United States continue bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 27/6/16]



Serbian police detain 29 people for seeking asylum, arrest "suspected people smuggler" [Radio Free Europe - 27/6/16]



‏@ItalianNavy [27/6/16]:  Nave MARGOTTINI in #MareSicuro evento #SAR su gommone a largo delle coste libiche ha recuperato n° 113 #migranti



@guardiacostiera [27/6/16]: #CentraleOperativa coordina altre 5 op. #SAR: #NaveDiciotti e #NaveFiorillo #GuardiaCostiera e UnitàMilitare irlandese salvano 619 #migranti




Day 100 refugee protests, Nauru


 WHERE IS JUSTICE?  AFTER THREE YEARS!  via  ‏@elahe_zivardar [27/6/16]



Image: ‏@SuchNigel [27/7/16]




‏@elahe_zivardar [27/6/16]:  Day100-Nauru




This fascist anti-refugee policy was devised by the ALP and adopted by the LNP.  I withdraw my consent!  Boycott this duopoly and #VOTEINFORMAL  [ABC - 27/6/16]:


... On April 26 the PNG Supreme Court found that the detention of asylum seekers on Manus Island was unconstitutional and unlawful.

It heard further argument in the case this week and on Tuesday lawyers for the PNG government will hand to the court a complete list of the detainees who are currently housed on Manus Island. It is about 800-1000 individuals.

For the Australian government there are two challenges. The lawyers for the Manus detainees are seeking compensation for their clients because they have been detained unlawfully and are seeking orders for their release and return to Australia. While Australia is not a party to the court action it is possible the PNG government will ask Australia to pay compensation given the poor state of the PNG budget and the fact that Australia has financed the detention centre.

When it comes to compensation the quantum sought is likely to be substantial, possibly between $500 million and $1 billion.

This is not only because the detainees have, in the main, been on Manus Island for up to three years but also because of the nature of the detention. ...




IOM World Refugee Day exhibit conveys a big up yours to men illegally imprisoned by Australia on Manus Island [The National - 27/6/16]



Thousands of people covered themselves in mud and marched through Mendi town , the capital of Southern Highlands Province to mourn for late Graham Romanong who was killed at the University of Technology over the weekend.

The student was allegedly murdered by a rival student group on Saturday night. ... [PNG Facts - 27/6/16]





The immediate relatives of the deceased student, Graham Romanong want the Government to take full responsibility and investigate the death of the Unitech student. ... [PNG Loop - 27/6/16]





A senior pediatrician at the Angau Memorial Hospital in Lae was “shot at point blank” at a settlement in the city last Saturday.

Lae Metro Supt Anthony Wagambie Jr said Dr Alphonse Rongap (Snr) was shot at the Centre Market between 7.30pm and 8pm as he was dropping off friends. ... [The National - 27/6/16]




Police are searching for two people who allegedly tied a kangaroo to the back of a car and towed it through Goulburn in southern New South Wales last night. ... [ABC - 27/6/16]



Lindt Cafe police officer hit by police bullet fragments [Nine MSN - 27/6/16]:



One of the first officers through the doors as police stormed the Lindt Cafe to end the Sydney siege was wounded by fragments from police bullets, possibly from his own weapon, an inquest has heard.

Police stormed the Martin Place building at about 2.13am on December 16, 2014, after Man Haron Monis shot dead cafe manager Tori Johnson.

Two Tactical Operations Unit members - identified only as "Officer A" and "Officer B" - fired 22 rounds at the hostage-taker as they entered.

The inquest into the siege was told on Monday fragments of bullets removed from Officer B's cheek and thigh came from police rounds, which most likely struck a glass panel at the entrance to the cafe and bounced back.

It is unclear whether the fragments were from rounds fired from his weapon or from the weapon of his colleague.

Ballistics expert Lucas van der Walt told the inquest he believed that when the front counter glass was struck twice by police bullets, some fragments bounced back and injured officer B.

Mr van der Walt ruled out the possibility that police were hit by fragments from rounds fired by Monis, as the gunman's ammunition did not contain copper, whereas the police ammunition did. Monis was killed in a hail of bullets more than 17 hours after the siege began.

