This woman and her family imprisoned by the ALP (since 2013) for being asylum seekers.



There is no such condition as "detention fatigue".



Indefinite, mandatory detention is TORTURE.





Australia's lying "deterrence" policy uses refugees as human shields [Guardian - 27/2/16]:


The oldest woman held in Australia’s immigration detention system, a 70-year-old Iranian, has pleaded with immigration minister, Peter Dutton, not to send her and her two adult children back to Nauru.

Her son says her health is deteriorating and he fears she will die in detention.

The family is among the 267 people slated for a return to offshore processing in the wake of the high court decision earlier this month that confirmed offshore detention was legal.

 The three were brought to Darwin from Nauru a year ago for the elderly woman to receive medical treatment.

Their worsening mental and physical health – particularly that of the mother and daughter – is detailed in dozens of medical documents seen by the Guardian.

International Health and Medical Services (IHMS) reports state the mother is suffering “detention fatigue” and gets upset to the point of hysteria when asked about Nauru.

Medical records note chronic pain, nightmares, frequent fevers, leg problems, and poor eyesight. A 2015 document noted: “she hits herself constantly to try and deal with the pain.”


The family arrived on the evening of 19 July 2013, just hours after the Rudd Labor government ruled that no boat arrivals would ever settle in Australia. The policy was not in place when they left Indonesia.

The family claims the son was later tricked into going to Manus Island and was not permitted to say goodbye to his mother and sister.

“They took me to the single men’s camp and my mum and sister went to the family camp,” he told the Guardian through an interpreter.

“After 10 days they called us [men together] and said: ‘You, you and you, go to Manus.’ I said I am with my family on Christmas Island. They said: ‘Trust me, if you go to Manus all your family will go too.’”

The mother and sister claim they were initially not told where he was.

They say they were only able to speak with him on the phone once in four months, “despite false promises by DIBP (Department of Immigration and Border Protection) and Serco,” one doctor on Christmas Island wrote in his notes. ...





... “We chose [to come to] Australia because they knew about human rights,” she said.


“We didn’t know that they really don’t care about humans.” ...




Guardian [13/1/14]:


... She was on the first asylum seeker boat to arrive in Australia after Kevin Rudd announced mandatory offshore processing last August.

The boat arrived just hours after the announcement, and had left Indonesia when settlement in Australia was still possible.

Her story starts from the moment she got off the boat and, on the day Guardian Australia releases the letter signed by 15 doctors on Christmas Island that forensically documents shocking allegations of medical malpractice in immigration detention, continues with the revelation of devastating flaws in the medical provision she and Soroush were offered in detention.

 “Nobody asked for our permission,” Nazanin said when asked if she knew she was being photographed during that moment.

She says she was moved to a hall where all those on her boat were told they would not be allowed to remain in Australia. And then the cameras rolled.

“Three days after that,” she says, “I just saw my photos in the internet. But nobody [at the time] talk to me about my photos and videos and all that things.”

For Nazanin their publication has exacerbated the suffering. She says they revealed her identity to those she was trying to flee in Iran.

“Unfortunately I saw my picture in every site and again unfortunately in my country every media is showing my picture, and my family, and my relatives and my friends all of them saw my picture and it was really bad for me because of our political issues.

“The intelligence service in our country went to our houses and threatened our family,” she said.

 For Soroush [husband], Nazanin says, the news of his family being threatened was a hard blow.

Soroush has epilepsy but, according to Nazanin, had not suffered a seizure for three years before arriving in Australia.

After a month in detention and after hearing of the threats, his seizures began again.







Nauru pumps out the propaganda as media, lawyers continue being denied access [RNZI - 26/2/16]:

Fiji has received over 72,000 US dollars worth of aid from Nauru to help those affected by Cyclone Winston.

Fiji's government received the grant from Nauru's Secretary for Foreign Affairs Michael Aroi who presented it in Suva on Friday.

Mr Aroi said the people of Nauru are saddened by the loss of lives and the devastation caused by Cyclone Winston.

He said Nauru is hopeful the donation will help the people of Fiji recover from the tragic ordeal.




US Ambassador Cefkin with the Republic of Nauru media team [17/8/15]


Amicus arguments at the Ninth Circuit:  The Flores settlement applies to all children [American Immigration Council – 26/2/16]





A federal deportation officer has been charged with shaking down six undocumented immigrants for cash or sex — and impregnating one of them — in exchange for working papers and other protection. ... [NBC - 22/2/16]





Auschwitz trial: former guard made hell possible, says witness born inside camp [Guardian - 27/2/16]:


... Friday also saw 87-year-old concentration camp survivor Ben Lesser give a witness statement. Appealing to members of the public at the trial, the survivor said:

“You are one of the last people who can still hear the witnesses,” and asked them to use their experience to prevent another holocaust.

