240th day of peaceful protest from East Lorengau refugees transit center.


#Manus SOS



Image: @sunosi3 [30/3/18]



@VoiceMigrants [29/3/18]:  It is the terrible situation of refugees in Makassar, Indonesia without any attention from #UNHCR & IOM. It happens while the majority of the refugees have imprisoned in IDC at least one year. 



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN : 73th day of our peaceful protest for our freedom in Balikpapan detention center . Every day we ask for helping from IOM , UNHCR an DGI to be release but they do not attention . We need help , please help us. #Refugees ... Friday 30 / 3 / 2018



@D1tVbTzpTOjxmEN :  Today's report on the situation of Refugees in Balikpapan detention center . Friday 30 / 3 / 2018



A member of provincial council of Kunar and a religious scholar were killed in a suicide bombing in the province on Friday, local officials confirmed. ... [TOLO News - 30/3/18]



US drone strike kills 6 in Kunar province, Afghanistan [Khaama - 30/3/18]



The Afghan Journalist Safety Committee (AJSC) on Thursday announced registering 25 cases of violence against the community in the past three months. ... [Pajhwok - 29/3/18]



@pajhwok [28/3/18]:  ... Several civilians have suffered casualties and financial losses in an operation in the Sherzad district of eastern Nangarhar province ...



@pajhwok [27/3/18]:  AAF drops 1st laser-guided bomb on Taliban ...



A federal judge in Manhattan dealt a blow Monday to attempts to shed light on the U.S. government’s anonymous press briefings.

Granting partial summary judgment in a Freedom of Information Act case, U.S. District Judge Gregory Woods agreed with the U.S. State Department’s refusal to make public the names of officials who set up restricted briefings for journalists between 2012 and 2014 on topics including Boko Haram, Afghanistan, Syria and Ukraine. ... [Courthouse News Service - 27/3/18]



WikiLeaks statement on the mass recording of Afghan telephone calls by the NSA [23/5/14]



@Aussie4Refugees [30/3/18]:  #WikiLeaks joins the dots. Thankyou Julian Assange and thankyou Chelsea Manning! ...  #ReconnectJulian #FreeAssange ...


[Former Veterans' Affairs Minister Alan] "Griffin also noted the disturbing possibility of Tamil Tiger members being among Tamil asylum seekers destined for Australia."



As evidence into the murder of Sri Lankan journalist Lasantha Wickrematunge unfolds in court with high-level police officials implicated in coverups and destruction of evidence, a report has shown that two Tamil youths were abducted and murdered and had their motorcycle stolen in an attempt to frame the LTTE for the journalist’s assassination. ... [Tamil Guardian - 30/3/18]



Release Tamil political prisoners urge protesters in Trinco [Tamil Guardian - 29/3/18]



A temporary police checkpoint in Maniyanthottam, Jaffna was set ablaze by unknown persons on Wednesday. ... [Tamil Guardian - 29/3/18]



A newly elected local government member has been arrested in connection with the anti-Muslim violence in Kandy. ... [Tamil Guardian - 28/3/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [30/3/18]:  Reaffirming its policy of commanding the region to deny protection to the Rohingya, US signals proactive role in the forced return of refugees trapped in Bangladesh to Myanmar concentration camps  



UN Chief Guterres not "shocked" enough to actually demand that Myanmar END its genocide, and /or that the region protect Rohingya refugees [Reuters - 27/3/18]



New prison island for Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh threatened by monsoon [Channel 4 News - 27/3/17]



Turkiye Diyanet Foundation (TDV) films documentary on Rohingya struggle and refugee camps in Bangladesh [Yeni Safak - 27/3/18]



Prominent human rights lawyer Amal Clooney has joined the legal team representing two Reuters reporters jailed in Myanmar, who are accused of possessing secret government papers, her office said on Thursday. ... [Reuters - 29/3/18]



22 Rohingya villagers in Buthidaung Township were sentenced to three-year imprisonment each on Wednesday. 

On 16th August 2017, Security Forces conducted raids at 'U Hla Pe' village in Buthidaung and arbitrarily arrested 49 Rohingya villagers. ... [Rohingya Blogger - 29/3/18]



Oxford's neo-orientalism [The Daily Star - 28/3/18]



@HaikalMansor [24/3/18]:  This is the town I was born & grown up, and despite #Myanmar's attempts to change the landscape of our birthplace through destructions, we carry on the memories to the far corners of the earth while watching the uninhabitable physical transformations into "Mars" for #Rohingya.  



... Dhirubhai Deepwater KG2 is scheduled to work for Woodside Energy in Myanmar from April 2018 to September 2018. ... [Seeking Alpha - 16/3/18]



Oil, gas, geopolitics guide US hand in playing the Rohingya genocide [Mint Press News - 20/9/17]



Doughty family plan to sue after man who ran down Elijah is released [NITV - 28/3/18]



@GraffitiExpert [27/3/18]:  Wangan and Jagalingou Traditional Owners await critical Adani decision ...



