178 days of peaceful protest from East Lorengua refugees transit center. ...



Our lives are tools of Australian govt to invest their businesses on offshore detention centers. Aussie people have no clue what have been done by their names on #Manus & #Nauru ... @sunosi3 ]27/1/18]



@Shamindan1 [27/1/18]:  Day 178 peaceful protest. Show some compassion we are human beings same like you. [West Haus, Manus Island]



@Aussie4Refugees [27/1/18]:  Pointedly not calling for release of ALL refugees on #Nauru and #Manus and an END to Australia's "deterrence" policy at this dire stage is collaborating with atrocity ... Where is the condemnation, and where are ethical health professionals/human rights orgs?  



@Aussie4Refugees [27/1/18]: Any ethical health professionals have a view on the implications of bringing an exiled refugee to Australia for "treatment", then re-exiling them?...



Until Australia's fanatical anti-refugee policy - and ALL those who support it - is honestly scrutinised and challenged, these yarns serve no purpose but to propagandise "deterrence" as an acceptable atrocity ---> Papua New Guinea correspondent Eric Tlozek speaks with two Pashtun refugees from the Pakistan-Afghanistan border who fled Taliban militants and sought asylum in PNG.

After an extraordinary series of journeys, including to Melbourne, they now find themselves back in Port Moresby without any hope of returning to their home country - or being resettled somewhere else ... [ABC - 27/1/18]



@Aussie4Refugees [27/1/18]:  29 minutes in ---> 4 attempts by a Hazara refugee to reach Australia [Professor Alison Mountz, 2015] ...



@Aussie4Refugees [27/1/18]:  Somebody doesn't want the truth to come out about what the Australian Labor Party did to children who crewed refugee boats



@Aussie4Refugees [27/1/18]: Australia stopped accepting refugees with UNHCR approval - and a silently complicit media and human rights establishment - in July 2014, leaving 1,000s stranded and/or indefinitely detained in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. ...  #BaliProcess 



@MahdiAlizada18 [27/1/18]:  11th days of #Refugees protest in I.D.C #Balikpapan-Indonesia for freedom and judtice ...



Since early January, around 50 people, including children, from Afghanistan, Sudan and Somalia have been forced to live on the roadside in front of the Kalideres detention center, after it ran out of space for more refugees. ... [Jakarta Globe - 26/1/18]



Sudan releases journalists detained for covering protests [All Africa - 23/1/18]



Not freedom and not protection: Sudanese who were imprisoned and tortured in Libya deported back to their original tormentors [Al Jazeera - 26/1/18]



@haaretzcom [25/1/18]:  ‘We will go down terribly in history:’ Holocaust survivors join growing Israeli backlash against deportation of African refugees



@davidsheen [25/1/18]:  VIDEO: New @aptly_engineerd interview with 1 of the 40,000 African refugees that the Israeli government is trying to force back to the tortures they fled from ...



Israeli forces shoot Palestinian teenager in the neck in Nablus-area village [Maan - 25/1/18]



Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri at Davos: "The only threat I see is Israel" [PNN - 25/1/18]



One Blood: The story of William Cooper [5/12/09]:


William Cooper is counted among the righteous who saved Jews during the Holocaust.

In late 1938, this elder statesman of the Aboriginal rights movement delivered a letter of protest to the German consulate in Melbourne as synagogues burned across Germany in the aftermath of the infamous Night of Broken Glass, or Kristallnacht.

Freelance producer Jessica Noske-Turner takes us on a journey from the former Aboriginal mission station at Cummeragunga to the Forest of Martyrs outside Jerusalem.

In December 2008, trees were planted in honour of William Cooper in Martyrs Forest outside Jerusalem. Several members of his family, including his grandson Uncle Boydie Turner and great-grandson Kevin Russell planted trees with water from the Murray River and soil from his Yorta Yorta country.



Black Man's Viewpoint [The Mercury - 13 November 1937]:


Plans for the observance by aborigines throughout Australia of a day of mourning simultaneously with the 150th anniversary celebrations in Sydney were announced at a meeting tonight convened by the Australian Aborigines' League.

"While white men are throwing their hats into the air with joy," said the chairman (Mr. A.' P. A. Burdue), "aborigines will be in mourning for all they have lost. It ia hoped that the day of mourning will direct the attention of the people of Australia to the desire of the aborigines for full citizens' rights." ...