Lesser, who now lives in Los Angeles, described how the camp guards made prisoners slap their legs in a steady rhythm, threatening to shoot anyone who could not keep in time.

“The guards had a lot of fun watching us suffer.” ...






... What sometimes shatters the dominant silence of the prison are the bangs of punches made by the fist of a crazy sorrowful man, hitting a rotten punching bag that is hung from “The Suicide Tree”.

Years ago, this name was given to a tree next to the toilets.  ... [Life on Manus:  Island of the damned  - The Saturday Paper - 27/2/16]






Here's another time the Australian Prime Minister and "Opposition" Leader were interrupted at a cosy event by protest [Crikey - 27/2/12]:



... There was no attempt to hurt Gillard or Abbott. Protesters simply wanted to make clear their concerns about sovereignty, land rights and Aboriginal rights to the mainstream.

On that part, they were effective.

Would media even be reporting the protests of the tent embassy if this didn’t happen?  ...






... The aim of the protest had been to get Mr. Abbott to come out and talk to the crowd – now it wanted to get Ms. Gillard to come out and do the same as well.

Yet they continued to ignore the protesters, drink champagne and take photos of one another while their constituents tried to get their attention.

A short time later a contingent of riot police and protective service officers arrived at the restaurant.

All up there were about 50 to 60 officers there and protesters watched on as a group of about 20 riot police hurtled past them in V-formation, bursting into the restaurant and then locking themselves inside.

When I spoke to Sam she said that the protesters thought the riot police were arranging to form a sort of guard around the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader so that they could come out and talk to the crowd but, as the rest of the media has shown, the riot police’s real objective was to ‘escort’ the Prime Minister and Opposition Leader to their cars.

As more protesters made their way to the restaurant, the riot police charged out the doors, practically dragging Ms Gillard along, while the onlookers began to shout “where are you going?” and “why won’t you talk to us?” ... Wil Wallace [26/1/12]:



The Prime Minister didn't accept the invitation, so her shoe was returned to Parliament House ---->  Tent Embassy extend invitation to PM to retrieve shoe [VIDEO - The Age - 26/1/12]






Free, free the refugees.







Image:  ‏@JacintaOC [27/2/16]





@approachingcrit [27/2/16]:   @TurnbullMalcolm @billshortenmp public speeches challenged by #LetThemStay protesters chanting at #Melbourne Greek festival tonight ...








@approachingcrit [27/2/166]:   #LetThemStay chants can be heard over crowd as PM and Opp leader sit on stage, Andrews speaking ...





‏@Paulinaa_327 [27/2/16]:   #LetThemStay #CloseTheCamps #Melbourne








Only protesting Turnbull and Dutton under the #LetThemStay slogan - and not Shorten and Marles too - allows #LetThemStay to become a default ALP election campaign. 






These are the kind of operatives who tried to aim this evening's Greek Festival protest in Melbourne at "Turnbull only" - and failed! ---->    The legality of a taxpayer-funded exchange program that sent Australian ALP supporters to the US to volunteer for Bernie Sanders has been called into question after vision emerged of them allegedly breaking electoral laws.

Labor volunteers have been caught on hidden cameras bragging about using Australian taxpayer funds to work on a US presidential campaign and interfering with Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton campaign signs.


Mr Kremer, a party member and campus organiser in Canberra, tells the undercover film crew that volunteers were instructed not to post information about their work on social media, because it could cause the Coalition government to cancel the program. ... [The Age - 27/2/16]



Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program:



The Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program (APPDP) was established by the Federal Government in 2005. Its purpose is to fund major political parties to further the development of political party systems in partner countries.

 The Australian Greens were added to this program in 2010 and currently receive an annual budget of $200,000 for three year funding periods.  The program is administered by the party’s International Development Committee (AG-IDC) in order to assist Greens parties and organisations, principally in developing countries, to develop their capacity to participate in democratic political processes. ...







The Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program: it covers nobody in glory [Dev Policy Blog - 15/11/13]





Senate changes:  Why bother forcing below-the-line votes to be full preferential? [Antony Green - 25/2/16]






35,000+ offenders of domestic and family violence between July 2014 and June 2015 (not incl. SA, Tas, WA)


SBS [24/2/16]: 

... The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics report on recorded crime by offenders shows that men are overwhelmingly responsible for domestic and family violence, with the most common offence being an act to cause injury.

In the five jurisdictions where data was collected - NSW, Victoria, Queensland, Northern Territory and ACT - there were more than 35,000 offenders of domestic and family violence between July 2014 and June 2015.

A person was counted as being an offender if they were recorded as having at least one selected offence that was flagged by police as being family and domestic violence related.

The offences included: homicide; acts intended to cause injury; sexual assault; abduction/harassment; and property damage.

The report shows that more than 19,000 people in NSW alone were deemed to be perpetrators of domestic and family violence, with four times as many male offenders (16,273) as female offenders (3670).

In the ACT, there were more than eight times as many male offenders.

The figures for the Northern Territory were even more alarming, with 1185 offenders per 100,000 persons, compared to NSW where there were 302 offenders per 100,000 persons.

In the Territory, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders represented 89 per cent of offenders.

The report also showed that the age profile of offenders was similar across the five jurisdictions with the highest proportion in the 20-34 years category.

The second highest proportion was in the 35-54 years age category, while those aged 55 years and over were the least represented group.


The information, drawn from police crime recording systems, will be used to build a stronger evidence base to support the second national plan to reduce violence against women and their children.

* National domestic violence helpline: 1800 737 732 or 1800RESPECT. In an emergency, call triple-zero.





A man who brutally beat his pregnant girlfriend to death with a tomahawk will stand trial for murder.

Brock Wall appeared in Southport Magistrates Court this morning via video link.

The 35-year-old is accused of killing Fabiana Palhares during a horrifying domestic violence dispute at a Varsity Lakes home in February 2015.

He has been ordered to stand trial in the Brisbane Supreme Court at a later date.

Fabiana was one of four women killed at the hands of their partners on the Gold Coast last year. ... [MYGC - 26/2/16]






Driver dies in collision with truck on Cunningham Highway, Ipswich [Brisbane Times - 27/2/16]



A cyclist has suffered horrific head injuries after being hit by a car on the Gold Coast this morning.

Police say the man sustained life-threatening head wounds after he was struck by a car while cycling along Bayview Street in Runaway Bay around 7.50am.

Paramedics stabilised the man at the scene before rushing him to Gold Coast University Hospital where he remains in a critical condition.

Uninjured, the driver of the vehicle stopped and assisted the injured man before emergency services arrived.

The Forensic Crash Unit are investigating and are urging any witnesses who have not yet spoken with police to come forward. ... [MYGC - 27/2/16]





Fatal traffic incident, Brisbane [26/2/16]:


 Police are appealing for information to locate a bicycle belonging to a cyclist who passed away this week following a crash on the Go Between Bridge on Friday, February 12.

Just before 5am emergency services were called to attend to a 46-year-old man who had crashed his bike on the bike path on the northern side (Coronation Drive) of the Go Between Bridge.

The man was found to have sustained a critical head injury and he was transported to the Royal Brisbane Hospital, but passed away from his injuries on Tuesday afternoon.

Police are seeking public assistance in their investigation to locate a red mountain bicycle with a black bag fitted to the frame.

Anyone who may have witnessed the crash and has not come forward should contact police on Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.

Investigations into the crash are continuing.



Young boy hit by car, Benowa [MYGC – 26/2/16]





A woman in her 60s has been taken to hospital after being struck by a car as it crashed into a shopping complex in Kenmore. ... [Brisbane Times - 26/2/16]





Twenty-seven Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) crews remain on scene at a vegetation fire burning in the vicinity of Beenleigh Redland Bay Road, Dee Court, Habermann Road, Coorang Road, Lagoon Road, Teviot Road and Shears Road, Carbrook, Logan.

The blaze is now burning safely within containment lines and will continued to be monitored overnight, with firefighters working to strengthen these lines.   

There is no threat to homes at this time however a smoke haze is likely to affect the area. ... [Queensland Fire and Emergency Services - 27/2/16]





Fatal house fire, Burpengary [QPS Media - 27/2/16]





House fire, Beachmere [QPS Media - 27/2/16]






Detectives are investigating what is believed to be a shooting incident at Southport this evening. Initial inquires indicate about 8.30pm a man was shot twice at a Worendo Street house.

