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Mr Dutton is simply carrying out Australian Labor Party anti-refugee policy, Mr Shorten is also "heartless and hateful" ---> ... #MR:Dutton you’re heartless and hateful person ever in the history of humanity. It’s 179 days of peaceful protest #Manus refugees [West Lorengau] @sunosi3 [28/1/18]



@Shamindan1 [28/1/18]:  ... Day 179 peaceful protest. [West Haus, Manus Island]



STOP protecting Bill "it is OUR policy" Shorten and START protecting refugees.



10 years since the ALP won a landslide election promising to #ENDTHEPOLICY #CLOSETHECAMPS and #FREETHEREFUGEES


7 years since Bill Shorten knifed that leader - Kevin Rudd


6 years since the ALP re-opened the camps


 Nearly 5 years since the ALP indefinitely imprisoned and exiled refugees on Manus Island and Nauru


If you aren't criticising Shorten and the Australian Labor Party, you are complicit in perpetuating this policy.



That's the sound of justice ...


'Love at the Gate', Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Gospel Choir [2018]



The New York Civil Liberties Union and the American Civil Liberties Union today filed an amicus brief challenging the detention of immigrant rights leader and New Sanctuary Coalition of NYC Executive Director Ravi Ragbir, who was arrested earlier this month during a regular check in with immigration officials.

The groups argue that Ragbir’s detention is contrary to Immigration and Customs Enforcement regulations and represents an alarming trend in which ICE targets immigrant rights leaders for deportation. ... [Media Release - 26/1/18]



Royal Bahamas Defense Force capture and detain 70 Haitian migrants with assistance from the US Coast Guard [Tribune 242 - 24/1/18]



New Zealand rescuers have found seven survivors from a ferry carrying an estimated 50 people that went missing more than a week ago from the Pacific nation of Kiribati.

Defence Force Air Commodore Darryn Webb says a military Orion plane found the survivors Sunday aboard a small dinghy and dropped them supplies including food, water and a radio.

He says a fishing vessel has diverted to the location and is expected to pick up the survivors Sunday afternoon. ... [CTV - 27/1/18]



US Defense Secretary Mattis describes North Korea as ‘threat to the entire world’ [US Pacific Command -27/1/18]



US bombers in Guam seen readying for tactical nuclear strike on North Korea [ - 26/1/18]



Truth or treason? Dirty secrets of the Korean war [Counterpunch - 26/1/16]:


... In Australia, the source of many such attacks is the right wing magazine Quadrant, once financed by the CIA.

One of its editors, Robert Manne, led, and still occasionally leads, the Antipodean anti-Burchett forces.

Slanders published in Quadrant are usually picked up by Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian and other media outlets Down Under.

Thus Burchett, the traitor, communist propagandist, brainwasher, torturer etc. is kept alive.

Refutations of  these slanderous narratives by distinguished historians, like Professor Gavan McCormack of the ANU, are usually confined to academic journals and ignored by Wilfred Burchett’s vociferous detractors.

It is an uneven battle. ...



Queensland company NIOA awarded $100 million contract to supply 155 millimetre Lightweight Towed Howitzer ammunition to the Army [Department of Defence Media Release - 23/1/18]



Sergeant Robert Lewis from the Australian Army Cadets is encouraging anyone who is interested in joining the Ipswich branch to come along to their upcoming recruit information nights.

The 127 Army Cadets Unit (ACU) will welcome the public at the Army Reserve Depot located on Milford Street, Ipswich, on Tuesday, January 30 and Tuesday, February 6.

Kids aged between 13 and 17 are welcome to join, where they will have the opportunity to learn lots of life skills and partake in a wide array of fun activities. ... [Queensland Times - 24/1/18]



Lockheed wins $459 million US defence contract - Pentagon [Reuters- 27/1/18]



Friendly fire, mass grave; 90 killed in Iraq [ - 27/1/18]



A 4-year-old girl was the sole survivor of a US drone strike in Afghanistan. Then she disappeared. [The Intercept - 27/1/18]:


... These were men and women Mohibullah had grown up with, but he couldn’t recognize any of them.