The Saltwater Story



Australia Daze [1988]



[18 mins in] Hard truths from Aunty Pat at Invasion Day protest, Queensland Parliament House - with particular reference to stolen children and the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games. ---> Australia Day protesters gathering outside Parliament House in Brisbane. ... @7NewsBrisbane [25/1/18]



Brisbane inquest to examine Aboriginal man's death in custody [NITV - 25/1/18]:


An inquest is set to examine the death of Shaun Coolwell, who died in police custody in Queensland almost three years ago.

The Murri man died at Logan Hospital on October 2, 2015, after police arrested him at a home in the Logan suburb of Kingston earlier that morning.

Police said Mr Coolwell, who already had injuries, was acting aggressively and was handcuffed for his own safety.

But his family said the 33-year-old had hurt himself and was bleeding so they called an ambulance, and it was paramedics who called police.

Mr Coolwell's family said he was distressed that morning because he was mourning the death of his brother, Bradley Coolwell, who died in similar circumstances in police custody four years earlier.

"This is what’s happening right across the country with the interaction with police and Indigenous people, and we always seem to get the rough end of the stick," Mr Coolwell's uncle, Alfred Coolwell, told NITV News at the time.

"We’ve got to get the messages across to these politicians – it looks like none of them are listening, and it just keeps on happening."

Protestors marched through the Brisbane CBD in the weeks following Mr Coolwell's death, demanding answers from police.



@JulianAssange [27/1/18]:  Obama VP Joseph Biden brags about how he rigged the judicial system of another country.



@JulianAssange [27/1/18]: As a side note, in 2016 the UN unanimously found in my favor, except for one jurist--from Ukraine. The former Chair, international law professor Mads Adenas of Norway/Oxford stated that the US and UK had tried to pressure the jurists. ...  <--- Australia's establishment "refugee advocates" and international law "experts", ignored the majority decision and inexplicably focussed on the minority dissenting opinion.



Falsely accused terrorism suspect released after 10-year ordeal [TRNN - 25/1/18]:


... D. LASCARIS: In view of this travesty of justice, have you contemplated or are you inclined to seek compensation from the Canadian Government?

HASSAN DIAB: I answered this before, and I will repeat it again. I'll reiterate the same thing. Personally, I don't need any money from Canadian taxpayers. If there's any money coming from France or from Canada or from both, I will not take personally any penny of this money. France, as far as I know, will pay automatically because you don't have to sue the government to pay you because when they make a mistake, they pay you, though the pay is very little actually. Doesn't even cover one ... the night that ... It doesn't cover one night in the middle, whatever, two-star hotel.

So this is one thing, but any extra money, anything we can get, it will not go to my pocket. It will go to defend future victims of a law like this one. I will not decide how the money will be spent or which people, on which victims, rather the support committee group will decide on how to use the money if there is the money. But personally, I will not get any money. I don't want money. I can survive without money. Okay, that's-

D. LASCARIS: Which apparently you've done for three years. The last thing I want to ask you, Dr. Diab, is after French authorities accused you, but before you were imprisoned in Canada, Carleton University in Ottawa terminated your employment and it did so-


D. LASCARIS: ... after B'nai B'rith Canada, a pro-Israel lobby group, demanded your termination. B'nai B'rith's CEO at the time, Frank Dimant, stated, "We find it deplorable that University officials believe that there is nothing wrong with employing Diab. The safety and security of the community as a whole and of the Carleton University campus in particular are of great concern to us."

Now, recently, days ago, a Canadian newspaper, the Ottawa Citizen, obtained and revealed internal Carleton University emails, which strongly suggested that B'nai B'rith played a central role in your dismissal by the University. Since you were freed by French authorities, has B'nai B'rith apologized to you? Has it expressed any kind of remorse for the role that it played in your termination and the hardship that you endured?

HASSAN DIAB: Actually, nobody has apologized yet, neither from the French side ... because in France, the case is not over yet. There's still appeal and coming in few months. The Canadian Government didn't say anything except they helped me get out of France, but we paid for the ticket so far.

The B'nai B'rith said nothing so far, so practically nobody has said, "Sorry for whatever we caused you." ...



Somali asylum seeker deported from Canada for grand theft auto in the US [CBC - 23/1/18]



A former child refugee from Somalia at risk of being deported will soon be set free, but his fight to stay in Canada isn't over.

Abdoul Abdi, who spent the last week and a half detained on immigration grounds in jails in the Maritimes and Ontario after serving a four-year prison sentence, could be released as early as tomorrow, according to his lawyer, Ben Perryman. ... [CBC - 16/1/18]



27 January 2018