The Poet's Obligation


Pablo Neruda


To whoever is not listening to the sea

this Friday morning, to who ever is cooped up

in house or office, factory or woman

or street or mine or dry prison cell,

to him I come, and without speaking or looking

I arrive and open the door of his prison,

and a vibration starts up, vague and insistent,

a long rumble of thunder adds itself

to the weigh of the planet and the foam,

the groaning rivers of the ocean rise,

the star vibrates quickly in its corona

and the sea beats, dies, and goes on beating.

So. Drawn on by my destiny,

I ceaselessly must listen to and keep

the sea's lamenting in my consciousness,

I must feel the crash of the hard water

and gather it up in a perpetual cup

so that, wherever those in prison may be,

wherever they suffer the sentence of the autumn,

I may be present with an errant wave,

I may move in and out of the windows,

and hearing me, eyes may lift themselves,

asking "How can I reach the sea?"

And I will pass to them, saying nothing,

the starry echoes of the wave,

a breaking up of foam and quicksand,

a rustling of salt withdrawing itself,

the gray cry of sea birds on the coast.

So, through me, freedom and the sea

will call in answer to the shrouded heart.





... The Iranian Resistance calls on the international community, especially the UN High Commissioner for Refugees and the European Union and its member states, to condemn Australia’s ill-treatment of Iranian refugees and their expulsion from its soil in flagrant violation of international conventions and covenants and it further urges political parties and organizations defending refugee rights and human rights in Australia to rush to the aid of these refugees and prevent pressures brought upon them and their refoulement to Iran.  Iranian refugee, 23, self-immolates; call for support for Iranian refugees in Australia [Media Release - 28/4/16]




@Mums4Refugees [28/4/16]:  Heartbreaking message from one of Omid's friends on Nauru. ...:


Nana (Omid's wife) said Omid was transferred too late and she was told by doctors he was [brain dead] before he arrived to Brisbane, the doctor also said that if he was transferred to aus earlier maybe we could do something for him.

Please tell to media.


We are not animal.




Apparently the Australian government transferred Omid, a critically injured refugee, by glorified taxi service (EMT). [ABC - 28/4/16]




Patient Transport:



EMT Medical Services specialises in Non-Emergency Patient Transport Services for public and private healthcare facilities, rehabilitation facilities and aged care residential centres. ...





The object of persecution is persecution.


The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power.



'Nineteen Eighty-Four', George Orwell [1949]





...  The ABC understands the man has been on Nauru for three years. [ABC - 28/4/16]




Refugees on Nauru have been protesting for over a month.   Get Up's silence until now may be partially responsible for this man's attempted suicide. 

Their sudden, confected concern - which appears to be more about seizing upon another tragedy to score partisan goals - is nauseating. [Brisbane Times - 28/4/16]:


A candlelight vigil was held outside the hospital organised by advocacy group GetUp.

GetUp campaigner Ellen Roberts told Fairfax Media they wanted to show the people of Brisbane cared. ...




Attention Get Up! and Brisbane ALP fans.


Refugees on Nauru don't want candlelight vigils.





Day 40, refugee protests on Nauru [VIDEO]





via ‏@InsurrectNews [28/4/16]





Federal court case involving Australia's use of rape and abortion as "deterrence" weapon against refugees, continues [The Age - 28/4/16]:


Australia ignored urgent pleas from its own medical experts to bring a refugee raped on Nauru to Australia for an abortion.

The Federal Court is considering the case of a young African woman, known only by the pseudonym S99, who was in the midst of a violent epilepsy seizure and barely conscious when she was raped on Nauru. ...





US Ambassador Cefkin with the Republic of Nauru media team [US Embassy Suva - 17/8/15]




You can call to end unjust and inhumane refugee policy, or you can wish for the election of the ALP.


You cannot do both because they are mutually exclusive.



Refugee Action Collective Queensland invite you to participate in another evening of pro-ALP protest theatre:



29 April at 17:00 King George Square, Brisbane


 GED KEARNEY, president of the ACTU, longtime trade unionist and refugee supporter, will be one of the featured speakers on the rally.


We need as many people out in the streets to demand freedom and justice for all these asylum seekers. <--- True.  But chanting "Shame Shame Dutton Shame" like you do everytime you parade around the CBD, impliedly endorses Shorten and Marles, because you are pushing their election by default.




Queensland "Greens" help pro-detention, pro-torture ALP with their election campaign:




29 April at 18:00 Queens Park


Corner Elizabeth and George Streets, Brisbane


Speakers include:

Senator Claire Moore, ALP

Kirsten Lovejoy, The Greens

Benedict Coyne, Australian Lawyers for Human Rights

Susan Giblin, Amnesty International

As we approach the first anniversary of Indonesia executing a group of prisoners, including Australians Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran, we come together to mourn their passing and to re-commit to the cause that the death penalty is wrong in all cases, in all countries and in all circumstances.

