241st day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


#Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [31/3/18]



Brisbane Aboriginal-Sovereign Embassy protest as "Queens Baton Relay" passes through South Bank on its way to the Gold Coast [31/3/18]



Stolenwealth Games boycott – a First Nations and eX-detainee solidarity statement [RISE - 26/3/18]:


... We also encourage people to support the Stolenwealth Games protest actions that will be occurring on the Gold Coast and around Australia from April 4th, 2018.

Unite to resist continuing colonial occupation and imperialism.

Anyone who is coming to participate in the Stolenwealth games or going to watch the games undermines the sovereignty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and over 200 years of genocide and on-going oppression.

Further, they are also complicit in the torture and indefinite detention of refugees in Australia’s onshore and offshore detention camps. This systemic oppression must end. ...



@GraffitiExpert [25/3/18]:  *11 mins in* "of course we have a list" [of potential protesters] Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski All on budget and on time Beattie chimes in ... and as long as protests are ineffectual, we can invoke "bad old Joh days" forever




@MahdiAlizada18 :  74th day of Peaceful protest of Refugees in Balikpapan detention center Saturday 31 / 3 / 2018  



@RezaHaidari1711 [31/3/18]:  ... We have not chosen being Refugee On purpose. Our bad situation made us comple to choose. Please don't ignore us. Refugees in Balikpapan.  



@Stranger4Ay [31/3/18]:  Day 74 Please watch and #Retweet #refugee #Balikpapan @vanbadham @basirahang @lynnemurphy1 @Dean11704 @hazaranet @bismillahranjb2 @I_stand_for @UNHCRCanberra @CantStandBy_AUS @rainintlorg @raicindonesia @Refugees @IOM_Indonesia @UNmigration @USAforIOM



@VoiceMigrants [31/3/18]:  Refugees in Indonesia when they were supposed to go to Australia cross the ocean by boat faced with new rule in july,2013 which was refugees' entry ban by boat it is five years that refugees have been staying behind the shut doors of Australia  



@VoiceMigrants [30/3/18]:  Community houses are going to be detention houses in #BEKAN_BARU in #Indonesia. It is the real meaning of human rights violation under UNHCR's eyes. ...



@Aussie4Refugees [26/3/18]:  What happens when organisations like UNHCR and IOM are complicit in racist, genocidal policies that keep refugees out of countries who are supposedly signatories to the refugee convention  


Not long ago, a young father hanged himself in Bogor, West Java.

He was a refugee trapped in Indonesia.

After the U.N. refugee agency (UNHCR) informed refugees in Indonesia that it is unlikely they will ever be resettled, he lost all hope - and with it his life.

The lack of a long-term solution for refugees is taking its toll on the resilience of vulnerable people here in Indonesia.

His despair represents all refugees here. I know because I am also one of the 14,000 refugees trapped in Indonesia. ...


From 2011 to 2013 Australia channelled more than $90 million through the IOM for programmes in the region, “including the upgrade and refurbishment of existing detention facilities” in Indonesia.



Guardian apologises for advertising £2,500 ‘crisis tourism’ holiday to Greece accompanied by journalist [Press Gazette - 29/3/18]



@ErikGerhardsson [30/3/18]:  Today five refugee boats carrying approximately 224 men, women & children has arrived to the Greek islands. ...



@ErikGerhardsson [29/3/18]:  The arrivals continue as two refugee boats carrying 94 people arrived to Lesvos during the night. 



@ErikGerhardsson [29/3/18]:  One refugee boat carrying 9 people arrived to the Greek island of Kos last night. ... 



@laganagan [28/3/18]: Judge throws out accusations against rescue group @openarms_fund of criminal conspiracy to abet “illegal” migration - & deposits evidence showing that Italian navy ship acting as Libyan rescue centre ordered NGO to violate intl law by handing over refugees  



@rspaegean [28/3/18]:  Since Tuesday evening, around 350 refugees landed @Lesvos shores - Moria hotspot has reported capacity for 3000 but refugees living there are over 5,400. #stopthetoxicdeal #refugees #Greece



‏@rspaegean [27/3/18]: Afghan family with four minor children with health problems has been arrested and held at Lesbos police station for the purpose of readmission to Turkey under the ‘deal’ #stopthetoxicdeal #refugeesGR  



Last year 12,666 people were forcibly deported from the UK - an average of nearly 35 people every day, often on commercial flights filled with holidaymakers, families and business travellers. 

But unlike the other passengers, they arrive accompanied by border police.

They’re often restrained, in preparation for being sent back to their country of origin after failed asylum claims, criminal activity, or breaching immigration rules. 

Although most of these deportations happen without incident, some have gone terribly wrong.

The process was reformed after the death of Jimmy Mubenga during one such deportation in 2010. 

However, on Saturday March 24th HuffPost UK witnessed an attempted deportation that left a man screaming in pain, with guards telling him to “shut the fuck up” and warning him that the “gloves are off”.