Hostage Katrina Dawson was found lying face down under tables and chairs in a corner of the cafe and still had a pulse but died later, having also been struck by police bullet fragments.

The inquest continues.



Hostage Katrina Dawson sustained at least seven gunshot wounds when police stormed Sydney's Lindt Cafe.

The inquest into the siege has heard details of the injuries sustained by Ms Dawson, including that a total of 55 grains of bullet fragment were removed from her body.

The barrister was fatally wounded as the stand-off came to an end when police stormed the building at 2.13am on December 16, 2014 after gunman Man Haron Monis executed cafe manager Tori Johnson. ... [Daily Mail - 27/6/16]



Man shot by police at Townsville service station [ABC - 27/6/16]:



A man has been shot a number of times by police at a service station in Townville, north Queensland.

Two male officers were patrolling Hermit Park about 4:20am when they went to a service station and approached a 25-year-old man, who was believed to have been armed with a baseball bat.

It is alleged a scuffle broke out and the man was shot in his stomach and leg.

Detective Ray Rohweder said the man had been taken to hospital in a stable condition.

Bloodied clothing and a baseball bat were found on the ground at scene but Detective Rohweder would not elaborate on how the man was armed.

He said a number of shots were fired but did not say if both officers, who are experienced, fired, or if the man was Tasered earlier in the night further down the road.

"They [the officers] had reason to speak to the male person," he said.

The guns used in the incident are being examined by the ballistics team and Ethical Standards is overseeing the investigation. ...






A man fighting for life in hospital had been chased by police before being shot on the footpath outside a Townsville service station, the station operator says. ... [Brisbane Times - 27/6/16]






Two bandits have used a machete and a knife to hold up a Townsville convenience store.

The pair terrorised a worker at the Aitkenvale business, smashing the counter with the machete before demanding money and fleeing about 11.20pm on Sunday.

Police say there's nothing so far to suggest any link to a police shooting at a service station just 5km away, and four hours after the convenience store was robbed. ... [Yahoo - 27/6/16]






A 25-year-old woman is accused of biting an off-duty police officer during a violent altercation at a Cairns park.

The officer was helping on-duty colleagues who were speaking with the woman and a man at the park on Sunday night when the pair allegedly got violent.

The woman has been charged with four counts of serious assault a police officer, including one by biting, while a 24-year-old man is facing various charges including serious assault police and wilful damage of police property.

Both will face the Cairns Magistrates Court on July 14. [Yahoo - 27/6/16]




A Sydney woman found not guilty of murdering her abusive ex-partner is challenging her conviction for the less serious offence of manslaughter.

At her NSW Supreme Court trial, Jessica Silva's lawyers submitted she should be acquitted on the basis that she was acting in self-defence when she stabbed James Polkinghorne to death on Mother's Day 2012. ... [Nine MSN - 27/6/16]




A man who fatally stabbed a man in the neck and cut off his legs to fit the body into an esky has been found guilty of murder.

David Leslie Hickson, 34, admitted fatally stabbing New Zealand national Campbell Paterson at a house in Edmonton, south of Cairns, in November 2014.

However, Hickson had pleaded not guilty to murder, saying he acted in self-defence. ... [ABC - 27/6/16]




The Wyndham Vale mother accused of murdering her three youngest children when she drove into a lake had told a relative of debilitating headaches and dizzy spells before the tragedy.

The aunt of Akon Guode, 37, told the Melbourne Magistrate's Court on the first day of her committal hearing that Ms Guode had not physically recovered after the birth of her baby son Bol.

Bol was 16 months old when Ms Guode drove her car into Lake Gladman on April 8, 2015, killing the baby and his twin four-year-old siblings Hanger and Madit. ... [The Age - 27/6/16]



ABC [27/6/16]:



... Ms Chabiet told the court the wife of the children's father, Joseph Tito Manyang, had been threatening her mother.

She claimed the wife came to their house and threatened Guode and she said she would kill her and burn their house down.

Ms Chabiet said her mother became too frightened to interact with the Sudanese community.

The court also heard from Guode's aunt, Abook Kon, who said she had planned to move to Morwell to be closer to family. ...