The 23-year-old Southport man was taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital with two gunshot wounds where he remains in a serious condition with what is believed to be non-life threatening injuries.

Investigations are continuing. [QPS Media - 25/2/16]





Sydney's North Shore Private Hospital has apologised to the family of an 88-year-old woman who died after being given a massive overdose of prescription medication.

Deputy state coroner Magistrate Harriet Grahame is investigating the death of Audrey MacGregor in 2013.

The grandmother of 17 was being treated for pneumonia and other health complaints at the hospital when she was given five milligrams of hydromorphone, a derivative of morphine - 10 times the prescribed dose. ... [ABC - 24/2/16]



Inquiry launched into under-dosing of cancer patients at St Vincent's Hospital [ABC - 23/2/16]





Court orders Johnson & Johnson to pay $72M in talcum powder ovarian cancer case [NBC - 24/2/16]





A former Gold Coast high schooler has been left stranded in Syria, after the Federal Government cancelled his passport.  ... [MYGC - 27/2/16]




Guardian [24/8/15]:

Queensland teenager Oliver Bridgeman has denied any links to an al-Qaida affiliated militia in Syria, claiming he crossed into the war-ravaged country to “do what I can to help people”.

Speaking to Guardian Australia from an undisclosed location in Syria, the 18-year-old, who left Toowoomba in March, said he hoped to return to Australia one day, maintaining “I haven’t done anything wrong”.

Bridgeman deferred university in March to work for a Balinese charity, where he spent a month before departing for Turkey.

In April, he was smuggled over the Syrian border.

The UK-born teenager, who converted to Islam two years ago, told the Guardian he was motivated by the plight of Syrian civilians.

“Islam teaches us to help the needy, so this is my Islamic obligation. I must help these people, we need to do something,” he said.

The border where he crossed was packed with displaced Syrians leaving the country. He said he was alone, with no one waiting on the other side.






Australia passed medieval exile laws in a bipartisan stitchup last December -  the Canadian government are about to repeal theirs [The Globe and Mail - 25/2/16]:


... In last year’s election, the Liberals promised to repeal the controversial Bill C-24, which gave the government the power to revoke Canadian citizenship from dual citizens convicted of terrorism, treason or espionage, and dual citizens who were members of an armed force of a country or members of an organized armed group that was engaged in a conflict with Canada.

“When you say a Canadian is a Canadian is a Canadian, that is a blanket statement that applies to all Canadians. You don’t pick and choose the good Canadians and the bad Canadians,” Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Minister John McCallum said in an interview with The Globe and Mail Thursday.


The government still has the power to revoke citizenship from anyone who misrepresents who they are or are guilty of citizenship fraud. The Minister justified the provision to The Globe.

“I think those two things are different in kind. When you give false pretenses to become a citizen, the offence relates specifically to the citizenship,” Mr. McCallum said.

“The other is about if you commit a crime or you can name any other contingency … those things are not related to the process of becoming a citizen.”

Immigration lawyer Lorne Waldman said the legislation does not address the Conservatives’ contentious changes to the revocation process. Bill C-24 eliminated the right to a Federal Court hearing for individuals subject to revocation of citizenship when the revocation was based on fraud.

Rather, the government sends letters informing the individual that their citizenship will be revoked, and that they have 60 days to respond in writing.

“The government is defending the Harper government’s process of revocation in the face of challenge by civil liberties organizations and by many different individuals … and in the face of a determination by a federal court judge,” Mr. Waldman said.




Beware of politicians who want to take away your internet by stealth [ABC - 26/2/16]:


... TERRI BUTLER: Obviously this is an issue that was brought to the attention of the Senate committee because of the bill that Tim and I moved.

I think that they have been very sensible and sought to respond to this issue in a very non-partisan manner which I very much welcome.

I think for the Senate committee to be saying that we should criminalise revenge porn is exactly the sort of outcome that I wanted from that inquiry so I'm really pleased with it. ...





... Bill C-13 touches upon cyberbullying in an almost cursory manner.

It makes it a crime to share an intimate image without the consent of the person depicted in that image – a reasonable provision – but much else in the bill seems tacked on simply to increase police powers to investigate our online activities.

Yes, it’s a nasty crime, but so is murder and we don’t allow the police to pop into our homes on a whim to check our knives for traces of blood. ... Bill C-13 is about a lot more than cyberbullying [The Globe And Mail 6/12/13]





Anti-cyberbullying law, Bill C-13, now in effect [CTV – 9/3/15]


@JoshBavas [12/2/16]:   Labor MP Terri Butler heckled by crowd at protest for 'Baby Asha' who is being kept at Children's Hospital in Bris.