Their mangled body parts made it difficult to ascertain where one person ended and another began: spilled brains over severed limbs over ground flesh.

Amid the charred corpses, he found a woman who appeared to be nearing death.

Nearby, a girl lay mute. Mohibullah did not recognize the girl — her face had been “scrambled, she didn’t have her nose.”

She still had both of her legs, but he wasn’t sure if her torso was connecting them to the rest of her body.

It wasn’t until she asked in a frail voice — “Where is my father? Where is my mother?” — that he understood her to be his 4-year-old niece Aisha. ...



The death toll from a suicide bombing carried out through an ambulance has risen to 95, with 151 others wounded near the Jamuriat Hospital in Kabul on Saturday, officials said. ... [Pajhwok - 27/1/18]



... One of those killed was Auckland doctor Hashem Slaimankhel, who was due to fly back to New Zealand today.

Mr Slaimankhel moved to New Zealand in the early 1990s as a refugee and worked in refugee resettlement for the Auckland District Health Board.

Mr Slaimankhel was an elder member of Auckland's Muslim community.

Ponsonby Mosque secretary Firoz Patel said Mr Slaimankhel, who had been on a family trip to Kabul since November, was a well respected member of the Muslim community. ... [RNZI - 28/1/18]



Four civilians injured due to shelling attack in Homs [SANA - 28/1/18]



Authorities in Syria's Kurdish autonomous region said Sunday they would not attend peace talks in Russia's Sochi next week because of Turkey's offensive against the Kurdish enclave of Afrin. ... [Daily Star - 28/1/18]



Uncle Sam dumps the Kurds (yet again) [The Saker - 26/1/18]



US and coalition warplanes attacked the village of Shafah, in eastern Syria, overnight on Tuesday, killing at least 13 civilians and by some accounting 15.

Seven of the slain were women. ... [ - 25/1/18]



Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will fly to Moscow to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin next week, confirmed the Prime Minister's Office.

The meeting is likely to deal with Iran and its involvement in Syria, reported the Jerusalem Post. ... [Yahoo - 25/1/18]



Polish lawmakers approved a bill on Friday that makes it a crime, punishable by up to three years in prison, to use statements suggesting Poland bears responsibility for crimes against humanity committed by Nazi Germany.

The bill will also make it illegal to deny the murder of about 100,000 Poles by units in the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) during World War Two, a move likely to increase tensions with neighbouring Ukraine. Artistic and scientific activity will be exempt. ... [Reuters - 27/1/18]



@JulianAssange [27/1/18]:  Holocaust: The ignored reality. Most victims were Slavs (including Jewish Slavs). ...



@davidsheen [27/1/18]:  Local artist Zeev “Shoshke” Engelmayer designs faux logo for the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel, featuring boats of black folks drowning in the Mediterranean – the fate of many of the non-Jewish African refugees that Israel’s deported in recent years  



@davidsheen [27/1/18]:  “Israel don’t forget your history” – in Berlin, at some of the stones stuck in the pavement to mark the homes that Jews were removed from before being sent to their deaths during the Nazi Holocaust, pics of the African refugees that Israel deported to their deaths in recent years  



@davidsheen [27/1/18]:  For Int’l Holocaust Remembrance Day, a short video about what frames my own understanding of the Shoah. A few years before he died, my grandfather was interviewed about his youth & how he survived WWII. In this final chapter, he explains his views on God ...



Today Hesam announced that a few days ago he got transferred to Moria prison and that he was not allowed to use cellphone ... @AHampay [27/1/18]



@MSFsci [26/1/18]: Addressing the disturbing conditions to which refugees are subjected in the Moria camp in Lesbos, #Greece ...



@Fotomovimiento [25/1/18]:  Everything perfect in #Vial. Photos 3 days ago. ...



@ErikGerhardsson [27/1/17]:  Since yesterday late in the evening 5 refugee boats carrying 216 men, women & children has arrived to Lesvos. After many days of terrible weather condition and no new arrivals to the Greek islands. ...



Around 800 migrants were rescued in the Mediterranean on Saturday as they tried to reach Europe and two bodies were recovered, Italy’s coast guard, which coordinated the rescues, said in a statement.