Helensvale duo in court following violent robbery [MYGC - 27/6/16]






A security guard has been knocked unconscious after trying to break up a pub brawl at Morayfield, north of Brisbane. ... [Brisbane Times - 26/6/16]






Two men wielding an axe and a knife threatened a bottle shop attendant in Redbank Plains on Saturday night, before fleeing with cash. ... [Brisbane Times - 26/6/16]






A 25-year-old Loganlea man has been charged with wounding after reportedly stabbing his brother with a pair of scissors during an alleged altercation in Loganlea on Saturday night. ... [Brisbane Times - 26/6/16]



Man injured in car rollover at Tallebudgera [MYGC - 27/6/16]



A 13-year-old girl was driving, with her father sitting beside her, when her car and a cyclist crashed into each other on Saturday, police say.

Police said the 24-year-old cyclist was taken to hospital by ambulance with non-life threatening injuries. ... [Canberra Times - 26/6/16]




A man charged with culpable driving after a cyclist was killed in a hit and run in West Footscray was allegedly on bail at the time.

Matthew Terrance O'Connor, 27, was arrested on Friday morning at a home in Heidelberg, a day after he is accused of killing cyclist Peter McGuffie in a hit and run on Barkly Street. ... [The Age - 25/6/16]




Alleged drink driver crashes into Pacific Pines residence [Brisbane Times - 26/6/16]:



... Also in Pacific Pines, two men have been robbed while walking through a park off Pitcairn Way on Saturday night.

Police said that at 9.45pm the two men, aged 20 and 21, were confronted by 8 or 9 men who threatened them with a broken bottle.

The gang stole a mobile phone and wallet before assaulting both of the men and walking off towards Hatutu Street. ...






Alleged Lone Wolf member extradited to Gold Coast over 2009 armed robbery [MYGC - 24/6/16]



A McDonald’s restaurant on the Gold Coast has been forced to evacuate after a car burst into flames at the drive-thru window.

The fiery scenes unfolded at a McDonald’s in Nerang at around 10.30 on Friday night. ... [MYGC - 25/6/16]




A man has been flown to hospital with serious injuries after the allegedly stolen car he was driving smashed into a tree during a police pursuit in Melton South. ... [The Age - 27/6/16]



Three people, including 14-year-old girl, charged following dangerous, resource-wasting, class and race-based police pursuit, Meadowbrook [MYGC - 24/6/16]




Child Abuse Royal Commission shifts focus to ADF cadets [ABC - 27/6/16]:


... THOMAS ORITI: Well Eleanor, Susan Campbell is the first witness as part of this new component of the public hearing, if you like. The royal commission asked Defence to produce documents in relation to known incidents or allegations of child sexual abuse within the ADF Cadets since 2001, and there have been 154 incidents or allegations in that period.

 The hearing has been told there's evidence that intimate relationships between adult instructors and cadets continue to occur. So this new focus of the public hearing is important.

Abuse at facilities like HMAS Leeuwin in Western Australia, which we heard about last week, they've been the subject of previous enquiries. But as the hearing's been told the nature and extent of child sexual abuse within the cadets hasn't been the subject of any previous inquiry into abuse in the ADF. I'll note briefly, by way of background, the role of the ADF cadets is to recruit children as young as 13 and provide them with training which could foster an interest in future careers in the ADF. In other words it's a youth development organisation.

There are actually three different cadet organisations, encompassing the Army, the Navy and the Air Force. So I'm using that term ADF cadets as an umbrella term, if you like. At the moment there are almost 26,000 active ADF cadets around Australia. So Susan Campbell, as first witness, is the mother of a former ADF cadet, Eleanore Tibble.

Her daughter joined the Australian Air Force cadets in Hobart in 1999. She was 14 years old. And at the age of 15, allegations arose that she was involved in an intimate relationship with a 30-year-old instructor.

She was soon interviewed by the cadets about her contact with this man, and a flight officer gave her a choice of either resigning or being honourably discharged from the cadets.

And then, as you mentioned a moment ago, in late 2000 her daughter took her own life.

