Nauru appoints new acting Magistrate.  Men, women and children are still imprisoned in Australia's refugee concentration camp [Nauru Loop - 27/3/17]:


Lawyer Penijamini Lomaloma is the new acting Magistrate of the District Court of Nauru. Lomaloma was sworn in by Acting Minister for Justice Aaron Cook this month.

Magistrate Lomaloma who is from Fiji takes over from Registrar Filimoni Jitoko as acting Magistrate for a period of three months until the appointment of a permanent resident magistrate.

The Magistrate comes with years of experience including as a former Barrister and Solicitor of various institutions including the Supreme Court of the Australian Capital Territory and the High Court of Fiji.

Mr Lomaloma has over 18 years’ experience as a Barrister and Solicitor and 22 years of post-admission experience.

His professional experience includes private practice, resident Magistrate of Fiji, been on the Fiji Agricultural Tribunal and has served in the Fiji Military Forces first as an officer before rising to the ranks of major and tours of duties in Sinai, Afghanistan and Pakistan.



Australia's atrocities against refugees continue unopposed and unscrutinised as ABC humanises Newcastle's handpicked Syrians [27/3/17]



Displaced Rohingyas in Maungdaw await return home [Rohingya Vision - 26/3/17]:


... After two separate meetings held by the officials from the Maungdaw Township and Maungdaw District administrations in the village of ‘Kyikanpyin’ on March 17 and March 19 respectively, the authorities revealed an altogether different plan for the displaced villagers of ‘Wapeik  hamletand Middle hamlet.’

“They said we need to live at a new quarter to be set up by the authorities. It is a block-system and in each block, there will live 10 households with 0.06 acre of land for each household. It is like cramming us together and putting us in a slum. We can’t go back to our ancestral lands where we have lived for hundreds of years.  

“And there were four mosques burned down when the military torched our village after October 9, 2016. We can’t rebuild them according to the authorities. When we said that the government’s plan seemed impossible to us, they replied that they were not responsible towards us for anything anymore and we could go and live anywhere else except for on our lands; and they were not concerned about our traditional and religious aspects”, said an elderly Rohingya who were in the meeting with the Maungdaw administration officials. ...



Meanwhile Australia - supposedly a regional signatory to the UN Refugee Convention - pushes back Rohingya with impunity. ---> UNHCR has money to burn for conferences where they pressure transit countries like Malaysia, and delegitimise refugees with weasel words like "push factors" [Presentation by Richard Towle, Representative of UNHCR Malaysia for the International Conference on Rohingya 2017 Marriot Hotel, Putrajaya, Malaysia 14 – 16 March 2017]



The siege of a militant hideout in the northeastern Bangladesh district of Sylhet has entered the fourth day.

Army commandos are continuing the operation to neutralise the militants holed up inside an apartment building at Shibbari on the outskirts of Sylhet city.

After a relative lull since Sunday afternoon, sporadic gunfire and explosions could be heard after midnight from the building. ... [ - 27/3/17]



PNG police mobile squad burned houses, gang raped women in village near Porgera Gold Mine over weekend [RNZI - 27/3/17]



As Australian media plays up Julie Bishop's latest Muslim bogeymen regional insult, Philippines says have a banana [The Manila Times - 27/3/17]



Supreme Court questions Centre’s use of pellet guns in Kashmir [Greater Kashmir - 27/3/17]



Suspected militants decamped with at least four weapons and injured two policemen after opening fire at the residence of a Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Minister at Dooru in south Kashmir’s Anantnag (Islamabad) district on late Sunday night, Police sources said. ... [Greater Kashmir - 27/3/17]



@pajhwok [27/3/17]:  ... 16 Taliban eliminated in Helmand airstrike ...



At least 33 Daesh insurgents were killed in an airstrike carried out by Afghan Air Force in Nangarhar province on Sunday night, the Ministry of Interior said in a statement on Monday.

The airstrike was conducted in Kot district of Nangarhar, the statement said.