Awful news has come out of Indonesia that the Attorney-General is preparing to resume executions in the very near future.

Please come along and add your voice to the growing opposition worldwide to the death penalty.




Take aim, fire at will: Australian hypocrisy on a high pedestal, Pierre Marthinus [Jakarta Post - 24/1/15]:


... Australian government appeals are neither heroic nor heartfelt; Canberra is merely trying to save their own “subject bodies” from the firing squad, while slowly disposing of “abject bodies” it does not want through inhumane detention camps or returning them to foreign regimes that will probably finish the job for them.

Indonesia paying “blood money” to save the “subject bodies” of Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia from beheading is no less hypocritical as these efforts are done against the backdrop of killing off “abject bodies” that were once warmly received as guests in Bali.

Australia and Indonesia betray human rights and violate human dignity alike by abusing the criminalized and illegal “abject bodies” in surprisingly similar ways, differing only in their preferred legal methods and comfortable distance acceptable to their respective publics.

All lives matter greatly, not just Australian ones.

Any debate that does not start from these fundamental premises of equality of human life and dignity is not worth visiting and is a waste of the Indonesian public’s valuable attention and time.





Why didn't Lexi Metherell ask UNHCR Australia's Catherine Stubberfield what they were doing on Manus and Nauru over the past week?




Because the ABC Classic FM audience has no interest in the UNHCR Australia's recent activities on Manus and Nauru, and that refugees are explicitly protesting the complicity of aid agencies, NGOs and the UN in the Australian government's denial of their right to seek asylum?



In the space of 15-16 years, the displaced population has risen by some 40 million people, @NaomiCSteer tells us on @ABCClassic - tune in



"tweeted" by @UNrefugees - Australia for UNHCR [28/4/16]




Did she condemn Australia's illegal refugee policy, and call for the immediate release of the men, women and children whose lives are currently imperilled, or was she just fundraising? ---->  ‏@UNrefugees - Australia for UNHCR [28/4/16]:   Tune into @ABCClassic now to hear our National Director @NaomiCSteer speak about the intl #refugee situation with @HistoryGirlKate




You gave this the tick of approval before the PNG Supreme Court decision UNHCR Australia?   ---->  Australia tortures refugees for three years then says they are to be deported [ABC - 25/4/16]:


... This means Boochani remains detained with asylum seekers who have had their refugee claims refused and have been told they have no option but to return to their countries of origin.




... Representatives from the UNHCR visited the Manus Island detention centre last week and met the men detained there.


The UNHCR in Australia has been approached for comment. ... [Guardian - 18/4/16] 




UNHCR "welcomes" Australia's lies about releasing refugees on Nauru [5/10/15]





PNG lawyer to file application for Manus refugees to be released into the care of the Commonwealth of Australia [SBS - 28/4/16]:

… Port Moresby-based lawyer Ben Lomai, who acts for about 600 of the detainees, said they have not yet been released from the centre.

“The important point is we will be seeking leave to join Australia, as a party to these proceedings, and then I’ll get an order to have the asylum seekers returned back to Australia,” he said.

“In that way, we don’t have to worry about seeking to apply to enforce judgement in a foreign jurisdiction.

The application will seek an order from the Supreme Court that "asylum seekers and the refugees, who were the subject to the memorandum of agreements between PNG and Commonwealth of Australia, shall forthwith be released into the care of the Commonwealth of Australia and be returned back to Australia, being the first port of entry, within 30 days or a time practicable, but not less than 60 days, from the date of this order."

Mr Lomai said he expects to file the application by tomorrow for a hearing to be scheduled for Monday.

“Of course we will be serving on the consulate here on behalf of the Commonwealth of Australia, and that will take some time for them to have a look at the documents,” he said.


Mr Lomai said contempt of court proceedings would also be filed if the detainees were not released. ...






Broadspectrum aka Transfield shares in trading halt following PNG Supreme Court decision [ASX - 28/4/16]




... One other consistent theme over the past two years has been the staunch support for the board by canny institutional investor Allan Gray.

Its 19 per cent stake will be influential in the success or otherwise of the Ferrovial offer.

Ferrovial is a determined bidder. It first offered $2 a share for the company in 2014 when it was known as Transfield Services.

Following that failed offer, the Broadspectrum share price fell about 60 per cent.

However, shareholders who thought they were left in a hole found themselves facing a new offer at $1.35 a share last December.

The second offer, which had a minimum acceptance condition of 50.01 per cent, offered a 59 per cent premium to the previous closing price.

