1. Political prisoner of Australia escapes exile in PNG to seek asylum in Fiji, or

2. Michael Gordon and his ALP pals play twisted game with man's life so they can continue impliedly endorsing Bill "it is OUR policy" Shorten [Sydney Morning Herald - 28/1/17]:


A young Iranian refugee who was held on Manus Island for more than three years has fled to Fiji, where he is seeking asylum on the grounds he fears persecution if he goes back to Papua New Guinea.

"This is the end for me," said Loghman Sawari, whose time in PNG has been punctuated by beatings, bullying, imprisonment, illness, suicide attempts and living on the street in Lae, one of the country's most dangerous cities.


Mr Sawari told Fairfax Media he had cobbled together the money for the airfare from several sources over several months.

Broke and destitute, he has been given refuge by a Fijian family and is planning to present himself to Fiji immigration officials on Monday to seek protection.


Mr Sawari said he is terrified of being sent back to PNG.

"If I go back they will make me crazy or they put me in the jail. I'm sure about that," he said by phone from Nadi.

"My problem is I cannot go back to Iran and I can't stay in PNG. I don't want to go to Australia. I just want to be free, just like human being. I would stay in Fiji. Here you can walk anytime - night, morning. You free here." ...



There is no "US Deal" Daniel Webb, and you know it [Guardian - 27/1/17]



Every single man woman and child was imprisoned in Manus Island and Nauru concentration camps by the ALP.

They will remain there forever if “advocates” refuse to hold the ALP to account for this crime against humanity.

Calling on Turnbull to find a “humane way forward” is pointless, and reinforces Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee torture, exile and turnback policy.




Victorian Premier uses Malmsbury breakout to implement further repression and build a private youth torture facility [The Age - 27/1/17]



Or instead of calling for the destruction of Melbourne amenity, you could show some leadership and call for an end to dangerous. resource-wasting police pursuits - which are killing an injuring people throughout the country [ABC - 27/1/17]



They died in pointless imperial wars so American fast food multinationals could poison us and impose their cultural dominance [The Northern Daily Leader - 26/1/17]:


Tamworth's war memorials have been declared “sacred sites” that should remain free of advertising, after a giant Big Mac was erected behind the Waler memorial. ...



(As well as rip us off) [Australian Financial Review - 27/1/17]:


A Fair Work Ombudsman investigation of fast-food giant Pizza Hut has uncovered underpayments and "widespread" breaches of workplace laws, with 92 per cent of audited franchisees failing to meet their legal obligations. ...



FUCK.  ZOOS. ---> Adelaide Zoo's 34-year-old Sumatran orangutan, Karta, has died just hours after delivering an infant that was believed to be stillborn. ... [ABC - 27/1/17]



... A particular area of concern is the creation of chimeras with human brain cells.

These organisms may be capable of self-awareness to the extent that they understand their identity and circumstances, which would produce unbearable suffering.

Will we know when the subjective experience of such a being has crossed the generally accepted line of decency and morality?

If we cannot say with certainty that this will never happen, then we need to stop this kind of research right now before we find ourselves in a world where there is no line.

These concerns about chimeric research add to the already potent ethical issues associated with mainstream invasive animal research.

Tens of millions of animals are sickened, injured, genetically manipulated, and killed in biomedical labs every year, even as a robust body of evidence shows that some animals are more self-aware and emotionally and cognitively complex than we previously thought.

That leads to the inescapable conclusion that we have already crossed a number of moral lines. ... We’ve created human-pig chimeras — but we haven’t weighed the ethics [STAT - 26/1/17]



How the body of an Arizona great-grandmother ended up as part of a US Army blast test [Reuters - 23/12/16]:


... In interviews, family members who signed BRC consent forms said they were focused on saving money and serving society.

They said they didn’t realize the bodies of their loved ones would be sold or used for commercial purposes. 

 “I had no money,” said Tina Johnson, who gave her husband Kerry’s body to BRC when he died of liver failure in 2012.

“It was a free cremation.”