Susan Campbell told the hearing that the way the officers treated her daughter affected her deeply.

SUSAN CAMPBELL: Eleanore was so distraught after this call that initially she was unable to talk. She even said that the flight officer had said that she had brought dishonour to her flight and that her resignation was the only honourable option since failure to resign would result in dishonourable discharge. ...



Man 'who posed as police' refused bail on child pornography charges in Cairns [ABC - 24/6/16]






A woman is fighting for life after she fell off an escalator at Oasis Shopping Centre on Sunday night.

A Queensland Ambulance Service spokesperson said it was believed that she was drunk when she took a tumble at around 6:30pm.

She was rushed to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition with injuries to her head, face and wrist. [MYGC - 27/6/16]






A young boy has been rushed to hospital after being attacked by a dog on the Gold Coast this morning.

The child was at a home in Southport when he was bitten on the face just after 8.00am. ... [MYGC - 27/6/16]





Girl suffers severe burns in Gympie house fire [ABC - 27/6/1]






‏@chucky [26/6/16]:  Anti Lockout Rally Brisbane | Reddacliffe Place ...



Turkish police fire tear gas in Istanbul to disperse Gay Pride activists [Reuters - 26/6/16]:


... A German lawmaker and a member of the European Parliament were also briefly detained while police chased activists into side streets and blocked them from gathering and reading out a statement, saying it was banned. ...


Woolworths rampant use of exploited trolley workers revealed [Sydney Morning Herald – 25/6/16]




Spain:  Podemos represents a permanent challenge to neoliberalism [teleSUR - 26/6/16]:


Hopes were high that Unidos Podemos, the electoral coalition between the upstart anti-austerity party and the anti-capitalist left led by the Communist Party, could triumph in the June elections in Spain and bring an end to the neoliberal consensus that ruled the country for decades.

Unfortunately the results were disappointing, with the right-wing People's Party once again coming out on top, though without enough seats to form a government.

In many ways the results of the June 2016 election are a mirror of the December 2015 election that led to a stalemate in the Spanish Cortes and left the country with only a caretaker government.

Nonetheless, Unidos Podemos is now the third largest political force in Spain, only a few years removed from the founding of Podemos. ...




Abby Martin talks to two professors of Latin American studies, Luis Barrios and Danny Shaw, about the long struggle of Puerto Rico to break the shackles of US and Spanish colonialism--from indigenous resistance to the Young Lords in Harlem.

Learn how the US Empire obscures the island's colonial status today, who really is responsible for the so-called "debt crisis," and how it can all be solved. [VIDEO - TRNN - 23/6/16]



Hundreds of people are spent the night in their cars in a South Auckland carpark to protest against homelessness.

Entire families joined the Park Up for Homes event in Ōtara's town centre on Saturday night, organised by members of the community and staff at Manukau Institute of Technology (MIT).

About 200 carloads of people showed up in the cold and rain, with many saying they hoped the demonstration would raise public awareness and encourage the government to do something about homelessness. ... [RNZI - 26/6/16]




Take aim, fire at will: Australian hypocrisy on a high pedestal, Pierre Marthinus [Jakarta Post - 24/1/15]:


... Australian government appeals are neither heroic nor heartfelt; Canberra is merely trying to save their own “subject bodies” from the firing squad, while slowly disposing of “abject bodies” it does not want through inhumane detention camps or returning them to foreign regimes that will probably finish the job for them.

Indonesia paying “blood money” to save the “subject bodies” of Indonesian domestic workers in Saudi Arabia from beheading is no less hypocritical as these efforts are done against the backdrop of killing off “abject bodies” that were once warmly received as guests in Bali.

Australia and Indonesia betray human rights and violate human dignity alike by abusing the criminalized and illegal “abject bodies” in surprisingly similar ways, differing only in their preferred legal methods and comfortable distance acceptable to their respective publics.

All lives matter greatly, not just Australian ones.

Any debate that does not start from these fundamental premises of equality of human life and dignity is not worth visiting and is a waste of the Indonesian public’s valuable attention and time.




Kerry Munro [9/6/16]:



Thanks to everyone who's helped me raise $130 so far for my fundraiser, “Ezatullah Kakar, World Kickboxing Champion.” Please consider donating or sharing with your friends!

