There never was - a "US Deal".  Media, rights organisations and "advocates" who keep pretending Trump has anything do with this fiction, and/or that Turnbull is responsible for the ALP's anti-refugee policy, are sustaining the cruelty [Guardian - 28/1/17]



Turnbull maintains the fiction of the "US Deal" because there is no opposition and no functioning media in Australia [Nine MSN - 28/1/17]



Extraordinary story of man's desperate escape from Australia's anti-refugee regime to seek asylum in Fiji, and then silence?  Seriously?  [Sydney Morning Herald - 28/1/17] <--- Will the NGOs, rights organisations and "advocates" taking the time to tweet this story urge protection for Loghman Sawari, as well as FINALLY condemn the policy?



You would think there'd be something about it in the Fiji Times - wouldn't you? ---> Pacific energy conducted draws on their Fuel Up and Win promotion in their branch in Kinoya today.

The major prize is a trip to the Shell Motorsports event that is to take place in Melboune, Australia in March this year. ... [Fiji Times - 28/1/17]



‏@WLArtForce [26/1/17]:  WikiLeaks editor Sarah Harrison interviewed in @voguemagazine, 2 years after helping Snowden to safety ...



‏@wikileaks [28/1/17]:  CIA doc relevant to US visa ban: What if Foreigners Realize that the US is an Exporter of Terrorism? ...



Obama created a deportation machine. Now it's Trump's [Guardian - 21/11/16]:


... Strangely enough, what sounds so terrifying coming out of Trump’s mouth today is not so different from what Obama, minus the brazen racism, has articulated as policy in recent years.

“Felons, not families. Criminals, not children. Gang members, not a mom that’s working hard to provide for her kids,” said Obama in 2014.

“If you meet the criteria, you can come out of the shadows and get right with the law. If you’re a criminal, you’ll be deported.”

The ACLU’s executive director, Anthony Romero, has noted: “Obama’s failure to rein in George Bush’s national security policies hands Donald Trump a fully loaded weapon.”

 To extend that analogy on immigration: Obama has provided Trump with fully loaded weapons, bullets and a well-trained army. ...



Amid more incendiary talk, Manus MP Ronnie Knight makes some sensible points. Indeed Ronnie - so why is the UNHCR mute? [The National - 27/1/17]:


... He is asking the governments of Australia and Papua New Guinea to take responsibility and do the right thing by engaging the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees to assist with the relocation of the asylum seekers.

“We cannot leave them on Manus.

“There can be a mass disturbance or protest any time by the locals because they have grudges against the asylum seekers and Australians on Manus Island.”

Meanwhile, the asylum seekers have filed a fresh case at the Supreme Court seeking orders for their release and compensation for their illegal detention.

Their lawyer Ben Lomai told The National earlier that his clients did not want to stay on Manus Island anymore.



Manus Governor gives parliamentary rant against Australia's stateless, rights-deprived political prisoners; says he will travel to Manus next week to seek ways of subverting the PNG Supreme Court decision [PNG Loop - 27/1/17]



Ambassador reaffirms US influence on "illegal immigration" to stay in the Pacific [Fiji Times - 28/1/17]:


... "The US is a Pacific nation. Our friendship with Fiji and the other Pacific Island nations is deep and abiding. We will remain committed to strengthening our co-operation in areas of mutual interest." ...



A 15-member team from the USA Naval vessel USS Michael Murphy took time out from their busy schedules to conduct a clean-up campaign at the Samabula Senior Citizens Homes. ... [Fiji Times - 27/1/17]




US Ambassador Cefkin with the Republic of Nauru media team [US Embassy Suva - 17/8/15]



... When Pacific Standard reached out to Nauru Ambassador Judith Cefkin for her thoughts on the refugee camp conditions, she sent back only a boilerplate response:

“We encourage all countries to work with the U.N. High Commissioner for Refugees to find durable solutions for refugees and asylum seekers.” ... Nauru: A ‘Human Dumping Ground’, Julie Morse [Pacific Standard - 12/4/16]



... With over one thousand people shot dead by US law enforcement agents each year, the alleged risk posed by Guantánamo prisoners to the US is clearly exaggerated, and with the naval base home to another indefinite detention facility since 1991, for immigration detainees, there is no interest in ending indefinite arbitrary detention, a highly lucrative business. ... Why Obama didn't close Guantánamo [One Small Window - 7/1/17]



As President Donald Trump sets out to ramp up immigration enforcement, the system already is overwhelmed — not just with the “criminals” Trump has said he will target, but also with people not accused of any crime, many seeking asylum in the U.S. using their rights under international law.

One such asylum seeker, currently detained at the Imperial Regional Detention Facility in Calexico, is Mohamed Hassan, a Somali native who fled, saying a terrorist group tortured him and wanted to kill him because he made a career out of singing and dancing to Western music like Michael Jackson, Eminem and Shakira. ... [The San Diego Union-Tribune - 20/1/17]




Political prisoners display the faces of their friends who Australia has tortured and killed - Nauru, May 2016




28 January 2017