Meanwhile, Afghan forces conducted a military operation in Gadi village in Batikot district in Nangarhar, where three Taliban militants were killed, and their arms and ammunition were seized, the statement said. ... [TOLO News - 27/3/17]



At least twenty three people have been arrested in connection to a deadly attack on main military hospital in Kabul, Sardar Mohammad Daud Khan hospital. ... [Khaama - 27/3/17]



Unknown attackers targeted Lyari on Sunday with a hand grenade, which seriously injured at least 12 people.

The reason for the attack is said to be a gang war as the grenade was thrown at the house of an alleged gang leader, Uzair Baloch, at Sango Lano neighbourhood.

The attackers managed to escape.

City SSP Adeel Chandio said that explosive was made from a local material.

The victims were rushed to a medical facility for treatment and two people are said to be in critical condition.

The SSP also said that raids have been started to arrest the suspects. [Daily Times - 26/3/17]



‏@AhmadAlgohbary:  A drone footage of a huge rally in the capital Sanaa to mark start of #Saudi war on #Yemen on 26 March 2015



@narrabyee [26/3/17]:  Yemenis in US,New York Standing with their homeland Yemen against US-backed Saudi aggression.



A large group of people have gathered in Britain's capital London to mark the second anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s ruthless invasion of Yemen, calling for an end to the deadly war. ... [Press TV - 27/3/17]



@Ruptly  [26/3/17]: Protesters marched to the BBC headquarters in London to slam the lack of coverage of war crimes occurring in #Yemen ...  



@3spiritz [26/3/17]:  #paris for #yemen today ...



On Sunday, hundreds of mostly young, American Jews rallied in Washington, D.C., during the first day of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee 2017 Convention, to protest the expansion of Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank.

“We’re protesting [AIPAC] en masse as Jews to say that to be Jewish in America at this moment doesn’t mean to support Israel unconditionally,” said 25-year-old Yonah Lieberman, one of the co-founders of the anti-settlement group IfNotNow, which spearheaded the protest in Washington D.C. 

Lieberman described Sunday’s march as “the biggest ever Jewish-led protest of AIPAC.” ... [Huffington Post - 27/3/17]



Activists demonstrate in Hebron against AIPAC conference [Maan - 26/3/17]



Trump pushed FBI to nab Israeli-American suspect in bomb threats on Jewish centres, sources say [Haaretz - 26/3/17]



An Egyptian soldier was killed by a sniper at a military checkpoint in the city of Sheikh Zuweid in the northern Sinai Peninsula on Monday morning, Egyptian security sources said, hours after the Egyptian army claimed that Egyptian forces killed eight militants in the nearby city of Rafah.

According to the sources, a sniper allegedly affiliated to the so-called Islamic State group targeted a military checkpoint installed in Sheikh Zuweid, shooting and immediately killing 21-year-old Egyptian soldier Rida Sabri Muhammad with a bullet to the chest.

Separately, Egyptian army spokesperson Tamer al-Rifai said that overnight Sunday, Egyptian forces killed eight militants while thwarting an ambush attempt on Egyptian military vehicles in the city of Rafah, north east of Sheikh Zuweid along the border with the Gaza Strip. 

Al-Rifai added in the statement that Egyptian forces were also able to detain 22 suspects accused of conducting terror attacks in Rafah and al-Arish during the raid. ... [Maan - 27/3/17]



Mossad reportedly turned French spies into double agents after joint Syria operation [Haaretz - 27/3/17]



Authorities in Hama and Lattakia provinces seized large amounts and weapons which were meant to be smuggled to terrorist organizations in the northern countryside of Hama and Lattakia. ... [SANA - 26/3/17]



Over 300 Yezidis abandon PKK in Sinjar: Peshmerga official [AMN - 27/3/17]



Kurdish forces liberate Tabqa Airbase in Raqqa province [AMN - 26/3/17]



The western-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) forces seized three new villages near the Iraqi border on Sunday. ... [AMN - 26/3/17]



A senior leader of the paramilitary forces fighting Islamic State in Iraq has asked to keep away U.S. forces from taking part in the battle to make it “clean”.

Jawad al-Tleibawi, spokesperson of Asaeb Ahl al-Haq, a component of al-Hashd al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Units), urged the Iraqi government in statements Monday to “assume its responsibilities and issue orders to exclude American forces from Mosul liberation battles,” so as to “keep the battle clean”.

