defend the policy, but a spokesman said the Minister was unavailable.





The Cambodia deal is not "resettlement". Just as the February 2014 attack on Manus wasn't a "riot".  Why doesn't Liam Cochrane ask the UNHCR why they don't want refugees settled in Australia?  




Cambodian officials have confirmed an Iranian refugee, transferred to the Kingdom under a controversial A$55 million deal, has returned to Iran. ... [Phnom Penh Post - 27/5/16]




More than a dozen Montagnard refugees are set to depart from Cambodia for the Philippines today, according to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR). ... [Phnom Penh Post - 27/5/16]




Greens' tedious, reactive responses (using the anti-refugee language of the major parties) betrays their voters.  I will #VOTEINFORMAL 




This is your political and media establishment Australia - and they sleep like babies:  Genocidal US State Department talking point --->  Unfortunately, resettlement in another developed country would be a big fat pull factor. @mumbletwits [28/5/16]




... A/S RICHARD: Well thank you for your question. I did meet with Australian colleagues at the May 29th meeting in Bangkok including the Ambassador for People Smuggling -- or Against People Smuggling, I guess. The United States takes a different approach off our shores to people coming toward us in boats.

You know our Coast Guard intercepts the boats and then conducts interviews on its decks to find out if the people, if the boat people in the Caribbean have a credible fear of persecution or not.

And if it is judged that they are economic migrants they’re returned to places from which they’ve come.

But if it’s judged that they may have a case for asylum then they are not returned and that they get follow-on interviews and they may end up being moved as refugees to a new country.

So the numbers we’re talking about in the Caribbean are quite small, but this, with this approach of ensuring that people get a chance to express their case is a part of what the US is doing that I think is needed throughout the region. I think that’s mostly on that issue. ...




Yahoo [1/6/15]:


... Anne Richard, U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for population, migration and refugees, said resettling all Rohingya refugees in the United States would entice others to leave their homeland.

"The answer to the issue is peace and stability and citizenship for the Rohingyas in Rakhine state, and that is the solution," she said at the end of a three-day visit to Malaysia. ...




Guardian [3/6/15]:


... Goledzinowski [Australia’s ambassador for people smuggling issues, Andrew Goledzinowski] said resettlement was raised during the Bangkok meeting on 29 May.

“All who spoke on resettlement said that this was not a durable solution for the Rohingya problem and that it would constitute a pull factor,” he told a Senate estimates committee on Wednesday.

“The UNHCR was the most articulate on this point.”

He engaged in bilateral meetings with representatives from some of the other 16 countries in attendance, and is adamant that at least one will seek further briefings on adopting Australia’s key asylum seeker measures.

“We also were able to talk a little bit about our own experiences during operation sovereign borders where we’ve been very successful in disrupting people trafficking and smuggling networks,” Goledzinowski said.






... We also told the Australian delegation that since the conference did not formally discuss the Rohingyas - originally slated to be the key point of the conference - that the AHG [Ad Hoc Group] mechanism should be pursued quickly to address this pressing issue.

Bringing Burma to the table was a major accomplishment, we acknowledged; however, we cannot wait for Burma to change its policy before discussing the Rohingya crisis. This can be discussed without Burma.

Foreign Minister Steven Smith later approached us privately to assure us that Australia would press for the AHG mechanism to "be invoked soon to deal with the Rohingyas."

Australia announced at the conference its contribution of AD300,000 to care for the Rohingyas in Aceh.

IOM said the Dutch are promising a similar donation, perhaps conditional upon a U.S. donation. ...



Woodside is considering development options on its two discoveries offshore Myanmar, as well as a 4-7 well drilling campaign next year, the firm said this morning.  ... [OE Digital - 20/5/16]



Sending Marles to Geneva get a selfie with the High Commissioner for Refugees is not "a start".



It's a promise of a stunt by a dying political party.



Shorten has done nothing of the sort ---> @PaulDRonalds  - CEO Save The Children Australia [27/5/16]: Welcome the commitment of @billshortenmp to prioritising the urgent humanitarian needs of refugees on Nauru & Manus.  



You can't support tow back policy then feign concern for those suffering because of it. You monster ---> Frank Brennan questions why Manus & Nauru still operate when we've stopped the boats ... @Lateline [27/5/16]



"Civil disobedience is survival": Ireri Carrasco sues Obama administration for denying her DACA over protests [Democracy Now - 27/5/16]



Border closures strand migrants in Colombia [IRIN - 27/5/16]:


... He [Laharte] told IRIN that two of his travelling companions left the shelter on Tuesday morning to buy detergent and never came back.

The other occupants of the shelter fear the two men were picked up by Colombian authorities and that it’s only a matter of time before the same happens to them.

Three hundred migrants arrested in Turbo have already been deported, according to Colombia´s migration authority, while 120 more are awaiting return to the last country they passed through before entering Colombia.


“We know that some of the Cubans that pass through Turbo are doctors, engineers and architects,” said Turbo Mayor Alejandro Abuchar, who estimates that another 300 Cuban migrants are stranded in Sapzurro, a tiny fishing village on the Colombian side of the border.

He has asked international NGOs to start providing assistance. Currently, the migrants are only being helped by local people. ...




Brawl in the Calais ‘Jungle’ leaves 20 injured [rfi - 27/5/16]



@ItalianNavy [27/5/16]:  #UltimOra #SAR Nave Vega ha soccorso 135 #migranti da barcone semi affondato.Recuperate 45 salme.Continuano ricerche   



28 May 2016