Ezatullah Kakar is an inspiring friend of mine in Manus Island. He is a successful world class sportsman and despite incredibly difficult conditions, he continues to train 6 days a week and keeps other people in detention physically and mentally healthy.

Robyn Roshan found Kakar a professional boxing coach Miles Zalewski, who has offered to work with him, and I am aiming to raise enough money to get him a mobile phone so that this long-distance sporting partnership can get to work. Please read and share his story!




"YOUR FUTURE CHILDREN WILL BE ASHAMED OF THE CURRENT ACTIONS"  Which is why statements like "Make your vote count" - when there is no-one to vote for - diminishes the dire predicament of these men, women and children.  --->   Day 45 of #Manus protests. Make your vote count this #Election2016 ... ‏@racvictoria [26/6/16]




#BoycottWilson but not #G4S #Serco and #Transfield (Broadspectrum)?  Why?  Smells like more pro-ALP protest theatre. ---> ‏@gayedemanuele [27/6/16]:  Thank you officers #BoycottWilson blockade #Melbourne #nobusinessinabuse ...





The rest of us will never forget it was the ALP who imprisoned Reza, Hamid and women and children on Nauru and Manus. --->  ‏@Kon__K [26/6/16]:  We will never forget how you failed Reza, Hamid, the women & children on #Nauru & the men on #Manus. Never forget. <---- Mr Invisible - Richard "offshore single most important policy" Marles - says thanks for the endorsement!




You'd think the US Ambassador might say something? [RNZI - 27/6/16]:   A former President of Nauru says he's amazed there is little international reaction against the treatment of elected MPs in his country.

Ahead of a July 9 election, suspended MPs are running again despite concerns over their future.

Sprent Dabwido said while he and two other opposition MPs had been charged for their alleged role in a protest a year ago, another MP, Roland Kun, who faces no charges, has been prevented from visiting his New Zealand-based family for a year. ...




‏@AmbCefkin - US Ambassador to Fiji, Kiribati, Nauru, Tonga, and Tuvalu  [23/6/16]:  U.S. Congress acknowledges importance of US-Pacific relations. Good exchange with DAS Matthews in today's hearing




Families of the disappeared protest over lack of consultation for Sri Lanka's Office of Missing Persons [Tamil Guardian - 26/6/16]




Do Thomas Vargas, Volker Türk, Thomas Albrecht (and Australia's "People Smuggling Ambassador" Andrew Goledzinowski)  know where these men, women and children are? ---> Sri Lankan migrants look on from Aceh governor house before their relocation to Lhokseumawe.




‏@mirroreye [22/6/16]:  A young woman from Sri Lanka is photographed by police as migrants take shelter in a tent along the beach in Lhoknga, Aceh province.




UNHCR Australia representatives triggered self immolations on Nauru during their April visit, yet they are still free to continue pumping out "good refugee" propaganda [Media Release - June 2016]:


... Catherine Stubberfield, External Relations Officer at UNHCR’s Regional Representation in Canberra, says the program was a wonderful example of the contribution of refugees and the impact that individuals and communities can make by supporting them.

“The Calvary Refugee Mentor Program shows just how much refugees achieve and how much we are all enriched in turn when we welcome them,” she says.

“It can seem like a small action but it makes a huge difference.” ...




Australia stopped accepting refugees in July 2014.




‏@MSF_Sea [26/6/16]:   ~600 people rescued this morning by #DignityI are embarking on the #Argos. Finally, they will sleep safe tonight.





@ReutersAfrica [26/6/16]:  African migrants force their way into Spain's Melilla enclave ...




... June 26 this year, as it has been every year since 1998, is "UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture."

With respect to the US and torture, there has really only been one major change in post-9/11 landscape: US domestic torture practices have been globalized and franchised. [Truthout - 26/6/16]




UK government spends at least £600,000 to stop Jack Straw facing Libya rendition charges [Guardian - 26/6/16]




Saudi-led air strikes in Yemen kill at least seven: residents [Reuters – 26/6/16]





27 June 2016