Reality check: cheating is a core Australian value [Welcome to Country - 26/3/18]



In recent years the most famous ‘Armytage’ has been Samantha Armytage who has hosted Australia’s most racist morning television show, ‘Sunrise’, on Channel 7.

Her recent hot topics segment resulted in sustained protests outside the Sunrise studios.

It has now been one week since the appalling segment went to air and we are yet to hear a single apology from Armytage or members of her all white panel.

I doubt we will see an apology from Armytage as history shows that disregard for Aboriginal people has a long and bloody history in the Armytage family.

Her family history provides a snapshot of how present day white privilege was generated by the lawless actions of previous generations of European settlers. ... [Welcome to Country - 21/3/18]



@GraffitiExpert [27/3/18]: I draw to the attention of honourable senators the presence in the gallery of a parliamentary delegation from Israel, led by Ms Sharren Haskel MK. ...  



@GraffitiExpert [27/3/18]: I inform the House that we also have present in the gallery this afternoon a parliamentary delegation from Israel. On behalf of the House, I extend a very warm welcome to you as well. Honourable members: Hear, hear! ...



When the Knesset comes to town [Mondweiss - 13/5/16]



Six Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces and dozens more injured since early Friday morning, as thousands of Gazans took to the borders with Israel as part of “The Great March of Return” taking place across the besieged coastal enclave to mark the 42nd Land Day. ... [Maan - 30/3/18]



Israelis evacuated from Amona outpost move into new illegal settlement [Maan - 27/3/18]



Black lives do not matter in Israel [Al Jazeera - 28/3/18]



@aptly_engineerd [28/3/18]:  Israel’s office of Immigration and Population in Bnei Brak is one of 2 places in the whole country where African asylum seekers can renew their visas and apply for Refugee Status Determination. Today refugees waited hours in rain/flooded conditions and the office never opened ...



@Refugees4Sale [28/3/18]:  Malice, once more ...



... “We can be more generous with the people who stay if we send the people out that we can send out,” Mor-Yosef told The Times of Israel.

“We need to do a trade-off. We can give the women and children status, if we send out the single men. The families can stay.” ... [Times of Israel - 28/3/18]



Hundreds of asylum seekers in Israel to spend Passover behind bars [+972 - 27/3/18]



Israel jailing asylum seekers from Darfur despite vowing not to, NGO finds [Haaretz - 27/3/18]



Hours ahead of a Saturday rally against the deportation of African asylum seekers in Tel Aviv, its organizers said they have been the targets of an increasingly vicious hate campaign online. ... [Times of Israel - 24/3/18]



... We are becoming the agents of perspective ...

This generation is burning the mass media to the ground. ...


Julian Assange [2011]



@KimDotcom [30/3/18]:  By disconnecting Ecuadorian citizen Julian Assange from the Internet, by orders of President @Lenin, a clear breach of article 16.2 of the Ecuadorian Constitution was committed. President @Lenin has broken the laws of #Ecuador on the behest of a foreign power. #ReconnectJulian 



Twisting the tweets: Assange’s gag goes much deeper than Catalonia [The Sociable - 29/3/18]:


... Hacking Team was condemned in 2015 when a whistleblower leaked, “the program was sold to countries that used it to spy on activists or political opponents, such as Morocco or Sudan. That is why it has been denounced by human rights organizations. The publication of HT’s emails revealed that the list of clients included Ethiopia, Egypt, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Panama, Mexico and Ecuador.”


While developers suspect that the Hacking Team (HT) spy program is still working, the National Secretariat of Intelligence of Ecuador (Senain) has not confirmed whether or not it terminated its relationship with the Italian company. ...





@WLTaskForce [29/3/18]:  Julian Assange has been barred from communication with the outside world but you can still read his latest thoughts in this excellent @LaRepubblica_it interview by @SMaurizi. ...  #Catalonia #CambridgeAnalytica 



@greekemmy [29/3/18]: Friendship and solidarity outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in support of Julian #Assange publisher of #WikiLeaks #ReconnectJulian with lovely Vivian Westwood  



@CiaronOReilly [28/3/18]:  Speaking out in slidarity with Julian #Assange outside Ecuadorian embassy London.



@MashiRafael [29/3/18]:  Moreno entrega Ecuador a USA, parte de su traición a nuestro pueblo y a la Patria Grande. Días de Assange están contados en la Embajada del Ecuador en Londres.



@RTUKnews [29/3/18]: RT's @NastiaChurkina reports as source close to @wikileaks says Ecuador cut @JulianAssange's internet over Catalonia crackdown tweet.



@Ruptly [28/3/18]:  'You are not alone' - Puigdemont supporters rally at Neumunster prison




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