Tleibawi accused the U.S. forces of committing “a crime” by using “excessive force” in its operations in Mosul. ... [ - 27/3/17]



US sends more combat troops to Mosul in latest escalation [ - 26/3/17]



@IraqiSMCEn - Iraqi Spring Media Center [26/3/17]:


 ... "5"persons were either killed or wounded as two roadside bombs exploded in Shurta Al-Rabe'a and Latifiya south of Baghdad.


The aircraft have destroyed "33"homes on their residents in the old areas in Mosul-they are still under rubble- to kill "IS" member,the spokesperson of "Nineveh Guards"says.



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 26/3/17]



US, Russia defense officials hold video conference [US Department of Defense - 24/3/17]



U.S. Africa Command will sponsor the first-ever conference for all chiefs of defense on the African continent, April 18-20 in Stuttgart, Germany, Africom Commander Marine Corps Gen. Thomas D. Waldhauser said here today during a media briefing. ... [US Department of Defense - 24/3/17]



Defense Secretary Jim Mattis hosted Indian National Security Advisor Ajit Doval at the Pentagon today to discuss the importance of the U.S.-India relationship and the role of both nations in cooperating to uphold international laws and principles, Pentagon spokesman Navy Capt. Jeff Davis said in a statement following the meeting. ... [US Department of Defense - 24/3/17]



Defense Secretary Jim Mattis met with Greek Defense Minister Panos Kammenos at the Pentagon today to discuss security and defense issues of mutual concern, Pentagon Spokesperson Capt. Jeff Davis said in a statement following the meeting. ... [US Department of Defense - 24/3/17]



Greek-Israeli defense cooperation pact renewed [Ekathimerini - 21/3/17]



Israeli Air Force to host 7 nations in its largest-ever air drill [Defense News - 21/3/17]:


The Israeli Air Force will host flying forces from seven nations later this year in the largest and most complex air exercise in its history.

Nearly 100 aircraft and several hundreds of air warriors and support crews from the United States, Greece, Poland, France, Germany, India and Italy will converge here in the autumn for Blue Flag, a biennial, two-week drill aimed at honing the type of planning, targeting and coordinated command and control demanded by coalitions operating in high-threat theaters. ...



Every Wednesday, a 60-year-old man identified only by his initials – P.S. – attends a Greek language class in Tel Aviv.

No one was surprised to see him take up the lessons, given the fact that P.S., who retired six months ago, is half-Greek.

“I started the process to acquire Greek citizenship 12 years ago,” P.S. told Kathimerini in a recent interview.

“It is not a straightforward procedure because many of the archives from that era have been destroyed,” he said, showing no evident sign of frustration about the long wait.

“I love Greece. I very often visit the country and I’ll wait patiently for the ruling,” he said.

His chances are strengthened by the fact that his family left the northern Greek town of Xanthi using a Greek passport in 1935.

“I hope that my daughters and I can get Greek citizenship,” he said.

Last week Parliament adopted an amendment that grants citizenship to the descendants of Greek Jews who did not return to Greece after World War II. ... [Ekathimerini - 26/3/16]



Greek Migration Minister warns Greece can’t cope with more migrants [Ekathimerini - 26/3/17]



@salvamentogob [26/3/17]:  Salvamar Arcturus rescata a 8 #personas de una #patera a 2,5 millas de #Tarifa. Ya desembarcados. GRACIAS! a la Armada por su colaboración.



1,000 migrants rescued off Libya [The Local - 26/7/17]



‏@SOSMedGermany [26/3/17]:  Good cooperation with #Juventa and all other ships involved in the operation rescues. 645 refugees are safe and reporting on board



An Egyptian court sentenced 56 people to prison terms of up to 14 years on Sunday over the capsizing of a boat that killed over 200 people, one of the deadliest disasters in the dangerous Mediterranean crossings of migrants to Europe.

The boat capsized off the Egyptian coast on Sept. 21.

Rescue workers and fishermen rescued at least 169 people, but at least 202 died.

Fifty-seven people faced charges including causing the accidental death of 202 passengers, not using sufficient rescue equipment, endangering lives, receiving money from the victims, hiding suspects from authorities and using a vessel without a license. One woman was acquitted.