Mary Hughes, whose 52-year-old son, Grady Hughes Jr, died of cancer in late 2012, recalled that “somebody from hospice gave us a pamphlet.”

“It was a good idea,” Hughes said.

“The cremation was free, and it was donating the body for medical purposes.”

Months after the donations, Johnson, Hughes and dozens of others received a vague form letter from BRC listing nine potential medical education and research uses.

None cited military experiments. ...



United States continues bombing everyone, especially in Iraq and Syria [US Department of Defense - 26/1/17]



Air Force Gen. John E. Hyten:  Deterrence in space means no war will be fought there [US Department of Defense - 26/1/17]:


 "... the best way to prevent war is to be prepared for war.

So the United States is going to do that, and we're going to make sure that everybody knows we're prepared for war.” ...  <--- Pretty sure everybody knows this by now.



Trump, to the left of Obama, pledges not to use nuclear weapons first [The Intercept - 27/9/16]



... Later in the debate, Trump said nuclear weapons are the biggest threat the U.S. faces: "Not global warming, like you think and your President thinks." ... [Mashable - 26/9/16]



Eric Kempson [26/1/17]:  One boat picked up off the north coast of Lesvos early hours of the morning, taken down to Mytilini by boat, every one very wet and cold one man with frost bite, 47 people on board.



Refugee drowns in Venice canal as onlookers film on phone, laugh [Malta Today - 26/1/17]



Trying to ward off the overnight cold with a blanket donated by volunteers, Muktar Ali was sleeping rough in the north of Paris when at about 4:30am, the police returned.

He and several other Eritreans say they were pushed, prodded and kicked by police clearing the area.

"Police took everything I had - clothes, shoes, blanket - and threw it all away," said Ali, 33, who had fled forced conscription in Eritrea and was held captive by rebels in Libya before crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Europe.

Now, he's among many refugees living on the streets of Paris, who have been subjected to displacement, detention and deportations.

Police raids, at least 30 since last June, and a cycle in which displaced people return to live in squalid camps, have angered residents and prompted them to form groups like Le Collectif La Chapelle Debout, which provide food and shelter that they say the government should be providing.

But recently, as a result of these actions, these activists have been finding themselves in criminal courts across France. ... [Al Jazeera - 26/1/17]



‏@sol2refugees [26/1/17]:  A #Kurdish #refugee is dead in #SamosHotspot & the same day 4 other #refugees attempt to suicide. All those a day after the dead in #Moria



Memorial evening dedicated to 72nd anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz held in Moscow [Sputnik News - 27/1/17]:


Weinberg's "The Passenger" opera tells the story of a meeting of a concentration camp survivor and a prison guard 15 years after the Second World War.

The opera was banned in the USSR.

"It is painful for me as the president of the Conference of European Rabbis to see the political forces in Europe that forget what happened more than 70 years ago… We have to guard ourselves against all the absolute evil, Nazism, if we do not want it to happen again, as any evil can return," Chief Rabbi of Moscow Pinchas Goldschmidt said at the premiere.


 More than 500 politicians, activists, cultural figures, diplomats, war veterans, former camp and ghetto prisoners, students and schoolchildren attended the memorial evening.

A Memorial Week began in Moscow on January 20 and will last until Friday, celebrated as the day of Auschwitz-Birkenau liberation by the Soviet troops.  ...



State of deception: The power of Nazi propaganda [US Holocaust Memorial Museum travelling exhibition]



Operation Streamline: Ten years of criminalising immigrants in the US [American Immigration Council - 15/12/15]


... In addition, in May 2015, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Inspector General released a report which casts doubt on whether the prosecutions achieve the desired results.

It found that Border Patrol is “not fully and accurately measuring Streamline’s effect on deterring” illegal immigration and that CBP targets for prosecution individuals seeking asylum.

This practice violates U.S. obligations of the Refugee Convention.

Furthermore, the dramatic increase in criminal prosecutions has meant that private prison companies are profiting.

In Fiscal Year 2011 alone, “the federal government paid immense sums of taxpayer money to private prison companies, $744 million and $640 million to CCA and GEO Group, respectively.” ...