Passengers aboard the Turkish Airlines flight expressed shock at his treatment.

The guards told air stewards to prevent any recording of the events, and they in turn instructed passengers to stop recording the incident.   An audio recorded by HuffPost UK reveals the grim reality of that attempted forced deportation. 

It is a 20-minute recording of the incident, between a man, who was referred to as Abdul, and at least five border police officers.  ... [Huffington Post - 30/3/18]



They put her in handcuffs. [Detained Voices - 28/3/18]:


There is a problem.

There is a woman who has been in Yarl’s Wood for a year. She was in the kitchen all day working. They told her nothing.

Tonight, 7 male officers came to take her. They put her in handcuffs. It was very violent. She cried. She cried so much.  She was shouting help me, help me, help me.

Everybody jumped from their rooms into the corridor. We went to the door.  We said “go away leave the girl alone”. The officers were shouting back at us. The officers were saying “What the fuck are you doing? Go in your rooms. Shut your mouths.”

They talk like that, you understand. It’s not funny. What is wrong with people here. We said why are you being rude to us, like the gestapo.

They bully, bully bully you. It’s not nice. It’s violent, it’s very violent.

Why are we not allowed phones with cameras in here?

They are hiding something you know, they are guilty. And they feel guilty because they are hiding something.



Hunger strike renews concerns over health in UK detention centres [The BMJ - 29/3/18]



@DLPublicLaw [28/3/18]:  After challenges to policy on #detention of #torture survivors, #HomeOffice has 'redefined' torture ...  History's taught us to be sceptical. With no clear #legal or #medical basis to def, we anticipate confusion & continued detention of torture survivors.  



Not a peep about Assange from the stand for nothing Australian political, media, human rights establishment, cultural elites, religious leaders and legal fraternity.


Their fraudulence is confirmed.  They are officially DEAD.




@telesurenglish [30/3/18]:  ... Open letter from Noam Chomsky and others criticizes Ecuador for stifling #Assange's freedom of speech. 



... "If there is no freedom of speech for Julian Assange, there is no freedom of speech for any of us – regardless of the disparate opinions we hold," it reads.  ... [teleSUR - 30/3/18]



Ecuador: 3 journalists kidnapped on northern border [teleSUR - 27/3/18]:


... In light of these border assaults, President Moreno invited U.S. military officials to Ecuador to "strengthen friendships between the two countries... discuss bilateral cooperation and fight against transnational narcotrafficking."

The U.S. embassy in Quito says the Deputy Commander of the U.S. Southern Command, Joseph P. DiSalvo, and Liliana Ayalde, civilian deputy of Southern Command are visiting the country to "listen to the ideas and worries of the defense authorities and civil authorities, and to reiterate Southern Command's commitment to boost and strengthen the friendship between the two countries." ...



@CiaronOReilly [30/3/18]:  #ReconnectJulian Waiting & watching outside Ecuadorian embassy, London on Good Friday. Clara in her sixth year of solidarity vigil with Julian #Assange in fair weather & foul. Speak out & act up for our movement's prisoners. He's in there for us, we're on the streets for him!  



@greekemmy [30/3/18]:  Solidarity with Julian #Assange on #GoodFriday #StagesOfTheCross #Easter 



@SMaurizi [30/3/18]:  at the #EcuadorianEmbassy in London jammers keep Julian #Assange unable to communicate with the outside world, electronic comms and phones do NOT work



Silencing Julian Assange [The Daily Star - 31/3/18]:


... What are the implications of such a decision, especially in regards to press freedom?


The implications of this decision are that the human rights of an arbitrarily confined political prisoner are now negotiable according to Ecuador. This is a horrific precedent to set and cannot be tolerated.

Ecuador has stood up to international pressure for years in their protection of Assange, and to bow to pressure from Spain in this instance is very sad to see. It also demonstrates Assange's selflessness.

He would have known very well that Ecuador is close to Spain, yet he spoke out continually in defence of the Catalonian people without pause. This type of selflessness was also evident when Assange rescued Edward Snowden from Hong Kong, as mentioned by many on the panel.

Julian Assange's isolation represents not only an attack on his human rights, on his right to free speech and to contact his loved ones, but is also a direct attack on his ability to function as a journalist.

So Ecuador's decision is also an attack on press freedom. Assange is a citizen of that country and has been given diplomatic immunity. Ecuador demeans itself when it treats its citizens in this manner. ...



Silencing of Assange sparks historic ten-hour online vigil to #ReconnectJulian [ZeroHedge - 30/3/18]



@couragefound [30/3/18]:  Statement from Ecuadorian Human Rights Commission: Julian Assange's "indefinite isolation...violates [his] freedom of opinion and expression", calls for it to end immediately ... #reconnectJulian 



@couragefound [29/3/18]:  Now over 20,000 have signed the petition to end Julian Assange's isolation #ReconnectJulian 



Compare and contrast ...





28 March 2018