The boat sank in the Mediterranean off Burg Rashid, a village in Egypt's northern Beheira province where the sea and the Nile meet.

It had been carrying Egyptian, Sudanese, Eritrean and Somali migrants and was believed to be heading for Italy.

One month after the boat sank Egypt's parliament passed legislation setting prison terms and fines for those found guilty of smuggling migrants, acting as brokers or facilitating migrants' journeys. ... [Reuters - 26/3/17]



PNG and Australian governments fight tooth and nail to prevent justice for illegally detained refugees on Manus Island [The National - 27/3/17]:


The State has filed an application in the Supreme Court seeking to dismiss a case filed by asylum seekers Behrouz Boochani and 730 others currently detained at the regional processing centre on Manus Island.

The asylum seekers filed their case last year on the grounds that their constitutional rights had been breached.

Justice Stephen Kassman told parties in Waigani that the application will be heard by a panel of three judges on April 26.

The application to dismiss the case was filed by lawyer Tauvasa Tanuvasam, who acted for the State.

Lawyer Ben Lomai also has two applications that will be heard by the court on April 26, an application for summary judgment and an application for extension of time. Lomai said he had engaged an overseas counsel to make submission at the hearing.

Lawyer Robert Bradshaw represents Foreign Affairs and Immigration Minister Rimbink Pato.

In the substantive matter, the asylum seekers claim the constitutional breaches are Section 36 (1) Freedom from inhuman treatment, Section 37 (1) Protection of the law, Section 42 Liberty of the person and Section 57 Enforcement of guaranteed rights and freedoms.

The asylum seekers claim that they continue to be detained illegally despite a Supreme Court decision delivered on April 26 last year which declared that the detention of asylum seekers on Manus was illegal and be closed.



Trial of refugee who attempted escape to Fiji from Australia/PNG illegal "resettlement" regime begins Monday 27 March [PNG Loop - 14/3/17]



After their failed attempt to use Loghman Sawari's case for partisan point scoring, Australian "advocates" and Fairfax media dumped him ---> Loghman Sawari is now stateless thanks to the inaction of the UNHCR [ABC- 23/2/17]



WAITING ... WAITING ... WAITING ... WAITING ... ---> US Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman renews call for declassification of phony Obama-Australia refugee "deal" [Senator Chuck Grassley Media Release - 2/2/17]



A secret "deal" is no deal.  There is only indefinite detention, exile, death and lies.  THAT is the policy, which the Australian political, media and human rights establishment are working 24/7 to maintain. ---> ... "It's not designed as a processing facility, it's designed as an experiment in the active creation of horror to deter people from trying in the first place." ... I was told to lie: Manus Island staffer [SBS - 25/2/14]



Joint media release with Kevin Rudd - Prime Minister, Mark Dreyfus - Attorney General and The Hon Tony Burke MP - Australian Minister for Immigration, Multicultural Affairs and Citizenship [19/7/13]



Fatal cases of Dengue reported on Nauru [Crikey - 24/3/17]




"WE ARE ASKING THE WORLD TO TAKE US FROM THE HELL"  - Political prisoners of the Australian government and opposition protest on Nauru, February 2017



UNHCR helps lying Australian media with their latest installment of sadistic US refugee "deal" sideshow [ABC - 27/3/17]



Just as they abetted the Australian government's quiet suspension of accepting refugees in July 2014 [SBS - 18/11/14]



... Prior to taking up this assignment in early 2014, Mr. Albrecht served as Head of the UNHCR Regional Support Hub in Nairobi ... [UNSW Kaldor Centre]



Peter Lloyd was the only journalist to partially expose the UNHCR's role in Australia's anti-refugee policy, then he vanished.  

The others have abandoned any pretense of journalistic inquiry - mere propagandists for this miserable, untenable policy. ---> 60 Minutes showcases "deserving" winners of Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee roulette [26/3/17]



Indonesia, February 2017 ---> ... UN and I.O.M they chanted we are not criminal. Why are we in the jail?



Image:  ‏@SohailYawari1 [10/2/17]



@SohailYawari1 [13/2/17]:  #Indonesia kupang IDC ... fifth day peaceful protest.



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