Yesterday in Nashville, Judge Aleta Trauger of United States District Court sentenced 31-year-old Anonymous activist Matt DeHart—called a courier for WikiLeaks by his best-known advocates, the Courage Foundation—to seven and a half years behind bars followed by thirteen years of supervised release, despite being one of multiple judicial authorities who have expressed doubts about the case against him. ... [Revolution News - 23/2/16]





US looks to Facebook, private groups to battle online extremism [Reuters - 24/2/16]





US military white paper describes wearing hijab as “passive terrorism” [The Intercept - 23/2/16]


School Watch: Muslim Student Support [23/2/16]:

Executive staff in NSW schools have begun ‘training’ to spot signs of radicalisation in school children.

One case study that was presented is that of a 15 yr old Muslim girl who ‘admitted’ to her teacher that she was shown online ‘violent’ video’s about Syria and that she wanted to travel to Syria, learn to ‘fight’ in order to ‘help her brothers and sisters being murdered’. Other signs included;

- Missing basketball practice.

- Not appearing to socialise with her small group of close friends as previously.

- Spending more time alone.

This case study is embarrassing in its unrealistic and simplistic unfolding of events. “Oh, by the way, someone showed me violent videos of Syrian children being blown to pieces by Assad’s bombs, so now I want to train to fight and help them”.

So basically, all we have to go on is a 15 year old missing basketball practice and spending more time alone?






A young school boy has been bullied at school for being a Muslim [School Watch: Muslim Student Support -12/2/16]





... Paul Sheehan, a conservative columnist at the Sydney Morning Herald, wrote on Monday about a woman he called “Louise” who claimed she had been dragged from her car near St Mary’s cathedral and brutally raped, beaten and urinated on after finishing a nursing shift at a hospital in August 2002.

She was quoted in extensive and graphic detail, describing the attack and saying sex attacks by Arab men “had been going on for years and [were] so frequent [they] had a name: MERCs. Middle Eastern raping cunts”.

Louise said police had repeatedly spurned her attempts to report the alleged crime, the effects of which she said she was still suffering 14 years later.

Sheehan published a substantial correction on Wednesday acknowledging that after subsequent conversations with Louise he now doubted the veracity of her story.

“I had not considered the possibility that her story had been carefully constructed on a foundation of embellishments, false memories and fabrications,” he said. ... [Guardian - 25/2/16]



Christian Brother authorised funding for private investigator to track down abuse victims, child sex abuse hearing told [ABC - 24/2/16]:


... Testifying before the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Ballarat, he revealed the tactics engaged by the Christian Brothers to bully people who took sex abuse claims to police.

In 1995, he authorised spending on a private investigator who was targeting victims of Brother Edward Dowlan, who is now in jail for molesting dozens of boys.

In a letter, the investigator, Glynis McNeight, reported back to Dowlan's lawyers, saying one of her employees tracked down a victim and confronted him about the allegations, adding the victim began to cry.

"As a witness, his credibility can be very easily destroyed as he has had enormous emotional problems all his life," she wrote to the order's legal team.

"He's a very nervous, excitable type who will reduce to tears and bad language easily."





Safe Schools advocates call for National School Chaplaincy program to be investigated [Gay News Network - 24/2/16]




And just before what remained of satire in Australia was snuffed out forever, the people believed Waleed Aly was on their side.


The Music [27/2/16]:


... As Fairfax reports, the Jalal brothers were charged by police with public nuisance, possessing a prohibited weapon and behaving in an offensive manner in a public place on Thursday, however [The Chasers Julian] Morrow has slammed police's actions. 

"There's a big difference between saying 'I didn't find that funny' and 'That was a criminal offence'," Morrow said.

"We're lucky to live in a country that is democratic and liberal, but we live in a time when the bar is constantly being lowered on what's a criminal offence, especially when it's even technically related to 'terrorism', and that's bad.

"While I haven't seen the video they've been charged about, I'm certainly suspicious of the self-righteous outrage against these guys, and I definitely don't think they should be charged with a criminal offence. Some of it makes me feel uncomfortable, some of it makes me feel suspicious that it's not real, but lots of comedy lives in that grey area."

The trio's copious amounts of videos posted on YouTube include bomb pranks, public disturbances and kidnapping hoaxes and Morrow says that it is wrong that their stunts can't be defended as satire because their jokes have no "point".