Smith-Gander and her colleagues did well to get Ferrovial to bid against itself and raise the offer to $1.50 a share.

That higher offer attracted the interest of hedge funds keen to cash in on the arbitrage opportunity.

It would seem those same hedge funds started bailing out this week when it was revealed that acceptances to the Ferrovial offer had only reached 16 per cent. ... [Australian Financial Review - 28/4/16]








... Now, it doesn’t require Manus to close immediately. ...



Australia's protected and unaccountable Minister for Immigration Peter Dutton [28/4/16]




This is not a "significant departure". It is scripted campaigning for Shorten. [Guardian - 28/4/16]:



...  James Massola reveals in Fairfax newspapers that three Labor MPs – lower house member Melissa Parke, and senators Lisa Singh and Sue Lines – have called for the men on Manus Island to be brought to Australia, in the wake of the PNG supreme court’s judgement that their detention is illegal.

“It’s inevitable that the government will need to have another plan for what is going to happen and the most logical thing to do is to bring those people to Australia,” Parke told Fairfax.

“We have caused them enough suffering already. This is a sick game and it needs to end.”

After stern defences of Labor’s commitment to offshore processing from party leader Bill Shorten and shadow immigration minister Richard Marles, this is a significant departure.

There has been growing disquiet within Labor’s left faction over the hardline approach to asylum issues.  <--- WHAT A CROCK OF SHIT.  THE ALP ARE AN EXTREME RIGHT-WING PARTY. THE MACHINE IS BUSY SUFFOCATING GENUINE PROTEST AND DISCIPLINING ACTIVISTS.

 Parke, a lawyer for the United Nations before she entered parliament, has long been a critic of offshore processing.

She is retiring at the election.  ...




... Burke and Parke said they would continue to work for the election of a Shorten-led Labor government at this year’s election.   <--- Only a fraud or a fool stays in - and/or supports - a party whose policies they disagree with. [Labor alibi Melissa Parke won't recontest seat - Guardian - 22/1/16]




The Saturday Paper [27/9/14]:


... [Melissa] Parke plays a different role, as Labor navigates an awkward environment in which its options for criticising the government are circumscribed by its desire to be part of Team Australia.

She provides an alibi for Labor to avoid a loss of votes to the Greens as it joins the government in backing tougher terror laws and military action in the Middle East and continues to offer bipartisan support for offshore processing of asylum seekers.

Some Coalition MPs argue Bernardi plays a similar role in placating those Liberal supporters who were disappointed that Abbott abandoned the 18C changes.

As Labor leader Bill Shorten stresses that he is “working very well together” with Abbott on national security, it doesn’t hurt to have at least one opposition MP putting an alternative view. It’s a fine line, though, as left-wing Labor senator Sue Lines discovered late last month when Shorten rebuked her for accusing the government of using the threat of terrorism to deflect attention from the budget.

Back in May when Parke and Burke first raised their intention to pursue a caucus motion on ending offshore detention, there was frustration among Labor MPs at the timing, distracting as it did from the backlash to the budget. The motion was destined to fail.

Some also feared that, by reopening the debate, Parke was risking exposing Labor to attack over whether it was strong enough to manage the electorally sensitive issue.

But Parke is not a loose cannon and her recent statements have been carefully worded.

Even dissent in modern Labor is often tightly scripted.

Although Dastyari’s remarks on refugee policy earlier this year were reported as pitting him against Shorten, his speech had in fact been vetted by the party’s leadership.  ...





And still no NGO, human rights or professional health organisation will condemn Australia and demand the immediate release of the political prisoners on Manus and Nauru ---> After 24 hours Omid airlifted to Australia [Huffington Post - 28/4/16]:


... Immigration Minister Peter Dutton said on Wednesday that "the plan is to provide an airlift for him later tonight" but Ian Rintoul of the Refugee Action Coalition said that plan did not come to fruition.

"It only left Nauru about [9am AEST]," Rintoul told The Huffington Post Australia.

"That's very definite, we know people who went to the plane with Omid. It's on its way to Brisbane."

Rintoul said the flight was a small Aeromed learjet operated by Careflight Queensland. ...







...  Omid's wife has requested that people who have posted the videos of Omid burning and photos of his burnt body take them down.

She says: 'Think of his family. Think of his mother. Maybe they make heart attack to see Omid like this'. ... [RAPBS - 28/4/16]
















Combat Wombat - ASYLUM




We are victims of political propaganda and should be understood as political prisoners.



Behrouz Boochani [25/4/16]




...  Australia’s immigration minister, Peter Dutton, told Sky News on Thursday morning there was room on Nauru to take additional detainees.