$263 billion:  The cost of immigration enforcement and border security in the United States [American Immigration Council - 25/1/17]



Julie Bishop says nothing about nothing - especially the fictional "US Refugee Deal" - while she's in US being snubbed by Trump administration officials [Australian Financial Review - 27/1/17]:


... Ms Bishop, who is in the United States for a series of G'day USA events promoting Australia's American trade and cultural ties, said she had a "warm and engaging discussion about a whole range of issues" with Mr Pence.

She said the phone call focused on global and regional challenges both countries faced and a number of bilateral issues. ...






"WHERE IS SANCTITY OF LAW?  STOP PLAYING GAMES ... EVERY DEATH IN PNG AND NAURU IS BLOOD ON YOUR HANDS" - Australia's political prisoners protest on Manus Island - May 2016



The Canberra Times [26/1/17] is full of shit:


1. The "detainees" on Manus Island and Nauru are HUMAN BEINGS who are being punished for attempting to seek asylum in Australia (Note Canberra Times' deliberate exclusion of their voices.)

2. The "US Deal" is an obvious fraud.

3. The "terms" of the non existent "US Deal" - i.e. Costa Rica "swap" - have not been seen by anyone - and are unknown.

4. Disparaging Barnaby Joyce's "flippant remark" is not holding him, or Australia's bipartisan anti-refugee policy to account.

5. Sweeping generalisations about what the majority of Australians supposedly think of our increasingly draconian anti-refugee policy (based on dodgy polling) - is propaganda, and does not excuse the URGENT need for journalism.

5. Australia suspended accepting UNHCR refugees in July 2014.

6. If "their resettlement must be accorded urgent priority", why isn't Canberra Times asking the UNHCR, the Refugee Council and other rights NGOs why they aren't demanding the IMMEDIATE AND GENUINE RESETTLEMENT of men, women and children on Manus and Nauru, in accordance with the UN Refugee Convention?

7. In April 2016, the PNG Supreme Court ruled Manus concentration camp illegal and unconstitutional. The reason "ordinary Australians have only the vaguest notion of the detainees' likely fate", is because: a. any progress with regard to Ben Lomai's case has been dutifully censored by Australian media outlets - such as the Canberra Times, and b. the media refuse to challenge politicians for not implementing the ruling.

8. Is it truly beyond the capacity of Canberra Times to understand why Australia's political prisoners on Manus and Nauru might not believe what the Australian government says after being tortured and lied to for nearly four years?

9. Mythmaking about Barack "Deporter in Chief" Obama's legacy, and obscuring the US hand in the establishment of Australia's anti-refugee policy is a convenient distraction from the core issues, and reinforces the barbaric status quo.










The "US deal" is an obvious FRAUD but the Australian media persevere in protecting the government's lies - are they stupid, or evil? [Yahoo - 27/1/17]



Turnbull and Dutton's "lifetime ban" legislation merely cements ALP anti-refugee policy. Academics lie. Atrocities continue. --->  US deal is a good news story for refugees – here’s why it took so long ‏@ConversationEDU [14/11/16]



NGOs keep the pressure off the ALP [Pro Bono Australia - 15/11/16]



How Turnbull and Dutton's lie travelled around world thanks to the ALP,  Greens, media, human rights organisations and academics ---> Australia, US agree on resettlement of refugees detained on Nauru and Manus Island [JURIST - 15/11/16]



... The medical evidence makes clear that the responsibility for Kehazaei’s death rests entirely with the Australian political establishment.

He died as a direct consequence of the refugee ban and detention regime established by the previous minority Labor government, which was kept in office from 2010 to 2013 by the parliamentary votes of the Greens.

That policy has been enforced and extended by the current Coalition government, which is now seeking to bar detainees from even visiting Australia for the rest of their lives.

Not just Kehazaei but thousands of other refugees are victims of a system determined to deter and punish asylum seekers. ... Inquest evidence shows Australian government was responsible for Hamid Kehazaei's death [WSWS - 8/12/16]




27 January 2017