No details about the nationalities of those rescued were given, nor was there further information about the deaths. ... [Reuters - 27/1/18]



@seawatchcrew [27/1/18]:  Aufreibender Samstag bei uns! Frühs um 7 erreicht uns der Rettungsnotruf. Holzboot treibt auf dem Mittelmeer, wir sollen die Menschen an Bord holen. Nachdem wir die Rettung abgeschlossen haben, gibt's gleich den nächsten Einsatz. Gerade auf dem Weg hin. Und euer Samstag so?



The number of refugees Irish Naval Service vessels rescued in humanitarian operations fell from 7,029 in 2016 to 1,888 last year, after a change in policy to focus on security operations targeting smugglers and a drop in the number of people attempting to cross the Mediterranean sea. ... [Irish Times - 25/1/18]



Libyan violence driving sharp increase in Mediterranean migrants [26/1/18]



Gunfire used against passengers as migrant boat sinks off Yemen [Guardian - 27/1/18]:


... Last March, a helicopter opened fire on a vessel carrying more than 140 migrants in the Red Sea off the Yemen coast, killing 42 civilians.

A confidential UN report seen by AFP said the attack was most likely carried out by the Saudi-led coalition



Sharon Bala is thrilled that her first novel, The Boat People, is on the longlist for Canada Reads.


She is the daughter of a Tamil father and a Sinhalese mother, and their mixed marriage was not an aberration.

They lived peacefully in Colombo, the capital city of Sri Lanka, with many different types of people.

The Sri Lankan war began as rampant nationalism, as Sinhalese first, says Bala.

“And now you hear America first and Britain first. Last year I was sad but now I’m furious and baffled by how credulous people can be.”

She intended The Boat People to be a history lesson, not a warning bell.

The novel, published by McLelland & Stewart in Canada and Doubleday in the U.S., was inspired by a visit to Halifax’s National Museum of Immigration in 2010.

“I was struck by Pier 21 as a landing pad for waves and waves of people coming through — war brides, children evacuated out of England, the Hungarians — and there was this quote from an immigration official: ‘You have come to a good country. There is room for you here.’

“At the same time there was a boat full of Tamil refugees who’d just arrived and the government was trying to shut the door in their faces. I felt concerned for people who could have been me.”  ... [The Chronicle Herald - 26/1/18]



Sinhala students attack Tamil student in Vavuniya [Tamil Guardian - 27/1/18]



Navy intelligence officers threaten Tamils protesting against land grabs in Kayts [Tamil Guardian - 25/1/18]



A nine year old girl was killed in Pungudutivu this week by a Sri Lankan navy vehicle following a collision near the local school. 

The victim, Kesana Thirulangam was killed at the scene.

Her uncle, whose motorcycle she was travelling on to school, has been admitted to hospital with serious injuries. 

The military vehicle involved in the accident was carrying food to the nearby navy base. 

Police officers have been deployed to the area after residents expressed anger at the navy's presence in the region.  [Tamil Guardian - 24/1/18]



Safe but stuck — Life inside a Rohingya refugee camp [The Irrawaddy - 26/1/18]



@nslwin : #Rohingya survivors and refugees in #Bangladesh staged protest today (26th Jan) at 5PM against plans to send them back to #Myanmar.  



@nslwin : As the #Rohingya in #UHlaPhay village #Buthidaung have been under attack by #Myanmar security forces for almost a week the villager started fleeing to #Bangladesh. This filmed today (26th Jan). ...



... Even the still-emerging Myanmar, where Woodside Petroleum is present offshore, is seen to be set for a gas boom despite receiving a low global score of only 56.05 from a Fraser Institute survey of last year (which is still ahead of Victoria).  Southeast Asia set for gas boom [ENB - 25/1/18]



Bangladesh golfer skips Myanmar Open over Rohingya crisis  [Coconuts Yangon - 25/1/18]



Veteran U.S. diplomat Bill Richardson has resigned from an international panel set up by Myanmar to advise on the Rohingya crisis, saying it was conducting a “whitewash” and accusing the country’s leader Aung San Suu Kyi of lacking “moral leadership”. ... [Reuters - 24/1/18] 




28 January 2018