“There is capacity [on Nauru] but we’re talking with the PNG government about what options are available in PNG and we’ll continue those discussions with them.” ... [Guardian - 28/4/16]





PNG High Commissioner to Australia says "we are now moving to implement the decision of the court" [ABC - 28/4/16]







Richard "I'd be worse" Marles lies about refugee concentration camps stopping death, says PNG should change their law [ABC - 28/4/16]:



... LOUISE YAXLEY: The Immigration Minister, Peter Dutton, says there will be continued discussions with the PNG government to resolve the matters. And the shadow minister, Richard Marles, says it is very important to try to convince PNG to keep the centre open.

RICHARD MARLES: Because it is very clear that offshore processing has been the single most important decision of any Australian government in bringing an end to the loss of life at sea.

LOUISE YAXLEY: Mr O'Neill is definitive that the centre will be closed but he also talks about the harm that that will cause the local economy and the need for Australia to help support businesses that will suffer. Richard Marles says the Government should talk to PNG about potentially changing the law to make the detention legal or offer PNG more money.

RICHARD MARLES: All of those options need to be talked through with the PNG government. ...




Stop the deaths: rescuing asylum seekers is an integrity issue, Tony Kevin – [The Conversation – 26/3/13]




There's no evidence that asylum seeker deterrence policy works [The Conversation - 24/7/12]:


... Policies of deterrence have become the “common sense” approach when it comes to what should be done about asylum seekers – both in terms of stopping the boats and in terms of saving lives.

The problem is that both these assumptions are largely unjustifiable based on the evidence.

 Deterring irregular border crossings does not necessarily decrease border related deaths.

Evidence suggests in some contexts deterrence can simply displace deaths to another site, or changes the demographics of who dies.

In the US, research has found a relationship between deterrence policies and an increased number of border deaths.


As a criminologist, the idea that an illicit market, such as people smuggling, can be dealt with through enforcement-related strategies and broad deterrent messages has serious limitations.

Historically, the most effective approaches to reducing illicit markets have been found through regulatory measures and harm minimisation approaches, not deterrence.

There is simply not enough evidence that deterrence works to justify the expense and potential harm of its implementation.




How many refugee and asylum seeker boats did the Australian "Fuck your mothers ... fuck your family ..." Navy push back and/or abandon in the last 24 hours? ‏@ItalianNavy [27/4/16]:  #SAR Nave Aviere #MarinaMilitare con 237 migranti attesa oggi a Lampedusa per le 2230




‏@ItalianNavy [27/4/16]:  #SAR Nave Aviere #MarinaMilitare in operazione #MareSicuro interviene su un secondo gommone recuperando 118 migranti






Australia's pissweak Human Rights Commissioner feted by right-wing activist and media establishment.




... As we know, Labor set the process up.  Of course Labor is now arguing, I believe correctly, that they have never intended offshore processing or detention to be prolonged.  But perhaps one never really knows the answer to that. ...



Australian Human Rights Commissioner, Gillian Triggs [ABC 28/4/16]



Professor Gillian Triggs addresses a full house at ANU as refugees protest, cry for their freedom, self immolate, and are pushed away by the Australian Navy. 


What a disgrace.



Image: ‏@PaulBongiorno [28/4/16]




"HUMAN RIGHT.  RED CROSS. UN. SHAME ON ALL OF YOU."  Day 37 refugee protests on Nauru via ‏@InsurrectNews  [25/4/16]




'Chasing Asylum': An expose of Australia's ILLEGAL refugee policies [Forbes - 27/4/16]:


... No current or previous Australian Prime Minister or ministers responsible for immigration and border protection agreed to be interviewed except former PM Malcolm Fraser, with whom she met just before his death.

[Eve] Orner scornfully describes those politicians as “cowards who hide behind their policies of secrecy.” ...




I have no sympathy for anyone who voluntarily works in an Australian refugee concentration camp.  There are no medals for doing the right thing after doing the wrong thing. --->  Detention centre staff say careers and lives were damaged by speaking out [Guardian - 27/4/16]




A gentle reminder: Unions are part of the detention industry [xBorderops - 22/7/15]




At work inside our detention centres: A Serco guard's story [The Global Mail - February 2014]




... Dealing with refugee flows in a fair and humane manner is part and parcel of being a democratic country in the affluent industrialised world.

Sometimes there is simply no acceptable alternative to this. Maria O'Sullivan [The Conversation - 28/4/16]




Examination of legislation in accordance with the Human Rights (Parliamentary Scrutiny) Act 2011:  Migration Legislation Amendment (Regional Processing and Other Measures) Act 2012 and related legislation - Ninth Report of 2013 [19/6/13] 





28 April 2016