"Any rule that says satire is 'allowed' but only in a narrow way that's approved by the powers that be or that most people approve of is a bad rule that's anti-free speech and inconsistent with important core principles of our society," Morrow said.






Independent senator Jacqui Lambie claims she was forced to spend $30,000 to keep her private medical records from being splashed across News Corp newspapers.

The former soldier told parliament a journalist from The Australian went on a fishing expedition to get access to her medical records following her long battle against Veterans' Affairs a decade ago for compensation.

She spent $30,000 fighting it and managed to redact details from the records after the Administrative Appeals Tribunal granted the journalist access.

But the legal battle didn't cost the journalist a cent. ... [SBS - 26/2/16]






APN News & Media set to sell off Australian Regional Media as revenues continue to slide [Mumbrella - 25/2/16]





The Motley Fool [19/6/15]:


Today, shares of APN News and Media Limited (ASX: APN) shrugged off a swooning share price to jump as much as 5% higher on the back of a resignation and appointment to its leadership team.

After more than two years in the top job, current CEO, Michael Miller, announced his resignation in order to take the executive chair position of News Corp’s (ASX: NWS) Australasian business later in the year.

Current CEO of the Australian Radio Network, Ciaran Davis, will take the reins from Mr Miller at 1 September 2015.

Commenting on Mr Miller’s resignation APN Chairman, Peter Cosgrove, said, “I would like to thank Michael for his significant contribution as CEO of the Company. He has done an excellent job setting the growth platform for APN and building a strong leadership team.”





Sydney Morning Herald [20/3/15]:


Rupert Murdoch's News Corporation has intrigued its rivals by swooping on a 14.99 per cent stake in APN News & Media, which owns strong-performing radio assets, positioning Australia's biggest media company for further consolidation of the struggling media sector.

It acquired most of the stake in a sale by APN's Irish dominant shareholders, ending a 27-year-relationship with the trans-Tasman newspaper, radio and outdoor advertising group by selling their combined 30 per cent stake for about $300 million.






Former treasurer Peter Costello appointed new Channel 9 chairman [ABC – 25/2/16]





... Ur-Fascism is still around us, sometimes in plainclothes. It would be so much easier for us if there appeared on the world scene somebody saying, "I want to reopen Auschwitz, I want the Blackshirts to parade again in the Italian squares." Life is not that simple. Ur-Fascism can come back under the most innocent of disguises. Our duty is to uncover it and to point our finger at any of its new instances — every day, in every part of the world. ...


Eternal Fascism: Fourteen Ways of Looking at a Blackshirt by Umberto Eco [1995]





“To survive, you must tell stories”:  In memory of Umberto Eco [The Edge - 23/2/16]







Police critically injure man, Normanton [Brisbane Times - 26/2/16]:



A 52-year-old Normanton man is in a critical condition in Townsville hospital after an alleged altercation with police.

The Ethical Standards Command is investigating the incident after officers who were attending a disturbance on Sutherland Street were in the process of arresting a woman when the man threw a bottle of alcohol at them then approached them "acting aggressively and threatening them" according to a statement from Queensland Police.

The officers then pushed the man away when he has fallen backwards and struck his head on the road.

The officers provided first aid and called paramedics, who took the man in a critical but stable condition to Normanton Hospital but he was later transferred to Townsville Hospital.

The Crime and Corruption Commission has also been involved in the incident.

The incident is being described as an injury in custody but representatives for police were unable to say whether the man had been arrested or not.








Suspended Gold Coast policeman Chris Hurley is again under investigation. [VIDEO - 7 News Gold Coast - 26/2/16]








The young man at the centre of a brutal police arrest caught on film in Surfers Paradise is due to face Southport Magistrates court today.

The 22-year-old Woodridge man was left bloodied after being punched by a police officer in Orchid Avenue on Sunday, February 14.

The man was allegedly out with friends and family and had just seen his cousin get arrested when the brutal assault occurred.

The whole incident was caught on video and has now gone viral since being shared on social media with many claiming it is police brutality.

The young man will appear in court today charged with public nuisance and obstructing police, however it’s believed he will fight the charges.

Police have launched an investigation into the incident. ... [MYGC - 26/2/16]






... That wall built of our sorrow

We know must have an end

'Till then dream of tomorrow

When we meet again ...



'West Of The Wall' written by Wayne Shanklin and recorded by his wife Toni Fisher [1962]






27 February 2016